CCTV Video of School Shooting Massacre in São Paulo, Brazil

CCTV Video of School Shooting Massacre in São Paulo, Brazil

CCTV Video of School Shooting Massacre in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Here’s a new video of the school massacre in Suzano, São Paulo, Brazil. The CCTV footage shows one of the shooters opening indiscriminate fire at the students, as the other, who enters the school moments later, uses a hatchet to chop at shot victims.

Seeing the video through the eyes of person who’s seen one or two videos at Best Gore, this seems like your average day in Brazil.

Props to Best Gore members @xxxmike, @lazerenzo, @dice1883 and @callmesthe for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “CCTV Video of School Shooting Massacre in São Paulo, Brazil”

    1. looks like a failed shooting
      to me.. the shooter should have camped the hallway and shoot the kids running there since he bought the guns there .. they shouldve killed around 20+ or soo… too bad , atleast they tried

    2. Nevermind your fantasy. Can you imagine yourself on the other side…a balanced individual with a reason to live…then some frustrated cunt comes in and tries to rip your life from you because…well, misery loves company? Maybe you should find a better way to spend your time and attention. Life CAN be good…even in shitty situations, my friend. Open yourself to the possibility that there is purpose and meaning in your life.

        1. Awesome possum. Who is your “Lord”? And what is your “sword”? I understand the subtext of your allusion to my “balanced” and “reason to live”comments, but disillusionment with the way the broken world works is not an excuse to enact your own “righteous vengeance.” See Luke 7:40-50. We are not God’s righteous hand of justice. We are all debtors. “But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions.” – Mark 11:26

  1. Brazil has something like 200 murders a day right?

    You’d think these fuckers would have gotten a higher kill count with so much inspiration in their daily lives.

    Also, those kids are pussies for letting the cocksucker chop at them one at a time while they’re running through the door.

    1. it’s easy to think we’d react in that way and defuse the situation, but in reality it’s usually different.
      But yeah, ideally they should have ganged up on the prick with the knife. I’d like to think that’s what the high school jock gang would’ve done

    2. Exactly. When he opened fire, there were 7-8 people bunched together, and he only got 2. He’s a lousy shooter and it would be no problem to fucking him up with my bare hands if I were there.

      Same goes for the hatchy dude. Man, wish I was there, I would literally shove that hatchet up his ass.

    3. The fuck are they supposed to do? They’re running from someone who’s shooting at them….and some dude just happens to take a chop at them as they’re running out. They’re functioning on adrenaline and are in fight or flight mode. Do you think YOU’DE behave differently? You a friggin’ superhero…lurkin’ here on bestgore?

    1. “Bunch of sick fucks”, says the guy that made an account on Bestgore, lol… pretty sure there’s a cute little puppy running around here, check the homepage, boss… btw, there’s a short pier I could recommend you visit to take a long walk on, you’ll love it. Email me.

        1. Not only is he seeing red, but he’s got the”red ass”.
          Next thing you know he’ll be pointing out our spelling and grammar mistakes, and telling us we’re retarded. These assholes come and go like a fart in the wind, so put up with the stink, it’s only for a moment.

    2. So what’s your story. You can talk that shit all you want it’s not gonna hurt anyone’s feelings here. It’s all been said a hundred times, by the way, you’re here for the same reason. To me it’s a way to vent at the misery and inhumanity in the world.
      Yeah we make jokes, sometimes clever, often not, so what. To me, you sound like the homo afraid to come out of the closet.


    1. HK, my friend, i was just talking about the wonders of trapper keepers not long ago… my friend looks at me like i’m mumbling nonsense. “what is a trapper keeper”. omg. seriously? 🙁

        1. oh, i am betting there were glorious tiger trapper keepers in the 80’s! i’m a tad jealous, to be honest. you had the eye of the tiger, while i had a purple one with unicorns, rainbows, and glitter. yes, i’m pretty sure my moms picked that out for me. can you imagine today, instead of lisa frank covers, we’d have clive barker covers… it’d be fantastic!

  2. CLEARLY FUCKIN AMATEURS! …..Leave the school shootings to Americans!
    Stick to the machete fights, favela gang executions,Street Justice Beatings.
    That 2nd retard was late to the show and worthless. Couldn’t even kill 2 already dead student bodies.
    Let victims running to him getaway?! He’s making the Columbine shooters cringe and shake their heads in hell.

  3. One Of Those Guys Should Have Grabbed Him, And Give him either one good Punch, Or Chop Full-Fucking Torque on his Windpipe, like Cause I don’t give a Fuck if your 8 ft. Fucking Nine,,, Cause Your Going Down With One Of Those Blows, and Hard. W.T.Actual Fuck Was That, lol. Holy-Fack,,, Cowards-Man.

  4. Hachet kid was so unorganized, carrying all that shit in then dropping it everywhere. If his plan was to catch people running out he shold had a gun instead of pulling them back and not expecting them to do anything. Me persoanlly, I would have kicked his ass for trying to pull me back.

  5. whatta fucking disorganized mess. could the second guy not pull out one of his many guns instead of the cool hatchet? i feel like he could have had at least one kill using a gun in that herd at the end. i mean he took long enough digging through his fannypack. not sure how these guys missed the part about getting the herd contained in one place and then going to town. c+ for effort though, i suppose. i sure as shit couldn’t go through the suicide part, especially after seeing my good pal blow his brains out first. 🙁

  6. GUYS!! There was just a huge MOSQUE SHOOTING in New Zealand, and the shooter recorded the whole thing from FIRST PERSON and streamed it live. The video is being suppressed like crazy by the fucking JEWISH MEDIA and the jew run GOOGLE search which is so rigged, its basically impossible to find it through a google search, all it does it take you to a bunch of articles posted by other FUCKING JEWISH NEWS GROUPS about the event. Even the New Zealand police are trying desperately to suppress the video. Ive seen it and screen recorded it so that the jews cannot get rid of it, and its CRAZY and also Heart breaking, but none the less, crazy best gore content.

    1. but it was called the same…. school massacre…. i dont know what you mean,… but this shooting trending thing has to stop…. it doesnt matter for what reason who or what..why…… youre not a fucking reaper to take any lives prematurely or in any other situation…

      1. Huh?… I meant to post my comment to the mosque shooting (you know, “subscribe to PewDiePie”). Site was fucked that day…
        Agreed, only God can take you away burning in hellfire slowly, Mr. Walker… Or was that Satan that lit the fire? Now I’M confused. Fuck.

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