New Video of Serena McKay’s Fatal Beating Shows Girl Mercilessly Stomping Her Head

New Video of Serena McKay Fatal Beating Shows Girl Mercilessly Stomping Her Head

A new, 11 seconds long video that preceded the Serena McKay beating video (native Canadian girl who was beaten to death in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba) has just been leaked.

According to the source who wished to remain anonymous, the video was being sent around through Facebook messenger, but contrary to what the media has been saying, this video was NOT live streamed on Facebook. The anonymous source also notes that all these kids were high on meth (including Serena) when things got out of hand.

The 11 second video shows one of the girls stomping on Serena’s head and saying “she has to know what she did to Amy“, while Serena is saying “I’m sorry” over and over.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “New Video of Serena McKay’s Fatal Beating Shows Girl Mercilessly Stomping Her Head”

    1. Yeah. And Amy’s boyfriend was a Polar Bear, a Moose or an Elk or something. Poor little Serena died, the video is crap and it is impossible to masturbate to… plus they are all cranked on Crystal Meth. Could things possible get any skankier?

    2. I don’t think she had sex with anyone – I reckon they bashed this poor chick to death coz she spread a rumour or something silly like infecting Poor fucking Amy’s shot of meth with Hep C just for a joke. “Poor fucking Amy” is such a wet blanket and can’t take a joke….
      Can’t Poor fucking Amy fight her own battles ?
      Fucking animals – I hope they rip these bitches wombs out so they can’t reproduce their murderous genes……

        1. I “rarely” see a SheOook and say damn she’s fine!

          If I walk down the street or go to any public place I can see and say there will be a lot of fine White, Latina or Asian women.

          Blacks… no. Maybe 1/1000 and that’s a maybe. Could be less

  1. why didnt the fat girl go into a rage she could have concentrated on one girl and smashed her or bit her nose then jumped on her head then the other might have just walked away. fat people can damage with their sheer weight unless she was just an out and out pussy/non fighter and if so what can you do? sad story though all them lives ruined now through stupidity.

    1. Passive, avoidant personality.

      If you’re apologizing while your face is being stomped out you were probably already on your way out the door. Zero fucking survival instincts

      And if meth was involved (doubt it) they didn’t share with fatty or they gave her some fentanyl instead.

      Also, Amy deserves the needle as much as her two muffmuncher friends IMO. No doubt that she fanned some flames for it to end this way…. sadly Amy will likely move to a diff state and pretend that she didn’t ruin 3 lives.

  2. The girl who did the majority of the beating was later photographed with bloody hands and blood splatters on her coat. She was smiling and the caption from the Snapchat said “I been chillin”. Her name is Chrissy Jacobs, her photo is all over the net. Both girls are sitting in jail (or most likely juvenile detention because they are both minors) since the day this happened.

  3. I was hoping the chubby girl was gonna turn into the hulk and just start tossing these lil twats all over the place!! But she didn’t ! Amy can suck a dick along w these two slurring dipshits

  4. What a dumb fat ass Serena.
    It’s obvious she was a pussy.
    Fear is the opposite of Love.
    It’s not hate. And fear is a force that you don’t want to fuck with.
    Me on the personal I rather fuck with Love. All the time, every time.
    And I do Love life more than I fear it. So if I’m ever bullied by a bully I will surely outbully a fucking bully.

      1. I say that indifference is a product of unpleasantness.
        Or maybe not but sure thing it ain’t the opposite of Love.
        Fear and Love are the two main human emotions all other feelings and emotions are either directly or indirectly branched from this two.

  5. I shouldn’t be surprised at this but I’m pretty sure these 2 killers have babies. I guess it’s just so fucked up and can’t understand why…especially as mothers, but Meth will do that to you. So sad.

    1. We never owned the land, we lived off it. In reality the Europeans colonized and taken ownership. Brought years of pathogens and devised a way to pass on that virus we call (smallpox) That was very lethal. Raped our perfect pussy woman made a lot of Métis. So many half breeds in Canada. We injuns do enjoy to impregnate white woman. Every white girl I fucked loved native c*ck. They always complemented how big our injuns d*cks were 😉

      1. True white women sure do love native American guy’s mainly because if you get a baby daddy from one of the tribes that get casino money their kid is set for life. Eastern band of Cherokee Indians(Cherokee nc) have actually tried to stop the influx of white women coming to the rez to get a payday baby. If I had a kid by the time they turned 18 they would end up getting a check for about 1 million easy. It’s no wonder they are all high on meth. What else would a teenager spend their money on?

        I always ponder which side of me is worse my black ghetto side or my Cherokee native American side? They both make me feel no sympathy for anyone. I could see myself slowly passing a car on fire with someone I hate,getting out of the car, and pissing away from the car so it won’t help ease the person’s suffering.

        I wonder if these crazies are going to be charged under Canadian government laws or under the tribal laws. Usually tribal laws are more lenient especially towards minors.

    1. Wow… your niece did all that over some dick? If she has any kids, I’m pretty sure she’ll never know who the real father is. I heard multiple male voices in this video too, they probably all took their turns running a train in Miss Meth Mouth here. What a bunch of coke snorting skanks. But to be fair, that is what most Native women have been reduced to hyuk.

    1. And you wonder why you never get laid! Next time you look at your mother I want you to tell her what she is. I have an ex-weight lifter friend who is 46 years old who has only had one girlfriend who was a crack whore who stole all his money he made working in the oilfield. until this day he is still obsessed with her. He’s said to me a few times that all women have a price and that all women are money hungry whores and that even his own sister is one. The last time he said that to me we were at my parents and I got up and knocked him out and moved back to Calgary and left him sleeping on my parent’s couch. Moral of the story: don’t ever say that shit in my presence, that’s all I’m saying.

  6. This happened fifty miles from where I am now. When things like this happen I wish this country was like Pakistan where when people kill people like this a big mob comes, rips down the walls of the jail, rips the offender out and unleashes instant permanent put you in the grave justice. There are purely evil people in this world that deserve to die for what they have done and sometimes they themselves ask to be put to death because they know that if they live they will commit the same crime again. Serena McKay was an at-risk youth with a history of running away but she did not deserve to die. When I lived in Lethbridge I saw Native-Canadians (not that that matters) do exactly what you see in the videos. They too would have killed the person but their street-rat brothers and sisters pulled them off and prevented the murder from taking place. These monsters will no doubt get a slap on the wrist, spend just a few years in jail and be set free and possibly still have a clean record. hmm… Calgary huh!?! I don’t mind moving back to Calgary iiii]; )’

    1. Yea, it’s unfortunate what happened to Serena. Krissy Jacobs no doubt will be in hiding. I created a hate for what they’ve done, but what angers me the most are the two fucking idiot fucks allowing these TEC heads to do this shit. Them two cowards of course we’re hiding in the background. Behind the camera like the two bitches they were. Could’ve easily over powered them two crackhead looking hoes, yea Krissy Jacobs is my niece but what she did is completely bullshit what she on the account of them two douche bag fuckboy fucks allowing this shit. And yes, Calgary is where her mom’s from.

        1. Lmfao hiding?!?! Stop basting everything on assumptions when you’re clearly ignorant to what happened. Me hiding from the world? You’re clearly an idiot if You think I know That little hoe personally. Think I’m going to hide her when she Gets out,… Give your f*cking Head a shake I don’t even know the little hoe. I know Krissy’s real mother though. Perhaps ask me first before You assume sh*t.

  7. People do dumb shit on meth. I used to know this one kid who overdosed on heroin at his friends house, so his friends shot him up with meth to try to wake him up because they were too scared to dial 911 and that kid died. He could have easily been saved if they called the paramedics.

    I tend to stay away from anyone who does drugs.

    1. Kids did the same thing to my friend Wiz back in the day. They weren’t the brightest bulbs but panic is panic and if you’re fucked up on down, junkie logic is meth will get them back up. Poor kid, died on Christmas Eve because nobody wanted to call for help.

  8. Chug justice on the Rez. Fucking squaws. This is a regular thing on the reservations out here. It’s too bad, she was a beautiful girl and didn’t deserve to die like this. The most that will happen to the red skins is they will do aboriginal restorative justice and next to no jail time. Their excuse will be that someone in their family went to residential school so they get a free pass.

  9. Chrissy Jacobs goes by mamigiovanni15 on her new instagram page then changed her name to “Christine Rose”

    She set her account on private after more people realized she was the same girl from the video. I have yet to find anything on this so called “Amy” skank.

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