Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Crime Scene Photos

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Crime Scene Photos

After Nicole Brown Simpson and her genital juices exchange partner Ronald Goldman were found brutally murdered at the doorsteps to poshy Bundy Drive condo in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles where Nicole Brown Simpson lived, O.J Simpson, former handegg (I’m having a hard time calling that joke of a sport “football”) star and an ex husband of Nicole’s became the prime suspect. The high profile trial which resulted in OJ Simpson’s acquittal drew so much attention from everyone in the USA, it is dubbed the “Trial of the Century“. With OJ Simpson officially found not to have murdered the two, speculations are rampant as to who could have been the murderer. In spite of his acquittal, most seem to think that the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was most certainly OJ Simpson’s doing.

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Bumping Nasties

After his 1979 divorce from his first wife Marguerite L. Whitley with whom he had 3 children, OJ Simpson married Nicole Brown on February 2, 1985. He was a celebrity handegg player and an actor so finding a pretty Caucasian woman willing to spread her labia for a black cock was easy. Gold diggers for the win!

From their marriage, Nicole Brown Simpson spawned two kids – Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson but in 1992 an idea occurred to her to divorce the handegg star cause that game of spreading labia for gold nuggets no longer seemed appealing. And so it was written, so it was done – Nicole Brown divorced OJ Simpson.

The Murder

Two years after the divorce, on June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson along with Ron Goldman were found murdered on the walkway leading to the Nicole’s residence located at located at 875 South Bundy Drive in Los Angeles. Nicole had been stabbed multiple times and had a slash wound on her neck which went all the way to the spine.

Ronald Goldman is believed to have either walked right upon the murder in progress or turn up shortly after. He was likewise stabbed multiple times.

The Ford Bronco Chase

On June 17, 1994, OJ Simpson was expected to turn himself in. He was charged with double murder for which, if found guilty, he could face the death sentence however owing to his celebrity status, the LAPD took a little more lenient approach. More than 1,000 waited at the police station for OJ to show up, but he pulled a bailed on them.

Later that day, his friend Robert Kardashian read a letter from OJ Simpson, the tone of which sounded much like a suicide note. The broadcast of the letter prompted everyone to search for Simpson until someone eventually spotted him in his white Ford Bronco, driven by his friend A.C. Cowlings.

The cops caught up with the Bronco on the Interstate 405 and followed it in a low speed pursuit which became known as the Bronco Chase. A.C. Cowlings told the cops that OJ Simpson held a gun to his hand so his friend, Detective Tom Lange tried to get through to him by calling his cell phone and succeeded. Worried that OJ was gonna off himself, Tom Lange tried to argue him into throwing his gun out of the car’s window.

Check out the self explanatory video of the Bronco Chase below:

OJ Simpson on Trial

The infamous Trial of the Century was presided by Judge Lance Ito whom the trial made a celebrity. OJ hired what many dubbed a “Dream Defence Team”. It’s estimated that OJ spent in excess of $3 Million for his defence lawyers, among whom were Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian and F. Lee Bailey. They may have cost a fortune, but they surely knew what they were doing and diligently prepared for anything the prosecution could throw at them.

The prosecution, on the other hand felt like they had a solid case they could not possibly lose and failed to do their due diligence, resulting in mess ups which in the end lead to OJ’s acquittal (and their ultimate defeat).

The People of the State of California vs Orenthal James Simpson trial dragged on for 9 months and quickly became one of the most widely publicized events in American history. On October 3, 1995 more than half of the U.S. population stopped doing whatever they were doing and locked their eyes on the TV screens in anticipation of the jury verdict, making it one of the most watched events in American TV history.

Not Guilty

When it was announced that OJ Simpson was found not guilty of both murders, majority of America’s black population cheered in approval, while majority of America’s white population expressed disbelief over justice not served.

Much of LA’s police force was on high alert in fear that if OJ was found guilty, riots similar to those in 1992 which followed the acquittal of four police officers who beat up black motorist Rodney King would ensue.

What messed up the case for prosecution was the inclusion of LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman as a witness in the case. Mark Fuhrman claimed to have recovered a glove soaked with blood of both murder victims after scaling the wall to the Simpson’s estate on the night of murder. The defence however completely destroyed Mark Fuhrman as a witness and as a detective, nailing him down as a liar and racist who would have planted the evidence.

The glove played further role in losing the trail for the prosecution. Prosecutor Christopher Darden, in spite of an advice not to ask OJ Simpson to try the blood soaked glove on, did fall for the tease by defense attorney Johnnie Cochran and did request it. The glove had been frozen and unfrozen several times and when OJ tried to put it on in the court room, it was too small to fit. In his closing statement as well as several times during the trial, Johnnie Cochran uttered the now infamous line: “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

Another mess up on behalf of the prosecution was mishandling of the DNA evidence. Andrea Mazzola who collected blood samples from Simpson carried the vial in her pocket for almost a day before submitting it for testing. This degree of incompetence made it impossible to deliver accurate and reliable DNA results.

Wrongful Death Civil Trial

After his acquittal, the Brown and Goldman families sued OJ Simpson for damages in a civil trial. A jury unanimously found OJ Simpson liable for damages in the wrongful death of Ronald Goldman and battery of Nicole Brown Simpson. Sydney and Justin – children of OJ and Nicole were awarded $12.6 million from OJ Simpson as recipients of their mother’s estate. The Brown and Goldman families were awarded $33.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

However because California law protects pensions from being used to satisfy judgments, OJ was able to maintain his lifestyle while paying little to the families. He later moved to Miami in Florida where laws make it impossible for a person to lose their residence to a debt.

Las Vegas Robbery

In September 2007, OJ Simpson with 3 other men took sports memorabilia from a room at the Palace Station hotel-casino for which OJ was charged with criminal conspiracy, assault, kidnapping, robbery, coercion and using a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to a total of 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole after nine years. He is serving his sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman Crime Scene Photos

Gallery below contains crime scene photos taken at after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The photo of Nicole’s slashed throat is consistent with the description of the wound by the pathologist however because the photo does not show the victim’s face, it is sometime disputed as possibly somebody else’s. Many thanks to Best Gore member Nicole for her contribution:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. If this guy was so damn innocent, and oblivious to the murders, then WHY IN THE HELL did he initiate a long, dangerous, high speed police chase with a gun to his head when the police wanted to ask him a few questions regarding his ex wife?
    Give up? Here’s the answer: GUILTY.

    Judge Ito is such an attention whore ego maniac that it didn’t matter what was said in the courtroom. He threw out a boat load of evidence. You could’ve put a dozen “regular” criminals behind bars based off of all the evidence laid before the stupid, mostly black jury.

    OJ didn’t quit his antics either. He tried to rob a guy of his own (OJ) sports memorabilia? Why would he even care at that point? I would’ve been way under the radar. He finally got his in Nevada slammer where they don’t give a rats ass who you are.

    1. Fuck yeah, right on there. What’s not mentioned, for the younger generation, is all the time he beat nicole brown to a beautiful fucking pulp, all the 911 calls she’d made because he was at her house beating the fuck out of her. Grr, I was pissed when he was acquitted.

      1. I live in South Florida and after he moved down here (trying to keep his assests from the Goldmans), he was in the news all the time for getting in trouble for one stupid ass thing after another including all the 911 calls from then GF Christie Prody during all their fights. Perhaps someone should have shown her these photos before she thought it was a good idea getting involved with him.

        I was seated at a table next to him at a restaurant once and felt very unsafe. I am a white woman named Nicole…… haha

    2. Fucking NIGGER! The only reason he walk is because of the Jury was stock full of Nigger sheboons. I swear Niggers will never ever convict each other no matter what! Of course they will take any excuse from the Dream team to exuse OJ. The Black Panther party demand that all Black inmates be release because “They did not get a fair trail”.
      OMG! Do you know how many absolutely disgusting and atrocious crimes Niggers commit Daily against Americans!!!??!

      This the Future of America, where Niggers are bigger minority excusing each other for all the horredous crimes they commit. Just imagine when nevers are the majority in the Army and Police force. If you read about the Crimes and rapes commits by the Army and Police force now, its mostly buck nigger Sergeants and Officers. It’s not hard to imagine in the future, a black officer dragginga 14 yr old girl into a room to rape her with long lines his nigger underlings waiting for their turn.

      As for Nicole Simpson, I honestly can’t say that I feel any sympathy for her… Because to me, any White Women that sleeps with Any black, Celebrity of not, deserves DEATH. So I can’t really say she has my sympathy.

        1. Yes, when I see the huge tax in california being increased to pay for illegal aliens and other criminal benefits I do get anger.

          But you right, ill just ignore it all and not give a shit as my country burns down in flames.

          1. Txxx has a valid point.

            I don’t blame the scum of the Earth for wanting to come here… They get waited on hand and fucking foot by our ‘compassionate’ and ‘caring’ masters.

            I would send the unskilled/ lazy ones back and tell them to improve their own country and not try and get it ‘ready made’ by invading our nations.

            The skilled/ model citizens can stay. Although they are a small minority.

            It will be the politicians, students and aristocrats I swing from lampposts.

            The biggest bastards of them all (Former PMs/ The Monarchy/ Gov. Ministers) I shall have Hung, Drawn and Quartered.

            Google it to find more on this great Great British tradition.

          2. I am relying on a civil war so people such as I can make this happen.

            Their is no way the sheeple will want to usurp the current system.

            They still have it too good.

            The only way a New World Order can be brought about is when the Negroes fancy raiding our centres of consumerism again… Or when the Mussies fancy detonating a dirty bomb in Canary Wharf.

            If the Fascists want to be valued as a political force in the future… We have to wait for the post- war consensus of Liberalism and Multiculturalism to fail catastrophically and THEN come to the rescue.

          3. NWO is already holding the reigns of power thomas,novus ordo seclorum,the eye of horus is
            firmly fixed on ……….well i am sure you know where?? The new order you seek is known as
            something else.

          4. My New New World Order will be based on the Primacy of National Parliaments… Not seedy Multinational Organisations and Corporations.

            Once we have united our Nations behind us with the promise of a Grand National Rebirth. And we have defeated the Liberal and Muslim elements in the Nation… The Jew will flee. He has no stomach to wage open war against us. For he will certainly lose.

            The only way will be to destroy Israel by aiding the Muslims AFTER we have drove them outed our nations.

      1. I read somewhere that OJ is scared to leave his cell now. See, apparently he was bragging a bit too loud about all the white girls he was with, and that doesn’t sit well with the Whites in prison so they gave him a beating.
        OJs karma has caught up.

    1. I so agree about that piece of shit Casey Anthony. She actually tried using her facebook account right after getting released, but was shut down pretty quickly,wonder why.
      The other day, I went to reach for my little six year old boy, and accidentally clawed him under the eye, pen tip size, but I drew blood all the same. I felt so badly, even though it was an accident. Point being, I cannot get beyond the idea of harming your own child, well any child, but your own, then trying to defend it. She deserves death.*Opinion only**

      1. Totally agree Lisa, that bitch has no remorse for someone who has lost a child to be seen partying whilst she was missing is unfuckingbelievable. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a perfect mother and at times like today I sometimes loose my kewl, but one thing I would never do is raise my hands or even contemplate on hurting her, instead I go to a room and scream and cry, I mean its not easy raising children on your own, but I wouldn’t change it for the world..fuck her, she’s a peice of shit.

          1. Oh and GW, I do understand what it’s like raising a child/children being a single mom. I don’t know how old you are, but I do know this, no parent, is a perfect parent. They don’t exist. My son tells me(just turned six 2 weeks ago)”mom” your the best mom ever, you are my favorite”(as if he’s had anyone else to compare me too. But in your children/childs’ eyes, despite your faults, they see you as perfect. Trust me. Never second guess yourself and your skills as a parent. It is hard, and as you mentioned in so many words, frustrating as hell. But it won’t last forever. Before you know it, this time will be over, and she will be on her way out the door… this time will be like a “blip”. I am certain you are doing your best.That’s what counts, btw. πŸ˜‰

          2. Yeah right on Lisa, although some days it feels like your bashing your head against a brick wall lol, I’m 35 although I probably come across younger, still young at heart x

  2. That black jury would’ve acquitted OJ even if they saw with their own eyes OJ murder Nicole and Ron. They were a bunch of starstruck lame brains. Black asshole OJ is now serving time behind bars for a stupid crime in Las Vegas. I’m sure he thought he’d get away with that one too. I’m the same age as OJ, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my years in prison, but then again, I’m not a stupid Negro. You can take the Negro out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the Negro!

    1. and whites cant get away with hiring a white guy if theres a porch monkey there to call human resources. even in the workforce, they are legally robbing the white man daily.
      not to mention oj niggerlips getting away with murdering her race traiting ragdoll wife.
      if it was a white jury aquiting a white guy of murdering a black it would spark riots all over the ghetto

  3. HAHA! I remember this like it was yesterday, 94/ the year I gave birth to my daughter, and I was twenty four and full of piss and vinegar. LOL. Anyhow, I remember the murder, the chase the trial/ new at the time was televised trials. And I remember the verdict. Everyone so knew it was him, but “If the glove doesn’t fit,you must acquit” prevailed. But at least the Goldman/Browne family got some retribution, they took all his money and assets in civil suits. He wound up a loser who tried to rob some guy of his sports memorabilia, and is currently the tank as I write this.

      1. Yes, I was born May 21st/1970. The same day as all that crap went down at Kent University. I’m a seventies child. Only had black and white tv, two channels,no cable,internet(a computer was the size of a bedroom)we used antennas’ to tune in our tv channels,no such thing as a remote control, had dials on our phones, had to share our phone lines with two other houses, no second lines, and I could go on…the best part of it all, though, was that families stood together, (most) neighbors helped you without preconceived notions they were going to get something in return. Ah, the world has changed so much. Oh and 80’s Glam rock, hahaha! But thank you, that picture was taken for my skype account about three months ago. Thank you for the compliment. I confess, I come to this site because everyone boosts my ego…lol. Just kidding. I just took care of myself, never plastered my face with make up, use eyeliner, lipstick, and never liked being a tanner. If I got a tan, it was because I spent too much time in the sun. I actually find tanning disgusting, but to each his own. <3 XOXOXO- you deserve that. I was actually going through april archives today, looking for pictures of Mark…..found but one.. πŸ™ ….and saw the post where a few people were sent packing for being under 18, dj something or other. How young was that kid anyhow? I saw a girl post the other night, she couldn't spell for crap, I didn't say anything, but haven't seen her before, either she was foreign or dyslexic. What do we do if we suspect someone is underage? Report, call them out publicly or what? I kind of feel that we all are responsible to help keep this site safe from any legal issues..sooo..?!?!

        1. “What do we do if we suspect someone is underage?”

          Lisa – I’m not sure there’s anything we can do if we can’t prove it to Mark. All of the underage users I’ve seen have outed themselves in some way. Like SamDJ answering Rotten Stench when he got asked his age. Other than that, maybe the gnomes work undercover in some way that us law biding Gore Citizens don’t know about. πŸ˜›

          1. Lisa – You’re welcome. It seems like most websites don’t enforce age restrictions. Best Gore does, and I’m glad for that. The community here would be a nightmare if it wasn’t for Mark keeping the youngins at bay.

        2. @lisa, sorry but i love doing this… “wow! You are old enough to be my mom, shes 41, so with that being said you are surely old enough to be a g-milf!!”

          **disclaimer: i love lisa and this was not a burn, i just love messing with older people. Why? Because im young, dumb, and full of rum!!! *** disclaimer2: i am not a drinker lol***

          1. I have a 30 year old foster son. My sisters son actually. I raised him til he was seventeen, from the time I was 20. Gawsh, thank you.I look how I look, but always appreciate a compliment, I would never take any offense to a young lady saying that to me. I don’t feel old, but when you reach 42, you’ll understand. You still feel like dancing, singing,partying,getting it on, going to concerts(went to Greenday and another last year with my daughter)nothing changes…really,unless you let it. Also, you know who you are by then too. I am so not offended hun! πŸ™‚ Rather, quite complimented…

          2. @lisa, i would say my mom is definately the same way, she bought me tix to stone temple pilots, shes hung with papa roach, so ya i understand completely! I think thts why i never really get along with people my age, i am a 90’s child but i am for sure a 70’s 80’s heart!!!

          3. Lauren, I think it is really cool that you have such a great relationship with your mom. They hardly exist anymore, times have really changed, but I’ve tried my absolute best to be both a parent and friend to my kids, which, fortunately, has been a wonderful benefit. It paid off. As I said in a previous post,she considers me her best friend and tells all without a filter. Trust is a great thing.

  4. Oh, what memories this case brings back! I was 27 at the time of the O.J. nonsense. I had a new boyfriend from Germany staying with me, who happened to be a lawyer. He watched the trial every day and could not believe how absurd and circus like the American justice system was compared to that in Germany. He could not believe the jury found Simpson innocent.

    I also remember the Rodney King incident well in 1992. At that time, I was living alone in an apartment in southern California and was terrified the riots would get to our neighborhood, but they never did.

    Ahh, the good old days, where the FBI was killing innocent U.S. citizens at Ruby Ridge and Waco, before Big Brother was watching our every move here in America, and where killers could be acquitted by a “dream team.”

    Thanks for bringing back memories of my 20s. πŸ™‚

    1. Waco and Ruby ridge are just clear example that the Government are nothing but a bunch of thugs who are willing to murder masses of innocent American citizen.

      For example, the ATF thugs were trying to confiscate guns from the Waco compound. The guns weren’t illegal to have?!
      It’s like if I raided a house to confiscate bibles, and when the residents shoot at me the invader… and at the end of the confrontation I killed all the inhabitants of the building… what would that make me… a mass murderer, and that’s what Nigger lover-Kike servant Bill Clinton is, the white trash piece of filthy.

      1. True Hawk.

        It makes me sick whenever I read about the Waco incident… And the various other similar events during the early 90s…

        …And then your leaders go on about ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’ and how America is oh-so-much better then the rest of the world.

        God I hate Politicians.

        1. I think my absolute favorite statement is that from Bush, saying that “terrorists attacked on 9/11 because they were JEALOUS of our freedom.” HAHAHA! Well, Bush nipped that problem in the bud. Let’s just take away America’s freedom and terrorists won’t be jealous anymore.

        2. Ooh cheers GW! Although I think I am beginning to sound a bit like a stuck record now!

          Olive… You are absolutely right! In fact, the people of Afghanistan are far more free to determine what they do then we in the West!

          Their is no CCTV, GM food, Jury Service, High Courts, Conscription, anti-Drug laws, anti-Polygamy laws… No laws at all in many areas!

          You grow your own food… If you don’t you starve.

          You grow your own drugs.

          You carry your own weapon and fight for freedom with the Taliban.

          Whilst we in the West have a Government with ridiculous overreach into our personal lives.

          It makes me sick that our boys are out there. Fighting for the greed and power of those who would sooner see us without power or influence.

          We can’t go on like this.

          1. As you said on a previous post,crofting is the answer,we produce or trade what we need,and
            have an absolute minimum of authority over us for the common good.Have you ever read of
            Leonard Cheshire’s (VC) ideas in this field?? @ Thomas.

          2. Oddy.

            Crofting is only viable in fertile nations with VERY low and evenly spread population densities.

            Prefereably a Population density of around 100/Sq. Mile.

            As England has a Population density of well over a Thousand… It ain’t gunna happen.

            I only want crofting to be the economic model of our new BG Colony on some fertile little island in the Carribean.

            I also acknowledged that even though NO outside trade or contact is preferable… In the interests of maintaining a Healthy population. We may need to enter the Global market for Medical products.

            I am going to google him now mate.

          3. If you got rid of the illegal “minorities” and worthless dagoes,it will give you breathing space,
            and time to pick off every other worthless bastard dragging your land down,get them one
            tribe at a time,divide them up like dolpho did,the biggest hurdle you would face are the
            trendy leftest liberals……hang them first.

    2. I second that. It brought all kinds of memories back for me too. Time warp, great time warp. Thanks for the post Nicole, this one really got my memory jogging. Hehe, that doesn’t happen much anymore, but it sure is fun when it does.

  5. In 1893 Lizzie Borden was also acquitted of killing her father and her step-mother with an axe in August of 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was acquitted because at the time no one could possibly believe a woman was capable of doing such a thing. Hahaha! People didn’t have internet or in those days to show them the real world. πŸ™‚ Just as the Simpson case was called the trial of the 20th century, the Lizzie Borden case was called the crime of the 19th century. The crime scene photos of the Lizzy Borden crime scene are pretty intense and worth seeing.

    1. I love Lizzie Borden! I still have a library book about the case that I never returned, oops. There is still speculation as to whether or not she actually did it. The house is now a Bed and Breakfast. You can take a tour or stay over night, I want to stay over night.

  6. I was about 11 or 12 yrs. Old when this was going on. At the time my family and i lived in atlanta, ga. All i can remember is the intense days before “the verdict” was read. I remember how tense it was because not even a year or so after the infamous “LA RIOTS” . the LA Riots were the aftermath of the verdict read in the Rodney King trail. Which, in a nut shell, was 4-5 white cops that were found innocent after beating 1/2 to death a black man. Which was caught on video “google rodney king beating” and grab some popcorn, and brace yourself cause that n***a gets his ass beat. I believe to this day the only reason OJ walked free that day was because everyone in america was worried a guilty virdict would incite another race fuled riot situation in LA.

    black man,woman. And child

      1. Right, would have been intresting if all whites in L.A went ape shit (pun intended) and beat every black man, woman, and child to a bloody pulp just as they did after the Rodney King virdict was read. Rodney lived another 20 years and became a celeb….nicole well we have the pics above to show what happen to her πŸ™‚

          1. Yes, I am not sure, I think he fell asleep in his hot tub after having a couple of drinks or something. Neither here nor there for me, I do know he tried taking on the cops that night, even after he was tazed, which is a very very difficult thing to do, unless you have pcp or some sort of drug that raises your adrenaline. I don’t even know how people can stand pepper spray, (I’ve had that in my face, and it burns like a bitch every time you try wash your face for days after)so he had to have been on something that night. But he wound up a millionaire, so being black isn’t so bad after all, for some people…

          2. Yeah, he died like 2months ago, right?? Didnt they find his drunk ass face down in a pool?? Like i said above (he lived another 20 years) hince**lived** wink wink πŸ™‚

        1. True enough. That race card has been pulled so many times in big publicized cases it’s ridiculous. I don’t say all black people are thieves,gang-bangers,rapists,murderers and pimps, but it does seem that (especially in the US)ever since the Rodney King trial/Affirmative action(another way of saying, we have this guy/girl who’s equally qualified for this position, but we’ll hire the black dude instead, if we don’t we’ll get sued for discrimination..) I don’t care if it sounds racist, I treat everyone equally, but don’t date outside my color scheme. There are reasons for this, cultural reasons. Remember Orange Juice had the nerve to try and publicize a book called, “If I Did It”, what a colossally stupid idea, not to mention, the biggest “fuck you” to both the Brown and Goldman families. The Goldmans’ wound up with the rights to the book though, and added to the title”-Confessions of a Killer” full info on this for anyone who is interested can be found on wikipedia. He actually describes him standing in her yard. I haven’t read it yet, but a copy is online somewhere,the original.

          1. i do think he did it, but i guess i really don’t care much. every race has been guilty of major atrocities. you cant blame one person for everyone elses problems. if you didn’t get the job go get one somewhere else. if you have such issues with they way things are go do something about it. don’t waste your time complaning. it doesnt bother me, i have a career and family, and things to do. it takes to much energy for me to be bothered by everyone else’s issues.

          2. If I remember correctly, this is a forum in which to speak our opinions about certain issues/past issues, correct me if I’m wrong. I really hadn’t realized that, I don’t consider that complaining.

  7. People die all over the world, all the time! Every second of everyday.. just because she was white & rich doesn’t make this any more important to me! I personally couldn’t care less whether he did it or not! Who the fuck cares!! Really??

      1. I am being as respectful as I can here, but everyone is entitled to their opinions, hence an open conversation. As I said, no disrespect, but this case bothered a lot of people who witnessed the circus that was the OJ Simpson trial. Sorry if my “complaining” and everyone elses’ bothers you so very much…… πŸ™

        1. @lisa
          I’m going to be as respectful myself, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m not black or white, so let’s be honest, the media circus didn’t “bother” people (all I had to do was change channel or flip a page), a black guy getting off did, all I am saying is I personally could not care less if he did it or not! People are quick to say “our justice system failed” (because a black man walked).. but in all honesty are justice system in the U.S. has NEVER worked innocent people are incarcerated and put to death, guilty men walk free….So if a kick ass RB from USC.. got away with murder who cares?! I don’t, but if you do its all good to each their own… at the end of the day I’m here for the gore!

          1. JG, I guess I can see your point, when he was found not guilty, I was not inflamed about the fact that a black guy walked, I was angry that a guilty guy walked. With the overwhelming evidence, they based their decision on a wet glove, the opinion that furhman had used the N word and that houseguest, his name escapes me. But we all know a lot of the evidence, including the above video/conversation were not shown to the jury.

        2. Lisa, i dont have any beef with you. your a cool person and your entitled to your opinion. i come here for the gore and thats what i like to talk about. when i want to make a comment i have to scroll through so much hate, it gets a bit irritating. Speaking your opinion about things is different than making a speech about how your better than everyone else. im not saying you, im just venting.

    1. So hung like a horse, how many camels will you pay for me to be your slave? Or does my family have to give you goats? I’ve read some of the broads’ family’s pay the groom, in other cases the grooms family pays. Or does this require a land transaction? I need to know this. Also, do I have to go in full Berka, or will I be ok with just a standard Hijab that goes under my feet? I need to know so I can run this by my father, and brother, while I’m getting my daily whipping…..

  8. Completely guilty. Like come on the glove clearly didn’t fit cause of it being frozen so many times. He was never given a real trial in my opinion especially since the prosecutors were fucking up so much, like DNA in your pocket and you just leave there and think “eh I’ll get back to it” pure stupidity.

    1. That makes more sense than my theory, I’ve heard that leather shrinks or can be stretched when wet, these would certainly have had a lot of blood on them. I would have thought they would have been almost crusty, but they looked almost new. Who knows, certain things can make you swell too, and they knew that was coming. But the “slam dunk” was basically the race issue, I’m certain of that…

  9. Oj Is innocent, As a gay nigger myself, I believe he is honest.
    He has the face of a child on the body of an ape, Why would a ape child kill his wife and friend?
    Aren’t ape children extinct? My uncle lou was a brave ape child hunter back when it wasn’t full of those god damn pink leopard skin vest wearing kazaks.
    any way, OJ Doesn’t exist in reality, He is a living hologram powered by the H.A.A.R.P. facility in alaska.
    I have a book on this, If You are interested let me know, I will personally fist fucck you with my boot.

    1. fist fuck with a boot? how does that work, will you just stick your hand inside the boot and proceed with penetration? at least youll be safe from hot ass-goo of those eager to learn more of this interesting case

  10. I don’t know what disgusted me more about this case; OJ being acquitted, or the media circus surrounding the whole thing. Probably the media. I remember when the verdict was read everybody set aside time to watch it. Even my middle school teachers stopped class so they could tune in, and I remember sitting at my desk thinking, “Why are you making US watch this? This isn’t going to be on the math test I’m worried about flunking tomorrow…” The media had everybody so hyped up. It makes me sick, but this trial taught me to question what’s being put out there by these news organizations. That, as far as current events are concerned, you have to know what’s worth paying attention to, and what’s not.

    Even the split reactions among blacks and whites, and the outrage between the two groups towards each others opinions on it, following the verdict isn’t worth talking about. That’s the judgment that was handed down by the jurors, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. A black guy got away with murder in the court of law. It had to happen eventually. So, the American Justice System took one right between the eyes. Sucks. But this case isn’t the first time our legal system has become a laughing stock, and it certainly won’t be the last.

  11. Ah yes… one of the greatest travesties of justice in the entire United States. OJ “the Killer” Simpson, guilty by a landslide and allowed to walk simply because he was a “black celebrity” and the black populace threatened to riot if he was brought to justice. This is what liberalism has done to the US, fucked everything up beyond repair and proper functionality. I remember carrying my bullpup Mini-14 with me in my car every time I went out during that “trial”.

    1. “trial”~exactly. That was tried in the court of public opinion, not open minded people, biased people, who had already made up their minds. That whole joke of a trial was more about the dream team, marsha(that prosecutor with that big black shitstain on her face..the name eludes me)judge Lance(who’d name their kid after a medical procedure to remove a festering abscess?)Ito. It was a joke. But a jury trial, is supposed to be made up of unbiased people. That case could NOT have been tried without bias, it was publicized throughout the entire world. The only real way he could have been tried properly were if they tried him in the Land of Oz. Even a “change of venue” would not have prevented the outcome. Don’t forget the other possibility, that OJ managed to buy off bumbly the stupid cop, Fuhrman, then that retard that was staying in his guest house, and the jurors.At the time, he was still a millionaire…
      I didn’t even hardly know who he was until he killed them.

    1. Reality tv, eww. I had heard about it, but not much of a tv show. I watched jersey snore, paris hiltons bff, and couldn’t hold my lurching during one episode of american idoit tryouts. I hated even hearing about survivor, they used to talk about it during the news hour on the radio….it’s so full of shit. I can’t believe people actually watch that stuff, really….Barf.

      1. Oh and I forgot the absolutely most disgusting one of all, fear factor. I thought, hell why not. It sounds like a show about people scared of things, and then having to face their fears. No, it’s people eating prairie oysters and maggots, nasty nasty, anything for a buck(prairie oysters=bulls testicles) I think they are pretty popular out west in Alberta and maybe they aren’t that bad though….

  12. I remember this case. I was in the fourth grade and my teacher was named Mrs.Robinson. She spent our class time having us listen to a radio broadcast of the trial. When he was announced not guilty, she leapt into the air with jubilation, as other students cheered along. I even remember a fellow student saying to me, “ah ha ya’ll were wrong”. Sad.

  13. I wonder if his kids believe he killed is mother. His guilt was proven when he went on the high speed chase in his stupid white bronco.

    If he was not famous, he would have been found guilty. Then again, our justice system is so ass backwards. You have white celebs like Paris Hilton who serve 2 hours in jail and then you have black celebs like T.I. or whoever and he receives 5 years.

    Thennnnnnnnnnnnn you have bastards like Michael Vick who kills dogs and is found guilty, but the NFL turns the other cheek. The only thing this country is concerned about is money and who has the most of it.

  14. gerald ford played this shit on college. In his times, steroids were not available yet, so you could still run for president years later, instead of running from the police after killing people in a steroid fueled fit of rage

  15. Anybody who has seen a single episode of Law and Order or any of the other 800 crime shows (real or fake) should know that a crime of passion often carries brutal results. Unless this bitch had another man in the picture other than Goldman and O.J.Sip-Sum, I don’t see who else would have a reason to slice her throat so ferociously and stab her Jew boyfriend multiple times too. Besides, A hitman wouldn’t have left such a bloody mess.

    1. Well there was the store owner who came forward and said he’d sold a pair of L size gloves the same ones that were found on his property,covered in blood.And another that said they’d sold OJ a serrated hunting knife, shortly before.

    1. Wait…Firstly,the ball in your “football”is not even a ball,but some kind of an egg.Second,you rarely kick it by using the FOOT!So,how can you call it football,then?
      The “SOCCER”game lasts for 90 minutes(not that it matters,but just for the record),and the fact that it?s so difficult to score, raises tensions and makes the whole thing even more amazing, along with the joy,delight,euphoria…when/if you win!
      It?s a G-d given game.

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