Nazario Moreno Gonzalez aka El Chayo – Head of the Knights Templar Drug Cartel Killed

Nazario Moreno Gonzalez aka El Chayo - Head of the Knights Templar Drug Cartel Killed

Mexican authorities confirmed that the man killed in a shootout with federal forces in Michoacán was Nazario Moreno González aka “El Chayo”, head of the Knights Templar (Los Caballeros Templarios) drug cartel. Despite the shootout having taken place more than three years ago, the identity of the drug kingpin, which was verified by his fingerprints, has only been confirmed now. Autopsy photos of his corpse have also been released.

El Chayo was shot dead on December 10, 2010 in a clash with members of the Mexican Navy and La Sedena. The shootout occurred in the city of Apatzingán, in the area known as the Tierra Caliente in Michoacan State. His death was announced by the administration of the then president Felipe Calderón, but the corpse was never shown to the journalists, so there were doubts about his alleged death.

It is said that El Chayo was a ruthless leader who turned the whole Knights Templar cartel into a ruthless organization. He was also allegedly directly responsible for multiple murders.

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  1. Awesome post ate..thank you for this!!…ruthless looks pretty peaceful now…there’s no doubting this fuckers very dead now…his meatpuppets face is all bruised up TOO..hmmmm someone had some pent up anger in them huh?….lolz…

      1. I thought that at first Lady but then noticed the dink on his nose and came to the conclusion that as there is a lack of swelling to the rest of the face then his nose was probably broken when he hit the deck causing the Circumorbital hematoma ( black eyes) Don’t think this guy died quickly and was led face down for some time before dying and post mortem causing the blood to pool in his brow and make the skin look even more bruised.

        1. I didn’t even think about that..I don’t know though..he still gives off that roughed up look…I’m REALLY fucked up right now though so I might just be off…..ten ton ted?? Are you in the medical field or there abouts my dear?..becausethat’s a really great catch you just called right now.. +100

          1. Have had medical training, and a lifetime of seeing stuff like this. Can still get it wrong though. Was just offering my opinion and looking at things from a different angle. ( I do that a lot 🙂 )

          1. When people are shot in the j
            head alot of the time the get racoon eye(black eyes) im not sure why but mark or another poster has talked about it before

  2. These retards are very much like a marijuana plant.

    You cut the head off the top but there’s a very good chance another one will pop up to take it’s place.

    Very nice in the weed department but not so for those mother fuckers.

  3. Nazario Moreno Gonzalez was NOT killed 3 years ago. At that time, the Mexican government claimed he had been killed in a shoot-out with authorities but admitted they had no body.

    Over the years, residents claimed to have seen him still alive.

    This weekend, during another shoot-out, one of the dead turned out to be Gonzalez, who had been very much alive these past 3 years. They matched fingerprints to make sure they had him this time, with DNA tests to follow.

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