No Knock SWAT Raid on a House in Fort Worth, Texas Leaves Father Dead, Family Terrified

No Knock SWAT Raid on a House in Fort Worth, Texas Leaves Father Dead, Family Terrified

As I saw yet another video of a no knock drug raid on a house that resulted in death, I wondered – it would be interesting if somebody took the time to gather all the data and conducted a study on the number of lives drug raids save, compared to the number of lives they take.

Too bad there are few people who look at the whole picture. Most allow the government propaganda to indoctrinate them into believing that these SWAT teams are “saving lives”. Yet on a grander scale, despite hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars spent, access to drugs for virtually anyone is almost limitless.

That however assumes that experimenting with one’s own body and mind is crime at all, and not a violation of human rights. Nothing like letting the police state dictate what’s good for you and what’s not.

A SWAT team broke down a door of a house in Forth Worth, Texas and dealt with a middle aged, overweight, asthmatic man by deploying tasers and restricting his breathing, while yelling and pointing guns at kids over some drugs. The report mentions K2s – I find it shocking that this type of terror could be inflicted upon a family over synthetic marijuana.

It is further alarming that SWAT frequently mortally wounds people, but lets them die before paramedics arrive, solely because it’s harder for dead people to sue. America is getting as bad as Thailand whereby a person is murdered but is declared to have died of “natural causes”.

In this video, the man was tazed multiple times until his heart stopped, and there were multiple cops lying on top of his asthmatic ass, preventing him from breathing. Yet still they concluded his heart failure was a result of natural causes.

We have seen it many times at Best Gore that cops twist arms, or strangle/smother a suspect so that the person has a panic response which causes the person to struggle and attempt to writhe themselves free. It’s an automatic response to uncontrollable pain and impeding death, and cops know it. They use it to force a suspect into “resisting arrest” when in fact they are just having a panic response to the attempt on their life.

It all gets so much worse with the fact that when you’re being murdered by police state enforcers (also known as “civilian killers“), you are legally not allowed to defend yourself. Talk about complete and utter tyranny. You must always allow the cops to murder you cause if you defend yourself, you’ll be charged with attempted murder or assault on a police officer before the cops have their way with you.

And this all is merrily tolerated in our societies because we allow the media to glorify violence and portray killers as heroes. We tolerate it because we’re being systematically brainwashed to believe that the police are there to protect us, and that anyone who voices their opinion against police corruption is either an unpatriotic hippie, a conspiracy theorist, or a domestic terrorist. Mainstream media and our governments place police and military servicemen on pedestals and beat it into our minds that it is our patriotic duty to praise and respect them.

The likes of Chris Dorner and Justin Bourque are Robin Hoods of the 21st century. It’s time for the public to wake up and see who really serves and protects them.

Author: Acneska

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  1. Very well said Acneska! I couldn’t agree more. It’s such a bad situation and so very frustrating. I wish more people would login to places like BG so the truth could be read and something could finally be done about this ridiculous abuse of power that the police state continues to subject us to.

    1. well, hope you dont get me wrong since we dont pursuit the same purpose when watching best gore, but , what do you think that can be done against one of the most powerful terrorist? maybe people can be informed, but… then? what else? you just cant start a war against the US and A ( as Borat would say ) cause you know they have the weapons and all that it takes to destroy the whole insurgents, on the other hand, they wont listen the ppl since what they do makes them money, i think it takes more than be informed, the information is for free, and a lot of ppl dont care about knowing the truth as long as they win the world cup, have a job, or have something to eat, watch and drink. if ppl is not informed is cause they dont want to be informed. this is sad shit man

      1. Well,

        The more people know the more people start to realise that this is an unacceptable way of living. They might have the fire power but we have the numbers. Have you seen how much the peoples view on the police and government have changed over the last few years with the help of the internet?? Something is coming and I for one will be at the front line when it does. Even if it takes a lifetime and I’m not around anymore the revolution against the state WILL happen. Its just a matter of time.

        1. yes, ppl dont trust governments anymore, at least, the most of the people.

          i still belive this revolution should be very well planned, cause firepower can easily beat up number, just imagine how many bullets per second a machinegun can fire.

          i would love the french political punishment to be back, if you are corrupt, you get the guillotine man.

          1. Oh your government is gonna be full-on kaffir very shortly. Obongo is just the beginning. Soon you’ll wish you are one of those bad ass SWAT motherfuckers with the machine gun ….. Mark my words Yiddiot. 😉

    2. Cops are nothing but paid assassins with shiny toy badges to inflict as much agony damage for the sake of “saving lives”. Resisting arrest is all too common excuse to flex their abusive nature to fulfill their quotas and blood lust; truly sickening. It’s no wonder people despise cops and record their behavior, accountability is a joke to them and the higher ups and their bosses have no qualms fabricating shit to “clean up” their actions. There’s no such thing as a good cop, none that I’ve seen thus far.

      1. Oh bollox, he was a fat fuck and ran out of breath for trying to wrestle those super fit heroes who have just been doing their job. Should have known that this was an inevitable outcome for the path he has chosen, and AT LEAST gone for a jog now and again, perhaps less chicken wings too! Sigh, some will never learn …

        1. Did he struggle? I’m not sure that he did. The anti-citizen terrorist gang said that he struggled, but all I see him do is lay on his back with the members of the gang bending his arms back. If someone bent my arms back in a flash movement like that too I’m sure I would not just go floppy. My body would tense up due to the pain without even an attempt to resist.

          I think the terrorist organization known as the united States police force collective, has a fucking lot to answer for. Not just here in this case, but all the times they have caused the deaths of citizens when they bust into private residences.

          Just another example of the collective USA Police hating the people they are paid to ‘protect and serve’.

          Dirty corrupt scum suckers…..

          1. Right on Dutchy .

            Piggy bastards are gut less fucking cowards , hiding behind a badge and a gun . They remind me of those ISIL fucks , who hide behind a book and a gun .

            Scumbag fucks , the lot of ’em .

          2. Feeble attempt at trying to change the score, Douchy.

            The Supersized Boon Thugs in that house are the The Terrorist Gang. FACT.

            ” If someone bent my arms back in a flash movement like that too I?m sure I would not just go floppy. My body would tense up due to the pain without even an attempt to resist. ”

            I can fold my arms behind my back with ease.

            So you are saying that you are either a complete pussy or a fat flop too ?

  2. Major punishment for a minor crime. He should of been smoking meth instead, that way his paranoia would of alerted him of the presence of cops before they even got there. Go big or go home I say.

  3. …fucking cunt face pigs!!! My opinion is that people who seriously want to commit suicide should be productivevwith it: stuff you ass with explosive or even better yet walk right into a copshop wearing a bombvest and ask to talk to officers to make an assault complaintcand once you got them near ya book!!!! Blow yourself the fuck up, theyd start thinking twice about approaching anyone!

  4. fucking niggers were selling drugs???
    taser killed his nigger ass my ass…
    niggers always sue when they get caught
    this is one major reason why people do not like niggers
    because of niggerish shit like this.. fuck him
    he deserved to die.

      1. jews and niggers are always selling their asses as victims, they think society is in eternal debt for.the slavery and WWII, i say fuck thar shit man, move on.

        but the worst part of this is that the most of society buys their “im a helpless suburbian victim, if i steal is because environment and your lack of comprehension made me do it” tale.

    1. Im sorry but all you racist fucks sound stupid as fuck. Judge someone by the contents of their heart, their intentions, not their skin.

      I fucking hate everyone equally and the thought of being proud because im a certain race disgusts me, we are all human. We are all made of the same shit

      1. you know, i understand what you say,belive it or not, i dont have nothing against black ppl, but most of them act like victims or monkeys, i dont care about their skin or faces, i hate their attitude, and jews… well, my family was robbed by a jew, it was like 20,000.00 usdls. ihave my reasons to distrust them.

      2. Pyramid, What If I told you I where black, and that is a bunch fucking niggers ? The mentality comes WITH the skin color and race in MOST cases

        You however sound just as special,

        “We are all made of shit?”

        Speak for yourself you stinking CRACKer …..

        1. Didn’t the word Bigger come from slavery? So the name came from slave owners. Mostly because bite. In fact all whites called them tat until they got rights. Now a bigger is not just a black person? Now they want to stretch it as it could be any race. There was only one race for the nuggets and that was black. But now it’s Biggs and they claim it isn’t the same.

    2. One year there were two police shootings in my city. One was a black guy who was shoplifting, and punched a female security guard and tried to run over an off duty cop who unloaded his 9mm into the car killing him. The other was a white dishwasher who was in the kitchen of where he worked and wouldn’t put a knife down. Guess which one caused riots.

  5. So sick of these cuntface pigs!!!
    People who wanna kill themselves should walk into cop shops and ask to speak to a pig and when they get close enuff blow themselves up, you gonna do suicide? Be productive!!

  6. It would be easier to sympathize with him had he not been struggling or had drugs with children in the house. The jolt of having your door broke in without warning would make anyone’s heart race, the exertion of struggling plus the tasers didn’t help either. But this was a big boy. Because he wants to fight should they just leave ? Didn’t see any ground and pound going on either. If he had just complied this may not have ended this way. When that many cops show up if you have any sense go quietly and get a lawyer. There are MANY examples of police brutality but I don’t think this one is a good example.

    1. True rayf I don’t think that the brutality factor was very high in this case but did it have to be? The extensive use of tazers and sitting on an overweight mans chest who has breathing problems is in itself brutality on a different level. Agreed that he should not have drugs in the house with children in but does it give these people the right to storm in like that armed and extremely dangerous over a bit of weed? The war on drugs has cost so much of the taxpayers money and has cost so many lives and will continue to do so, but the readily availability of drugs is only a phone call away. It hasn’t solved anything. They need to look at a completely new strategy on how to deal with the so called war on drugs or things will never get better.

      1. @Judge I agree with a lot of what you said I don’t think weed should be illegal, but the simple fact is when the police say cuff up the time to argue that fact is in a courtroom not the living room of your house. His health was good enough to do and sell drugs, maybe he didn’t want to be seen as a bitch to his homies for backing up to be cuffed without a fight maybe he had to prove he was a gangster or whatever, but his health was good enough to resist. This man could have stopped at anytime but chose not to. What percentage did he contribute to his demise ?

        1. Totally agree @rayf.

          When the police want you they will take you in no matter what, and I have learnt the hard way before too. Anger can easily blind you from knowing that the only way this will end is you being arrested and taken in. Struggling will only make things worse. You said it bro, the best way to handle things is in a courtroom with a solicitor. If there’s one mistake this guy made that’s not to fight back when confronted by the police. It’s still a shame though that if we do try and protect ourselves it can end in a very very bad way.

          1. @Judge yea bro I don’t see the point of taking an ass whipping for an outcome that is all but certain, mid 40’s I don’t heal as fast as I used to. Off topic bro but I just heard we’ve “U.S.” started sending troops into Iraq, limited only 700 but we both know this is the start of some real ugliness.

          2. Really dude I haven’t caught that yet! Gonna look it up now. Oh god this will be the start of another major conflict. Be ready for lots of new material.

          1. Killing Muslims I’m okay with they are offing themselves in record numbers anyway. Free gas put me on the list. Don’t think the rest of the world will take kindly to popping mushroom clouds all over the place, personally I am against it for environmental reasons. But Grammar I don’t want to see one more of you or your buddies returned in a box, or mutilated or have your minds destroyed. A million of these muslims in my opinion is not worth one of you.

      2. Drugs is a cultural problem, we need to inform the children about the dangers of getting high, since i was a little boy i was told drugs are for assholes, my life woukd be worthless if i do drugs, and now i play death metal with and despite i have been surrounded by drug addicts a lot of times, i dont have any interest on getting high, i think education is the key, not bullets nor blood.

  7. I am indoctinated by the police state.

    I just heard that my neighbour two doors down was SWAT busted. The nephew living there was living like a gangster always in the street with 10+ other niggers etc. Police called out often. However, his ‘grand daddy’ is pretty old, partially blind and deaf and his wifr had a huge tumor removed from her head and is bed ridden. First thing I said was the old dude could have had a heart attack. He is a nice bloke. He an old type black man into his freemason stuff. Its the nephew that wants to live like a gangster. I dont know if it was ‘no knock’, but any SWAT action can cause massive stress in innocent parties.

    A year back it got really exciting when I witnessed 10 houses down a US Marshalls raid on a house and a big fat hispanic taken away. Had to look up the US Marshall service on Wikipedia to get the gist of that one.

    Both houses next door have had 3 or so police cars out for one reason or another. They always seem to park in front of my place but ive yet to take a photo of it.

    Two houses down a dude got shot in the hand whilst sat in his house – drugs related.

    Watch it on Bestgore – Experience it in Florida.

  8. My dad is a police sergeant so I have kind of neutral view on these encounters. The young guys are itching for a fight and this is what happens. Im a fire/ rescue guy for certain reasons. However I did attempt but the polygraph question about “if you were in a room of $, would you take it?” Lmfao

  9. Police force being justified or not isn’t my concern regarding this case.

    The person in question had priors, drugs on premises and children living in the house. Is this the right way to raise children?

    The guy was leach that didn’t benefit society – plus one for the cops.

  10. I had a friend tell me about when him and a group of guys were raided. And one of their friends were tazed, they kept telling the cops that he was asthmatic. Now that I see this video I think this was the incident.

    1. The only thing I can think of is to continue to spread the truth. I dont want violence, I dont want civil war. Violence will only serve to justify the rhetoric and propaganda of the media. It is through the word and through this recorded evidence people are waking up.

  11. I honestly believe that this kind of force goes hand in hand with the fear of being shot . No excuse once the cops are in the house and realise no one is armed and dangerous though . There was , a) No need to taze the guy , b) No need to get heavy with an obviously unhealthy guy .

    Just because a person is believed to have committed a crime , should’t mean that person suddenly becomes an object of hate and anger . They are arresting him yes , but they should have the perps health in mind at all times , regardless .

    1. I blame the food corporations for this. All the processed foods are loaded with sugar and refines carbs. Plus they make the shit addictive. As soon as they started opening American fast food chains in China and Japan, the people there started getting porky.

      1. Aspartame , horrible stuff . Processed foods are full of that shit , as well as synthetic colourants .
        Fresh veg and fruit is the answer . I wouldn’t eat a shitty burger from a fast food outlet if it was the last food on earth .
        There’s a reason why most Japs and chinks are slim ….. they eat well . Apart from all the creepy crawlies that Chinks eat that is , and duck foetus’ etc !
        And yeah @POZ , those fast food chains that opened there, proved positive that their food is garbage .

  12. Yep….this is murder. Hope they get paid bc they are certainly not getting anyone fired or even reprimanded for that matter-not a chance.As O.J. taught us,however,they can still be sued in civil court(its oh-so-civil at this particular level of litigation:)and huge $ damages found to be owed in exchange for the dead persons life.Not guilty…..but responsible enough to have to pay..What a beautiful system eh? So fd up. Still….wheres this sort of thing done better?fairer?We are unique for so many reasons here in America-i just dont know how we can compare our ways to other countries ways…we are gun crazy..our cops are all living in a first person shooter game all the time..trigger-happy cowboys with depraved hero complexes…theyll kill anyone at any time without being truly justified to and found to be rightous in the following investigation because they “thought”they were in mortal peril…wtf!!!They can say this ANY time!!!

    1. @nybadguy: if I am mistaken, forgive me…but haven’t you said a couple of times that you smoke some weed and enjoy getting stoned, and you have kids. Does that not mean that you have kids and drugs in the house? Or now that cannabis is legal in Amerika, does that mean it’s not a drug anymore?

      Just wondering……

      1. Dutchy marijuana is not legal in the U.S, I am going to assume that you heard the news about Colorado legalizing it at the state level. But as far as the rest of the U.S it is still illegal both on the state and federal level. The feds can still arrest you for using/selling it in Colorado if they choose to do so. Just had to clear that up so you can stay informed on what is going on here in the states.

        1. Don’t forget Washington they are legal too. Also 12 states are now exploring legislation to de-criminalize weed. One day in the not too distant future I believe it will be legal across the U.S.. What I do wonder is if it is legalized, will the people in jail for this be granted amnesty ?

      2. Your 100% right man. I do enjoy a nice fat joint. But my shit isn’t in my house. I usually take my dog for a walk n puff. I’m not perfect in any way but I’m not stupid enuff to keep shit or smoke around my kids. Even drinking I keep on a DL from them. They don’t need to see that shit and think its ok. Besides the cops aren’t going to bust your door down over a fuckin joint. That fat fuck was selling or had people selling in his house with kids. So I don’t know what your trying to say bro.

    2. He didn’t die because of his weight. Those taser’s fuck up the electrical signals that keep your heart beating. They kill skinny dudes too. It’s like when they shock you to start your heart if you have a heart attack. The same shock will stop your heart.

  13. Well even though I’m not proud to admit it, I live very close to where this took place and it did nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the are. In-fact the guy they took down was a very low level pusher on the totem pole, he was replaced that same day with another dealer to satisfy the neighborhoods need for the harder drugs. I am a user of that damn tar and it hasn’t gotten any harder to get the shit. If they are really trying to stop the flow of drugs into the U.S they need to go directly to the source, the bastards bringing it across the border. If they don’t do that they will never do any damage to the drug trade. Please don’t judge me for admitting that I use as I did so to prove a point. I am very ashamed of my bad habit…

    1. These raids rarely do anything to stop the crime. they claim “nabbing the small fish eventually leads to the big fish”. The truth is, in the rare case they do get the “big fish” another immediately takes that guys place…Maybe it’s a dramatic leap, but my standing opinion is, leave the druggies alone, (they’re only going to kill themselves, in the end) and use our tax dollars to find the murderers, rapists, and most of all the pedophiles.

    2. Don’t be ashamed for admitting your bad habit here on BG- I have been dealing with the same issue for a long time and I’m only 22…. But I have found out that there are many users/ ex users on here, so people understand. I live less than two hours away from where this happened as well.

    3. Don’t be ashamed bro. Everyone has or had some kind of habit in the past. First step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Clearly you know that you do so I think you will end up being OK man. I respect you for being honest.

  14. anyone consider the residents could have been innocent (of dealing drugs – i know everyone’s guilty of something) or pigs could have had wrong house? i realize ‘guilty before proven innocent’ is the norm but i’m shocked that so many members of this site are so quick to believe what ‘they’ say…

  15. This is absolutely unacceptable. I’ve seen so much footage of drug raids, in my hometown alone, where someone dies, before they even check to make sure they have the right apartment, etc.

    Now, I don’t wanna ruffle any feathers here, but he’s obviously morbidly obese, when you’re dealing with anyone at his weight, you have to assume they have troubles breathing. You can clearly see in the last minute of the video they are craning his neck forward at a severe angle, (and unnecessarily too, I might add) which would obviously cut off airflow.

    I wrote before of a number of drug raid fatalities here in my home town, I am supposedly living in a “peaceful” tourist area on the west coast of California, USA. However, we see it all the time, but what can we do?

    Our governments give us small voices to the opposition, which would have things like this swept under the rug, and should a community speak out against their police force/government? Obviously, the answer is a yes.

    However, coming from a family deeply woven into the military and government, I know first hand that if you speak too loudly, (as a collective, that is) Suddenly your military is not to protect you, and your rights, and a right to live, but to protect your government.

    And so shit like this is able to continue, and get away with murdering the innocent over, and over, and over again.

  16. Again I say: Until we start shooting back and/or stop being pussies and indict,prosecute and execute it will only get worse. Once they finally do get our guns its game over. Thats the first thing tyrannical dictators do is take away the ability to defend yourself.

  17. I would like to say wit due of respect ofcause

    I feel both sad and happy at the same time to live in a contry that is not ”fuckup” as US and A.

    Im from Denmark and ofcause you have ”yours” police brutality and been an asshole, now an then ever contry has that but! to killing people?..

    Where is the live to server the freepeople? as the US proudly speaks off…

    is sad to see how ”far” we in the human state.. to kill our own.
    Im freaking happy to live in my beloved Denmark where the police is not going to take their tiny 9mm from their belt and (cap’yaasss) with fue of respect. no wonder US is going down and Obama is looking for the solution across the water and to the northing contry.. BECAUSE WE KNOW how to do dis shit right 😛

    (and yes my spelling sucks, and i know but you can read it :P)

  18. I’ve never had a problem with the police. The few times I needed their help they were always there for me. And we do need them. But this story made me sick. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can or cannot put into their bodies. And to call it a natural death reaks of corruption. Its sickening the way they cover it up. Doctors do the same thing too. They just do not care. And we let them get away with it. Bunch of damned sheep. Damned stupid sheep. The so-called “war on drugs” is, again, a well planned fuck-up by those weasels in the government. Its a waste of time and money. But someone in the government’s mist is getting something from this, probably money. Its been reported that just in the USA alone more than $6 billion in drugs is brought into this country every year. They could stop the drug trade if they really wanted to, but they won’t. $6 billion every year. They are way too greedy to pass this up. And they use the people who are supposed to protect us to carry out their orders. Greedy cocksuckers. I hate the government.

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