Ngatikaura Ngati – Story and Pictures of a Child Beaten to Death

Ngatikaura Ngati - Story and Pictures of a Child Beaten to Death

This is one of the saddest and most shocking stories we’ve had on Best Gore yet. 3 year old Ngatikaura Ngati was having himself a great childhood. His foster parents Kura Kaufusi and Finau who cared for him since he was one month old loved him and treated him well. He was a happy child but things took a bad turn three weeks after his third birthday.

When Maine Ngati – mother of Ngatikaura Ngati realized that she could get child support money from the government if she had her child she originally rejected in her care, she decided she was not gonna let such easy income slip out of her grasp and plucked Ngatikaura from his loving home in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Just a wee bit after three years old, Ngatikaura Ngati was thrown into a new home. Confused and stressed out, Ngatikaura found himself in Otara, in a house with other four children, including a new born. Even though he used to normally use toilet before, after his biological mother took him, he started to regularly wet himself and developed a bad ulcer on his behind.

Instead of seeking medical treatment, Ngatikaura’s mother just covered the oozing area with sanitary pad. Once happy and confident child turned into a terrified being who would mess his pants in days. Since accidents in his pants were always followed by beatings, he would try to get rid of the evidence by throwing the poop out of the window each time it occurred.

After nine weeks of living with his biological parents, Ngatikaura Ngati died. He was beaten to death. His whole body was covered with bruises to a point that the pathologist who tried to count them for the court stopped when he got to 50.

It never seemed too hard for his parents to find a reason for beating. When he crapped his pants, he was beaten. When he moved too fast, he was beaten. When he didn’t move fast enough, he was beaten. When he didn’t jump like his mother wanted him to, he was beaten. When he didn’t address his mother or his father the way they liked, he was beaten. When he didn’t play the game right, he was beaten. When he… you get the memo.

The three months of his stay with his real parents was basically a series of beatings he took almost on daily basis and the relatives turned a blind eye to it. According to the evidence presented to the High Court in Auckland, 32 year old Maine Ngati, mother of Ngatikaura would punch the child in the face with clenched fist, slap him around the face or beat him with a stick when she found him to be naughty. 27 year old Teusila Fa’asisila – Ngatikaura’s stepfather would beat him with whatever was nearby and could be used as a weapon, including a baseball bat.

Maine Ngati confessed to the police that in one of the last beatings that would lead to child’s death, she used a stick to discipline Ngatikaura but only used it for strokes to the body. She maintained that when it came to his head, she only hit him with her hand.

After this beating, Ngatikaura was covered with bruises and his arm was twice its normal size from swelling, but instead of taking him to the hospital, Maine made him take a bath and go to bed. Unable to get up in the morning due to pain in hand, Ngatikaura was unable to go to the bathroom and soiled his pants again, which triggered another vicious beating.

When his stepfather came home later that day, he showed him too which brought the child to the brink of death. Doctors said that the only thing that kept him alive at this stage was his young, strong heart. His body was black and blue, but that didn’t stop his parents from delivering more beatings the following day. Those were his last.

On his last day, Maine Ngati found his son with soiled pants again and picked up a stick. She told the police that she made him stand against the wall and lift his feet so she could beat his soles but according to the other children living in the house, this is not what happened. Autopsy also found no signs of trauma to the feet.

The more likely version is that of the children who said that Ngatikaura was beaten by his step dad with a baseball bat. Forensic experts found traces of Ngatikaura’s blood on the ceiling proving that he took strokes strong enough to send his blood this high, after he was already bleeding. Blood in lower areas of the walls and the floor was diluted proving that the couple attempted to hide the evidence. The fact that they were trying to hide it was further proven by pathologists finding bruises that were caused by a weapon which was not found in the house.

When this last beating occurred, Maine was at a job interview. After she’d returned home, Ngatikaura was beaten out of consciousness. She tried to perform CPR on him, but since boy didn’t look very well, she asked her uncle who lived nearby to come over and help.

Uncle insisted that an ambulance must be called immediately but Maine didn’t want to do it because she was afraid that the police would find out. Eventually she had no other choice so she picked up the phone and called St. John’s telling the operator that she had beaten her son with a stick but focused her conversation on requests to not tell the police.

The operator who answered her call testified that throughout the call, she was more worried about what could happen to her because of this beating, than about whether her son would survive.

Near lifeless body of Ngatikaura Ngati was taken to a hospital but despite intensive care, the doctors were unable to save the boy’s life. When child’s loving foster mother Kura Kaufusi learned about this, she rushed to the hospital and stayed by boy’s side till his last moments.

Kura Kaufusi and her husband Finau could not have children of their own. She was a cousin of Maine so when Maine asked her if she’d take her unwanted son, Kura accepted without hesitation. Then after 3 years, in November 2005, Maine took what had become the heart and soul of Kura and Finau away from them, only to kill it within 3 months.

Kura believes that Maine was claiming child benefits for more children than she was taking care of so when a threat of her being caught became real, she nabbed Ngatikaura Ngati away from Kura and Finau to ensure the money doesn’t stop coming in.

Maine Ngati and Teusila Fa’asisila were charged with murder but were found not guilty. Instead, they were found guilty of manslaughter, failure to provide medical care which could have saved Ngatikaura’s life and of wilful child cruelty. They were both sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison. Allegedly, because they were not hitting him with the sticks in the head, they were unaware they were hurting him so that was good enough of an excuse to avoid murder charges.

That’s for the sad story of Ngatikaura Ngati. Autopsy pictures of his beaten body are in the gallery below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Ngatikaura Ngati – Story and Pictures of a Child Beaten to Death”

    1. that childs death is a product of the welfare system as well as` a violent hand.n.z’s nice but we have some seriously feral people here.then theres high unemployment,alchohol and methamphetamine,believe it or not that happens a lot here in nz and a lot doesnt make it top the air,heres some just off the top of my head,google,james whakaruru,’lilly bing’,the kahui twins,it goes on folks,

  1. I would love just one minute in their prison with them and the guards turning a blind eye to everything they hear or see in that one minute. Just one minute…i will show them real hell on earth. What a piece of @#$!… They both deserves no less than to be skinned alive with a rusty knife…

  2. According to the Auckland papers, the little boy had grown up in a household that spoke only Tongan. When he went to ‘live’ with his birth parents, he discovered they only spoke English. With a communication problem he couldn’t tell them what he wanted or needed.

    I can’t believe that the bastards only got 8 1/2 years for what they did! I used to think that Australia’s judicial system was lenient, but this is bloody unreal!

  3. I was crying while reading the story because this is just unbelievable I-I mean for the stepfather to beat his child is expected, BUT HIS OWN MOTHER? That is so unbelievable? I cannot believe she even managed to think of that it seemed as if she was having babies for benefits!

    Doesn’t mean he can’t speak their language they won’t make an effort to discover what was wrong! The beating was premeditated why not consider it murder?

  4. @adysuhbraranteleroi

    I’d suggest that the beatings were not pre-meditated as that meant they would be conscious of the fact that if they went too far, they’d loose their cash cow. The fact is they did go to far and did kill their cash cow. This suggests major anger issues at the very, very least.

    Interesting that the report cites a “10 day old subdural hematoma” – that alone would have eventually killed the little boy (probably via a stroke as the intracranial pressure increased) left untreated. Problem with that is you don’t get many victims that are only 3 yrs old

    1. are you kidding ? There is no such person name jesus or god. Ngatikaura is hopfully somewhere where he no longer feels pain and suffering, but he’s NOT with Jesus, that’s for sure. Stories like this proves it ! It’s brainwash morons like yourself that contributes a huge majority of violence, so please spare me the religious bullshit!

  5. Beat their asses with a baseball bat every muthafuckin day. When they cry, beat them again.
    When they complain, beat them again.
    When they FUCKIN BREATHE, beat the shit out of them until they stop breathing.

    Pathetic pieces of shit!!!!

  6. if you dont want kids, dont have kids. if you want money, get a fucking job. i have a kid, and a job, and i love both. This makes me seriously think about the people i let around my son when im not looking

  7. That is the sadest story… To treat your own child just like an extra income and beat him… And the government that allowed the boy to be returned to this sick family and send them to prison for only 8 fucking years is just to blame

      1. I’m not sure what method of punishment fits this awful crime. I’m sure 8 years inside definitely doesn’t, were the authorities having a fucking laugh or what ?!.
        There was No justice for this poor little kid.

  8. I believe that eventually we all have to answer to God for the things we have done and these two animals are no exception. I really hope that any children still in the home are sent somewhere safe to grow up, far away from these two. AND I would really like to know how their relatives could turn the other way when the injuries to this boy were so severe and clearly visible! Except for his foster parents every adult in this child’s life failed him miserably.

  9. So they got the wee man in November 2005. By January 2006 he was dead. I don’t know how efficient New Zealand’s prosecution is, but if it took them one year to get the bastards behind bars, it would mean that they had been in jail for 5 years and will be out in 3 and a half. If they get a few years shaved for good behavior, they’ll be back in the streets in no time.

  10. i bet their childcare money went straight to methane amphetamine. That or they are Type A textbook narcissists. Cunts. they are the filthiest kinds of human beings. Pantera’s 5 minutes definitely comes to mind. hope they get the shit raped out of them in prison.

  11. If it died 10 yrs later only smart remarks ‘ld be above this (you see a lot of tortured and beaten people here on, to my amazement everybody suddenly is very shocked and even god and jesus popps up in the comments ?! Hypocritical people most of them.

    1. Yeah but the thing is, they’re adults, you know, they got to live some of their lives, this kid was probably too young to even remember what being happy felt like. He had no chance, most people who are on this site, end up getting fucked up by their stupid decisions. Things are different when it comes to kids.

  12. Oh my goodness. The poor little guy. I’m a child psychologist and that this little guy had the foresight to try and dispose of his poo like he did shows a level of fear that is incomprehensible.
    I am here and now vowing to step up my efforts to help kids in these types of situations because there are so many who don’t die and continue to suffer. Peace now little one.

  13. To call that dirty whore an “animal” is an insult to the animals. Even the dumbest of animals defend their offspring with their lives if need be. 8 years…what a joke! *smh* Poor baby… at least nobody will hurt him now.

  14. Poor kid, growing up in Otara, he would of had no chance living in that area. The leeches of socity dweel in the shit that is South Auckland. All of them are using their ‘child support’ money to go buy crack. Poeple like them should be steralised. There was another 9yr old girl in west Auckland who was beaten pretty bad by her parents (actually white this time, suprising I know) whoa mother had pulled her hair and taken half her scalp off.. Luckily the girl lived… I like sick shit, but never fuck with kids..

  15. You no longer have to suffer anymore lil’ man. And like “peowpeow” said, I like sick shit too but people who fuck with kids will get theirs! Karma is a f-ing bitch you sorry excuses for parents!! People who can do this are not parents at all but just pieces of shit who gave birth!

  16. hey guys we had a rugby game against an auckland team and one little cunt as related to maine and was cracking gags about how stupid it is shes in prison and that the little kid was a dumb fuck and that he himself hit him a few times when he went around. Ummm… so during a scrum, we started a fight, more or less my entire team ran for this cunt and dealt to him. well we go disqualified from the entire tournament, he suffered 2 broken arms, craxked skull, major concussion and 4 broken ribs. Oh and by the way as you may not know, maine and her boyfriend are out of prison now thought youd like to know how fucked up my country is, New Zealand sought your fucking shit

  17. I’ve posted some pretty insensitive remarks on this site but this…..well,these people are contributing fuck all but misery,Killers of the defenceless should be executed.When will the west fucking wake up?

  18. there eyes should be set on fire well there skin is slowly ripped off with a butter knife and before they scream there tongues should be ripped out. force them to eat pieces of glass then cut there toenails out with a screwdriver and as they think death is coming, paper cut the bottom of there feet and make them walk across salt before breaking every bone in there body. sick fucks long live children R.I.P others

  19. I have a facebook page dedicated to him actually, In Memory of Ngatikaura Ngati, His story has touched my heart like Brianna lopez & Tesslynn O’cull…& many others, only demons locked in the body of people could do this to a little child, while his pictures are hard to look at, they need to be shown, because this is what goes on everyday, everywhere, child abuse, sadly will never end, but we need better laws & harsher punishments….R.I.P. little Angel…..:(

  20. You know im from New zealand and it is a shame that i happened to be Born here. we have psycho Parents that welfare Gives children to . Little Children that cant even defend them selves Little own Pick up the phone and call for help just because there too scared or way under the age to do things for themselves . My Opinion is that Newzealand should bring the Death Penalty back in. Lets see if the cowards continue Like that. i bet they wont.
    Theres no place in this world for Kiddy killers Reguarless all the Deaths of other death tolls that go on here. I really think that parents that Like to Use and abuse kids deserve to be shot . they give us Parents a bad name.

  21. Why do people find it so hard to believe that women do bad and evil and terrible things, afterall women are humans just like men and they to can be violent nasty vicious horrible sadistic and cruel, also most child abuse is committed by women, 80 percent of verbal and physical child abuse is committed by women and most infanticides are committed by women to, women are more likely then men to kill infant children, most infanticides are also committed by parents and the majority of infants that are killed by their parents are killed by their mothers.

  22. I fucking hate my boyfriends 6yr old son but damn. This is on a whole new level right here. Poor little guy. Those piece of shit welfare ghetto fucks should be publicly drawn & quartered. RIP little dude. This place mostly sucks anyways.

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