Nigerian Man Kills Cousin with Brick in Pretoria, South Africa

Nigerian Man Kills Cousin with Brick in Pretoria, South Africa

Nigerian Man Kills Cousin with Brick in Pretoria, South Africa

At around 7:30 on Monday, February 10, 2020, two Nigerian men living in South Africa got into an argument on a street. The argument progressed into a fight and ended with one of them throwing a brick to the other’s head and pushing him to the ground.

The incident happened at Kempton Park in Pretoria. The Nigerians were reportedly cousins identified only as Batista and Ide. The latter was taken to Arwyp Hospital where he died shortly after being admitted.

A statement by Ben Okoli – the President of the Nigeria Citizens Association South Africa (NICASA) said the following in a statement regarding the incident:

NICASA has received information from our ward leader in Kempton Park, where two Nigerians engaged in a fight that led to the death of one of them. The two Nigerians are related, from Orlu Senatorial zone of Imo State. Our preliminary investigation revealed that the Nigerians, one known as Batista and the other as Ide, got into fisticuffs over disagreements on some money to be paid to a creditor.

While the Nigerians fought each other, the police watched without getting involved.

Best Gore member @african-angel explains:

You can hear people shouting in the video “Big Boy”! Big Boys are gang leaders of organised crime in South Africa headed by Nigerians who are involved in almost 60% of crimes. They are exchanging brawls in the full view of police officers and residents.

It’s like South Africans are fed up with them, no wonder no one gives a fuck. Even the Nigerian High Commissioner in South Africa knows about their illicit activities. Crimes they are involved in include drug offenses and internet scams. Over 6,000 Nigerians residing in South Africa were under investigations. Nigerian are fond of killing each other in South Africa.

Many thanks for the video and insider thoughts, @african-angel:

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  1. pretty ballsy, that little guy towards the end of the video starting swinging on the dude that threw the rock.

    seems like the larger fella in the white that ended up getting his skulled cracked witha brick must have been the one affiliated

    seems to me that the injury from the brick could have been stabilized, if the man was a known gang member the people at the hospital probably just allowed the injury to worsen and take his life

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