Nepalese Man Slashes Own Throat After Killing Mother with Brick

Theatrical Throat Slash

Nepalese Man Slashes Own Throat After Killing Mother with Brick

On May 28, 2020, in Belbari Municipality, Morang District, Nepal, a 31 year old man allegedly killed his own 61 year old mother by hitting her over the head with a brick. He then tried committing suicide by slitting his throat open in front of the entire village, and stabbed himself in his chest before collapsing.

Identified as Jeevan Limbu, the man was taken to Nobel Community Hospital in Belbari where he succumbed to injuries.

That’s not how you slash your throat. This is how you slash your throat.

Props to Best Gore members @kastrojaxx and @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

Gallery of pics:

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225 thoughts on “Nepalese Man Slashes Own Throat After Killing Mother with Brick”

    1. @arthur jones
      Hey Best-Gore Brother,,,
      It’s Probably Because, and as “i mentioned Below”,,, This Poor Dude is suffering from a mental illness, and (is not dealing will a full deck) & therefore Needs To Be locked-up, and treated at a Mental-Institution. (IF THERE ARE ANY) in that part of the world 🙁

    2. @mommamathieubitxh
      Because she wouldn’t make his Breakfast.
      Because he felt like it.
      Because he wanted a new one.
      Because he found out she is actually a Horse.
      Because his Pink Pyjamas she shrunk in the Wash.
      Because you ask Stupid Questions.
      Just enjoy the video, it is what it is.

      We don’t know he Killed his Mother, didn’t see that, She could have Head butted the suspected suspicious Brick.
      Ask the Brick.
      My guess either way is however she Dieded, it will be recorded as COVID-19.

      I’ve got nothing else to do right now so I’m writing Shit.
      Just Fuck Off Mann, work it out for Yourself…

      1. -because she didn’t like his new hat,
        -because he wanted to check what will break first: the brick or her head,
        -because he wanted to celebrate mother’s day in a unique way,
        -because she wouldn’t buy him a new iPhone.every kid in the village has one already,
        -because they have reed walls and she saw him spanking the monkey,
        -because the soup was too salty.
        I’m so fucking bored 😛

        1. Haha
          Works on the comedy front but, jeez, the friction would be ignition and the Room would be full of Smoke, alarms wailing going off, sprinkling fluids everywhere.
          Think of the bill..!?!
          Then being thrown out in the middle of the evening, because they thought something else was going on.
          Wooha, last time that happened they grabbed me put me in a funny suit where you end up with only yourself to Hug.
          Ever try getting on a bus wearing one of those..!

          1. “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize was on Aus TV tonight! At her best even though she is now old! Fuck!

            You know I will greet you with your real name when i see you on the Saronic ,right?

            You better look like your avatar pics or I will coat you in honey and roll you in chicken feathers ,video it ,and put it on a BG forum titled “Spot the pink bits!”


          2. I’ve never seen it or heard of it before. She was 41 back then,so not that old really.Anyway, she’s beautiful no matter what age she is.

            Nem, you’re breaking my heart with your disbelief. Let’s have a deal-if I’m lying you can coat me with whatever the fuck you want 😉 Lol

          3. Haha. I can be very cruel so watch out..

            I would expect nothing less. There is no more intimate act.

            You must see it. It is her most recent movie also starring McAvoy the shorty British actor. She plays a female assassin. It is fantastic!

            Please please see it.
            Why Greece? What brought you there?

          4. You? cruel? Lol kinda hard to believe.

            Ok I will, I will haha

            My mother’s brother worked here in the ’90s. she followed him.i came to Athens for the first time when I was 11 and I knew right away this is where I want to be.

          5. I know right! It’s a suprise how I get a- head.

            The Papandreou political family have Polish blood . Did you know that ? I’m not sure if it was Polish Jewish or not , but definitely from Poland. I read it in a history of the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.


        2. @reginaphalange

          Morning Regina.
          Decided to send this from here, we’ve used all the boxes on the other page and the comments became confused, then start appearing out of sync so.

          Hum yea my Mother is weird agreed haha.

          Ok, so you would be a natural light blonde,
          that when not dyed
          wouldn’t look like it’s out of a bottle,
          Meaning unbleached so..?
          Well after ten years repetition who wouldn’t
          want a break even if only once a month.

          It is indeed my first name yes, Regina being yours and not a pseudonym..? Hum funny that, was a Sunday you were bored that we were
          entertaining ourselves here I think but,
          Sunday’s is fine, have no particular favorite day
          tho wanted to spend it here and had to go out for a while.
          My family name translated from my language to English
          is and means; man of fair skin
          or fair skinned man so.

          Not very often I experience boredom (if ever) because of the hyperactive nature of my hard drive. (this might give you something to do) I’m what is known as; ASD. Or rather diagnosed with, and I’m HFA. don’t like label’s I’ll put it this way, I was born with epilepsy (tho do not except being labeled as an epileptic). Carrying 5 types from over 40.
          So im blessed ha. All under control, have not had a convulsing seizure for over two near three years now. Do NOT take any Pharma meds at all, not for long years ago, weed that’s all I need, THC and CBD. Keeps everything running smoothly.
          Also I’ve dyslexia which isn’t just about words and writing. Tho am not disabled in any way, shape, or form.

          1. Hi there Jack!
            No, Regina is not my real name.I suppose you haven’t seen Friends, have you? It was an alter ego of one of the characters in the series.My real name is Russian.And my surname is pretty funny, it’s also the name of an animal, suits me 100% 😛 anyway, I feel like I’m giving too much info here lol
            You got me confused,what is your language?

            HFA as in high functioning autism? It says people with HFA have an IQ of 70 or less. It means they are a little slow, take things literally and don’t understand metaphors, etc. You clearly don’t fit this description.

            Wow, you really do have the whole package lol
            I’m happy to hear you can keep it under control without meds. I hate popping pills too. You must be spending a fortune on the weed.Unless you have your own crops 😉

          2. @reginaphalange

            Hallo Du.
            (Currently thinking of something other than,
            Blancmange to address you with).
            Nope but I know that you mean the sick com.
            Never possessed a TV Television
            (Tell You Your Vision).
            Ok that’s cool, du bist teil Russisch..?
            Now I’ll probably work out your Family name,
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            Yes I know and be aware of the info exchange.
            Going to give a private com address for you,
            (If you want to avail of it) and another couple of people here. Because huh, this can potentially be seen by millions so.
            Ha, my first language is Irish, German, Latin, English, French, etc. I’ve a handle on a few so.
            But the translation of my Family name yes that’s Irish, From our own language so.

            Haha, yes I’d noticed after was to late to correct the HFA reference,
            High Functioning Abilities. My IQ is well,
            for what it’s worth, off the scale.
            Yes stay away from the Pharma Shite..!
            Hum, Package yes er, I’m wired a little differently than most, but are not we all..?

            Example: where yourself and others use the
            D, and XD er, =X those little symbols, I don’t because I’ve to learn them. Also the emoticons there’s millions of, and can only (so far) see a few to distinguish them from just appearing as well little yellow dots.
            Also if I’m answering a mail I’ve to have something to work with, like now I’m replying to you from our last comment if you see what I mean..?

            Well the ahem, medications I use grow naturally, Wild and Free. Hadn’t you noticed haha.
            Plus ‘fair exchange is not robbery’
            I get by nicely thank You.

            Oh, have you seen the Trio of Nigga slapping
            Can’t STOP laffing keep watching it over, me face hurts, hahaha, going to make a loop video speeding it up and down. One of the funniest things I’ve seen monkeys doing in years.

          3. Buenos dias Wacko Jacko!
            Blancmange is ok but too soft and floppy.Pavlova is nice-white, Slav and elegant ha! Crunchy on the outside but soft in the inside.Light and fresh…
            Talking about it got my mouth watering and I’m even not that much into sweets Lol

            Cool idea with finding my last name, I think it won’t be very hard..

            Sure I want your email.I leave the arrangement up to you.

            So using emoticons while talking with you is just pointless?

            Yeah, I saw the Trio.Fucking hilarious!The middle guy stole my whole attention.He can barely stay on his feet. haha
            Next time they should dick slap their faces!

          4. @reginaphalange

            A Chara.
            Pavlova, you Nailed It..!
            Never liked Blancmange, (as a food).
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            Nope don’t use sugar myself but,
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            Grand so I’ll arrange that, the seite will contact you with the one you are using for it.

            Yes, those dots interfere with my dyslexia, then takes longer for me to decipher and reply.

            Hahaha, still laffing at them the Middle guy he is the ringleader, it was Hooch they stole and he drank the most, so he’s Rubber already and doesn’t give a Fuck..!

            I’ll Dick Slap your Face ALL night but,
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          5. Oh yes, there’s nothing better than doing the handiwork with cherry stones scratching your buttcrack while listening to classical music. Pure delight.

            Ok no more suits you tho.Such a shame it’s already taken.

            Hey, that’s not how we play the game, remember?but yes, you’re on the right track.

            No, not Russian.I was named after my mom’s sister who died at 10.i’d have to ask my grandparents how they came up with this name.btw once you have my email you’ll figure out everything.

            Good to know, no more emoticons for you.

            My sweet Jacky boy…Your fantasies can’t be fulfilled.Jacking off is what you’re left with… Hahaha


          6. @reginaphalange

            Haha, not quite no, very liberating and invigorating, and the stones are removed before proceeding with the floor exercise with Cake.
            Which I call Cakesasize..!

            Nope no more Wacko, he’s long gone.

            Ok, well I did say cryptically and with pictures,
            so A picture will be next.
            Ah, soo humm getting warm already cool.

            Right, the email may take a week or two possibly. Or a couple of days.
            Their very busy at present.
            We’ll see but, this is more fun, little by little.
            Also the Russian, matters none because
            it was about IF you had any Russian blood or connection, would not make any difference
            either way to me so.

            Good, annoying dots gimme spots in my vision.
            Amongst other things, I think there for Children.

            My my, you wouldn’t be saying that after
            watching me climax covered in Gateau.
            Tell you that for nothing Miss Pavlova..!

            What is Funnier than a Dead Baby..?

        3. @reginaphalange

          Ok Miss Pavlova.
          I’m replying from here because once again we’ve used all the place boxes between yourself, Nems, and myself.

          ”exercise with cake”? Ha! When you finally get my email I need you to record it for me.ive been looking for a new work out routine.

          A dead baby in a clown costume!! Hahaha”


          Yes Hum, as long as you kept it to yourself,
          a video could be made available.
          Tho you would have to sign a Contract..!

          Now to the email, because I’m not getting any response from the site, admin or otherwise,
          when all 3 are here again together.
          (You, Nems, and myself). Around this weekend, going to put up an email address, which when (IF) you’ve both answered, my return emails will be from my main and secure email source.
          Then the previous email becomes redundant,
          Then I provide the site with a replacement so.
          That I think is the only way to do this
          to halt any further delay.

          Now Yes the baby, well did you get the answer
          from the same place I got the joke..?
          Or was it because I’ve used it here before..?
          Or, that was a really good guess on your part,
          because you are correct…

          1. Hi Pavlova.
            Don’t know wtf is going on with some others but there’s no problem between you or I. We talk whatever shit we like to each other and have fun so.
            My name is Jack and you may call me whatever you wish (apart from wacko) hahaha but seriously there’s no problem between yourself and I.
            The sooner I’ve sorted the email address the better I think
            Because honestly don’t feel that I’m going to stay here much longer now.
            FFS. we’ve been having a grand time bouncing off one another. You haven’t done anything wrong to me, and I don’t think I’ve done any harm to you.
            Truthfully wasn’t even going to log in again when I seen all the unnecessary shit throwing but felt the need to to tell you everything is cool between you and me.


          2. Good morning Jacques!
            I know EXACTLY what you mean. All this bullshit has put me off too. Completely killed the mood.

            Anyhow, I’m waiting for your email so we can continue taking the piss. Uninterrupted.

            All good, at least we know where we stand.

          1. The Butcher.
            Because we could be anyone trying to attack the site.
            One has to be trusted, which is fair enough, although I’ve been around here for most of the ride but only recently decided to interact. Think maybe the points thing counts for you as well.
            To Be perfectly honest, I’ve not even asked anyone, so once again it’s possible I’m talking Shyte..!
            That’s my thought…

      2. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!

        Where you come-out with all of this funny-shit bro, i’ll never know dude. But one thing that i do know, and for sure Jack is that you Most-Certainly Missed You Calling in life Man, as a stand-up Comedian, as you would Rocked, & Big-Time At It, lol.
        Too fucking Funny/Witty yet again my good man & B G Bro! 🙂

  1. Those 2 stupid fuck-Tards at the beginning of the video are too preoccupied, and are more busy trying to make sure that they get *The Money-Shot*, or the perfect *Video* getting the proper adjustments just right,, instead of tackling to the ground this obviously (Mentally-Challenged Individual) from committing self harm, or from committing suicide. Sad-Man The World We All Live-In Real-Sad 🙁

    1. between a men that make the choice to kill himself, and the way to go try helping him with risk to lose your own life…

      i prefer let the guy suicide himself.

      playing hero never pay todays, you get everything against you in return. like seriously, if you go try to help that guy and end up with the guy still dying and cops arrive, you are next to him… maybe with bit of blood on you, you got perfect way to jail.

      dude killed his mom, at this point, its just matter of small shit for him to start killing someone else (other than himself)

      naaah…. they are cops for that, people with weapons and shit. aint gonna risk life for someone who dont want to enjoy it anymore. everybody their own choice, we aint god to decide who live and who die.

          1. @Hamburgerbob
            Thank-You, and So Much Bob, For Again Correcting/Helping Me out. Good Man You Are.
            Fuck Brother you are right, yet again B-G Brother. Cause Fuck i Always Forget Man. 🙁

            I’m Sorry @hollyEat for referring to you as a girl Dude,,, my Bad B G Brother. 🙁
            My memory Sucks, And So Bad since my heart attack that i still today, call my Second Youngest Brother Martin “Brandon” which is my second youngest Boy & Visa-Versa 🙁

          1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Fuck brother, you have got the be one of the Funnier/Wittier Men that ive’e ever met in my life. Your kids,,, wife,,, and even The Neighbors must get a kick outta you brother.
            Never a dull moment at home i’m sure.

            And now that the kids are all grown-up & gone from home,,, i’m sure that they miss all The Joking around that went-on then while in their teens. I Can just imagine all of the Jokes/Tricks that you must’ve played on them, while they were growing-up.

            And Jack,,, Did any of your kids also end-up being these Witty/Funny Young Men & Women now that they have families of their own, and having learnt-it from their Dad, or,,, “The Best” ever?? 🙂

          2. Hi Andre.
            You know I’m sure the adage;
            “Laugh in the face of Adversity”.
            Well I never can stop, seems to be built into me.
            Hum, they were kept entertained yes most certainly haha. As that is something else that is an automatic reaction within Me. Can’t stop, or suppress that wouldn’t ever try to, and have never let anyone else either so.

            Neighbors, don’t have any, don’t need or want people I don’t know around or anywhere near me and my own.
            My bio electrical magnetism and waves are sacred, I’ve filtered out all the negativity, don’t have any one else’s electromagnetic chatter cluttering up my radio frequencies these days so.

            Thankfully their out in the world doing as I myself have done, and they are all semi stable/unstable and insane as I am. All turned out to be as mad as a.
            “Box of Gay Frogs on Pride Day”.
            Which is fine by me as they all know where they are coming from and who their Father is, and that is an achievement by itself which I can be proud of. If I’m responsible for anything they’ve been taught and shown to always be true to Themselves, once I’d opened the door for them.

    2. Your probably right… He couldn’t even kill himself properly and made himself suffer more. He can take pain thats for sure. Their whole village is retarded. Watching this dude slowly kill himself and barely trying to stop it.

          1. @Thedre

            Hi Andre.
            Trusting all is cool for you and yours.
            Pity we’ve not a better way to converse atm.
            Half way just about with the accident piece, far too long, and to much personal data info for it to be shown here so.
            To put you right about the the Dog, I didn’t name her that it was her own family and friends, because of the noise when laughing, like some people draw breath when laughing and sound like a Pig. That’s how it came to, obviously I’m not going around calling her a Dog all the time, (unless of course she wants me to).
            Just used it out of context to make a joke.

            Tendency to forget being among like minded in here to be to open, meaning obviously there’s going to be fake accounts here used for observation.
            Probable interactive with some of the points and topics discussion as well. Spies, bluntly said provocateur’s are everywhere not just on the streets provoking protesters. They get called out.

            Plus she’s ‘barred’ me from posting other things that I might talk about, have a list here. Haha. Because of some recent comments I’ve made, subjects she thinks I should not be mentioning. When pointed out to me, nine of ten she’s right, also don’t get the idea that she’s telling me what to do, otherwise ha.
            She gets the hose calm her down somewhat.
            Good Shower of cold water always sorts that out.

            Knowing that you can be forgetful but, asked you a couple of questions I’d still like your reply and remarks about. Won’t point out now tho you’ll find them in our previous conversations so.

            See this is like personal email shit, were getting to Facefuck around the comments section, totally off topic all the while, it was pointed out to myself two days ago, aside from members it’s beamed all over the world so potentially millions have access to what were saying.
            So think that it is better we be aware of, or any link’s provided that until we’ve a private line also it is not really what the site is about either. Is it..?
            Just saying Andre, for I’m just as guilty of doing it.
            Been a busy few days for me, friend and business associate was able to reopen his shop, so I’m able to trade again, and Mann things have been busy, once I can get an email address to you we’ll be able to discuss matters more thoroughly.
            Have a good one Dude.
            Talk again soon.

          1. @Crazygaz
            Lol, But brother,,, we had/have reasons to cry, and that’s because we were stuck raising good kids while doing our damnedest to keep them as far away as we could from little mouthy-pricks like you’s, in order to end-up being the good-hearted, intelligent kids that we have today, lol. 😉

  2. Oh how I love when people just stay there and watch like shit filled rag dolls, not having the enough braincells to exert help to put this mentally ill human in a mental asylum (or whatever). We live in a society where the right angle for a video is more important than collecting your crap and help. Then we all wonder why our world is so morbid and deplorable.
    If they knew he was ill before, they’ve had ample time to consider helping him before the murder happened and scream in horror and shitting themselves, all bamboozled and petrified.

          1. @jxk777
            Thanks and yup I was swimming. I change my pic often, always did, always will so you’ll probably see alot of different shee-it!

            However, I appreciate those who never change their avI because it almost becomes who they are when you see them. But I get bored easily. And until I can post on the forums this is the craziest I can get.

          2. That’s why I said 20’s, the water.
            Mine will stay, I’ve differently lit and slightly modded others but doubt anyone would notice.

            How long does it take Bella, until the other functions open..?
            Mad that I’ve been around here since nearly the beginning tho only started interacting the last little while.
            Really want to start a Topic as well, lots of material ready and ideas.
            Sincerely hope that the site doesn’t go down if The Fat Controller does move on, or sell it.
            Or that there’s no con involved, you know as in buy it to shut it down, happened many times with good sites before.

          3. @jxk777

            I cant tell you how many times I have seen the same posts pop up over the last 7 years about how mark is leaving or taking absence or one of the other fucking mods try to run things instead…its the same shit. Hes always here and everyone gets a big ruffle about the site maybe going away and it doesn’t…..the only thing thats diffefent about this post is the for sale sign.

            Its obvious other page functions might not ever return to normal for lack of up keep maintained. So its probably never going to work. When I first made an account 3 years ago there were no goints, no restrictions, everything was accessible…but shits always happening here. From old content videos being removed, mark arrested, then the huge storm that basically flooded where he was living forcing him onto some other non existent internet island when that happened is when people started donating money and then goints appeared…so who the fuck knows what’s really going on. As long as best gore . com loads then hurray. If one day it doesn’t, well damn guess well use the other sites.

          4. Yes that was the biggie, For Sale.
            Having followed the roller coaster around ten of it, all the ups and downs. The attacks, obviously when they incarcerated him with all the circus surrounding it.
            Yes he goes away, for a while to return, with no real hiccups, although the last time was the worse I’d say.
            Has been running very smoothly because of the upgrades since.
            See before half the time when people were posting I’d be in hysterics from the comments, someone would say, well almost take the words out of the mouth, so I stayed silent. Found my previous account but can’t open it, so made this one.
            Recall the events you mention as well.
            Also people who just disappeared like overnight, funny people, contributors etc
            Someone has been putting missing videos back tho, in the background
            Have quite a few from years ago also, always used to download while they were there often before watching so I’d a hard copy in case of them going missing.
            We shall see, eh’ especially the way things are going on in the world as of now…

          5. Hallo Bella.
            Good morning afternoon and evening.
            Which ever is applicable.
            Well I start by saying that today for myself I’m rather Discombobulated and perplexed at some of the reactions to both you, me, and one or two others here from yesterday’s interactions, when WE were ONLY having FUN and utilizing the environment as it should be, coupled with the fact that this is it not, how the Site, and it’s functions is supposed to be interacted with and used to exchange knowledge and views, opinions and fact as we expose the truths, generally hidden from us.

            It seems that it is ok for some, tho not for others. Depending on your view, and from what corner your coming from.

            From one New Air Friend to another I’d like to say this:
            Children we can be, yes tho adults we are but, never lose sight of your inner Child.
            One of my particular Motto’s is;
            Dare to be DIFFERENT.

            Never being a person who will take Shit from Anyone, or Anything. For I’ve enough of my own.
            When I have to choose sides sometimes one has to, it’s always been on the good side of, first and foremost TRUTH, Fairness, Righteousness, Honor, Dignity, Pride, and Honestly.
            You Miss Bella, as I’ve seen can stand your ground and fight most admirably as a decent Human Being (FV). So if you should need me, I have your Back covered, You can for sure always count on Me…

          6. @jxk777

            Well good morning/evening to you too..I appreciate you taking the time to say what you said. You dont need to worry about me though, and I dont need you picking any sides so its all good. This happens every damn time I have an account on here. I dont understand why some people can type comments that are COMPLETELY RETARDED/RACISTS/SEXUAL but oh no for some reason anything I say is attention seeking ‘cool chick’ like wtf that even means. Im just trying to be here like everyone else, so where’s some new gore vids already haha

      1. Hi Bella.
        I speak as I find.
        Say what I think.
        Almost always with brain engaged before mouth.
        Regardless of wether I’m Stoned.
        I know you stand on your own two feet, that’s what I appreciate about you and/or anyone else.
        PC ONLY means Personal Computer to me. What else..?

        Cooperation working together is what life is about.
        Just wanted you to know that I’m not a person who would say one thing, meaning something else.
        CANNOT stand bullies for they are Cowards and have to be called OUT..!

        Ever had lollipops that didn’t POP OUT..?

          1. No no, if he believes in it hard enough it will come true. The next mental ill person with intent to kill will be immediately calmed to submission by this righteous attitude. *thumbs up*

        1. I’m creasing up at all the replies, do you deliberately say stupid things for the reactions?
          Because if you do i want to say thank you for all the hilarious replies to your dumb ass comment. You my friend, are the origin of great comedy.
          Wait! Are you actually being serious?

          1. Do you think I give a shit about you all? I am expressing an opinion and I don’t give a two shit flying fuck about your replies. It is your problem that you prefer acting like an ass and assuming shit rather than calmly reply. You all didn’t understand what I meant and I even won’t bother to specify it.

          1. thats what i was sayin with these faceboomers i mean facebookers they love to complain about everything just to feel relevant there boring a shit

          1. Ha yes.
            That one in particular was having palpitations, could sense it thru the word’s he was using, because nobody wanted to support his take, was imagining him jumping around in his Mother’s house ready to launch himself out of the window in frustration. Tee he he
            Few days later he Pops up on a different video and said something like, pull his head OFF.
            Totally changed his Tune. I caught him out again and got him going haha.
            The Facefuckers as I term Suckerman’s psy-ops generation well, it’s all. Me me I I me gimme attention regardless of what Spiel I’m spouting, look listen I’m here can’t you SEE gimme gimme. FFS..!
            But adds to the fire themselves Jeez, probably strangled his Ma’s Cat, grabbed an Axe and chopped up the neighbors.
            Were waiting for the video to surface.

      1. Or that was their payment for making the damn phones, idk, either way all these 3rd world videos of poverty and filth yet they streaming on their brand new iphone 11 x plus that sucks your dick for you.

        1. The fact you keep commenting on videos that involve dicks being rammed down throats and you trying to personally message me makes me believe you are a boring cunt but at least you can play best gore person you little rat.

          1. I’d love nothing more than a police offices knee to be pressured firmly on your Adams Apple and for you to scream that you can not breath like a baby.

          1. Exit, Take yours.
            You are an attention seeking Troll. With the intellect of a Running CUNT.
            Say whatever you wish, because Sticks and Stone’s Mann.
            Your output is pathetic, return to the shitpile you’ve crawled from Crab like.
            I’ll not lower myself to respond to you again, until you can up your Game.
            Don’t think that is possible somehow but I dare you to surprise me.
            Tut tut, sad little oxygen thief.
            Go Forth and Multiply.

    1. I have some friends in Mongolia I quite often go out and stay with. They live in a crappy half-built house which had a hole-in-the-ground toilet under a plastic sheet in the yard, electricity wired up from a streetlight and wash in a bowl with cold water filled up from a tap half a block away but they always have the latest iPhone or Samsung. I spent about $600 to build them a shit-house with a proper throne and get a well dug with electric pump and elevated tank so they now have running water, flushing toilet etc. Them and their neighbours all think it is amazing but they will still spend all their money on phones as that and which model 4X4 they have is a more visible measure of status and means more to them. It’s just how they think. When the pump breaks or there is a problem with the water it will just stay broken.
      Most of the phones (and 4X4s) are all stolen from elsewhere in the world as network blacklisting does not happen in these countries and vehicle registration documents magically appear for a cash sum to the right person.

        1. Partly selfish reasons too – I stay there for free rather than in a hotel so it is my way of paying back, plus I want to try and make it more comfortable while I am there. I like going there to do all the stuff that I can’t really do much in the UK any more – tearing round the open countryside on MX bikes, 4×4 buggies etc. Horse-riding, fresh food, cheap beer, great climate. Harsh place in the winter and if you don’t have any cash, but otherwise beautiful. Will probably buy somewhere and do up eventually but getting there this summer looks a bit unlikely at the moment.

      1. You know, I didnt even think about the car thing till you said it and now that makes alot of sense. I know lots of people from WV USA and that’s still the mentality of alot, if its broke, you dont need it anymore. You always find a way to survive even if its not the most convenient

      2. Thank you for that as I like a good travelogue.

        It is the same reason we can’t keep giving aid to poorer countries or taking their doctors etc .We should stop doing both, forcing doctors and other educated people to stay in their own fucking countries. That FORCES them into fixing their own country up themselves and keeps our countries at decent levels of a living standard. Start with Africa and then successively turn the tap off to Eastern and Southern Europe BUT those countries also are allowed to rebuild manufacturing and more of their money stays in-country ; I’m not here to give boxheaded Euros in Brussels free kicks or pad their pockets with captive markets!

        1. Hi Nems.
          Jeez, hardly any place to find to answer, certainly graffiti ‘d these pages ha.

          Tube mate, if it works for you yes, though that was a mob app however..?
          All the older videos had the dl function. Then one of the hosting hosts shat on Mark, and the site, clearing the library. Thus when it was up and running again from another host and location didn’t and hasn’t since.
          Any URL dl prog should do it these days and there are lots to choose from so.

          1. Thanks 777. I would use Realplay years ago and always worked. Now with updates ,deep cookies etc it all turned to The buggers want to always know everything about you.

          2. Hi Nems.
            Been trying to remember others but without going into my storage and checking can’t recall those, will have a look over the wire in a while, when I’ve chance.
            Have you noticed I’ve a stalking troll..?
            Been away all day, had to bail a friend (now former) out of jail.
            FUCKING NIGHTMARE of a day so far, now I’m here can chill out for a while…

          3. Oh, Drink is an enemy to him, goes off the Head.
            He’s one or two issues with no tissues to cry in.
            He is a very decent fella honest, wouldn’t do you a bad turn if couldn’t do you a good one but.
            Top fucking Chef like 1500 to 2000, a week take home, have been keeping him off it little over two years, making sure he’s had something to smoke while the circus is going on keep him level. Plus hanging outta me pocket this last while before the Shit started, don’t mind when he’s between jobs, because you know their highly strung Chef’s, in general he doesn’t get the sack, he’s walking out of jobs often.
            Then walking into another no problem.
            Went into a very well known and highly respected hospital in town ripped outta his mind, started his usual performance, they were sorting him out, couldn’t keep his FUCKING mouth shut, young security fella had enough of him bad mouthing everyone, trying still to calm him, went for the security they start fighting, nurses hit the panic button, Garda only a street away straight in got him but calmed the situation, then ensures a repeat performance, they took him. Got the Holy SHYTE kicked outta himself then when in the station. An appearance in court 3 charges no bail, suckers me. I’ve bailed him out for the last time.
            Can’t do anymore for him so.
            Plus I’d to go to the hospital to get the truth of what happened because he was playing it all down
            Telling Me that the security guy started it ALL, which I knew wouldn’t have been the full story. Now he’s looking for sympathy I’ve none left for him.
            That’s the long to short of it.
            For sure he’ll square me what’s owed but, so disappointed me he has…
            Ha, CUNT had the gaul asking soon as outside the court for a few bob, knowing it would have been for drink.
            Told him to FUCK OFF..!

          1. I know you know that I too ran like the devil from my mommas lips the second she shit me out in the crazy asylum that is the world…

            Yeah, that’s how I feel about naked zebras. :p

          1. Hhhhhhhhhoooooorrrrrrrrsssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

            Yeah…. I need to go back to bed ugh, im not thinking clearly. 😉

            Arrivederci Mon’Ami

      1. Maybe they don’t, maybe they just drop down from planes in tiny boxes with little parachutes and they have to fight to the death to retrieve it…now that’s something I would watch with my privileged USA cunt

    1. or just stab the knife under his throat/chin and headbutt the ground like an angel jumping on pool with his head looking up the sky.
      the impact would be strong enougth to put the knife straigth to his brain

      1. He’s clearly not committed to killing him self he’s trying to cause a scene because he murderd his mother and just realised he’s going down he had every chance to cut a main artery yet he’s a cunt id rather watch him die slowly hanging from a near by tree.

  3. I mean what the fuck? Used a brick and ended up cutting his own throat? What kind of clusterfuck of an omnishambles is this? Was he on stupid pills that day? Maybe he’ll go to Brazil next and try to decapitate a baby with a broken plate or something.

      1. Haha uhm. Metaphorically? How about hypothetically. Sure. Realistically no, I am very happily committed to my relationship. =^.^=
        But thank you kindly for the opportunity, I will relish in the compliment.

          1. Surviving. We are entering our Winter and it is not pretty nor romantic nor good for sports like it is in Minnesota.
            Why needy when you have your boyfriend?
            On fire? I know right! …and your part of the US is meant to be the more well-behaved ,rational part lol

          2. Lol he HATES bestgore. I’m needy for my bg people attention. He’s a super good person tho so I tend to start feeling like scum when I talk to him about cartel videos

            Wait starting winter? Where are you?

          3. I probably sound like that, but maybe just a little more educated . LITTLE more ,mind you.

            Yes ,many people have lovers /spouses who won’t look at BG at all. I can understand that. Notice I didn’t say partner? Can’t stand the term. Unless you are a cop or in business ,there is no such thing as partner!

  4. I’ll admit, if some dirty gook started cutting his own throat, I’d pull out my phone/camera and start recording too. I mean, who wants to touch that dirty fucker?

  5. @holleeat

    *******NO HERO’s HERE MY GOOD B G SISTER*******
    Hello My Sweet B G Baby Sister,,,
    In my books, it has absolutely nothing to do with being a hero. And i say this because on numerous times i have stopped my car and helped the injured that were both trapped inside their car, and creaming, until the Fire Department, or The Ambulances arrived.

    I Was simply doing (what i wish/hope) others would do for me, my family & my dear friends,
    if they had the unfortunate mishap of having-it happen to the one day, and they were dire need of help. And i mean get like help right now, and before The Paramedics have had enough time to arrive, and then set-up what they would/will need to perform there duties properly, knowing that they could simply be dealing with (one person) with a broken leg, or they could have 12 victims with numerous conditions, & (some having serious and life-threatening) ones

    On another occasion, as we were on our way too visit Cathy’s Family in New-Brunswick , when all of a sudden the minivan that was ahead of us failed to negotiate a long, and steep-curve, on the road ahead, or more-precisely,,, The Trans Canada Highway, he lost controlled, and down a ditch.

    He then flew down that in that roadside ditch & in mere seconds only to then Then Pop Back Up (a split second later) an continue his bouncing/ rolling journey half way up the side of a tall and soft grass hillside before finally coming to rest and full stop upside down. The minivan in question was completely totaled,,, upside down with the widows completely blown-out of them.

    So this fucking Blue (Dodge Caravan) which i still remember, & “probably will never forget” smells like gas, & big-time, as we (a few cars had stopped by then) could clearly smell-it, and well from the bottom of the hill like 50, or more feet up the embankment. So i run up the hill, and towards it, while completely out of breath from the stress & the fact that i did not know how many occupants could/would be still inside and possibly trapped.

    So after i look inside, i then manage to turn-off the engine without having to disconnect the battery, and managed instead to turn the key off, after fucking with the stick in order to get into either in Park, or in Neutral. Then after a quick, but good walk around i notice that nobody was inside.

    So i start looking around for the driver, and then i quickly notice this man. He was jut sitting-up with his dead down, in tall 3 Ft. grass that covered the hill, and remained quiet never even whispering a call for help,,, nothing! As i get up to him i see that one side of his body was completely Covered/Drenched in blood from his shoulder, & right down to his shorts, that then ran right down his leg, and to his completely Blood-Soaked running shoe. 🙁

    So after I Ran up to him i asked him if he was ok, and if there was any other individuals in the vehicle,,,??? which he quickly responded no. So i ask him if i can check to see all of his possible wounds, and he agreed. So i yelled to the 25 or so people who had by then gathered to the side of the highway,,,,
    #1- If one had called An Ambulance, and if not, could someone please get on that,
    #2- then i asked if anyone had a spare T-Shirt that i could get from them, as i only had an expensive short sleeve dress shirt, that would suck as A Tourniquet t’ill The Ambulance crews arrived.???

    So this nice older gentleman in his late 60’s took off his shirt and offered me his sleeveless Muscle-Type Under Shirt, and he put his dress shirt back-on, which i thanked profusely for being so kind for doing. Then Jokingly (as i attended to the victim’s wounds) i joked with the old man and told him,, (I Hope That That) was not your favorite undershirt cause he would never see-it again, lol.

    So i asked the Man/Victim called “Mike” if i could then fix his flap to stem the bleeding until the Paramedics arrived, as it was pissing from 3 to 4 larger veins?? And he quickly agreed. So while checking him out for other possible injuries, i began to treat/clean his large & gaping wound. So while treating him we all broke-out laughing as “Mike” told the Old man to leave him his address, if he wanted-it returned, (His Soon Ta Be Blood Soaked T-Shirt), lol as we all began to laugh.

    But the laughing was only t’ill i asked The Kind Old Fellow to hold Mikes hand, while extending his arm upwards and straight, so i could then semi-clean the large injury by splashing bottled water on it,, (Like This Super Large/Huge Flap) cause he Yelled-Out,, Ahhhh-Fuck,,, That Burns Man, as i calmed him down by saying,,, ok,, ok brother we are done. And All i have left to do now is to completely close your flap, as he attempted to pull the skin on the back of his arm to see this nasty gash. I Quickly glabbed his arm and gently pulled-it off, and then turned his head aways as to not freak him out.

    So i closed his flap With The help of this (So-Kind) Older Gentleman, as he helped hold his arm up, and asking him how many kids he has, and where to they live, and so on. So the old nice dude started Some nice chatting-up with Mike to keep him mind off of it, putting him in a more relaxed state, as i placed the flap exactly where it went, and as i shook my head to the old man, he told Mike To look at him only, and take a deep breath as this was going to hurt but just for a few seconds, as instantly, & right then tightened-it real tight, & fast.

    He let-out another **Fuackkk That Hurts” Man** as i explained that it would hurt for a bit, but it would help-it clot-up and stem the bleeding The Paramedics arrived, but that i had to release-it every 7 minutes or so to let some blood flow through, as to dot kill-off his limb. The good thing is that while i was releasing-it second time,,, They The Paramedics had arrived. We were rain, and completely blood soaked from head to toe as the Old Man & I Walked Mike down the slippery rain-covered slope and to the waiting Ambulance which he just walked in, and did so unaided.

    I Wished him good luck, and told him God-Bless You Mike,,, and you’ll be fine, as he could not respond as he got chocked-up and his lower lip shook (I Guess From Seeing us Both Soaked) and completely full of his blood, which was thanks enough for me as i turned and Hugged The Old Man Who at this time was also was also in tears. And he was,B.T.W. (the only one) that has Helped Me through this whole “about” 15 minute ordeal, without ever complaining in the clod, and windy rain.

    So, Again, *No Hero’s Here* As I’m Sure The Awesome Old Guy Would Agree Just Brothers! 🙂

      1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
        Thanks Jack,,, as compliments from yourself are always appreciated, Always! 🙂
        But they are especially appreciated just by knowing that they are heartfelt, and very Sincere.
        So Jack,,, The Kudos should Go Out/And Go Out “Ta You” my Man,, You brother, for being such a good, and decent human being, as it is something rarely seen on here, and out in the real world today.
        God-Bless 🙂

  6. Man,
    I have to say, that was one of the, if not the hardest video without reacting… upon initially viewing it.
    Poor Momma, must’ve raised him his entire life? to have him turn on her, she must’ve been something awful. God damn Women!! Can’t live wit em, some can’t seem to live without em.

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