Nonviolent White Man Tased Over 50 Times Until Death by Oklahoma Cops

Jared Lakey, Victim of Police Brutality, Pictured Second from Left with His Family

Jared Lakey, Victim of Police Brutality, Pictured Second from Left with His Family

In the picture above, Jared Lakey is second from left. The picture is of his family. He’s dead now. He was brutally murdered by Oklahoma cops. He was 28 years old.

On the night of July 4, 2019, Jared Lakey was sadistically tortured with a taser. Over the period of 9 minutes, the Wilson Police Department officers Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman tased him 53 times, and then Carter County deputy David Duggan choked the life out of him as if to ensure he doesn’t get out alive.

Throughout the ordeal, Jared Lakey was naked and unarmed. Autopsy toxicology reports confirmed that he was not under the influence of any illegal drugs.

The 11 minutes long video recently obtained by the Bryan & Terrill law firm shows Jared Lakey was not violent nor aggressive. The law firm represents the Lakey family in a federal civil rights lawsuit as well as a civil lawsuit against the city of Wilson, OK alleging the police department falsified reports, erased body cam footage, and lied to emergency medical services regarding how many times Jared Lakey was tased.

They attest that Jared had a preexisting medical condition which caused “disorientation and confusion” and that at no point was he a threat to anyone, including the police.

After 10 months long investigation during which time the cops remained on duty, Taylor and Dingman were arrested and charged with second-degree murder. But because the state has full control over who gets to be on jury, chances of conviction are next to none.

Message to bootlickers: please never stop licking boots like a loser that you are. The world needs to be cleansed of the lowlifes like you, and the surest way to achieve that is by letting cops kill you. The cops don’t discriminate and will get their rocks off on whoever is the nearest. The awake people know that and take appropriate measures. Keep licking boots and there will be disproportionately more bootlickers killed by cops than sane people, which is exactly what the world needs right now.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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135 thoughts on “Nonviolent White Man Tased Over 50 Times Until Death by Oklahoma Cops”

    1. This is why we need to defund the police. Police should not be responding to a person running down the street screaming. No fucking way. And guess what? If at some point you need some retard with a gun to show up, you can call those people

      My God listening to the audio on this makes me sick. He’s fucking begging, and calling for God. Jesus, if god was real those fucking pigs would drown in molten aluminum

      1. There is a God kiddo, he just doesn’t jump in and save the day when every Tom/dick and Harry cries out for it. God is not a God of magic tricks and fairy tales like most members of BG believe. It’s ok kid, when you die you’ll realize you are still alive and entering your original dimension where you were originally created. Keep watching – wink wink

          1. What he is trying to say is that our life is a chess game. God is watching the game, and does not intervene to move pieces around or allow one side to win over the other, because the game is irrelevant. Unfortunately for us (with exceptions) the game is all we can see.

            But God is all like, aw look, he’s upset because he lost his rook. Oh no, he’s crying because he’s going to lose. If only you could understand the game is completely and totally irrelevant in the big picture. The idea of victory or defeat is our perception of the game. The pieces are your family, friends, wealth, health. Just because they are taken off the board does not mean they have disappeared forever. But you think they have and you blame God for being cruel and taking things away from you. You ask WHY OH WHY LORD have you allowed these terrible things to happen??

            and God laughs

            Because when you stop playing the game your life doesn’t end. Just the stupid game.

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        1. @freeridesforgasmoney
          Yeah righ…
          Ask a Christian why god allows atrocities to happen every single day, in every part of the world? His answer will be:- god created the human being free to choose good or evil.He’s free to follow or not the way of god as it is taught to him in the bible etc ….. This same Christian will tells you when you go throught personnal life issues, to ask God to help you, and that and only your faith will result in his help towards the path of happiness ….. You’re probably not able to use your brain to perform critical thinking that would let you realise the contradiction in these 2 affirmations. But as christians say: The plan of god is perfect and his intelligence so much superior that it’s just impossible for us to understand. So you just need to believe in god and in his perfect plan for us, and dont try to see a logic in all that!

          Your religion and your bible are inventions created from the same who are pushing for the NWO. So instead of actively counter their shit, you do nothing but wait for Jesus to come and save us in the end times, when it will be too late for humanity to save itself….
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          1. @yandaone
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    2. I don’t understand why or how they didn’t notice this guy wasn’t 100 percent normal. But that’s beside the point. They should all suffer the same pain that they dished out at this poor fella.

    1. You mean the white man is up against another white man? It is the white man that killed this white man after all. Pretty silly to try to blame Israelis for this. But then again white people are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world.

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          1. no more brainless than the BLM idiots that really beleive that the same white people that made all the laws that put them in jail, destroyed the family institution in the black community and set them up to live in drug infested war zones actually love and care about them so much now. or that the big corporations that have slaves all over the world RIGHT NOW, actually care about the slavery that happened in this country 200 years ago. with a name like @Obama i wouldnt expect much from you

          1. the mexican cartels you see acting out violently are gang members and the assasins guild of the luciferian cabal. they do the dirty work of the illuminatti cabal. the human trafficking and ritualistic torture/homocide is tribute to satan, whether they know it or not

        1. complete savages! look at Liberia or S.Africa. its like MAD MAX meets WALKING DEAD in those countries. thats what happens when whites give up control to animals. white people are far from perfect, but id rather live the way we used to then the way they want us to in the near future

      2. copy that. i cant wait for the war to pop off so we can start elliminating all the trash. these fuckn terrorists are well armed. well have to strike 1st and fast. good thing we know where they all live. remember there are NO GOOD PIGS!

        no wonder @barackobama has no clue what hes talking about. he probably thinks BLM is really trying to help blacks… LMFAOOO!

    2. copy that. i cant wait for the war to pop off so we can start elliminating all the trash. these fuckn terrorists are well armed. well have to strike 1st and fast. good thing we know where they all live. remember there are NO GOOD PIGS!

      1. Your convictions leave much to be desired, start from the beginning and read Hegel and/or Nietsche only then will you understand the roots of your thinking. Mein Kampf was the tail end of your convictions. He was the result of these men’s ideology. It wasn’t the Jews. Hitler was angry because he was not born a jew. (in jest)

  1. You Americans sure as fuck age quickly, your 28 year olds look like most peoples 45 year olds. I personally feel and look like a 20 something compared to you yanks and yet I am getting close to twice that age.

    Anyway, the cops really had their fun on this one. Not being BLM I guess it was fair game as in no bending the knee at this one.

    White lives really don’t matter though. Only black lives do…………..when they are not being taken up by black lives matter that is.

      1. The old white man in the photo is probably 50, lol. Blacks though, they look really old. I’ve seen black 14 year olds who look 30.

        Perhaps because black people kill each other so much evolution has worked to age them quicker.

      1. Lol. In real life, not in a fantasy world the people I meet always seem surprised when they learn that I am 40. Most say I look late 20’s.

        There are some of us who look younger than our years, lol. Keanu Reeves never seems to age much for example.

        Anyhow. The same doesn’t seem to apply to you as you most definitely look like the cunt you are.

  2. Stay with me folks. I know this is long-winded.

    It’s reasonable to take this at face value.
    What I see are law enforcement officers with damn near zero training.
    And zero fucks given.
    I live in the People’s Republik of Kaliforniastan.
    Everyone can sue everyone for everything any time. It’s Hell on Earth.
    When the lawsuits fly over things like this, Law Enforcement training is revised or added to as far as procedure. What individuals choose to do later is a different matter.
    I graduated from the police academy in 1994. It was 10 months long. And I had an AA in Criminal Justice. That was after 4 years in the Army and combat in Iraq/Kuwait.
    I mention combat because breaking and killing was no longer a mystery to me. I wasn’t seeking a career to look for gun fights.
    I was a graduated 5th in my class, was level headed, certified by POST standards.
    That was not enough to get hired since I wasn’t flavor of the month.
    I wasn’t a non-binary LGBTQXY paraplegic black midget mulsim that spoke Vietnamese.
    They don’t like white Alpha males in CA.
    Here, you are trained that you are responsible for the well-being of a person you detain or arrest.
    Even though many people are oxygen thieves, they should not lose their lives over stupid things like shoplifting, being drunk or high or being an asshole.
    The litmus test for the use of deadly force is this: you are afraid for your life or the life of another. You use that force which is necessary to stop the act. You act on that fear alone. When the threat is gone, you stop using force.
    The aggressor must also have the current ability, proximity and coupled with an imminent threat.
    In this case, we see a guy that is incoherent and just wandering around. With only that info to go on, it’s similar to a person who has Alzheimer’s or dementia and escaped from the local care home.
    The role of the public safety officer in this event is to prevent or reduce the chance of harm to the person and those around him. If that means standing around for a few hours and waiting for enough people to get the job done then so be it. Isolate and contain while trying to figure out a solution.

  3. I have been saying this for several years now.. way more than half of all the police are war veterans.. how many years has the U.S. been in a war? These cops have ‘zero’ human compassion.. they’re killing machines.. fuck this shit.. monsters! I wish I could repost this to social media and make it go viral.. I never heard about this on mainstream media..

    1. I agree with your statement.
      Veterans gravitate towards law enforcement.
      It’s transitioning from military to para-military and offers adrenaline.
      I wanted to be a police officer since I was a kid.
      I am also a combat vet. I fought in 13 battles in Iraq and Kuwait.
      After graduating from the Academy (see above) there were no jobs for white males.
      So I switched gears and became an IT engineer.
      Which is good. Because I would have shot someone the first week on the job.
      And you can’t do your job anymore. And you get thrown under the bus like Darren Wilson.
      And now there are a shit ton of people that need to be shot. ANTIFA and BLM terrorists to start.

        1. I’m on the phone every day with “Bob” from India.
          Sometimes it’s “Jennifer.”
          A shit ton of programmers are Indian and Asian.
          I fix hardware and configure shit. I hated programming.
          I make decent money. I work for the gubment.

    2. Killing their own for what? To realize later that now they’re going down for murder because they took the dick of whatever cult they got into? What’s the catch? They murder one of their own then get to fuck a kidnapped underage girl on the weekend? What the fuck is itvthat makes people so fucking stupid?

  4. “Dispatch.”
    “Go ahead.”
    “I wanna go to hell tonight. Can you help me get there?”
    “Copy. You just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll make sure you get there.”
    “Standing by.”

  5. Screw the cops the majority here not all of them in Los Angeles, CA the cops think their the shit but when it’s one on one hand to hand combat they get scared and their always afraid and when they respond they give you attitude. If your a tourist visiting Los Angeles becareful with LAPD because they will shoot you if they feel threatened and claim that you might have had a weapon. They got defunded so no more overtime for them they are going quit or retire or leave we are on our own that’s why all of us are buying alot of guns and ammo to protect ourselves because crime is going to go up and the police will no longer respond that much GL everyone stay safe. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s so nuts that the ones that are supposed to be the shit were so shitty that they literally lost all their shit. Although I must say having lived in Cali for half my life, I am fully aware of the potential for the police state down there. I suppose it’s better this way because at least now, the crooks don’t have liscences to kill and must play by the same rules as everyone else.

  6. I’ve been fucking around on this site for years and never felt the need to create an account or be known in any way. This video is so fucked it’s cutting thru the marijuana/alcohol/youdonwannakno haze I’ve got perfected. Wow.

    1. If he was black, he wouldn’t be tazed that many times, the cops would have handcuffed him right from the start, take him to jail, and then release him. Blacks get a way with murder all the time, so if Jared was black, he would have never been tazed that many times even though he would have a criminal record longer then both my arms. Going to jail and prison to a black man is like going to college. In fact, that is the college he graduates from.

  7. We must remember that by law the police are not obligated to serve and protect; and also by law, they are allowed to lie. These cops were butt hurt because Jerad wouldn’t jump up and dance for them. He wouldn’t comply with their every wish. These cops should be put up against a wall and shot.

  8. The only problem with the BG narrative on law enforcement is that it is treated as if every officer is a murderous scumbag.
    Sure, there are record numbers of crooked, sociopathic peace officers on duty these days (thanks to the Army bootcamp mentality of America’s police academies), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good officers out there, who take their job as a public servant seriously. Because there most definitely are. They just don’t make headlines doing their jobs properly.

    Really, my only point is that there are still a few decent people in uniform out there. I do believe they’re the minority (by a great amount, at that)

    1. The way that the law works, is this in most states. At least in mine, if I am present in the act of a capital crime, I am just as guilty of that crime as the “perpetrator.” Its called Guilt by association. Now if you apply that same LEGALITY to the police. Yes all of them are murderers buddy. You are not a “good person” if you show up to your friends house, he is in the middle of killing somebody, and you sit down and eat potato chips.

          1. Hey, bitch; hop in!

            You dig, best compliment ever.
            To even think I use a fake pic, it’s all me -I ain’t no retarded twat using a puppy to bring the girls to the yard, So Thanks little puddycat fag …

  9. I got pulled over the other day by some undercover “crime unit” or some shit they called themselves. They were in a black Dodge Durango. It caught me way off guard. Two cops jumped out and came up two the front Windows. They weren’t dressed like city cops. They looked more tactical in nature. The one on my side told me that I had run a stop light. I said ” I ran a stop light? He said “well you didn’t come to a complete stop, and slowly rolled through”. I was confused, and the fear had clouded my critical thinking. I just told him that I was sorry, and that I must not have been paying attention. He then asked what I was doing. I told him that I had just met my employee at the hotel he was staying at to give him some money, and he asked for a ride to the convenient store and that’s where we were heading. He asked for our ID’s and when back to his vehicle to run them. The other pig stayed with us to shoot the shit with us (interrogate us). After the cop came back with our ID’S , he asked me to step out of the vehicle and come back to vehicle to talk with him. He proceeded to tell me that my story was obviously not true, and that he has reason to believe that we were up to illegal activities. He asked to search my vehicle. I told him that my “story” was exactly what I said it was, and that I had just worked ten hours in ninety degree weather, and just wanted to get home to eat dinner. I told him that if he felt it necessary to waste my time like this even though I had done nothing wrong, that he can have at it. He Then searched my person, and pulled my employee out, and searched him as well. They sat us on the curb, and asked if there were any needles in the vehicle. I told him that he wouldn’t find ANYTHING, because neither of us even smoke weed. As he searched, he just kept telling me that he was doing this for me, and it benefited me in some way. After he didn’t find anything he let us go. As we pulled off, we looked at one another and realized that there wasn’t any light that we could have ran. They lied. I just wasn’t thinking straight because the fear had greatly diminished my critical thinking ability. They lied to me, violated my rights, and then called ME a lier. That’s how they work.

    1. Holy fuck, man. But you got out of the encounter with the pigs alive. Many people don’t, so count yourself lucky. Remember the most important thing – film everything involving the police. They will lie and try to frame you. Nobody’s gonna help you. You got to look after yourself. Your and your employees cell phone cameras need to be recording at all times when pigs are around.

      1. So true. This was a definite booster shot on police interaction. I’m planning on getting a dashcam, and an interior one to tape video and audio from inside the vehicle. I feel like a bitch for not being more assertive about them violating my rights, but not only did I want to live, I also didn’t want them to falsify some shit and give be a ticket that would have stolen my hard earned money. They violated me and I thanked them for it. Won’t happen again.

      1. Well, my employee is. When the cop took me to the back of the car, he started asking me how well I knew him and whatnot. I’m sure they thought that I picked him up so that I could take him to buy me drugs. Pathetic.

        1. Your activities that evening, from an outside perspective, could be seen as being flagitious in nature.
          Take money to a black guy in a hotel room. Yes
          Leave hotel with suspicious black guy. Yes
          Blasting nigger music up and down the street. Undoubtedly
          Still wearing antifa costume. Proudly I’m sure
          I think, at that time, you knew exactly why you had some explaining to do.

        2. Haha. Yes ,sad for you but probably a fact of life for your employee who is obviously a hard worker .Well you survived and so did he and that is important.

          People need to realise US cops are no longer friendly neighbourhood types as they once were. I’m of a generation that knew such and I have family and friends like this. Yet they will be up for retirement soon and the new crop I’ve seen are all handwringer Affirmative Action types or latent mass-shooters. Both types unfit to work for US in our society but PERFECTLY fit for the ElIte. They were chosen to put down the future riots of even white citizens happening within five to ten years.


  10. Holy shit, can we get a really slow clap for sheer ineptitude of the “cops” here? Two “men”, just standing a few feet away from another guy, prone, obviously posing no threat, and, ahem, according to, uh, …mmm…uh, police, cop, uh, training, they, uh, repeatedly tase him, without moving or doing literally anything else, while he, repeatedly poses no threat whatsoever, so according to training I guess let’s just keep looking at each other and tase him while he pleads to a god that he probably hasn’t even questioned the existence of because his name is Chad and he’s just been rock climbing and playing beer pong for thirty years but who fucking cares he’s Chad and he never hurt anyone but a few chicks at BYU and he just really liekd snowboarding and fuck off Chad rules

  11. It’s hard to watch, this wasn’t a crazy guy running at them or shooting a gun at them. How can they justify this shit. If It was up to me all 3 “police” officers would get fired and get charged with homicide.

  12. Omfg watching this made me so fucking mad. He could have been saved so many times but instead they all stand around with a finger up their arse while one of thems hitting him in the back for a responce! R.I.P sweetheart, justice will be served!

  13. How about that white privilege protecting him from harm? No? How about the media? anyone report on this? No? Oh right he’s not a black guy…. so all the liberal fucktards will just pretend this doesn’t exist.

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