Newborn Found Dead Floating in Sewage

Newborn Found Dead Floating in Sewage

Well, apparently this was a newborn, though it looks more like an aborted fetus. It’s Brazil – maybe that’s what da Silvas look like when they are born. But then again, the baby already started to decompose so maybe that’s why it looks all strange and shit.

The baby – or what’s left of him – was found on the afternoon of Thursday, February 16, 2012 at around 4:30pm near Graciliano Street, in Bela Vista, Dasilvaland. The baby was discovered by city hall maintenance crew who were cleaning the sewer in Bela Vista and noticed a plastic bag floating down the river of shit. The plastic bag tore and a body of baby boy in a state of decomposition fell out.

The child still had the umbilical cord attached to him suggesting that he was bagged and thrown in the sewer right after birth. Who the mother was is unknown. The authorities are asking the residents to come forward should they know of a woman whom they noticed was pregnant but has no child.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Newborn Found Dead Floating in Sewage”

      1. I happened where I live in Minnesota this last Labor Day. The person responsible for dumping the newborn baby girl in the Mississippi put some statues of angels and a weird eyeball keychain thing in the bag with her. As if that made it okay. Still unsolved.

  1. I am NOT a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn.
    That did not look like a full term birth to me and may have been a miscarriage.

    So before anyone goes off on their “Anti-abortion” crusade and kill the woman for it.

    Give it the possibility that she may have wanted that child and was devestated by the loss.
    That maybe, whom ever helped her, took the dead child and tossed it in the sewer with out her knowing.

  2. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! There is a place, in Brazil, called……da-silva-land??? What the fuck can be said besides, of course there is a place called desilvaland. But why have we not heard of this magical place in the Heart of The Corpse Factory before?
    Oh, and as for the decompinfant, he should have been squrited into a bag 9 months earlier.

  3. That poor baby looks rather large for a fetus, but if its umbilical cord was attached, it had to be. Weird! It’s so fucking sad to see fetuses that were thrown away like trash. In the USA, at least, we’re given a choice. I’ve never been pregnant, but I know damned well that if i didn’t want the baby, throwing it away would be the last thing I’d do. I wouldn’t even throw away an animal.

    1. You don’t know about the situation though. Perhaps not everyone would dump a baby due to whatever shit the woman had going on, but you have no idea of the possible pressures and threats the mother was having to make her do something like that. She may have been a heartless bitch, or in an abusive relationship and didn’t want to expose a child to that life too.

    2. Buffsmom,
      women/girls/monsters in America do this too. You see it on the news, read about it in the papers. We do not hear about it as often because many papers and stations seem to find it “distasteful”.

  4. This is a full term baby. Notice the body fat? That;s a dead give-away, literally.
    Anything to do with a dead baby is terrible & sad. It’s just not right to joke around about the death of an innocent. That baby could of been very well alive when thrown into the sewage. It’s last moments, right after his first moments were full of terror & not being able to breath & dying a tragic death. That is very sad. And this stupid shit happens everyday!

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