New Video of Bataclan Theatre Chaos and Inside the Bars

New Video of Bataclan Theatre Chaos and Inside the Bars

I’m swamped at the moment, guys, sorry. Just dropping some new aftermath videos of the attack on the Bataclan Theatre in Paris, France. Mad props to Best Gore member, zackary for the vids (more on the way).

First video captures the injured crying for help and sound of suicide bomber setting himself off.

and two from the bar’s perspective after suicide bomber sets himself off:

156 thoughts on “New Video of Bataclan Theatre Chaos and Inside the Bars”

      1. technically

        its illegal in france to smoke in building.. pub, discotek, whatever.. its illegal by law to smoke , if you want smoke in france, you need to go outside of building or in some “reserved” room (if the place have thsoe reserved room)

        so… yeah, you trapped, you still can have your cigarette on pocket, but you have chance to get some trouble if you out your cigarettes on the building. (as the french law is pretty bullshit in anything relative to justice… like fact if some of those terrorist get arrested, the y can get only 22years of jail, cant get more as 22years is the maximal strike (aka : lifetime prison) what a fucking joke -_- )

    1. frankly ?
      yes ..
      if i m going to die by some fucking terrorist or some shit. i take my chance to shot it with camera or pics or something.
      not for me (as i probably die) , but for cops for allow a chance to get this fucker what he deserve if he actually success to go out and escape.

      see what i mean …

    2. Just think how nice it would be to live in a gun free country! The folks don’t conceal carry so ISIS shot their ass away! This is what democratic liberal Hussein Obama wants America to be like! Gun free America so you can’t protect yourself! I conceal carry, do you?!

    3. No I wouldn’t and that goes for most people that originate from first world developed countries.It is usually third world scum or poorer countries where they immediately get their cheap phones out and start filming your dying breath.France is full of third world immigrants…

    1. I can’t imagine being in that situation. You would definitely have a feeling of hopelessness ,especially because they were just indiscriminately killing. Those sick fucks are pussies in my book…it takes a real piece of shit to kill so many innocent people.

      1. It’s really sad what lengths people will go to all for the sake of their beliefs. No matter who was really behind this, it’s because of their fucked up ways of thinking that innocent people have to go through this shit.

        1. I agree. I come here for all of the gore on a daily basis, and i’m all for laughing at r-tards that die in some sort of darwin award way caused by themself, but when it comes to mass destruction of hundreds of people my heart gets sad.

        2. Agreed. And I’m not religious at all but people like this have a really fucked up religious world view. All of these nut jobs act in the name of whatever dogma they follow but I don’t know any religion (Christian or Muslim) that promotes the slaughter of innocent people. This is part of the reason why I think religion in the past and modern times is really a plague on humanity. People bend and shape it to justify all sorts of atrocities in the name of whatever God they are beholden to.

          1. It removes the accountability that comes with being an imperfect human. We use religion to answer questions we don’t understand and to justify foolishness we don’t wish to answer to.

          2. Growing up Catholic, that kind of shit was drilled into my head and I was expected to believe everything I was told. And my religious upbringing was extremely mild compared to some of these other religions. I first started questioning things in the 7th grade and felt guilty about it until my religion teacher told me it was okay to question what I was told. I just can’t believe a book that was written thousands of years ago and I can’t trust the translation or if someone changed what was written. I think I have good morals but I credit that to my family rather than religion as I know plenty of people who don’t believe in God and are incredibly good people.

          3. @LF same here. Grew up in a Catholic home myself, as well. Religious upbringing on the surface level does provide structure for a young mind as far as how you should treat other people and peacefully conduct yourself in life. But that’s about all the good that comes from it. Complete immersion results in a close minded view of the world and many of us do not live in a world where this is okay.
            I can’t even trust a dictionary now because when you look up the word “faith”, it has some other gibberish written there instead of its real definition: please don’t question.

          4. @Siniko

            I absolutely agree with you! I always looked at the teachings of the Bible as stories where there’s a lesson to be learned…really just like any story. Certain things I do believe in like treating others like I’d want to be treated but most of it I never took too seriously. I think it’s exactly like you said where the people who immerse themselves and believe every single thing they’re told end up incapable of seeing the world any other way, which is dangerous. I think life is all about balance and just like anything in life, being religious is fine as long as you have a balance. If you want to see some fucked up beliefs watch the documentary Jesus Camp. I believe you can find it on youtube, those people are extreme!

          5. @Little Foot As far as the whole trusting translations and writer biases in the bible, I always figured that if god could “harden” pharaohs heart and force him to not let the people go then why wouldnt he be able to keep human bias out of his holy book? Unless of course the intent was to purposely muddy the waters for his flock…the sheep.

          6. Haha good point @Bludyst00l! I’m starting to think it was just aliens who were bored and decided to fuck with us and now they’re laughing their asses off at the chaos they’ve created.

      1. But real life is different! As it’s a vibration, I guess this guy didn’t hear that soft noise in a hand and didn’t expect how noisy it is on the internal mic. Moreover, in such a dangerous situation I would think about other thinks. At that moment you don’t really know, what’s going on, how many attackers are out there, are there more shooters/blowups to come and so on. I would just run run run!

  1. This is just the beginning… France was just a powder keg ready to blow. UK could be next, but they are affiliated with the ones that are financing them. Same goes for Germany, but as long as that fucking retard Merkel is in power, Germany is off the list. Im gonna guess a sleeper cell will be awaken in Russia, somewhere in December if not later, to “send them a message” because they’re breaking the US-Israel toys.

        1. I know between the doping claims against the Russian Sports Federation which will ban them from international sports, the bomb that took out one of their planes, sanctions over Ukraine, Russia is being attacked first om all sides but fair fucks to them for sticking it to the Zionist cocking Western governments by backing Assad.

    1. I just found out that ISIS is threatening to attack Washington DC. That’ll be interesting considering they’re trained and funded by the US… It’s probably just a fake threat to distract and scare the sheep, but I’ll be really surprised if there isn’t an attack on Russia soon.

        1. Even my libtard mom said that it’s “possible” that ISIS is funded by the US. I think it’s pretty obvious. Where else do they get those nice weapons and professional quality videos? And speaking of those professional quality videos, they release them pretty consistently, but when’s the last time they killed an American?

          1. I was trying to explain this to my mom earlier about ISIS. She refuses to believe it. I keep telling her she can’t believe everything CNN says and she needs to do her own research.

          2. @LF
            It gets frustrating, doesn’t it? I want to speak the truth, but my political views are so different now. I don’t want to tear my family apart and lose my friends, but at the same time, I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not. But if I woke up, maybe they can too. Stupid and deceived are not the same things.

          3. @GC

            Yes it really does get frustrating. I try to ease them into it by saying things like do some of your own research for more information, you may not be getting the whole story. The most common reasons I get are that the US government isn’t smart enough to be pulling off stunts like this and they can’t even take care of the problems here let alone plan crazy shit like this. I always tells them they aren’t smart enough which is why there’s plenty of evidence to prove they’re involved and the reason we have so many problems in this country is because they don’t give a shit about the citizens only their agendas. It always falls on deaf ears though.

        2. @LF you should check out Douglas Dietrich on YouTube , his radio shows are about 1:45-2 hours long but it’s good to listen to while driving but anyways that’s how I got my mom to understand how Zionism and this whole clusterfuck of shit happening because of it, he’s on the same page as us here on BG, and he covers everything from the ww2 , until now and what Isis really is and he just covers the agenda for people who haven’t caught on yet in a great , reliably resourceful way. Cheers !

      1. Three terrorist attacks happened a couple of years ago in russia, one in Volgograd train station on 29 December 2013, killing 14, and a couple of days before on Pyatigorsk a car bomb killed 3, and a couple of months before that in Volgograd again, 6 more were killed in a bus with another suicide bomber. Not to mention further back in 2010, there was one in a Moscow subway station where 40 died and another 100 injured. So as you see, they are pretty vulnerable… and potential targets. 😐

      1. Well well well… Every little bit of evidence starts to pile up. What a huge “coicidence” that ended up being sold after such a long time… its like they were offered a decent sum for it. “Ohh thanks for this fair amount of cash and Israel full citizenship! You can do whatever you please to our club, for the sake of the rogue state of israel!”

        Thanks for that precious bit of info Nini. πŸ™‚

        1. Of course DerKopfsammler , btw , are you from the UK?
          And I totally thought the same, I took it as bragging , the fucking Israeli news posted it themselves , like have you no shame ?? Or common sense ?? These things add up eventually and to the uneducated person this starts to make sense after some time..

        1. I think most of the so called immigrants from Mexico found their way here. We find tent villages in the back woods up here in the mountains all the time. Of course you never hear about it in the media.

          1. I know. Bad thing is no one will stop them from entering. The US will welcome them with open arms and they’ll be selling Hotdog’s in DC.

  2. Good old-fashioned multiculturalism. Can’t we all just be a little more tolerant towards the religion of peace? wait?. Is this or is this not a swift kick to the balls of liberal muslim sympathizer’s. It’s funny that I sound ignorant when I say fuck all Muslims.

  3. This is the only video I trust…shot by the common man with his phone.
    Those young people at the hall did an admirable job aiding and comforting their fellow concert goers.

  4. I have almost been in that situation. I was on a school trip to France (when I lived in the UK). I went to make a call from a public phone box when a bomb went off. I was not badly hurt got lots of glass and shrapnel wounds and shock. I was told later that the phone box actually saved me getting hurt a lot worse because it provided a kind of shelter for me- even with the broken glass.

  5. It takes only a few to terrorize a whole city/country, like back in the days, as some goverments send dread upon a town by capturing and torturing one single family in the block to let the people in the area fall into line. I hope the people in Paris/France dont let them force by this scum to live in fear and realize whats really going on.

    I love the picture above btw. Where is it from?

    1. charlie hebdo (nah, joking, but i wasnt surprise if something similar come out from charlie hebdo)

      dont worry,we need more than this for be fear.
      (at least me and all the peoples i know, its terrible, but we not going to be fear by peoples that are too scared for attack a valid target. i mean, they are scare to attack our military base or else … so they just have tiny balls for attack innocent civilian that just drink a beer at bar or enjoy an rock party.
      how can we be scared by peoples like that ? i m sure all the family who have lose someone in this drama will be strong and continu to live their life without fear later (just need time to take it)

      1. Good to hear that @Holy, I salute your attitude!
        Still, its inevitable that some people will change their behaviour, be it consciously or unconsciously and the country is being changed bit by bit even by such nut amputated turds. The main cause for this attack was to spread fear and not to strike crucial parts of the states functionality. Further terror will surely come more frequently to Europe, and if its going to be staged, the scum in power which is in the know surely wont let attack its main structures of importance.
        Je vous souhaite tous les meilleurs et les salutations ? la France!

          1. Wow, thanks @Coochie πŸ™‚
            You speak good French, I see…
            However, I don’t like it when some people try to talk for the others…I cannot say that I wasn’t scared. I have family that lives close to where the events took place. If you’re not scared, good for you. I am, and I’m not ashamed to say so…We’ll see how brave you are with a bullet in your ass…Or if your friends / family member(s) die due to one attack like this…Pffffff…
            Everybody has the right of their opinion, but let people express themselves…We do not ALL think the same. Thanks…

        1. exactly.
          this is definitly an action for create fear and not mass kill shit.
          if they wanted to make big shit like for world trade center in USA. they probably attack more populated place (such as gallery lafailette in mid-day where they are thousand of peoples) or strike the ?lys?e or eiffel tower (i doubt as effeil tower are more tourist than french peoples) but .. yeah, clearly not designed to mass-kill. imo its more something like : ” we can strike anywhere ,anytime, fear us” sort of

  6. Now… Given what just happened…

    Don’t you just want to have more refugees of these wars that our Zio-masters are engaging in… Why don’t you goyim get yet… You’re here to serve us…


    Don’t forget about all those children that drown in the Mediterranean… It’s all your fault goyim… All YOUR fault…

    1. Everything’s white people’s fault apparently… :/

      Some jew was claiming that the Paris attacks were payback for the holocaust… Because it totally makes sense that French people today should be punished for things that German people may or may not have done 70 years ago…

  7. The worst part is that in a few weeks, people in the US will probably forget about it, but everyone still makes a big deal about 9/11 as if we are the center of the universe. Not to say that we shouldn’t remember 9/11, but remember France’s own suffering too because it’s just as important.

    1. we also get some train accident, and not a single press talk about it. less drama, but still 11 death in this train accident, and nobody care ( we care, but the press dont give a shit and prefer talk about this. sure its more big and horror, but thats not an excuse for not talk about other horror happen)

  8. the sad part of this , is all those bastard politicians that try to get the attention for themself for futur election.
    “we are all united for these event, blablabla…”
    like anybody care…i mean, we dont care if they are under the same flag for this horror, we care about the fact they didnt going to do anything about this shit. fucking politicians, big mouth but no balls to act

  9. Just think how nice it would be to live in a gun free country! The folks don’t conceal carry so ISIS shot their ass away! This is what democratic liberal Hussein Obama wants America to be like! Gun free America so you can’t protect yourself! I conceal carry, do you?!

  10. Damn cowardly terrorist bastards! They attack and target defenceless civilians instead of going head to head with targets such as military or police that can actually defend themselves. These terrorists are literally insane. God would not approve of what they are doing, they don’t even realize their going to hell for their cowardly actions, it’s nothing less murder. I hope they all burn.

  11. did anyone notice around the start of the first video, at the side alley to bataclan – the black n white bollards on the pavement (sidewalk) had their tops smeared with blood where people (i guess)had held onto them?

      1. Yes apparently we are disgusting whores who like to spread our legs for the big black cock because we are traitors to the white men who have done so much for us. I’d like to know what that particular member has done for any of us to deserve such worship.

    1. As frustrating as it is, I’m glad these assholes aren’t keeping their mouths shut. Let them keep talking and hang themselves. People should just keep filming them 24/7 and I guarantee those idiots will say or do something to lose their own fight, more than they have already. A lot of people seem to be really pissed at their lack of sympathy for a real tragedy.

      1. @damdean82
        The disparity will disappear when you work for it.
        Not trying to troll you man…but let’s say tomorrow all is equal…you know as well as I do there is a rot in the black community starting in the home.
        If everybody treats you fair and equal will you stop killing each other ? Murder is the #1 cause of death for black males and it is perpetrated by their fellow black males.
        Can you really be angry over the fact that people don’t want to be around your kind…I’m more than fine with it if you choose not to be around my kind.

  12. When you pray for France don’t forget to pray for that South African lady Sarah Baartman whose body was in a zoo and it was used as an exposure. During her days of life she was sexually assaulted and was forced to walk naked in the streets of Paris and each white mob could touch her body or have sexual relations with her. Also don’t forget to pray for the 18 000 severed heads of Africans who were beheaded during the French colonization of African Kingdoms. As at now, these severed heads are in French museums as exhibitions of their colonial supremacy.

          1. I Fap hard when I see images of the Black Holocaust you describe.
            Oye Gib Buhme Dat !!!
            They don’t let me in the nig zooeum cause I always bust a nut and then they have Mc Honky sauce runnin all down their dead ashey shitskin decapitated heads.

    1. Every nation throughout history have committed heinous crimes. No one has denied that, every time something happens today though, everyone needs to bring up the past ” what bout them, loojk what they did in the past hundreds of years ago and stuff” . Newsflash: this is 2015. Get over it, Crimes throughout history have been committed against Europeans btw, we don’t bring that shit up because we are lead to believe that every problem today is caused by Europeans. Fuck that shit, sick of it.

  13. Obi stated “…As for the ultimate death toll, it varies greatly and it?s unlikely there will ever be a definite ?official? number. Some say 100, others maintain that over 2000 were killed. Well, who wants to count the bodies in the images? I?d say it?s a tad bit higher than 100.

    On the plus side, Boko Haram have seemed to solved the food problem for the local populace?yeah, I?m going to Hell?”

    I hate that possibly innocent people died in these attacks in Paris, but where was Obli’s and others’ ignorant statements? Oh Obli… you’d die to meet me in person πŸ™‚

  14. Kinda funny. Laughed my ass of when I saw the Paris attack thing went out. Cause people didn’t seem to know about the other world. I guess either people too stupid to know about the other country in the world like Syria and Yemen attacking, or they’re too fucking idiots who doesn’t own a TV or internet to search for news. Let’s see, 150 people died. Let’s see Yemen and Syria…. Hmm… Oh wow! Over 100K?! But let’s pray for Pairs. Cause they’re Europe and have porns and hot women. But screw the kids who get’s blown up or mothers who cries for their family who died. Bunch of fucking idiots. #PrayForFuckingParis lool! Kiss my ass. Can’t wait to see the comments. Cause that’s the funny part in this shiithole of a community. Love the gore, though. But bunch of racist and uneducated US or Europe people, love them! Can’t wait! USA USA! *Drinks beer, and fucks his sister*.

    1. Typical liberal idiot, or a sand nigger.

      “Cause people didn?t seem to know about the other world.”

      Are you joking? All people ever talk about is the other world.

      “Let?s see, 150 people died. Let?s see Yemen and Syria?. Hmm? Oh wow! Over 100K?! But let?s pray for Pairs.”

      You’re stupid. All the media does is talk about Syria, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, etc.

      “But bunch of racist and uneducated US or Europe people, love them!”

      Racist? Yeah, good. Uneducated? No. What do you expect from the US and Europe (which most of them aren’t racist, unfortunately)? You sand niggers are always causing some kind of trouble, how can we not hate you? You call the US and Europe “racist” yet your people are MUCH more racist. I wish Americans and Euros were racist, that would solve a lot of issues. Sadly, they’re not.

      “Can?t wait! USA USA! *Drinks beer, and fucks his sister*”

      You do know that incest is mainly practiced in the middle-east, right? Dumb Paki. Eat shit.

      1. Also, all the media ever talks about is you shitskins dying in your wars. Whenever white people try to mourn about something you shitksinned monkey always try to take the spotlight.

        “But bunch of racist and uneducated US or Europe people, love them!”

        I wish USA and Europe were racist. Then they would’ve booted you shitskins out long before any of this happened. Sadly, they’re not racist. They’re overly welcoming. It’s YOUR PEOPLE who are racist, and especially uneducated.

        Eat shit.

  15. LOL at the cartoon at the top.

    Really? All we ever hear about from the “World Media” (which isn’t a thing btw) is about how sad and poor sand niggers and Afroniggers are, and about how much they’re countries suck.

    Whoever drew that cartoon is retarded. But no surprise. Whenever white people are (rightfully) outraged at something, shitskins whine “waaah you never care about us!! waaah!” which is the exact opposite since all we ever hear is how poor and unfortunate shitskins are. Fuck em.

  16. Like fuck, I appreciate being able to see the event’s up close like this but.. At least the first video THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? fucking filming while innocent people are screaming for help on the ground.. the other two I get it, there’s medical personal there but there ain’t in the first.. and this person just walks by them!
    So many mixed feelings man,
    Humanity’s depravity +2
    Humanity’s good +1

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