Newborn Baby Put in Plastic Bag and Discarded on Side of Road in Thailand

Newborn Baby Put in Plastic Bag and Discarded on Side of Road in Thailand

We just had a post with photos of a discarded newborn baby in Thailand published yesterday, and here’s yet another one. This time it’s videos and this time the baby was stuffed inside a plastic bag to suffocate and keep quiet while its mother jumped on a motorcycle to ride out of the city and toss it on the side of the road like garbage.

There seems to be quite a bit of discarded garbage alongside that road – I’m not sure what alarmed the rescuers of a baby inside one of the bags. I bet the baby started to decompose and raised unbearable stink. I can’t imagine how otherwise they would know that in one of the bags among all the discarded garbage there would be a baby.

Go Thailand, a safe vacation destination:

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54 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Put in Plastic Bag and Discarded on Side of Road in Thailand”

  1. Little baby, lovely tiny human being,
    You had no chance to see the twilight of this world,
    You had no opportunity to unfold the potential of your soul,
    Your sybil mother had no future on her mind for thy ray,
    The remnants of your vehicle in this sphere rot now away,
    Your flesh feeds the soil now for new life to emerge,
    Thou as seperated energy are on the verge of the void,
    Beyond time and space, in the great uncreated Nothing,
    Now you float in the sea of possibilities, as the One,
    ready to break away again back into the hologram of Something.

  2. The rotten smell could’ve been a rat or something, how did they know it was a baby? Perhaps a closed bag with stench coming out is already supicious enough?

    btw, pointers spotted:
    vid 1 – at 0.21, 1.22, 1.55
    vid 2- at 0.18, 1.09
    Jee, you can make a game out of these Thai videos ‘spot the pointer’

          1. Go back to about page 3, the post is “carnage in the street after car bomb. . .” Just some run of the mill dickheads.

  3. All too sad. This has just become something to expect, the sad thing is there are so many people here in the U.S. who would love to have resisted this baby. I must say the young man who opened the bag and wrapped the baby up , showed a lot of care in the way he gently went about the recovery.

  4. Just out of curiosity, i looked up if abortion is legal in Thailand.

    ‘In Thailand, abortion laws are ambiguous. More than 15 clinics provide abortion care somewhat openly, but high maternal mortality from complications of unsafe abortion persists throughout the country.’
    ‘Even safe abortion clinics are not safe from the police.’
    ‘ Khlong Ton, as it is the only hospital in Thailand that provides safe abortion care legally to women between 12 and 24 weeks without many questions or restrictions. The hospital, however, is very expensive.’

  5. A few things…that white truck is pretty fancy! Wonder what job the person does who owns it. Seeing that its Thailand… Second… I thought it was funny that even BEFORE they opened the bag, all of those people gathered round. It like, “Big surprise at Walnut and 5th, 4pm, be there!” Third…those girls on the scooter seems a bit suspect….mom of the baby perhaps? Fourth…i’m impressed that they actually have a garbage truck over there. I thought they just let the trash rot where it was thrown.!!

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