New York Landlord Killed by Non-Paying Tenant Shoving Him Down Steps

New York Landlord Killed by Non-Paying Tenant Shoving Him Down Steps

New York Landlord Killed by Non-Paying Tenant Shoving Him Down Steps

Edgar Moncayo, a landlord from Queens in New York was shoved down the concrete front steps of his house by a non-paying tenant when he came to collect rent. The 71 year old man was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the landlord finish a phonecall with his wife by asking her to call the police (like that would do him any good). He then tries to get inside, but is confronted by the model citizen who drop kicks him down the stairs like this was lucha libre. The landlord slams his head on the pavement, his body remains motionless.

The tenant, identified as Alex Garces, then calmly walks out of the North Corona house, followed by another guy. Garces passes Moncayo giving zero shits, but the other guy appears to check on Moncayo and reacts distressed when he realizes the old man may be dead.

22 year old Garces, of East Elmhurst, was later arrested and charged with manslaughter and assault.

Props to Best Gore member @mxnscumbag for the video:

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        1. Yes its fucked up that dude wasnt paying, but at the same time the landlord seems to be attempting to force his way in which is illegal. Dude will go to jail and another piece of shit landlord is dead. Fair exchange IMO…..

        1. @the dre, dude I love that part of the song. “ The man in the silk suit hurries by
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          I love driving by these old dudes in my little White town( thank fucking God for that) as they b.s. o the park bench outside the pharmacy and yell out my car window “hey get a job” they love giving me the finger back. Good ole boys for sure. Meanwhile those old cats used to work rings around my generations asses! Dre I Hope all is good with you my Brother!

          1. @dmzabo
            Cool Man, i’m glad that you love that tune as much as i do. For me,,, it brings back lots of memories of the early 90’s. 🙂

            As for myself & my overall health i am feeling somewhat better lately, and thanks for asking/caring my good man. 🙂

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          10. @thedre
            Heck ya I saw the Sopranos, the show that really started it all. R.I.P. James Gandolfini.
            I’ve never seen so many eating scenes with one character on any series.
            Well, Tommy from Power is a close second.

          11. @hamburgerbob
            Seams like we have a lot in common my good dude beside Loving Great-Gore, lol.
            And Yes Brother,,, R.I.P. Indeed, as he turned out to be a legend, and not a living-one either, that unfortunately left us way before his time. 🙁

          12. Dre, I don’t have time to create multiple accounts. In fact, BG is the only place I post because I don’t exist in social media. I put a lot of time in my job that I love and was promoted to Controller not long ago. I don’t know what the Filipino tranny ladyboy is talking about. I think these pacific islanders should put the volume down on the Karaoke machine, it’s fucking with their brain. Rexxx should keep the mic out of his homo ass too! Peace, my American brother.

          1. @HamburgerBob
            Ya,,, i hear you know, and found-out thanks to you and brother @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx
            What exactly was going-on. Thanks for letting me know brother as i truly had no clue whatsoever my man,,, none.

            And @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx
            I Am sorry brother for not finding-out what was going-on dude, cause i found-it weird that you would go ape-shit on somebody for no reason, as it has never been like you to do so. So please accept my humble, and sincere Apology B G Brother.

          1. @hopingfornemesis The cunt has been exposed Nems. Now I expect this son of a bitch to make another account to attack me but this time he’s gonna make it look like he doesn’t have a connection with this dickhead or Dave or that bastard Best Gore is full of idiots. He’s gonna talk differently now. His pride is hurt. He will come back again. But he will slip up and reveal himself.

          2. I have also had experience here with second account users and it is so easy to spot the similarities between accounts. Similarities and writing style give the game away many times over; and it can even be something simple like the position of a comma in their text or even the fact that they always seem to type basic sentences i.e. noun, verb, object, very rarely string comments together in a sentence by using conjunctions and end up (a real example) having 8 lines of text on here which actually contained 12 different sentences!
            I know neither you nor Goat but I’m inclined to go along with what you say; sometimes you just know, especially with multiple accounts to compare notes on. @devirginizer

          3. @hamburgerbob

            The really funny thing is when (for example) George and Eric are talking to each other and then George types to Eric saying, “Hey George, what you up to?” before realising he’s typed using the wrong comp/phone. He’s used the George comp instead of the Eric comp. 😀
            I’ve seen that happen on Twitch when one person is in chat with two computers making out they are two separate people. Probably happens on here a lot. There are some on here who I suspect have many, many accounts….probably in double figures.

          4. @robc
            Now, i havent really looked into the case of goat nutts – so for that reason i havent an opinion on this/him. Because having admitted that i havent looked into it, well it just wouldnt be fair,or indeed [in my eyes] possible for me to pass judgement.
            So please know that my following comment is regarding the catfish/multiple account behaviour in general

            And, It baffles me, it really does.
            I mean, of course i understand that people do it for attention, & to ‘apparently’ bolster their views and opinions by agreeing with a false account, or to make it look like many people are attacking a person when in fact it is just one, to make themselves appear more popular etc etc. By “understand” i mean that [like us all] i get that the above reasons as an immediate and obvious explaination for that behaviour.
            But if we look deeper than that, as far as the catfish/multiple accounter is concerned…. It really has me wondering what IS, ultimately, the pay-off for the person? They KNOW that the comments agreeing with theirs are false and made by themselves…. therefore adding no real allegiance or support. They KNOW that the person they are targeting is only being attacked only by them using different accounts, They KNOW that the behaviour is not really proving more popularity because -again- the comments are made by themselves.
            They KNOW.
            So i suppose what im asking is; How can it be more important to a person to need to be SEEN to have more friends, or SEEN to have their views acknowledged or agreed with…. than it is important to actually HAVE more friends or to actually HAVE their views acknowledged or agreed with?
            That is the part that i just cant get my head round. To me, a can see no real advantage to the catfish/multiple accounter – as they know the truth. The only thought i am left with, is that These people get a buzz from having their lies possibly being believed by others?
            This would certainly help explain the anger, incredulity, and vitriolic responses by these kind of people when they ARE exposed?
            Another huge issue that leaves me aghast is the lengths that some these people will go to in attempt to maintain the charade. Just taking [in my mind] one case quite recently, when a friend explained to me the actions of someone he had exposed…. the lengths gone to, other people ‘roped’ into the lie, the investigation of the “character” they are cloning – as far as not only using fake photos, but apparently adopting the habits, hobbys/interests etc of the person whose photos they have stolen – and then the absolutely unbelievable actions the persons use to plead their case and try to cover their arses when they ARE exposed.
            For the catfish/multi account holder It sounds like an awful LOT of hard work! and for what, really?

          5. @karmen40

            Without exception – according to what I have found out having researched in depth into the ‘Catfish Syndrome’ – all Catfish have underlying mental health issues – without exception! This isn’t my opinion, it’s factual information you can find with just a little research.
            Most of the time it boils down to the Catfish being totally unhappy with who or what they are and so they move into this false reality they make up for themselves. By doing this they find a way to escape the life and body they are trapped in, and can put themselves into a position they would like to be in in real life. It’s a kind of fantasy world they live in. Now normally this would be harmless – many people have fantasy worlds they drift off into now and then – but in the case of a Catfish it is definitely NOT a harmless activity because of the effect it can have on those people caught up in the lie. Most caught up in the lie usually shrug it off within a short period of time – even those who have been well hooked by the lie, possibly even emotionally – but then there are a few who get totally destroyed by the lies, possibly even committing suicide, or their lives are changed completely because of their mistrust in people after the deception they faced.
            Catfish can cause a lot of harm, and some may think they should be dealt with severely, but the thing to remember is that these people are not mentally sound and need help rather than punishment. The really sad thing is that when they are finally exposed they don’t quit. They disappear and then either return with a different ID or they move to another website and begin again with a different bunch of people. This will continue almost ad infinitum or at least until they receive treatment. I don’t condone what they do but I won’t condemn them either; they are sick and need help. Treat their underlying problem and their urge to be a Catfish will probably disappear.

          6. E-jaxx is correct, I’ve gone back and read all three profiles comments last night and I would bet money they are the same poster.
            Also @robc, very good description of the catfish behaviour. I agree completely with you, they are mental….living in a delusion…and their anger when called out proves it.

            @all of the above comments

        1. Great Scott!! I thought my eyes would never stop bleeding….reading this thread with all of you attacking each other,I can’t even remember what the subject of this was to begin with. Whatever happened to Death Addict? We were all a lot more civil in our arguments,albeit still headstrong! I’m cowering at the mere thought of weighing in among you 🙁
          That is,until I saw @Hoping for Nemesis whinge to @HamburgerBob about the Breaking Bad episodes being incomplete~~~I feel for him! That’s torture in and of itself to miss even a bit of the story line. I was heartbroken when that series ended..(much like when The Shield finally ended) And I’m pining for more Better Call Saul!
          @thedre~ yeah! the Sopranos was brilliant! But I’d found out beforehand how it was going to end and it was all I could do to not tell my fellow binge-watchers..and that was Hell. As for Sons of Anarchy, I feel that jumped the shark the moment they put a baby in the storyline. Pfffffft. Did the same thing with The Blacklist. Having a baby puts the plot right in to a predictable shitter. Has anyone been up for Ray Donovan on Showtime? That’s right up our collective alley’s, I’d say. And the Dublin Murders….well, I see all that shit going on in Ireland and I’m not as keen on them bringing it back around again as I was. HA.
          Well-sorry for dipping in to your conversation…I’ll go back to pulling the wings off the flies on the back porch.

          1. @manicannie
            I thought I was the only one who pulled wings off of flies.
            Its fun 😀
            No, actually it’s for these huge jumping spiders that I use in trade with a local nursery.

            Anyway ya, the SOA serious was still pretty good, it did bug me when they made 5yr old Abel this smart kid that was able to figure out all this stuff about the Gemma/Tara thing, it’s like ya ok, he’s way beyond his years…

            I think they should turn Better Call Saul into Breaking Bad again.
            Like Pulp Fiction did, but they can run scenes from different perspectives, but all during the same time frame of Breaking Bad.

            I hope it doesn’t end where breaking bad started.
            I wouldn’t mind seeing how Jesse Pinkman got involved with Emilio and Crazy 8 and everything leading up to the day of the raid where they busted Emilio.

            How about what Mike was doing during season one because he didn’t show up until season 2.
            You see where I’m going, let’s try and get a hold of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and pitch this idea to them.

          2. @HamburgerBob~~~ hmmmmm…..better yet,let’s get Vince Gilligan together with Quentin Tarrentino and let them turn loose on the story lines!
            When I lived in Florida,there was always those nice, shiny wings on the huuuuuuuge roaches. They made such a great crunching sound.
            hey-how does one reply to a post that doesn’t have a “reply” box attached to it? Threads run on&on…. I haven’t been here since Summer. I can’t remember not being able to ‘like’ posts,either~what’s up with that?

          3. @manicannie
            You just have to scroll back up until you see the last ‘reply’ button on the 4th thread line over, were on the 5th line over to where the ‘reply’ buttons no longer exist.

            No like buttons here, but you can always reply to that person and say “Hey man, I really like your comment” .

            Quentin Tarantino would change the entire series, I like it, ok so we’ll look for him too then..

          4. @HamburgerBob~ok…. ‘Hey man,I really like your comments’ HA!
            Thanks~I’ll try to keep up.
            I’d still like to know what happened to ‘Death Addict’~~did it get shut down? Sheeeeeeesh,ya can’t take yer PC to the asylum….so a gal goes off the grid for a few months and comes back to all this confusion? At least my BG account didn’t forsake me,but I’m looking around here and seeing an awful lot of empty screens with the sad envelope icon where a video should be. wtf! Mark always promised us no censorship…… What did I miss?

          5. @manicannie
            Those sad little envelopes are due to a backstabbing ProChan screwing over BG and deleting over 4,000 videos in early 2016.

            At least they can’t delete any posts, photos or any truths that were ever written here on this site, for now anyways.
            Unfortunately videos have to go through a different channel to get here, and the video hosts can prick out at any given moment and delete them if they really want to, or are forced to.

      2. Hey bro I’ve never heard of you or even seen your username here on BG, it seems this ejaculator guy has been masturbating to too many of his mommies used tampons, it’s evident he is suffering from a case of misidentification based on the usage “HA HA HA HA’s in your posts…..

        The only suggestion I can make for you is to ignore the Troll, he’s nothing more than a severely confused and insecure individual and I would wager he’s suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, this is pretty common with the Dummycrats as we get closer to the 2020 elections.

        Anyhow- sorry to bother you, I was just reading some of his delusional posts and I actually got a good chuckle as I could see how much space this moron was giving me inside that puny little brain of his….

        Good day sir

        1. Hey Dave, you’re right. Ejaculossaurus Rexxx sucks big black horse cocks in Manilla. Good to meet you. I don’t know why he think I’m you but kudos to you for destroying his life! Good day, friend.

        2. “Hey bro I’ve never heard of you or even seen your username here on BG, it seems this ejaculator guy has been masturbating to too many of his mommies used tampons, it’s evident he is suffering from a case of misidentification based on the usage “HA HA HA HA’s in your posts…..”

          Please tell me what kind of moron calls himself ejaculossaurus rexxx ? It sounds to me like you’re the one with no shame LOL.

          Here is the link you lying cunt:

          @thedre The son of a bitch just couldn’t stop lying.

          1. This is a Best Gore episode of “The Monsters Are Due On Maplestreet”. I must say it was quite entertaining.
            I’m not here to pick sides. But if I absolutely had to, I’d be on EjacRex’s side. He has quite a compelling case.

    2. Should have waited for the cops. Don’t fuck with non paying tenants. Iran needs to step it up.
      That was fucked. Poor wife never knew. It could just end without notice. Make sure you tell those closest to you how much they mean and live every moment like it may be your last. Cherish the gift of life. Make the most of it. R.I.P

    3. Charges will be dropped when he gets a lawyer. It doesnt matter about the assault, the guy was defending his place of living, landlord or not, it doesnt give him the right to try to push into the house. Technically, not only was the man defending his home, because you can clearly see the landlord try to force entry (which is illegal, landlord or not). After they drop charges I would turn around a sue the dept as well for unlawful arrest, 4th amendment violations, and kidnapping. This man was 100% justified.

      1. @NonyaBeezkneez
        Yea,,, true enough, as you are absolutely right, cause he (The Landlord) had no right to try, and shove his way in. And just like The Cops, or A Sheriff Or The Like,, he had no right to do so, unless he had a warrant to do so, and enter his dwelling, as a tenant with rights. I Had a similar Thing/Incident happen to me when i was 18, or 19 years-old and owed a landlord back rent, lol.

        1. Yeah, I used to work for a law firm years back, I was a paralegal, it was good money. I have learned a lot about the laws while working there. So many landlords make the mistake of thinking since they own the property that they have the right to enter…very far from the truth, I have seen landlords lose almost everything for making these mistakes. Too bad this guy lost his life.

          1. @NonyaBeezkneez
            Wow i have just learnt something new today. And they (The Landlords) should have the common courtesy of at least calling ahead, and letting the tenant know that he would like to come over and check whatever out, instead of just barging-in. And I Totally agree that it was shameful & cowardly act to kill this poor man, for what was probably the guys fault to begin with for not paying his rent, or the like.

            My Son works for a law firm, but he is in Commercial real-estate development, or the like in Ottawa, and he loves-it being the perfect skirt-watching job, and being in his mid twenties and all. The only problem is that he must be careful while doing-so, cause his long-time Girlfriend also works there, lol. 😉 And This is where they actually met, and got together.

          2. Every renter should get a copy of their local “Tenant’s Rights”.
            My last landlord was a total wanker. There was 2 flights of steep stairs inside that I never even THOUGHT of pushing him down and now it’s too late,I’m out of there. Pity.
            Landlords in my neck of the woods HAVE to give you 24hrs notice before they intend to rear their ugly,greedy heads…..’popping up’ was a favourite pass time for awhile until I handed Vincent the WonderLord a copy of a tenant’s rights brochure (with that entry highlighted) along with my rent cheque one month.
            Problem solved.
            He was still a dick,though…

        1. Hi Thé, yeah pretty much the same story but an other year, thank you so much for replying, and have you by any chance seen my earlier notifications regarding a malecious accurancy?
          Let that rest for now, i hope the father of the child shall get punished, for rightenous, so according to that final bit, i’m all out! ;p I wish you a Most Delighted Month Ahead and we’ll stay in Touch! it’s been real nice to get some Mail B-G Bro. Okay gotta pray, Namasté cya later you can connect to me all of the time. No Matter what, i’ve got many solutions regarding everything, allnot my own Addiction as you might have understood, but I Will get there eventually! 😀

          Sincere Greetings, Antoine 😉

          P.S, Any chance you going on vacation in the summer 🙂 ?

          check ya later, alligater!

          1. @Toine,

            Yes The Summer Holidays Are Calling For Sure bro. we are already scheduled to make 3 trips This Summer. 2 of them will be with Cathy & I,,, And one will be alone to visit Mark In Middle Europe,, or Slovakia to be more precise. 🙂

            So One of our trips will be Out-West, and in our Good Brother Marks, Old Stomping Grounds of Edmonton Alberta Canada. We are heading there for our Niece’s Wedding, the same one that Mark had met, and discussed issues regarding the bullshit charges that were brought-up against him, with herself (our Niece) being a criminal Lawyer.

            And then one Month later, and Thousands of Kilometers of driving in the opposite direction of Alberta,,, we are heading-off to New-Brunswick for yet Another one of Cathy’s Niece’s which is also getting married in 2020. And this time it Will Be In The small, but beautiful city of Campbelton New-Brunswick, which is on the Restigouche River, which has in it the world renowned Restigouche Salmon. This salmon is an off breed of your normal Atlantic Salmon. But because it goes and spawns in this river the taste of it is second to none, and protected by the Ministry of Natural Resources, and it not allowed to be caught unless you are Indigenous/ people which have an Indian-Reserve right across the bridge from Downtown Campbelton. 🙂

      1. @Dave
        Hey brother, what you say makes total sense, having went back, and checked-it out after your comment. Cause i have to admit that it truly was a little confusing at first as to which black dude did what, and who exactly was the pusher,as i explain below.
        #1- Cause most Black Dudes in N-Y Are Druglords & Pushers, instead of Landlords Pushers
        #2- And cause Those Black Guys,,, Man,They truly look all the same to me, lol. 😉

          1. “Pacific Heights”~~~Michael Keaton, Melanie Griffith,1990
            The ULTIMATE ‘accidentally leave a copy for your landlord to find’ movie!

    1. Hey Jack, my friend’s mom is a landlord in Brazil. She told a tenant to pay his rent, 4 months due at the time and he ended up fucking her in the ass against her will.

    1. Yes, he should get his shit PUSHED in and a large prison comb SHOVED up his ass.

      Then he should be decapitated for the prisoners to have a football or futbol to be more accurate! LOL

  1. The police are going to give zero fucks. Possession is 9/10ths

    Dude needs an eviction notice

    I spent 15yrs as a landlord and will never do it again. Societies fucking lowlife that get scared when reality bites them in the arse

    1. In 2007, there was a tranny brothel across the street from where I lived and 2 blocks away from an elementary school. Ugly trannies living in one apartment, their place of business. One day, I saw a proud dad hand a tranny to what looked like his 16 year old son. Pablo popped his cherry with Alfonso. Anyway, I worked with local police and in two weeks, the trannies were gone/arrested. They hadn’t paid the rent in 4 months. I guess business was slow, slower than the 16 year old kid.

        1. I’m sorry to say that this story is true. The elementary school near by was my problem, not the 18 year old getting a tranny from his dad for his birthday. I’m going to leave that between you and your dad. I’m also sorry I took your mates out of work. Whatever you go through in this life Asylum Freaker, just remember, you’re a beautiful woman. You’re a star.

          1. I’m seeing you make men into women just with a little swish of your hand and a twinge in the crotch

            You are projecting your confusion with your sexual orientation and particularly identity onto others who couldn’t give a shit about you

            Oops times up mofo…

        2. No need to get so upset Asylum, I don’t give a shit about your community/you people. If you want to wear a dress, that’s fine. Yes, I’m different because I like women. Just stay out of my way if you don’t want to ruin you pretty make up.

          1. You sound like a guy I knew. Trying to convince everyone how straight and non gay he was. He had a LOT to hide. Like the neighbors dick. Which he gratefully hid in his butthole.

          2. You sound like a guy I knew. Trying to convince everyone how straight and non gay he was. He had a LOT to hide. Like the neighbors dick. Which he gratefully hid in his butthole.

        1. Yo homos! I don’t know who Dave is and why you think I’m him. I wonder what he did to upset you on a message board. You sound pussy if you ask me. I don’t care. You sure know a lot about people here. YOU obviously don’t have a life, cocksucker.

          Did Dave touch you when you little or something? Kudos to Dave for fucking up your online life 🙂

          1. How old are you? Do you even read what you are replying to?

            Its kinda sad how you think calling people homos and ladyboys is funny, or makes some kind of point. Look up projection


    1. By not stepping it up, the stairs made him step down permanently. Hopefully the asshole tenant is taking it in the culo and wearing a dress in prison. His new name is Lucero.

  2. Fuck! Pay your rent. It’s basic math. Don’t kill the Landlord! Completely unjustified.
    I feel the tenant wasn’t expecting this. He’s rightfully fucked.
    This is just low. Thank you Bestgore for being a good teacher about the disgraceful behavior.

    1. Some tenants are really shit, but a lot of landlords are cunts, no matter what. I Thank fuck that I only work 3 days a week. Public housing means I don’t have to deal with banks and landlords. Happy days.

  3. I was going to comment on the video, after a few scroll and read… All you cunts need to chill, no need to get upset at third or fourth accounts… who gives a flying fuck, we are observers of are own stupidity. So smoke a fatty and make comments to make me and others laugh… drops mic.

          1. Why you gotta be like that? I haven’t seen Rico in years. Are you two having trouble.
            Oh and multiple accounts don’t count if I’m schizophrenic.

          2. Like you don’t know what happened with Rico. Last I saw him he was wearing a midriff shirt, Daisy Dukes, on roller skates, and holding a Chihuahua. He rolled off into the sunset, and didn’t even look back. I hated seeing him go, but I enjoyed watching him leave.

    1. I think maybe they went for the lesser charge of manslaughter because the stupid fuck had like a 5% chance of getting off for first-degree murder, provided that he has a good lawyer (doubtful) and if the jurors are mildly retarded.

      1. Admittedly the landlord was obstructing the door and in the tenants way.So this will end up as a self defence thing and tenant says in court i did not mean to push him that hard.It ends up being the landlords fault for losing his balance.Case dismissed.

        1. I don’t know, Rosscoe. Actus Reus is definitely present, Mens Rea is definitely questionable. While his intent might’ve not been to kill the landlord, he still pushed the landlord with enough force to warrant him to knock his head on the concrete. I don’t see a clear defining moment of self-defense at all. If you’re wanting to say that the tenant was defending his home, that wouldn’t be completely true. He was trying to get out of paying rent for the domicile which didn’t legally belong to him anyway, and the tenant wasn’t being threatened with bodily harm. Landlord’s intent to enter the residence was clear in that the tenant didn’t pay and landlord had every right to remove him from the property.

          First push occurred just when landlord entered the residence. Tenant pushed him just out the door. After that, you see tenant’s arms move past the front door in the fatal push. There was absolutely intent for the tenant to push the man down the flight of stairs, as the landlord was already at the edge. In the end, I think aggravated manslaughter is the correct charge. A charge for first-degree murder wouldn’t get him sentenced properly, and self-defense is unlikely to get him off at all. Case continued?

          1. Agree that sounds fair enough I was only trying to be ironic and I am no legal expert.I hate the way the offender shows no concern for the landlord just walks pass and could not care less.Only his friend stops and checks out the landlord.

  4. Spics are known to be violent and to often ignore their debts. I will never understand the mentality displayed here. Don’t pay your rent, landlord shows up and HE’S the asshole?? He doesn’t own property to lose money scumbags, pay your fucking rent! So Paco and Taco get violent and the guy dies. I can see this bullshit in court now. “Your Honor, my clients didn’t intend on killing him, they were merely defending themselves in their home.”

    Yeah, how could you possibly know someone would die from aggressively and violently shoving them down masonry stairs to a concrete sidewalk? And defending yourself from what? YOU’RE the asshole, nonpaying cheat. I’m fucking you over but you’re the asshole, just go away, huh???

    Fucking verminous cockroaches, all of them!!

        1. I’ve said for years we need to mine the border on both sides! Of course put up warnings but anyone stupid enough to attempt it is on their own. Then if they’re crazy enough and desperate enough to make it…round em up and deport them all immediately in the interest of not separating families!!

          Fuck their hearings! They’re let go with a wink and a promise to show up on voluntarily so fuck em! Don’t release them into the U.S. Camps run by Mexico on their side of the border to hold them like cattle while they await their hearings is more than they deserve.

  5. If the renter had been a chick, she could have “blown thru” to cover the rent. Even let the landlord fuck her in the ass a couple of times. (female privilege)
    I know, I saw it on p0rnhub.

  6. It’s possible that the landlord was trying to hold the door shut from the outside (which IS a crime)

    & then the tenant repeatedly
    the old man to move away from the door ,…. when dumbass landlord refused.
    Tenant forcefully pushed the door open…….
    So ‘if’*, the tenant can get a good lawyer , it could be that the landlord died while committing a felony !!!
    ? Darwin award candidate ¿

    1. Excellent point .. this case is a prosecutor’s dream, AND a defense lawyer’s wet dream ..
      Would make a great ‘moot’ for law students to go through it ..
      Jury could go either way
      My bet? : Involuntary Manslaughter conviction (fair or not) ..
      Juries want ‘revenge’ alot of the time ..

      1. ^ updated info ^ bad fairy ^
        Tenant* originally lied & said they “bumped” the door with a bed they were attempting to move out, but witnesses said the old Fart* was refusing to unblock the doorway ( COMMITING a CRIME’) & and wanted tenants to pay Before removing the bed.
        Because he also stated he had already called the cops & they were supposedly ” on the way”,…. & then they REPEATEDLY* asked/told. shit for brainz* landlord to GTFO of the WAY !!
        Before forcing the door open,,….. if that part is on video they should be acquitted, or not even charged, because dumbfck* landlord clearly was guilty of illegally blocking the door !!!
        So again,had they waited,… the landlord would have been cited for refusing to let them leave….. & he could have tried to sue them for unpaid rent…
        But now the SFB* landlord is in the morgue ,
        Definately an D-award
        Candidate !!
        ” ya Caint* fix Stoopid*,
        Ya hafta KILL IT !!

        1. Illegal ‘imprisonment’ by way of restricting the movement of another is a crime
          Unless it’s a ‘citizen’s arrest’ of a criminal
          And a cornerstone of the law is never to assist a law-breaker
          So this all goes in the favor of the defense

          What goes against the defense is: Causation
          ie: the landlord never would have died from his skull hitting the
          pavement, if the wasn’t pushed at the top of the stairs
          ie: the ‘pusher’ should have realized the poss. fatal consequences
          of that push, and therefore never should have assaulted the
          landlord in this fashion

          I DO see your point, I’m just giving you the other gay side

          Wait and see what the Jury says, IF the dude is charged ..

      1. house I lived in the door opened the opposite way and always caught everyone off guard especially on Halloween the kids all hustle and jockey for position and door opens other way lmao every kid, stunned

      2. Generally if you stand in front of a door that (obviously was so * in this case,…. one that opens outward) & try to prevent someone on the inside from leaving ( by forcefully and stupidly leaning forward into the door)
        After being told to fkn move out th damn way, several times………..
        * this landlord was an absolute Idjet* 4 doing so,…. No ?¿
        Well then it should not come as a big surprise when the person who wants to get out applies enough FORCE OUTWARD,…..
        The dipshit trying to hold the door, WILL “ALMOST* ALWAYS”*
        fly down the steps & crack his melon on the sidewalk !!!!!!!

          1. So sorry A. F.*
            I watched a video from a news site & in that one you could only see about half of the steps & only saw the old man flying backwards,
            Probably edited on porpoise to crop out the actual shove,

            and then the police stated that the tenant originally claimed that he only accidentally bumped the door with a bed on their way out & only the door pushed him back,
            & then they changed their story after two eyewitnesses out by the street said the old man was holding the door shut forcefully, & i just assumed* (yes I know what happens when u aSSuMe)

            the door hit him !! your correct in THIS uncropped* *VIDEO it’s clear that he got shoved after they pulled inward to get the old criminal*****,…
            (as stated by bad Jonny it it a crime to do what he attempted to do by holding them inside the building,…it doesn’t matter how much money they owed him, he was still committing a crime by holding
            the door shut)

            Off the door handle/ knob -…….to let them leave.

            My apologies to you sir, Mr.
            Asylum freakR

            Doesn’t chang the Fact that old dud basically died , because
            of ignorance of the law & NO common sense !!
            My THANKS 2 you

  7. WHEN I WAS BORN .. by bad jonny

    When I was born

    More brains than brawn

    In fields of soft corn

    Just before dawn

    The tea had all drawn

    A woman named Dawn

    Behind the College

    University dorm

    The deer and the faun

    So sad and forlorn

    Just like that, they were gone

    So blow and blow

    The fucking fog horn

    And listen to Korn

    Out on the lawn

    While we cry and mourn

    Who are we?

    The King or the Pawn?

    Our rings we do pawn

    To buy our next porn

    And watch cult movie: sawn

    Then out came the spawn

    A madman named Shaun

    Not Connery

    It’s spelt different, see?

    Let’s continue:

    Our hearts ripped and torn

    Our shoes soft and warm

    Our souls hard and worn

    No need to adjourn

    Well I was once born

    Just before dawn..

  8. In NYC a landlord who called out an illegal alien for not paying rent was sued and lost because he/she threatened to call ICE. The city then passed a law where someone who uses the term “illegal alien” pejoratively can be fined up to $250,000. WTF!
    My guess is this asshole gets off, maybe even a nice settlement from the landlords estate.

  9. People are a cockroach race man ….what kind of low life worthless piece of shit is gonna hurt an old man because he cant pay rent …are you that much of a worthless person you can afford to make your own living …to busy at home being a fuck boy living off mommy and daddy’s money you can pay for you own way

      1. And not even that there no way out of this ..hes caught straight on camera…hes gonna lose everything over one month rent ..hes gonna have to pay to keep other guys off his ass while hes in prison..much bigger problems then a one month payment

          1. Hes gonna have to pay extra for the phone calls …on the bright side he wont have to pay rent ….with money lol cause we know how much of an inconvenience it is for him

  10. I hope that son ov a who’re will lot of years in prison, and justice each day
    From other prisoners…
    I wonder how landlord didnt recognized
    This type at the beginning…
    I think his friend was got away because
    He was seen frustrated thats the man dead… ( correct if i worng)

    1. Or like prison get you a Block Boss renter”Bad tempered alcoholic that can actually fight instead of just talk shit an get his ass beat”…let him deliver your eviction notices an wrassle them drunks that end up out in the courtyard drunk wearing only their mandies back into their apartments an tuck em in…probably cost you a coupla cases of cheap beer a week…..knock $50 off the rent an you’ll have a human pitbull doing the slumlord shit for ya.

      1. Well, that’s alright but he tried to stop physically way stronger opponent instead just waiting damn police. I mean i don’t know man, 70+ chap should stay out of fight. Now he’s dead over damn rent money.

  11. We have recourse for fucksake. You don’t knock on those tenants that are already passed off and have nothing to lose. As a landlord, you have to follow the proper guidelines and through the court process. You acted stupid and you paid for it with your life. Its New York. Anything can happen in New York. And it did.

  12. When I was a landlord, there were 2 people who tried to stiff me

    The first one got the legal treatment, costing me even more

    The second one got the locks on the front door drilled costing me gas money

    If there was a third, I would be taking my front door home with me, and “seeya in court cockroach”

    1. We don’t want a wall we want a minefield with radioactive killer robots, electrified razor wire and pit’s full of snakes, lava and pointed sticks with human shit on them! We want it all on live cam! We want them fitted with explosive collars that detonate if they try to come back after deportation! We want them to run like Mexican water though a first time tourist! Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about you Canada.

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