Nazi Concentration Camps Film – Official WWII Documentary

Nazi Concentration Camps Film - Official WWII Documentary

As caption at the beginning of this film suggests, Nazi Concentration Camps is an official documentary report compiled from films made by military photographers serving with the allied armies advanced into Germany upon orders by General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The 1 hour long film itself contains some great WWII footage, though the accompanying narration sounds very much like another Jew propaganda so take it with a grain of salt.

The film contains footage from following Nazi Concentration Camps and Prison Camps:

  • Arnstadt Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Belsen Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Breendonck Concentration Camp, Belgium
  • Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Hadamar Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Hannover Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Leipzig Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria
  • Nordhausen Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Ohrdruf Concentration Camp, Germany
  • Penig Concentration Camp, Germany

It needs to be said that the narration has been proven fake over and over again. Ranking members of the US military clearly conspired to deceive the public with fabricated statements in spite of their plea to provide sworn historical facts.

Take Dachau concentration camp for example. The film states that inmates of Dachau (both Jewish and non Jewish) were gassed to death in the camp’s “gas chambers”. The film shows stacks of clothes hung outside of what it would have the viewer to believe was a lethal gas chamber.

Former US special operations officer Joe Cortina has done extensive research and spoke with a number of Jewish people who survived Dachau concentration camp and they all confirmed that no gasing had ever taken place there. Yet this video starts with sworn statements authenticating the “factual” nature of the documentary.

Joe Cortina also visited Dachau which is now a tourist attraction with Jewish people serving as guides and even they stated that no Jews or anyone else were gased in Dachau.

This so called Holocaust, sworn by high ranking US military officials as presented in the official Nazi Concentration Camps documentary appears to be a big fat hoax. And General Dwight D. Eisenhower validated these lies with his own name. But then again, Eisenhower was pretty much responsible for the starvation of hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war and was an accomplice to perjury.

Good documentary, just disregard the narration which has been proven to be a pile of big fat lies:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Nazi Concentration Camps Film – Official WWII Documentary”

    1. Graugeist your brutal with your jokes lol.
      But serious, Germany could not fed its own citizen and in many cases the prisoners ate 1300 calories a day while German children and women had less to eat. Remember disregard the propaganda and see that the prisoners died of Malnutrition and disease not Gas-Chamber-Oven-Launcher- or electricution conveyer belts.

      Very very much Jewish propaganda. The Sheeps would think that Jews were the only people in those German Prisons.

      Great post Mark. We can all sense that DDOS attack coming…. so I say, Gorelings Rise Up and let the Storm Break Looose!!!!

      1. I have been to Dachau and Sachsenhausen and lived in Berlin for a year. The people killed in the Konzentrationslager were many many types of people from all religions. All in the camps had different color coded armbands explaining what the prisoner was there for. I saw at least 50+ different armbands.

      2. Hey,hawk i don’t want this to be taken as a non-sequitor,but you sure know a lot about the jew plot to take over the world AKA WW2,so i’m asking you this : I’m a german albino, so i’m asking what was the albino situation over there? i’m really curious. We are not a race(duh),our visual campus is limited,and although albinism is hereditary,it skips several generations.I’m picturing an albino in the mid of WW2 and all i can think of,is a ghost standing in front of some ugly dead jews. I’m just curious… but even if there was nothing against albinos,they would’ve captured me anyway cuz i’m a homo girl. Damn you,f?hrer,i was starting to admire you! Why homos,really? I mean,gaymen may look disgusting to certain people ,but everyone loves lesbians! That’s the why of my profile pic.Second question is: Why homos? fuck that, why lesbians? Sorry if i’m asking you this,but i don’t want to hear it/read it from some jew lover.Cheers

          1. @kels: Haha…now that i think of it.”Pretty dead ugly jews” @Trooper: I don’t get it…are those chips? sorry,but i’m watchin this right now from a ps3.Ps3 sucks,by the way you can’t check the bestgore videos with a ps3.

          2. NATALIE PORTMAN has a fucking nose job, just like any other narcissistic jewish american princess. They are all fucking hook nosed Bette Midlers without nose reduction surgery. Where are these “pretty jews?”

        1. Chucky, you are a dim wit. Those concentration camps were built in the 70’s to fool idiots like you. If I said I went to Disneyworld and saw the Eiffel tower, I would be less of a moron than you. Go fucking hang yourself, idiot.

      1. There are NO BODIES. . . . . . . Did you notice that? Where are these so called bodies ? 6 million bodies ? ? ? Human beings are gullible stupid retards who just believe anything a Jew tells them. You educate yourselves before its too late.

    1. Auschewitz is one of the biggest ones still open to the public. My parents went there when my father was stationed at Three Wing AF base in Germany. I too wouldn’t mind going and seeing one. But it’s been described to me anyhow.

    2. Not museums, but Jewish propanda sites, with many rooms and ‘artefacts’ build AFTER the war. The Hollyco$t is a big industry, to make humans feel guilty, and they are milking it. There were not 6 million jews in all of Europe at the time, to be incinerated. At Auschwitz (been there) they changed the plaque from “4.1 million” to “1.1 million”.

      War is propaganda, just like the current situ in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. It is all about the rothschilds getting their filthy hands on the markets, and placing their banks there; the resources; and getting ready (surrounding) Iran for the upcoming big one. The jewish war against humanity started in the 13th century, and it has been increasing ever since. From 1913, it went into high gear, and it has been a full scale world war since then, non-stop. England and America are mercenaries for the jews, they are not sovereign “countries”.

    1. It was only criminals in the concentration camps. What were your family convicted of ?

      Since the jews declared war on Germany in 1933, they were the declared enemy. Just like Japanese internment camps in the US and Canada, jews (who were not already convicted paedophiles, thieves, frauds, murderers, etc), were also interned. The rich jews moved to Holland and Switzerland after 1933; the rest remained, and got treated based on the way they behaved to human society.

      This includes the jews who assimilated into human society, denounced the jewish war, and did not kill humans. Many of them fought as Germans, were decorated with Iron Crosses, etc.

      You won’t find that in the history books written by the victorious (the jews, with the “allies” as their mercenaries).

      Back to the present, what criminal activities are your family involved in today ? Stealing countries ? Destrying economies ? Killing Christian children and drinking their blood ? There is so much of it going on these days.

      1. My Grandfather died in a Auschwitz… He fell out of the Guard tower.

        ok old joke. But seriously, you’re spot on RollinginGore.
        Somes Jews got uppity and got thrown in jail.
        But, what about Hitler’s 160,0000 Juden SonderKommando. And high ranking Jews and half Jews who pledge their loyalty to Reich and Fuehrer.

    2. My Great-Grandparents fought for the Allies during the war… I am proud of their service.

      I am not proud of the conspiracy to destroy the West in which I suspect the Zionists to be key players in.

      I have said it many times before. And will say it again.

      We should never have stood in the Nazi’s way… We have doomed our own nations to hordes of Africa and Asia.

      If that means the Jews getting wiped out… Tough fucking titties. I would rather see you bastards go then my kith and kin in Europe, the Americas and Oceania.

      1. Hey Troops, my grandfather was in a concentration camp; I posted about him a while back.

        Historical facts get so twisted, it’s hard to know what to believe. I’m not saying that none of this happened, but i’ve heard stories of people who were in the camps being paid off to say that gassing etc never took place. Of course they were only stories, and like everything else could not be verified.

        The only verification I have is from what my grandfather told me, and I would take what he said over anything else.

        1. Vickie.

          I don’t doubt that many thousands upon thousands of Jews suffered in the most terrible of ways… And perished with it.

          I doubt however the MSMs assertion that Germany actively attempted to exterminate the Jews.

          The Nazi doctrine on the Jews (acknowledged by ALL top Nazis) was to concentrate them in Camps for the remainder of the War… And when Germany emerged glorious… To dump them into their new Homeland of MADAGASCAR.

          Now THAT sounds like a better scenario then what happened.. Don’t it?

    3. We are all ready burning hell(not to mention the Palestine’s)! Can you truly say that the world is better now with the Zionist’s behind the steeringwheel?? I’m really sorry that your grandfolks had a hard time during the 3rd reich, but that could have been avoided. If their grandmaster’s realized that fair is enough instead of puting some “New world order” in plan and to control everything, we wouldn’t have this conversations now. And yes, I believe that the holocaust is the biggest hoax in mankinds history! Prove me I’m wrong if you can?

      1. I honestly had to reread thus twice because I couldn’t believe people were so stupid.

        Please tell me where I said my family is Jewish. Oh wait I didn’t, because they fucking aren’t you morons.

        My family were CHRISTIAN Lithuanians. They owned an ice cream shop in a town of 300 people. The ss came to the town, and the mayor sold out the town so him and his family would be spared. Maybe a dozen Jews in the whole town, and my family wasn’t part of them. But the SS killed them all off to be safe.

        So ill take that apology from you morons who had no clue what you were talking about and deciding to spew Jew shit instead.

        Oh and I bet they were criminals, you know those criminal masterminds at 67 and 72 years old.

        Fucking idiots.

          1. Jews are like Gypsies.

            They weren’t European, they secluded themselves culturally from the rest of Europe established their own ‘Ghettos’ and refused to assimilate into their Host nations.

            They only involved themselves to make money off of us. Establishing Communications and Financial companies… And it hasn’t changed since.

          2. Trooper, are you purposely being naive? We aren’t Jews, we are Christians. I never once said we were Jews, so I don’t know why you keep preaching new hate to someone who isn’t Jewish.

          3. Azirak…

            Tis a shame your Grandparents copped it.

            All sides do nasty things in war. It is what it is all about.

            Chances are if the Nazis hadn’t got your Grandparents the Soviets would have instead.

        1. Azirik, forgive me for being a total idiot. You really got us there;) I can agree with others that the Nazis wasnt so smart all the time and that many innocent were wasted(sadly) and there is nothing that could defend that! May your grandfolks rest in peace n get to pay back on the scum at the other side. I hope you can understand what I say, I’m strongly against forces that want’s to control the population on the earth. Whatever they are Jews, Christians, Muslims or other religion including My own kind. Peace

          1. Its all hood Just1, I was just surprised everyone jumped to the assumption we were Jews .just wanted to point out that plenty of none Jews were killed too. Tale care Just, no hard feelings.

    4. There was probably a good reason they were killed, if they were. Germans didnt just kill for the hell of it, each death had a reason. Did it ever cross your mind maybe they were not as innocent as you’d like to think they were?

  1. Somebody should test these “gas chambers” to see if they would really work, perhaps with a bunch of paedophiles. Me, Mel Gibson, and Fred Lauchter say the facilities at Auschwitz were not up to the job.

    Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter is a great documentary btw.

    1. The ‘Chimney’ meant to expel the gas from the shower at some camps were built after the war. And the chimney aren’t even attached to the shower rooms!!

      Some camp showers… Just had a Jew use sledge hammer to smash a hole in the roof of the shower room Post WWII… and told to the sheeps that the hole was where the German dumped in the Zyklon B.

      *Face Palm*

  2. Wah wah wah… The Jews want people to feel so sorry for them that the Holocaust happened, but in their selfishness they never realize that other people around the world have gotten the shit end of the stick way worse than they ever have. Like the indigenous tribes of the Americas. I have to endure Jews almost everywhere I go. Just once I’d like to run into an “indian”, or better yet, see a WHOLE family of indigenous people out in public, but we know that ain’t gonna happen. They’re all on Reservations. So, this footage gets no sympathy from me. Like a Jew with money, I’ll be a greedy cheapskate with my emotions towards them.

    1. I would never live on my Rez. No work in that area and due to loss of tourism the band has no income help any of the remaining elders who have lived there all of their lives. If you want to meet some natives just go show up at a walmart on family allowance day 😀

          1. Ouch ;). Daweeka, sorry it’s not self explanatory to me, it’s been a long day, haha. So I feel sorry for the poor people and the shit they went throug. But in saying that I do like seeing photos and videos of it, kind of sick gratification. Do you not feel empathy for them at all? Or am I missingthe point? 🙂

  3. Somebody should test these “gas chambers” to see if they would really work, perhaps with a bunch of paedophiles or Snackbars. Me, Mel Gibson, and Fred Leuchter say the facilities at Auschwitz were not up to the job. The Holocaust is therefore utter bollocks.

    Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter is a great documentary btw.

  4. Back in the good ‘ol days when everybody was on the same page….
    Now we’ve embraced multiculturalism and “tolerance” in such a big way that you’re actually attacked and deemed racist or bigoted if you have a different opinion, ie: Chik-fil-a restaurant. In the inside, they’re not so tolerant are they? We’ve imported everybody from the third world over here and they’ve brought their third world ‘culture’ as well as their third world hygiene.
    One thing about the Jews though that I tip my hat to. The survivors of the holocaust with only the clothes on their back got back up, got a job and paid their own bills. Every black here likes to play the race card and blame slavery that died out 200+ years ago and the white man for their current situation. Nigga’ please….

  5. America just loves to “force” people to do things, doesn’t it? We’re so arrogant. Our own government would do this to us in a heartbeat if it suited their whim. We are killing and have killed millions of innocent people in other lands.

          1. Below the belt.

            That was way out of order Ecthros.

            Attacking a person’s race, religion or ethnicity is perfectly acceptable here.

            But personal attacks are considered taboo even here.

            You… Are a TOSSER.

          2. Hmm.

            When I say ‘Personal’ I mean family business and business uniquely concerning one person.

            Ecthros might have lost his Penis in a terrible accident in his mid teens. But I wouldn’t bring it up or use it against him.

  6. There is some pretty nasty shit that went on there. I know of one woman in my life whose mother had been in the camps. This woman still carried a tattooed number on her wrist. I don’t know what happened there, really, I really only can say that something did happen. I’ve watched a few movies, done a bit of research, had the propaganda in high school history. But this was a us propaganda machine, no? Why then was the same shit taught to us here in canada?

  7. Fun Fact n?1:
    Jews, gypsies, mentals, etc where sistematically taken from their homes and vanished. Go ask my grandmother if it’s true or not.
    Fun Fact n?2:
    Americans and other european countries imprisoned captured soldiers, not civilians….

    Something happened.

    1. HEY smart guy, your fun fact #2 is wrong, there will always be innocents detained in urban wars, Its unavoidable, and if you think that perfect than look up guantanamo bay, And since you think WW2 americans were the shit, remember that we carpet bombed germany to rubble killing civilians like nothing, what about hiroshima and nagasacki, we have killed our share and don’t forget that shit, how we feel bad about that is what separate’s good from evil.

  8. a dark time in history. with the world’s population of fv exploding and resources dewindling we will see these camps and worse again during the coming ww3. hold on to your gonads. can’t stop whats coming. we’re all along for the ride on the runaway train called Earth. the good thing is we may find ourselves rid of @jesus. ah, something to look forward to at last. that will bring meaning to my senior citizen life.

  9. l live next to a typical jew and so i have experienced its true nature from up close. its shrewd two-faced deviousness , smooth lies to whoever it knows will swallow them ; its thinking the whole neighbourhood belongs to it and its total disrespect for other people, hidden under a thin varnish of wellmannerism.
    The thing has been pestering me for as long as i’ve lived here on daily basis. Once upon a time i was tolerant towards this lot but confrontation with reality has truly made me want to see them dead.

  10. Truly, there are no words to describe the sorrow I feel for not only Jewish but also the other countries that were invaded by the Nazi’s. It seems that the German people were looking for a way to survive and in doing so entrusted a psychopath who led them towards genocide. As you know, some Germans didn’t even want to be a part of Hitler’s plan but were forced into it in various ways.

    The thing that gets me the most is seeing pictures of Mothers carrying their babies towards the gas chambers, standing in line, their babies arms on their shoulders. One particular photo will forever be burned into my memory.

    I can see that history is repeating itself. There are too many trusting sheep in America that either know and are turning a blind eye to what is happening, or are gullible and believe everything that the “News” tells them. Government is not running our country, it is bought and paid for by Corporations and we are all indentured servants to them to do with as they please. I have no idea what our future holds, but I would rather have another Civil War than be herded into camps when they finally declare martial law here.

    1. I think some people dislike/hate the Jews that talk about the holocaust but are maybe misinformed, exaggerating or thinks that someone owes them for what they had to go through. The same can be said for black people who are mad at the white man for slavery.. I honestly don’t know the real reason, but I notice when those type of conversations arise is when people get most angry. Though I could be wrong..

  11. It is widely known that Dachau was – as stated – a CONCENTRATION camp, as opposed to an extermination camp. The fact that about 25k people died there from malnutrition doesn’t make it an extermination camp, either, although the moral value of deporting and imprisoning people under the conditions found in Dachau might be the subject of a different debate. Fact is that Dachau as an institution killed enough people to warrant its utilization of industrial-size crematories, which are not “gas chambers” but might have been hastily called thus by a horror-stricken onlooker.
    Nobody, in serious historical debate (which is different from war propaganda, as you might want to acknowledge), has ever claimed that Dachau were an extermination camp … but to extrapolate from this that the “Holocaust is an imagined, exaggerated event by the Financial World Jew Conspiracy” or some such shit is emotionally distorted at best, and a willful historical lie at worst. It is entirely feasible to be uncomfortable with recent and current Israeli foreign politics (and dishonesty about championing human rights in the light of the history of the Jewish People), but it’s another thing entirely to pinpoint inconsistencies in historical documents in order to rewrite history itself.
    I was born and do live in Germany – but funnily, I do not feel that history was written by the winners. What MIGHT be debated is whether “we” should still feel guilty and all the current political and cultural implications of a “German Guilt Complex”. What we should NOT be debating are the actual FACTS that brought us here in the first place. Eisenhower lied, and made others to lie in his stead? Wow! Politicians lie? Knocks me outta my shoes.
    My point is: An individual lie, or set of lies, does in no way affect the facts that it meant to support.

  12. I knew someone in school who was an eskimo/mexican/jew…and fat, of course.
    Okay, I’m sure you’re already giggling to yourselves trying to picture that, BUT WAIT! There’s more… XD
    His brother (hilariously enough, only his half brother, yet both their fathers were mexican… hmmm….) was a, get this, eskimo/native/jew/GINGER!
    Hideous? You bet. XD Like a chick squatted on his head and had a period all over the place….

    On a more serious note… I think Hitler would’ve won WWII…. if he had only listened to the people making the new bomber planes. Lol. America would’ve NEVER expected a flying cascade of bombs on their asses when they stormed that beach… Oh well… Some lessons are learned the hard way… Lol

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