Newborn Baby Left to Die in a Garbage Bin in Thailand

Newborn Baby Left to Die in a Garbage Bin in Thailand

According to preliminary information, it is believed that a newborn baby was zipped in a bag and the bag thrown in a garbage bin in a secluded alley while the baby was still alive. Garbage truck does not come to pick garbage up very often there, so the abandoned baby slowly died and putrefied for about 2 days before it was found. As you would expect, it was the reek of rotten flesh that drew the curious to inspect what was decomposing in the bin.

The incident happened in Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand. Pattaya – the largest brothel and the burial ground for unaware foreigners is in Chonburi too. The doctors estimated that the infant was 1 to 2 months old so mother must have nourished him for a while before deciding she didn’t want him anymore.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Left to Die in a Garbage Bin in Thailand”

  1. This absolutely pisses me off! I wish that I could hurt the person that did this and any other person that ever lay their hands upon innocent children. It is absolutely unnecessary. I hope that this person(s) get something horrible in return!

  2. I’m thinking Thai dude holding baby had that expression due to the stench. That’s the same face i make when someone throws broccoli in the trash! πŸ™ Fucked up to just kill an innocent baby, but totally a reality. People do that even here in this country. I’ll never understand how heartless one can be but I’m surely learning! Rest in peace little one, you’ve gotta be in a better place..

  3. Your not allowed to give birth on a Tuesday in this country.No whistling on a Thursday after 13:00 hrs.No chewing gum allowed in public..and you have to wear your undercrackers on the outside so that the State Police can check that you are regularly wearing clean Kex.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Due to the lack of a bloated penis to go along with the bloated testes, the likelihood that this is actually a baby girl whose uterus has been expelled due to the gasses creating pressure is very high.

    2. Cheese & Claire, I think you two are spot on with your assumptions. This definitely appears to be a baby girl with the organs expelled. I can’t even imagine what that child went through during those last terrifying moments of his/her life. It always seems as if the women who would make amazing mothers can never get pregnant, yet the worthless ones seem to pop them out like like an atmosphere disperses money. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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