Nuevo Laredo Shootout Between Drug Cartel Gunmen and Mexican Soldiers

Nuevo Laredo Shootout Between Drug Cartel Gunmen and Mexican Soldiers

These photos are from a July 16, 2010 shootout between drug cartel gunmen and Mexican soldiers in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaluipas state, Mexico – which is just across the border from Laredo, Texas. Three separate gun battles which lasted for almost 3 hours claimed the lives of 12 people – 9 drug cartel gunmen, 1 soldier and 2 civilians who were caught in crossfire. Additional 21 people were wounded.

The fact that the firefight went on for almost 3 hours would indicate that the sicarios were not willing to surrender and would rather fight even if it meant that they’d die right there, right then. But perhaps the most interesting perk to observe is that many of the slain drug cartel gunmen wore identical shoes. Could we presume that they do it to assist each other with identification of friendlies during exchanges of fire?

Also of interest could be the fact that the gunmen appeared to wear identical tactical vests (bulk acquired military supplies?) and that some of the weapons the military recovered had homemade stocks (Eric Holder and Kenyan hooked the cartels with tons of weapons, but front line soldiers are stuck with overused beaters?).

Many thanks to Best Gore member FleshyVirus for supply of lots of photos and background info on the shootout:

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  2. Good find ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like scenes from a zombie movie, especially the guy burnt to a crisp. Maybe they were wearing the jackets and sneakers to warn off the zombies, fat lot of good it did them!!!!!!

  3. When Tulio was a young fucker, Banana Republic military high school instructors worked hard to train their cadets to carefully aim and shoot without “MEJICANEO”. In BRs military jargon,”MEJICANEAR” (literally to Mexicaneate) was the act of wasting ammunition by shooting a lot and not hitting anything, often done by abusing the infamous full auto mode of the FN FAL (Chilean Army disabled the FALs full auto capability to avoid mejicaneo by its recruits) .
    Any cadet failing to control the FAL auto mode into bursts of no more than 3 shots, was quickly nicknamed El Mejicano (the mexican).
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    3) Please check out if you need a laugh:

  5. I found this-
    “Nearly two dozen people were injured in Friday’s shootouts, including numerous children who were riding in a bus shot up by the gunmen as they tried to escape, a source said.”

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