Nigeria – 4 University Of Port Harcourt Students Lynched and Burned by Necklacing

Nigeria - 4 University Of Port Harcourt Students Lynched and Burned by Necklacing

Nigeria - 4 University Of Port Harcourt Students Lynched and Burned by Necklacing

You know that when there’s a video from an African country on Best Gore, the true nature of the black continent’s native inhabitants will shine in it bright and clear. In countries like Nigeria, lynching and burning by necklacing are executed by mobs without fair court proceedings. Whether victims are actually guilty of a crime is debatable – oftentimes it’s just someone accusing another of whatever and that triggers mob justice as if the most primal of their instinct could not be suppressed no matter what.

The video below is from Nigeria and shows four University Of Port Harcourt students being lynched by a mob to a point of not being able to put up any resistance to necklacing. When the video starts, all four are seen naked with car tires around their necks. The mob even stripped them off flip flops. You can tell they’d been beaten to the brink of death yet when the video starts, the beating still continues. Stick to the face at the 1:37 minute mark is particularly disturbing. No wonder they were just laying there paralyzed.

When the crowd lights their gasoline doused bodies on fire, strange cheer of surprise and satisfaction takes place. Absolutely horrific and disgraceful behavior. If I were of African descent, I’d feel seriously ashamed of my fellow Africans failing to notice that we live in the 21 century already.

The most disgraceful thing about Nigeria is that the country’s leaders are looting criminals who enjoy great respect owing to their ill gotten riches. Clearly, if you’re not one of the shady exploiters of country’s resources for your personal benefit, you’re stuck with the shit end of the stick, not even standing a chance of a fair trial when accused of crime.

The jungle justice in this video took place at Aluu Community in Rivers State, Nigeria. The oldest of the victims was 22 years of age. Nigeria is a failed state:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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177 thoughts on “Nigeria – 4 University Of Port Harcourt Students Lynched and Burned by Necklacing”

  1. Holy shit. I am completly speechless. That was so f*cking horrific and barbaric to watch. They threw huge boulders on those poor students like they were filthy cockroaches. And then they lid those tires while some of them were still alive. What a piece of plain evil, low life mob of people calling them selves human beings. I’m disgusted.

    1. Typical Nigger behavior It does not shock me that a country full of baboons would Lynch 4 fucking students…”Well they’re smoking their coke, And their kids are selling crack. Put a big slug right in their back.Well tell all your neighbors and tell all your friends,
      It’s coon hunting season, once again” LoL

          1. yeah i wanna know too….and you spelled “you’re” wrong, but that’s beside the point. it’s the fucking internet, there’s no right way to use it, people can use the internet for anything they want. and just to let you know, the world doesn’t fucking revolve around you and your thoughts, everyone has their own thought process, and they think differently than you, and they will always not share the same opinions as you do, so who the fuck are you to say that there’s a fucking right way to use this site? FUCK, everybody can say whatever the fuck they want on here, if you can’t accept that people have different opinions than you, then just fuck off

        1. Watching niggers burn is wrong? Seeing them rob you or rape white women must be ok though right? You prolly just dont come in contact with them very often, im from oakland, ca. Id have liked a full video from the beginning, but thats just me

          1. I totally agree! I’m from Alabama and we used to burn nigger churches down here and get away with it. Now, niggers get by with killing whites all the time. I hope the niggers in Africa will keep this up. Nothing like killing a disease before it spreads to the rest of the world. This vid warmed my heart….and gave me a wet tipped boner by the end of it. Burn baby burn!

      1. No, some of us are actually nice just until that point . where we detect racism – about this footage, we strongly disagree with their methods and reacted as violently as they dished out this inhumane act to these innocent students( sorry to say though: we had to act as inhumane as they did else we’d have no way to ricochet )

    2. When your raised poor ,uneducated ,and with absolutely no morals or standards and in a country with no regard for human life……That’s what you get.A bunch of savage fucking animals in a big zoo with no fucking fences. If I had to for some reason live in a shithole place like that I would definitely be carrying the biggest fucking handgun in the world. Rejects like that bunch of fucking inbred baboons would be great for target practice !

    3. …however, the other story behind this vid is that these 4 were part of a criminal group who had been terrorizing the town for a very long while, the citizens took vigilante action and this a vid of the citizens payback against the criminals.

      1. Actually Guts they were innocent students.someone who owned one of them money didn’t wanna pay when they went to collect and started shouting they were thieves.I certainly believe he knew what would happen.I’m from Nigeria and these boys were in the same school with me.I can’t watch that video,it’s barbaric and that act makes me ashamed to be a Nigerian.I’m new to Best Gore also.

    4. one thing I never get from these necklacing, why do they just sit there and let it happen to them. If I was accused of something, I know there is gonna be a lynch mob after me. I would fight for my life because I know it’s comming. Most likely I will be burn. If it goes that far, I would grab a mother fucker so he can burn to death with me! If i’m gonna burn to my death, mother fucker is coming with me. No matter how beat down you are, you will have strength to grab one when your fighting for your life.

      1. You talk like you knew sh** actually. None cares what you’d do if you were in their shoes cos you simply lack of experience in this matter. I’ve been few times on the ground beaten by more than 2, i managed to fight back only because i didn’t get what these guys did,just not enough precisely they tried to kick my head. But what can you say – all you know is life from the screen of your pc.

        1. @trev lol you think you’re the only human on the receiving you said , its a bunch of words typed on a pc. You don’t know me. I has to fight for my life from nuggets (not black people) like you. When tour fighting for your life, unbelievable strength comes out. Your probably. Just a whimp or coward and took the beating like a bitch!

  2. most of Africa is a disease ridden uncivilized dung hole, I find it hilarious how attention seeking celebrities try so hard to convince people to “help them out of famine”
    you can give them 6 trillion dollars and famine will roam rampant through out the land regardless of how much “help” they receive.

    1. “Africans failing to notice that we live in the 21 century already”
      Using the date as an arguement for something is illogical, it reminds me of some idiots who say “YOu believe in Race? Don’t you know its 2012”
      Date had nothing do with it why cite the date?

      you could argue anything with that flawed logic, “You believe rape is wrong? Don’t you know its 2012″… it cite nothing to justify or explain why something should be thought of or thought of differently.

      “Africans failing to notice that we live in the 21 century already” Yes it is the 21st century…. and the Africans will need another 50,000 years of Evolution before we even speak of civilization.

    2. It’s like a feeding a swarm of hungry pigeons. You hope that this is time when they finally get full but alas their esophagus just leads to a bottomless pit. Millions of dollars of aid and countless attempts of educating them, and for what? Ingrates just want their daily dose of violence and should be left alone.

  3. African #1: “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whats going on here!”
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      1. maybe but we are not like those people in America. Our niggers dont burn you in the street cause they would be checked real quick by the crowd. Even if they terrorized the neighborhood we dont fuckin do that… But we will shoot your ass.

          1. There is a huge amount of theories and conjecture about our origins,to blindly believe or follow one alone is perhaps unwise,whether it is “creationist” or “evolutionary” because both
            camps try to make the “facts” fit their own agenda.

    1. You believe that bullshit?
      So evolution turned us from black wide nose apes to whites yet not all people evolved like this (still lots of blackies around)?
      Even om discovery you can see other, more believable, theories.

  4. Many of the Olympic marathon (and winners) are Nigerian. I’m wondering how they survive in a shit hole country like Nigeria where people are treated like animals. Isn’t Obama from there? Or was it his father?

    1. Well my guess is, they learn to run so well so that they can get away from this shit; it’s a matter of life and death for them. So why not put their running skills to good use – from adversity to prosperity 🙂

      1. Awww! Gunkgirl you beat me to the chase! Yes the Olympic winners were the ones who got away. No training is more intense than running away from a mob hell bent on NEcklacing you. =)

      2. Exactly! They’re too fast to get in trouble. Although I don’t know if it was on here or where I read or heard about this, but apparently a Nigerian Olympic track athlete was about to get busted when he was having sex with another woman and his wife walked in and so he jumped out the window of his place in an effort to escape and died from his injuries. If someone can elucidate the facts more on this one, that would be helpful. I swear I heard about it on this site though. And he was from Nigeria.

  5. I spent a little over a week in Nigeria about 8 years ago. I was invited by government officials and visited Abuja, cross river and Lagos. The first thing that struck me was how incredibly gorgeous it was. The second was that I discovered the people looked different everywhere I went. I thought they were stunning in Abuja. I did not like Lagos, though. Very industrialized, full of rich business men from Arab countries and the most confusing male and female bathroom signs ever. It was a very eye opening trip. It mostly left me shaking my head at what a naturally breathtaking country it is, but how far they have to go to get their shit together. Lynching people certainly does nothing to move that country forward. Sooooo many problems.

  6. Nothing that the humans do upsets me anymore, which is why I’m on Bestgore. People faint at the sight of blood, which I laugh about. Humans are on a path to self destruction which I stand back from and become amused. Nothing no one can ever do about it, just a nuke can wipe our slate clean; from the rubble comes greatness.

    1. Nuclear winter…a full scale nuclear assault would be detrimental to the rest of the planet’s survival…if the overall global temperature drops just a mere 5 degrees celcius it would plunge us into a new ice age all the smoke and debris would block out the light for years…therefore biological/chemical attacks would be more practical. nerve toxins in the water supply agent orange over agricultural areas…no more subhuman shits, leaving the rest of humanity free to continue its evolution

  7. It’s true what Mark says its seems the only way to truly gain power is thru being shady and corrupt, even those who enter the political world to do good and help others lose their morality along the way and stray off their righteous path only to find themselves becoming that which they swore to rid the world of, in a strange twist the four students were probably studying so that one day they can bring change to their backwards ass country but instead their backwards ass country got to them before they could get to it.

    1. You all racist white cunts can
      suck my burrito. They behave like that cause their lack of education and money. Besides the president of the most powerful country is black, but you are stupid enough to reelect him , perhaps he is the smartest man in the US, or perhaps you are too dumb, ignorant and selfish. I know these negroes hate spics living in America, but i dont give a fuck I ju. st to ignore it and still think of them as humans, like Michael Jackson, Jordan or Bon Jones from the UFC. I come to BG because it’s entertaining and a way to learn English since I live in Mexico I also like to read many of the comments from very smart people, despiite some of them are racist and hate us spics , negroes , chinese and almost other nationalities whose skin is not white.

  8. I watched in interesting documentary the other day about Africa, I think it was Kenya where their belief in witches and witchcraft is somewhat concerning. 5 women were beating then burned for being apparent witches one as old as 63. They also kill albino’s for their body parts to make potions when searching for gold etc. They use the bone and a whole body can sell for ?2000, when an albino dies the family have them buried in concrete so the bastards can’t come back in steal the body. Totally fucked up or what!!

  9. They’re killing them for writing those ridiculous scam letters I often receive via email explaining that if I jump through these elaborate hoops and pay them a few thou, that I’ll get a check for $10 million next week. They are so funny to read. I didn’t think anyone but the insane would give those letters a 2nd glance, but my ex boyfriend’s brother, who’s a clod/grunt int he air force, actually sent them $1500 before I mentioned to him that he was an idiot and getting scammed. He didn’t believe me. I wonder how much money he dumped before he finally believed me? hehe

  10. One of these monkeys would live next to your door very soon, as long as our god damn goverments let them to immigrate, certainly they will evaluate the first necklacing party chance they catch, animals are good as pets and its enough I dont want to eat at the same restaurant or watch movie at the same theater or shop athe same mall.

  11. What the fuck has this human race doing? No one deserves death, punishment, fine. We all need punishment to guide us through life. What’s the point in killing someone as a sentence of something? It won’t bring back anyone or redo the past. It’ll just temporally cause happiness, the world is just full of fucking sadist.

  12. Before we all jump on the nigger hatin’ express, chances are this was “fueled” by religious hatred between Christian and Muslim. Islamic law is being pushed hard, a country full of unemployed starving mostly uneducated civilians (term used lightly) is the perfect place for these nuttjobs to come brainwash and start civil unrest in the name of Islam. So let’s ease off the monkey bashing and focus on the real issue, organized religion. This shits happening in all the poor uneducated starving countries ripe for religious fanatics to come in and brainwash in hopes of having Islam run rampant.

    The rest of the world can not be saved. Organized “religious” hate has gone too long, spread too far, polutted too many minds. Theres no going back. I only hope the 20% (up from 15% few years back) of north Americans who are starting to realize organized religion is nothing but pollution, will continue to grow, as these are our future, our only chance of prospect. Face it, our parents failed us and their parents them and so forth by allowing religion to get to where it is. The origins of religion is a beautiful thing, and if you can live a life of peace, accept others for who they are, and never stop educating yourself, then god bless. Then there’s this video.

  13. As with other videos showing the brutality of man over man. Makes me wonder if anyone has ever heard “Love your neighbour as yourself.”? What gets me even more is that this act is done enough that a terminology such as “necklacing” is actually needed to describe the act. Kudos to those who could watch these videos. Just seeing the stills and reading the descriptions are enough for me.

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