Nighttime Ambush Destroys a Group of Rebels in Adra, Syria

Nighttime Ambush Destroys a Group of Rebels in Adra, Syria

Group of rebels making a nighttime pass through the town of Adra was ambushed by the Syrian Arab Army and targeted with an unidentified explosive device. The video shows both the moment of explosion and the aftermath.

The thermal imagery video appears to show a large group of people, possibly as many as fifty, walking along a fence behind some hills when a sudden explosion occurred. The video then continues with images of eight or nine bodies along with line up uniforms, guns and ammo.

At one point a close up of a logo on the uniform is shown. In Arabic, the logo says Jaish al-Islam, which translates into Army of Islam.

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  1. That’s a pretty good score of guns. Seeing the aftermath images makes me wonder how often guns pass back and forth between enemies, and how often the same guns kill opposing sides when in different hands. If only guns could tell their own war stories…

    1. Only the piece of shit Sunni Savage barbarians (SSB’s) scream and yell about Allahu Akbar when they savagely behead someone. They are the ones that are dead here.

      The Syrian army however are not SSB scum, they are Shiites, and don’t cut people’s heads off or yell Allahu Akbar.

  2. I’m not sure the second half of the video is the same incident. An explosion that big surely would have taken a few limbs off. And a few of the victims seem to be leaking from the head, suggesting they may be execution victims? I don’t know, just a thought

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    1. I was thinking the same thing.
      They would have of course been ruffled about with after the explosion, to search for ammo and weapons etc.
      But nonetheless where are the torn limbs and intestines flayed about?
      Nb. The jacket with the insignia could have been been placed there quite conveniently.
      Also the damage to the ground and walls isn’t consistent with an explosion.
      I thought some weird frame change occurred right as the explosion happened. But maybe that’s the camera adjusting to the sudden bright light.
      What do you guys think?

    2. It almost looked like a video game, the way all those guys were killed in one millisecond, and the way those weapons and ammo were neatly organized in the second millisecond to be collected. It’s almost surrealistic because there’s no gap between the explosion and the corpses laying on the ground. The corpses were also looking undamaged, which would make sense for any video game.

  3. Fuck these guys, they’ve destroyed their once beautiful country. Fucking extremists. Can’t believe Syria was so peaceful just before 2011 with no war, good economy, then these Islamic bastards popped out of nowhere.

      1. If hitler had finished his job, their would be no Jews, in Palestine. The Palestinians would have had their land, and the other arab country would have no enemy’s. The Middle East would not have all these wars if hitler just killed the pigs.

  4. I used to like paying taxes. Now it makes me sick to my stomach every time I see my pay-stub.

    Our government must hate their own country. They are trying to destroy it from the inside. 18 Trillion in debt, and still funding terrorism! YAY!

    1. @ThaDRIP

      That 18 Trillion debt ensures that your government will always obey the creditors.

      How did your country end up in so much debt?, simple, a constantly growing population(natural growth plus immigration) means a greater burden on state infrastructure and therefore the greater need for expansion which requires borrowing money to do however with a constantly shrinking gross domestic product and a over reliance on the private sector your currency weakens as does consumerism and therefore your ability to pay your debt back.

      America is a great example to use here, America used to be an economic powerhouse and now it is a shit stained toilet with a piss poor economy, why?, because America used to be a patriotic economy.

      America used to have a massive manufacturing sector that employed the indigenous American population, they used to have a massive service sector that also employed the indigenous American population and as a result you Americans bought American products and services and this boosted your gross domestic product and consumerism and your currency was strong as a direct result of your strong economy but private enterprise got greedy, very, very greedy.

      Private enterprise sent your jobs abroad because they didn’t want to pay you a decent wage, so off went your manufacturing sector to China and off went your service sector to India, two developing countries with poor people that could be paid very little for their work plus not having to care about health and safety practices cuts red tape and saves money, not lives of course, but money.

      Fast forward a few years and now surprise, sur-fucking-prise, the strongest economies in the world belong to, you guessed it, China and India and the weakest and most financially damaged, America and most of Europe.

      My conclusion, so long as your country remains in debt to the money men you are owned by them, you do not get to administrate yourselves and you will go to war when the money men say so.

      The only way to start fixing your country is for the indigenous population to start supporting it via their purchasing power. Buy mostly indigenous goods and boycott foreign made goods, if a large enough percentage of the population did this it would create change in the supply and demand charts and this would force companies to adapt to a new indigenous based economy otherwise they would lose money and business.

      1. Interesting perspective but I see it differently.

        I think the government IS the problem….the excessive spending and welfare state created in the US is what’s ruining them. They have over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities in the form of entitlements and this dumbass Obama (as well as Republicans like George W) are spending money like drunken Marxists.

        What they need is more private sector, austerity, stop with these insane entitlements and government spending, and lower the taxes so businesses can flourish again.

  5. Staged or even fake video.

    They don’t appear to have died from an explosion powerful enough to kill all of them like that.
    Obvious Lack of crater, wall damage, all limbs and bodies oddly unshredded.

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