Nephew Shoots and Hacks Uncle with Machete Following Drinking Binge

Nephew Shoots and Hacks Uncle with Machete Following Drinking Binge

In Manacapuru, a town about 68 km from Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, Brazil, an uncle and his nephew were drinking through the day and into the night, when after 14 hours of indulging in booze, the binge turned violent and the uncle was shot and hacked to death with a machete.

58 year old Valmir Marques Alfaia died on the spot. He was found with deep gashes on the head, chest and back. Neighbors said they heard the two talking, as their drinking stint went on for hours, but weren’t sure what would have been the reason for the fight.

19 year old Ruan Alfaia was arrested the following morning, still carrying the uncle’s rifle he had used in the commission of this crime.

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36 thoughts on “Nephew Shoots and Hacks Uncle with Machete Following Drinking Binge”

  1. Oh there it shows up again a gory tale from the state of Amazonas, Brazil
    So much for the over indulgence to Booze !
    Where the fuck is that Machete he wielded and what makes him show off that rifle …….is he a pawn star or something ?

    That’s the reason a guy in his twilight years mustn’t hang around for a binge with a 19 year old …….that’s what ya get when you hobknob with someone 1/3rd your age all tipsy and on the go .
    BTW those deep gashes look more like some well crafted slits .

  2. Me thinks closing the gash at the back with a zipper wouldn’t be a bad idea …..what say ya Ruan the savage beast ?
    But he sure hasn’t got rid of those “come to get withered ” ice cold looks

  3. Its the Amazon man. Their monkey court will let him off on a “Self Defense” plea. Trust me. I’m sure the uncle was well known as a violent man. However, the kid should not have hacked him up so much….also by his photo doesn’t look like “UNCLE” did much to him.

    1. Could be right dre. On the other hand, once the alcohol level got past the sniff of a bar lady’s apron stage, the faulty gene he obviously carries, kicked in and that was that. Wanton violence ensued thereafter.
      In breeding can do that.

  4. fire water or crazy people? ive been pretty hammerd and didnt ever think of getting violent im a happy drunk. i think get a guy or girl drunk youll know if there any good or not. if a beast it will come out, when it does they find themselves in a zoo i mean jail. i dont drink at all now due to meds i miss it, i was a member of tip a few tribe.

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