Newlywed Policeman Found Dead with Throat Slashed

Newlywed Policeman Found Dead with Throat Slashed

On May 25, 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil, a newlywed policeman was found dead. His throat was slashed, and there were also gunshot wounds in his torso.

I didn’t get any info beyond what’s in the previous paragraph, but that’s some shit timing to die a violent death by someone’s hand, after you just got married. I imagine his newlywed wife is also newly knocked up, which makes it all that much shittier.

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    1. You right , I wouldn’t be surprised either, it’s been done before, and now she is enjoying money and good life with her new stud, tanning with a cold refreshing beer on a beautiful Brazilian beach. women can be cruel and wicked but not only Brazilian ones

        1. forget what he says, there will be always ppl who try to push your buttons for one reason or for another,, maybe he just needed attention from you and asked it the wrong way , you are sexy actually.., remind me of an italian gf i used to have. ciao

  1. Somebody saved him from a life of misery. After the honeymoon it’s all down hill from there. Blowjobs get further apart and soon become a thing of the past. Blowing his load on her face or tits is replaced by tossing into a Kleenex tissue which is now kept on the bedside table. He would still be expected to go down on her but her personal hygiene is starting to slip as is her pussy shaving routine so rub burn on his face will become a problem for him. The more I think about it this may have been a suicide after he took a glimpse into his married future. It really isn’t as bad as he might have thought it would be, afterall…once the first kid comes along sex will be a thing of the past.

    1. Depending on how long they had already been married the neck wound may have been from a self performed tracheotomy from her sitting on his face for an extended period of time. As for the gunshots…he’s a cop, they are always prepared to deal with the worst situations.

  2. It’s from Brazil? Come on now, nothing bad is ever going on over there, it’s a lovely country where the sun is always shining and the birds chirping, people play soccer on the beach all the time, the carnival brings joy and a lot of lovely pussy dancing samba on the streets, and everyone loves each other. space for violence…at least it’s the picture I used to think, I was soooo wrong .

  3. Death and sex or sex and death. Maybe some hooker was riding him like a wild animal and at the moment of climax she (or he?) slashed his throat, just for the hell of it! Then for good measure shot him full of multiple loads.

  4. Poor bastard hadn’t shaved for days .
    Now all that tache, the goatee , the hair on his chest and the stubble are awful to look at . His corpse need to get totally waxed up and well shaven before the burial takes place or the other dead cops from the cemetery ain’t gonna like all that unkemptness.
    A gun shot and a deep slash came as a wedding gift to this newly wed cop . His urge to jizz all over his wife will go for a burial with him and now his ghost is gonna wander all over the town looking for every woman to spurt his milt on .

  5. He would be dead anyway either with a gunshot or by slashing his neck open .There wasn’t no need for him to doubly self inflict his ownself .

    In this case a possibility of a murder can’t be ruled out . Maybe it was his newly wedded wife who with her paramour together hatched a plan in eliminating the cop.

  6. Fucker will have been dropped by the gunshot then just to celebrate dropping a cop a little jig like on reservoir dogs clowns to the left of me you know the rest…Then the culprit tried to shave the cop with a bread knife because that goatie and tash combo is awful r.i.p p.I.g

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    1. mmmh… little more in asphyxie..i mean, just watch when somebody get beheaded. the body continu to try breath while lost lots of blood , slowly stop breathing and die. most of blood go outside in beheading and the body die due to missing oxygened blood send to the heart.

      an combinaison of both in fact..

        1. Well Missy we’ll have to get you sitting on my lap, or knee, face is excluded because I’ve to speak, cannot do that with my mouth full of you.
          Plus there bedtime stories so should you start reading in the mornings..?

          OooOh. Pavlova you can demand all you wish, for I am still writing it. You may read some but, then it’s better in one.
          Also I wrote a little story about the fucker I found in the garden. Don’t think you have seen it, because of notification glitches, have you..?

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