New Jersey Cops Let Dog Maul Non Resisting Man Until Death

New Jersey Cops Let Dog Maul Non Resisting Man Until Death

Another day, another citizen murdered by police. This is what happens when you call the cops.

A Vineland, New Jersey man named Philip White was filmed on video being repeatedly punched by the cops, who then sicced a police canine on him, and let the dog maul the man until his death.

And as it typical of the gang known as police, when new gangsters turned up, none interrupted the murder in progress, let alone arrested any of the murderers. Instead, they joined in on the fun, and recited their catch phrases which are meant to give legitimacy to their abuses:

Roll over, put your hands behind your back, do it now!

That Philip White was barely clinging to life, and was mere breaths away from dying, was of no concern. They just needed to secure the legitimacy of this murder, so they said things which made it look like the victim was resisting.

In their reports, the murderers lied and claimed that Philip White was trying to take the cop’s gun. Neither the video below, nor any other video of the incident shows White coming anywhere near it. How could he – he was dying.

Police said they had initially responded to a call for a disorderly man. One witness said White tried to strike the cops with a roundhouse kick, but missed. So they beat him to death.

After killing Philip White, the cops tried to confiscate cameras of people recording the murder. Cops, like any violent murderers, don’t like the fact that someone catches the murders on video. It makes it more difficult for the murderers to lie.

In this news report, an officer is seen telling a man recording the murder: “Did you get what happened here? All of it? All right… I’m gonna need your information and I’m gonna take your phone!

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  1. Good god this is getting bad. I’m sure this has been going on for centuries but the more video is shot, I think we’re in store for a serious backlash. I wonder how many more civilians will die before it happens…

      1. Look at these white guys at it again! Can you believe it? Every time I turn on the telly its another Pinky with a blue suit killing another innocent! Ban them all back to the eurpoean caves they crawled out from!!! Right mate?

          1. Fuck: In the 31 days of March, police in the United States killed twice as many people as the UK police force did in the entire 20th century

        1. Agreed. I don’t have a problem with cops… Then, again, If you look at the definition of ‘Cracker’ in the dictionary… My face is right there.

          Regardless, blacks are coddled way too much in this country. They are responsible for 50 percent of the murders and 65% of other crimes (felonies). They make up 16% of the population.

          Blacks are violent and angry. I avoid them whenever possible

          1. Only 7 dead cops?!!!? Multiply by 7, then multiply again by seven. That’s a good start. Then multiply again by 7……a better start. When civilians start fighting back…maybe those dirty pigs will see what it’s like to be the hunted….maybe the top brass will get there heads out of their ass and start coming down on pigs who kill or injur innocent civilians. I could go on and on but my meds are kicking in…gotta get some sleep

          2. Bollocks, I didn’t enslave anyone. No human alive today had any direct or indirect responsibility for slavery so the white race nothing to blacks. They aren’t entitled to anything different to any other person.
            Get the white guilt out of here.

      1. @rom Taran9
        You are right 6 cops have been killed by armed of 37 police have been killed in the line of duty. More civilians have been killed by law enforcement.o saw one comment on here today.. It’s more of an under-statment for me ..I’d rather get help from a thug and probably get home in time to drink my cold beer..

  2. Recently saw a video where fortworth police officers snuck up on an elderly homeless man who had his own makeshift campsite. He was in his tent when the pigs surrounded him and shot his dog. Probably the only companion the poor old bastards had.

      1. Here in Chicago it was recently revealed that there are black sites, abandoned factories, where pigs take civilians to torture them.
        The only reason anyone found out about it was because of white protesters who got caught up in it from the G20 summit.
        Now that shit is scary.

      2. The Jersey CK’s are just as bad as their NYC counterparts, always on the prowl for potential victims all the more brazen they become. It seems like there’s no end in sight and their still portrayed as heroes, protecting and serving the public. Oh how the sheep believe they’re safe from it all, for now maybe.

        As far as using canines are concerned in aiding civilian murders, to me I see as plain abuse to instill them with murderous rage towards the general public-a fucked up situation gone F.U.B.A.R.

      3. @future days – you mean the
        “your property is guilty unless you have the money to pay a lawyer to prove that your property is NOT guilty”
        law? – just looked up on it….scary shit indeed

    1. @xizang do you remember a video from Brazil..a couple of coons were blowing up an ATM bank machine?,,one of the bandits went running toward a homeless man near the ATM ..?to save his life..? I fear in ten years our crime here in the USA is going to sky rocket.. But will never be reported.. No one will trust these cops..thugs and criminals will start to collect protection money from every blooding sucking bitches…

      1. @ranman…got one in the back yard.more then welcome to have ,him. His name is raider the gator..just point him to the deriction you like..and bam! Your problem is solved..i know its not a croc..but gators are bigger and more vicious,i think? Lol

  3. Another victory for the boys in blue…….
    Letting a redman leave his wife……..
    With just one plate …and just one knife…..
    Maybe he left his kids and this life…

    For a place …shiny and new…..
    Where fascists drown in their own shite…
    And we all kick before the one eye bites…
    This shadow has gleaned from this site…

    A name…..
    So more of the same….
    More hearts to inflame…
    Well….at least immolate.

  4. Hi 🙂
    I’ve been lurking around best gore for…8 years or so and only just made an account to finally comment on this filth.

    Im a 24 year old cop in Australia and having seen every post about these fucking animals ( USA mostly ) over the years makes me sick.
    I go to work each day with the full intention of helping the people who pay my wage, and i like to think i do a good job.
    I cant remember if there are any other users on here that are cops, and i can see why they would not admit it if they where, but i for one have never drawn my gun, or taser despite having been physicaly assaulted my meth heads and station rats on many occasions.
    I instead decided to become well trained in the art of Krav Maga, and prefer to use my hand to hand skill to detain people, rather then just fucking shoot them.

    The fact that these animals are aloud to call themselves cops is appalling to say the least.
    I had a meth head just last night who i had hand cuffed and sat on the front deck of her house, start calling out that i was going to abuse and kill her ” just like she saw on the internet ” and then she had the nerve to spit on me and call me a wild pig, while i was patching up her 6 yr old daughter who she had bottled during her meth rage.
    Sure, ide have loved to kick her fucking teeth out, but i did not.
    my point is, its sickening that these “people” call themselves police, and drag down the name of us who are actually trying to help.

    1. Seems the statement “there’s always one bad apple in the crowd” is hastily changing to “only one good apple in the orchard” professionally speaking – if that makes sense. I myself am not a cop, I’m an RN, but same goes with any profession here lately. I don’t know if it’s occuring more and more often, or if technology has enhanced and evolved in such a way the public is finally more aware seeing the truth behind what really lies beneath. Sickening seeing people’s darkest demons so readily released to say the least.

      1. I agree 100%.
        I can honestly say, speeking only from what i see while working, that i have not once in my duty seen an Australian officer abuse someone like this.
        im not saying it does not happen, it sadly proberbly does, just that i have not seen it.

        I have slightly injured people in the course of my duty restraining them, and where talking brused arms and wrists, not bullet wounds.
        the worst ive done was to a drug addict high on ice who was trying to break into a car with a mother and small child inside. I kicked his knee cap out in order to drop him to the ground and bent his wrist inside out to the point of breaking it, so he would drop the knife he was holding.
        And he did not notice the pain untill 5 hours later.

        if everyone had to deal with drug addicts, theives and scum every day, they would understand loosing your temper, but these cases in the US of, what is basically kill on sight, are discusting.

        1. In the USA we can thank the public sector unions that protect all the bad apples…If the police brutality settlements were taken out of their bloated police pensions you would see them self policing the bad ones after it was lowering their pensions…why would they stop when they get paid leave and taxpayers pay for any settlements…

        2. You’re a true hero. Friend. I would have done the same thing being a civilian and all. It all comes down to what values and decency is imbedded in us . If some cops are doing wrong there’s only the teacher to blame. It has nothing to do in what part of the world you live in.

    2. Welcome. @ proud that you are a good cop…im not one..yes our U.S.A ( some-cops) are pure dicks…i live almost south of
      Texas..san antonio tx..that is .but most northen part is the racist part of our the cops are worse,TEXAS IS THE #1 state to be the most racist in all of my country….we have 11,Aryan chapters,while most of the states have none or 1 to 3,,race plays 100% every time..

      1. Hmm yes i’ve heard and seen a fair bit about texas . I had a friend who lived there for about a year and he mentioned the Aryan aswell and that he saw cops and general people being openly racist in public.
        He stayed there with some black friends he had met and they said they would only call the cops if it was a life or death situation, otherwise its just an excuse to get hasseled

    3. I’m not for one minute inferring that you are, but the NSW drug squad are one of the most corrupt forces in the developed world. It’s been very well documented that they have committed everything from murder, to taking bribes and even dealing themselves. So you’ll have to excuse me when I say I think your talking bollox. Don’t know if they still are but they used to get away with all sorts in Kings Cross in Sydney.

  5. Reminds of that Dave Chappelle skit. Lol get that nagger, get ’em! On a more serious note why don’t you ever see the suspects roll over or comply? It’s like they want the situation to escalate.

      1. Keep a dummy phone in your back pocket and give them that, same way they have a 38 special in theirs to plant as evidence. When they get back to the station, nothing but hundreds of hours of cat videos. You gotta outsmart those fuckers, they ain’t that smart anyway.

          1. @Gnati ttired the blind routine,once! ,every was running smooth.until the gay fat cop pulled his dick out….now i just pay all my tickets…hahaha

      1. @horribly disfunctional.. Have you ever gotten electrocuted with hard wire..hurt worse then been hurts alot…you will live with burnt skin..depends on every situation but anyway..I’m tired ..good night all…

      2. You’re right @horriblydisfigured, I would drop like a sack of potatoes, so would you for that matter, I don’t get your point. My point being just because you’re a dipshit with a gun and badge it doesn’t entitle you to take my stuff without any justification. Or do you just hand over your shit to people when they try to take it from you?

  6. Pretty scary to think that a lot of these guys have been in the military before they were police officers, makes you wonder how they must treat people in a foreign country where there aren’t any repercussions what so ever.

      1. Yeah, it isn’t my top 5 or anything, but it certainly doesn’t taste like shit.
        I haven’t tried Lagunitas yet. IPAs are pretty good regardless of the brand, in my opinion, though. I drink a lot of Arrogant Bastard, the Ruination one is my most preferred.

  7. Only job where you can kill customers who bug you. Judge, jury, and executioner for a simp!e assault ruled a cruel and unusual death verdict by dog mauling. What other job can get away with such gross incompetence? It ought to be just another fucking job but it’s glorified beyond scary like gods. Fuck the Jews what the fuck is wrong with us?

  8. As a former police officer myself, I do not condone the actions of some of these LE officers today! I understand the stress of the job and how it takes a toll on you mentally, but this is overboard! If a cop breaks the law and causes serious harm to a citizen. then yes, they should be prosocuted to the full extent of the law!

    1. @devgru81:
      As a former police officer maybe you can answer a question for me. Are officers mandated to receive psychiatric evaluation, and treatment if necessary, after a pre-determined number of shifts or amount of time on the job?
      The reason I ask is that over and over, on the job stresses and constant interaction with all types of criminal element has been cited as a major factor in police brutality cases.
      I’m not sure but I think officers are required to visit with an “in house” psych. Doc after an incident. Why not before an incident?
      Like commercial truck drivers who are mandated to stop and rest after a pre-determined number of miles driven, maybe police officers should be evaluated periodically, not post incident only.

      1. That’s a very good question. I can’t speak for all departments across the US however, I will try to answer your question as best as I can.
        The only time
        That officers usually
        Have to go through a psychological eval is:

        Pre-employment, to check if you are cut out for the job.

        Second, after a request from your department for a specific reason (i.e. after coming off administrative leave).
        To make sure you are still able to perform your duties.
        You can be put on leave for a number of reasons:

        Use of deadly force. (i.e. shooting).

        Criminal investigation (off duty DUI; domestic violence, etc.)

        Moral turpitude. Mental illness issues, and so forth.

        As far as having an evaluation after a predetermined number of hours, etc., the answer is no.
        However, that would be a great idea. The reason it would never happen is simple…cost.

        Hiring a shrink full time for that would cost a department a fortune.

        As a last note: In my opinion, the psyc standards are very subjective. There are many people out there that don’t deserve to be carrying a gun and badge!

        1. Thanks for taking time out to reply?
          It just seems that a pro-active program would work better.
          It’s in the best interest of the police, state and local, to have a program like that in place. Implemented at the state level. The state can put them where they need them opposed to having one in every dept.
          You’re right about funding. Diverting tax funds would be scrutinized very closely. Who gets screwed and who benefits.
          A new tax bill would likely never be voted in unless it’s cleverly hidden very well in a states new budget.
          I guess there’s always gonna be more important things to worry about.
          Thanks again for the input.

  9. It seems like police brutality has been on the rise in the US for about the last ten years. It very well may be, but I think it’s just getting more media attention these days because almost everybody has a video recorder on their phone. Before 2005, media attention on police brutality was very seldom, and the caucasian general public usually trusted the official word of the Police Department when they said deadly force was justified. After all, we pay them to “serve and protect” us. We shouldn’t have any reason to doubt their integrity, right? Bullshit. Unfortunately, smart phones are a necessary evil. Yes, they are used by our governments to spy on us, but they are absolutely crucial for cases like this one. People are finally forced to pay attention to the abuses of the american gestapo. Their abuses are going to be their own undoing in the end. I know that most cops are probably good family oriented people just trying to support their families like the rest of us, I get that. But the ones like these guys in the video should be fired and tried for murder. What I’d really like to say is that we should stand up and fucking kill them all, but I can’t justify taking anyone’s life away, even if it is a cowardly pig.

  10. Cop demanding to take his phone for being recorded? Shit gets worse every day, hope he doesn’t get away with this, but of course he will, it’s the united states police and judicial system we’re talking about lol

    1. The hat trick for democracy and peace!

      O hey Emperor, what do you think about Hillary Clintons bid for the Dem. nomination for President of the United States?
      The whole thing stinks of Americanized Feminism from a Gringo-Centric pack of Dry-Backs in Washington.

      1. You guy’s are well and truly fucked in the shit box if that disingenuous bitch gets in the White House. You think that silly wog likes a war !?, fuck me, he’s a pacifist compared to that fuck pig.

  11. This is crazy I moved to Georgia from New Jersey 4 years ago and not once Have I experienced police brutality in all my 25 years of living. I used to live about 15 miles north of Vineland and TBH i’m shocked. Now here in Georgia police brutality is almost becoming common place nowadays.

  12. There is absolutely nothing that will stop this. The police are too determined and blinded by their own power to care. Killing one person or a thousand isn’t bad in their minds because they have extremely narrow-minded justifications. In the end it’s the highest payer that gets protected and all cops are merely their mindless pawns.

  13. As always, the american police “officers” are out of shape, resulting in very violents, barbaric fat pigs who behave the worst way possible, doing real terrorist acts over civilians.
    What is the problem america, it seems like you have an internal enemy that like to kill and bully you, can’t you make these obese pigs behave as civilized people?

  14. The TV series “The Shield” seems to be an accurate depiction of everyday CKs at work and not just a work of fiction. I mean the modern day CK must believe everyday at work they are at Burger King and can have it their way.

  15. Looks like the cops were acting ok, this boy probably ‘did sum’tin stupid’ to piss them off and only the final minutes when they had finally beat him to the ground were caught on tape. He was on the ground so he was obviously resisting. If he was willing to get cuffed and go peacefully, the cops wouldn’t have done anything and he’d be sitting it the cruiser.

    Probably would have been released after a night in the slammer. Then he’d be making a night visit to your house with his Boyz to shoot you in the head, take all your shit and gang rape your wife and teenage daughter.

    I say one less is a good thing.

  16. Americas Largest Street Gang is a classic! Really gets the core of police brutality to this day.

    I’ve been watching lots of these documentaries, and this I mentioned being one of them. I just don’t know when they were to date.

    I remember watching Banned from TV, and police were actually doing their jobs. I mean shooting the suspect in a real act of self defense. That was back in 1998.

    Now I may be young and might be from a different time period, but I don’t remember police being strategic and professional about their job. I don’t remember police ever being so lenient for that matter. .

          1. @sakshiloves lions
            you mean those evil trainers, who use fat peoples to steal their money by saying it :p
            im sure the trainer of weightlifter in next topic lives like that, but til my meeting with lion happen i continue to wrestle with dogs on the ground :)hehe

  17. its sad that cops like this are gunna force us to put gopros on cops, it will be like having your lawyer on his shoulder and all the little tricks good cops use to get pieces of shit off our streets will be inadmissible in court. i always try to put myself in these cops shoes- am i a dick in uniform that should not be a cop.. or am i sick of seeing the same thief, pimp,crack user or dealer outsmarting me day after day and i snap… its such a tough call bcuz cops and perps are people and i dont take people at face value from a video

  18. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off to no end. These cops think they can abuse anyone nowadays!
    Just last year, my neighbor was shot to death right outside my apartment building by the cops. Of course the cop who murdered my neighbor said that he feared for his life. My neighbor was having an argument with his girl friend, though he wasn’t violent towards her or anyone else.
    And yes, they threatened to take our cell phones too or we’d be next to be shot.
    Disgusting cops.

  19. The dog is one of a line of tools a cop is given to use before he has to resort to his firearm.

    Why was the dog used to hold the arm (and yeah it was an arm, the dog didn’t tear out his throat) of a man who was prone beneath one human officer while another human officer was on hand?

    Well because no human being is truly capable of policing a community, seeing the absolute shit stains of humanity every single day, without wanting to sic a fuckin dog on the very next asshole who won’t quit rolling around on the ground during an arrest while claiming that they can’t breathe.

    The number of assholes being arrested claiming they struggled due to an ailment is likely comparable to the number of prison inmates claiming innocence.

    Are there abusive cops? Sure. But I sure as fuck don’t want the job. I’d shoot the first prick that made me think that MAYBE I wouldn’t be home in time for dinner with my family.


  20. Been a viewer here for several years, but had to register when I see a recent murder in my hometown. I do know of some of this man’s acquaintances and one went to jail for murdering a man during a robbery. So I’m sure his peers are not the lawful type. Not saying it warrants a death nor saying police aren’t abusing their power, but I am saying not everyone is an innocent bystander.

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