New Aftermath Video of Attack in Nice Filmed by Italian Guy

New Aftermath Video of Attack in Nice Filmed by Italian Guy

Best Gore member @ItalianBadger hooked us up with a new video of the truck attack in Nice, France. This footage was recorded by an Italian guy, and like the previous video, shows the aftermath of the attack.

Here’s translation of the commentary courtesy of @italianbadger, who says it’s in Naples dialect:

(00.00) You can’t understand.. there’s a policeman on the ground, there.
(00.09) [something I didn’t understand] this truck made everything stop. You see the cops near the truck? (laughs) It made a mess [He haven’t yet seen the bodies]
(00.20) [something about chaos and stuff] This is incredible!
(00.32) Look, lots of policemen
(00.42) Everyone is panicking here
(01.00) This guy is locked in the truck and he is not coming out
(01.08) What did he do there? You have no idea. He sent people flying (x2)
(01.26) Holy Mary what did he do?
(01.34) Holy Mary what did he do?
(01.42) Guys you can’t understand what he did (x2) You can’t understand
(01.56) [Italian blasphemy] what did he do? [Italian blasphemy] (x2)
(02.09) Guys you can’t understand what he did (x3)
(02.28) You can’t understand guys

The video is vertical and lacks close ups, but the Naples accent more than makes up for it. I could listen to that sexy talk on repeat whole day.

Thanks a lot for the video and the translation @ItalianBadger:

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88 thoughts on “New Aftermath Video of Attack in Nice Filmed by Italian Guy”

    1. Don’t you mean damn Israeli Zionist keep doing acts of terrorism to blame on Muslims so we can get these stupid goy to do our fighting for us so we can keep building mansions in illegally taken Palestinian territory peacefully while we have armies made up of foolish goy Christians all around us killing Muslims and keeping us safe, because we the media masters have fooled them into wanting to fight a “Crusade” against Islam while we Zionist destroy Christianity in their own home countries hahahahah stupid goyim hahahaha it only took 10 false flag attacks………..i think thats what you really meant to say.

      1. The war doesn’t have anything to do with religion it’s has a higher agenda. (World banks you people need to wake up) Life is not what you think if a member of the World bank goes bankrupt then a war it set into play to revive the bank. Look it up. (Don’t thank the reason why I only commented on this one for the first time in four years)

      1. dickpiers says:
        July 15, 2016 at 9:40 pm

        “so, that’s what it looks like when quel rasoir lets the bodies hit the floor, merde”

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but fuck you, cunt. DO NOT take the piss out of this at all. This is pandemic situation that little bitches like you will only comment about, people like you dont have the balls to help these people, i can tell by your 12 year old comments. At no point, even as a war vet do you have the right to crack jokes like this. Fact is you are a little bitch with no balls who would simply watch this unfold and do nothing, keep your shit comments to yourself you absolute piece of shit.

        Pff dickpiers – i shit bigger.

          1. Third world favelado scum just don’t feel the way civilized first worlders do, human life means zero to them. Don’t waste your time.

      1. i agree with you, i dont think they would post stupid comments and smiley faces if this happened to one of their dear ones, or they would be injured and fighting to survive because another motherfucker muslim son of a bitch decided to kill innocent people like that, this is sickening .

      2. Respect is a two way street. Unlike a promenade. In Santa Monica. Or Nice. What sucks is the pendejo in Santa Monica was old and probably Jewish so he served no time. Anything you care to add?

    1. Sorry dude but the so called blood looks to be a reflection of a emergency vehicle red light it’s just to red In places to be claret..Makes no difference blood or not the carnage is clear I wonder what drugs there given before they commit these kamikaze like acts .I know the Japanese pilots were high on amphetamine in WW2

      1. A saudi prince was caught on a private jet last year in Jordan? i cant recall He had a massive supply and i do mean massive supply of amphetamine tablets destined for IS fighters, all verifiable.
        Islam has to be destroyed but only the people can do that as our governments are useless and will allow us to be conquered by this evil, disgusting and vile ideology. A European civil war/sectarian war ethnic cleansing whatever you label it will happen with in ten or twenty years from now if not sooner.

    2. well…you so right, you gotta understand that in Italy there are a lots of dialects, the guy who is speaking in this video is speaking in napoletano, which is from naples , he isnt talking in a pure italian. good from you to have got that..

  1. Very good video, truly depicts the horrors of the attack. Cant help but thinking the ones that are dead already were better off. But when authorities report someone has died instantly in a collision i get skeptical, no way is it fast enough for pain not to register, even if its for a few seconds.

    1. ils sont éparpillé sur le trajets , de plus une vingtaines n’étaient pas encore mort mais blessé (dont certain encore conscient)
      le camion est passé dessus, il les a pas trainé sur le sol avec lui.
      difficile de faire un plan totale d’une telle distance dans cette confusion

    1. I hope somebody can get your IP address and pay you a little visit, have you ever heard of the phrase ” a time and a place”?
      Would you get a frill from watching as an 18 tonne vehicle crushes, twists and mangles young girls and boys, toddlers in prams, mothers, fathers, brothers etc? If the answer is yes then you are a either a complete cunt or just very young and naive to make such a crass comment at such a raw emotive time.
      I think you are the worst kind of cunt too, a cunts cunt if you will.

      1. why does it upset you that some people would want to see that? this is a site dedicated to gore. The existance or the lack there of a dashboard video doesnt add or take away from the suffering these people went through. they are dead, and this happened, i would have liked to have a better angle of the attack also.

    1. @arab atheist
      Soon inshallah. Coz the longer this goes on,the more it’s getting blamed on islam. And in the end the fact is that the headquarters of this madness resides in the middle east. So in reality Islamic militias from the middle east could destroy this. But with islam being blamed for all this it makes it harder for that to happen. This isn’t Islam’s fault, it’s the C.I.A ‘ s and Co. ‘Fault.

      1. No, it is islams fault no if’s or but’s the sooner muslims accept that they have been brainwashed since birth and that their prophet is not who they think He is then the better for the rest of the world. Unless God himself comes down to earth and declares mohammed the true messenger then islam can go and reside in the depths of hell for eternity for all I care and when the day comes when the people finally uprise against islam, which will happen I for one will be celebrating the victory of good over evil to quote Bob Marley and Haile Selassie.
        The anti islamic movement is only gaining more hearts and minds due to incidents such as this so it is islams fault. You can go into all the politics of the CIA etc but the issues still and always will do point back to islam.

  2. You are able to read this.
    You are an adult.

    Then, as an adult you know, the only way for a minority quotient of evil to continue is for the majority to allow it to take place.

    FACT: Zero Americans died in the lead-up to Bush 1’s Desert Storm(s), and how quickly did the world invade Saddam to “keep Humanity safe” ?

    Fast forward to now…
    humanity is threatened at a time more ‘terror’-able /terrible than when Saddam was in power, yet this situation is still deemed, “Not dangerous enough for a sabre-rattling, US-shock-and-awe-September 12th level response”.

    People seem content to say, “We know another attack is imminent”, while crying for the lost.
    Where is the obviously required escalation of response?
    Has technology and a laughable Construction full of words those in power do not adhere to (when they are not being recorded) strayed us so far from doing The Needful ?

    An adult knows the full answer.

  3. Racism?
    Police brutality?
    Oh, follow MLK. nonviolent, nonviolent. “We Shall Overcome, yadda yadda”

    Get attacked by terror?
    Oh, let’s kill that Osama “By Any Means Necessary”

    “Those who want it both ways (right and wrong),
    end up as shady as their misguided logic”

    But don’t mind me, continue to eat up the “single-shooter theory”, being doled out far before the 1960’s. We found our scapegoat Oswald/Saddam in a spider-hole, telling the world we caught the killer. Yet people saw the bullet-hole in the windshield/lack of WMD’s, and gave in to the writers of history’s lies.

  4. Hypocrisy.
    You’re property on paper.
    You’re a human in public.

    Away from the public eyes, you’re whatever we say you are, because nobody will believe your word over ours.

    We are in power. Power to do whatever we want to you and concoct a story others in power will never disbelieve, because believing those in power are lying undermines the entire system of power. Then, any judge who opens the door for the innocent to rightfully be found innocent, going against the story we made up, then that judge risks professional ostracism, aka career suicide, shunned by those around them for going against the hierarching system of power.

    This is but one reason
    It Never Stops

    When you permit justice only when measured against self-preservation; well, the situation ends as accordingly as handled.

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      1. Well, FightingIrish16, that’s a weak example. You’re the moron in that scenario for not only buying an Apple Sheeplephone in the first place, but then running it through the washing machine as well. You’d be a good candidate for getting shot in the hands like they do in Brazil.

  5. At this point I’m pretty much over it when it comes to Islam. My anger is now directed at those European leaders both past and present that have allowed this Muslim vermin into their countries. It amounts to nothing more than cultural contamination. The biggest traitor has to be Merkel. Most Germans would point to Hitler as being responsible for dragging them nearly into the abyss, but it’s the bitch Merkel that’s responsible for what’s been happening in Germany and the rest of Europe. She and her kike friends hold the purse strings and call the shots.

  6. Very surreal as He walked over and realised what was going on, the screams of the injured and people who have lost loved ones is haunting. What will be the tipping point when people rise up and start attacking muslims as they attack us? I think this will happen eventually and I think France, Germany and sweden are favorites for first blood. I do not want to see this happen however I now believe it to be inevitable.

    1. Shoot forward 3 years, to last year (that sounds weird eh, like ‘back to the future’) and it happens.
      70 odd muslims gunned down in a mosque in New Zealand in 2019……exactly a year ago from today

  7. So many victims ..not enough help.. Too much standing around my adults. I’ve heard weeping any crying by family members before but I couldn’t imagine the gruesome if your whole family being killed in a second. Sick bastard.

    In a scene like this I’d be scurrying to help , must be my American instinct .

  8. The translation is actually wrong. He is crying and ranting about the poor innocent Italian Vespa that you can see at 2:00 that was damaged by the truck. He takes over a minute saying how such super Italian technology should not be imported to France because look at what they do to them, and calls the French savages for tending to the wounded people while ignoring the damaged Vespa that is leaking oil,etc.

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