Newborn Baby Found Inside Trash Bag Deposited in Dumpster

Newborn Baby Found Inside Trash Bag Deposited in Dumpster

Newborn Baby Found Inside Trash Bag Deposited in Dumpster

In what looks like an Arabic country, a newborn baby was found placed inside a trash back, which was tied up and deposited in a dumpster. Passersby overheard the baby cry and went to check out why it was coming out of the dumpster.

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In many cases, they end up with Chad’s kids but no husband. Then their true nature comes to light, when they either attempt to murder the defenseless child, or become abusive mothers. We’ve seen way too much evidence of that at Best Gore, although because it goes against gynocentrification of nations, it’s not allowed to talk about it and those who dare break the doctrine are shamed and attacked.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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          1. He should spend more time living in a republic. With his luck, they’ll route him off to a land filled with rats, poised as bio logical thinkers. They’ll shut him up, in an effort to send him to a digestor, so they can break down any material that he may have at his disposal.

            That ole bag he was dealing with before, will seam like a drop in the bucket, especially if they seal it off, shoot him full of alcohol, then extract what’s little left of him after that.

            However, if they end up squeezing the information out of him via a compactor, you can shitcan any chance of him holding back information about him using a rubber maid as his anal sex slave.

            I just hope he can suck it up for awhile. I can’t imagine living my life in a vacuum like that.

          2. You two are the epitome of “fucking boring”. Read some more books and watch some more comedy, because this is a load of fucking shite.

  1. Even if this world sucks, im glad this child lived. Who knows, maybe they will cure a disease, maybe they will appear on BestGore as a mass murderer.
    Anyhow, welcome to the world little person, it cant get much worse for you.

  2. Fucking Animals. This is exactly why there needs to be classes and licenses implemented in order for you to have a child so all of the shitty parents will be weeded out. Unless your mentally,physically, and financially able to raise a child you shouldn’t be having children.

    1. There’s a lot to be said for that. Some people just shouldn’t have children and some shouldn’t even be allowed near other people’s children. A financial background checks, compulsory lessons in child care, genetic testing and police checks should be carried out on people having families. Of course it’s impossible to police and we need white babies fast before the fucking black and yellow hordes over take us and eat us all.

  3. A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to drive her to the abortion clinic. I picked her up, and started thinking about things during the quite ride there. I finally asked her “isn’t there another way?”. She said “No, I’m not ready for a child, and the father said he doesn’t want any part of it” I was like “what? I don’t give a Fuck about all that. I’m trying to find a better route to the fetus deletus joint. This traffic is horrific”.

  4. This is in Saudi Arabia, the guy stated the lunar date 1/5/1441, the date of the recording of this video.

    I’ve always heard of stories of babies getting rid of by disposing in a dumpster and now I’ve seen the proof. Thank you bestgore.

  5. I love how you can tell that the guy who posted this is a salty little incel virgin with no relevant experience with the opposite sex, and will likely get featured on here one day when he shoots up his high school while sporting only the newest fedora and MLP underwear. Lol.

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