Neighborhood Watch Take Job Way Too Seriously in Venezuela

Neighborhood Watch Take Job Way Too Seriously

Man in unknown Latin America country has mouth blasted open in shock and awe. The aftermath footage of local neighborhood watch taking their job way too seriously, results in man on road with head pulverized – the firepower destroys the man’s brains.

The dead lifeless corpse needs the warmth of hellfire to prepare him where he will spend the rest of days and is set ablaze.


eso es en Venezuela, por la manera en que hablan es aqui en mi pais

that’s in Venezuela, the way they speak is here in my country

Thank you @trocloneo for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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56 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch Take Job Way Too Seriously in Venezuela”

    1. And believe me those chimps on the scene sounded pretty exulted . The gun totting “on the go” camera crew made sure of not dispatching the corpse for a last breather ; leave alone a comfy berth in the Morgue .
      None amongst them looked hard up ,though & it wasn’t about any loot ,it was the way Brazil snores night and day eerily putting people in unshakable slumber next to satan.
      I’d say it was a waste of a lot of jizz in trying to glorify his boner and I think that’s what irked the Boner shaming police on a night patrol@hopingfornemesis

        1. They couldn’t care less .I think it was some animosity of the past they’d harbored against him. Its the underbelly of the crime world ,where even their very own don’t matter much to them .
          Bastards live and die by the bullets .

  1. Did they steal his sneakers before or after they blew his brain out of his skull?

    I don’t think they took it too far at all. In these shit holes you have to meet the criminal scum with the same level of violence or higher! I’m sure this wasn’t simply over breaking into a shed. Then again, maybe it was. Damn I wish we could kill vermin in this country like this. It wouldn’t deter these cretins but it sure would give the victim a measure of satisfaction and real justice instead of what our Liberal, hand wringing, compassionate courts dole out!

  2. I can’t even tell if they’re speaking Portuguese or Spanish anymore all I hear is “dak dak oooo aaa voce nao garoto puto morto buceta pescao”

  3. These fuckers are so stupid. He’s lone gone dead. He doesn’t feel anything. You keep shooting bullets. It’s your loss you fucking dumb animal. Shoot him two, three times in the head. He’s dead. Don’t unload the US Army on his face, you’re not doing anything.

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