Odessa, Ukraine – Pro-Russia Protesters Burned to Death Inside Union Building by Maidan Zio Puppets

Odessa, Ukraine - Pro-Russia Protesters Burned to Death Inside Union Building by Maidan Zio Puppets

I would call it funny, if it wasn’t utterly sad that mainstream media went on a mission to picture Russia as an evil nations that stands in the way of democracy in Ukraine, but when evidence surfaces of pro Russia protesters being mercilessly killed by pro Maidan protesters, they still twist it around and call the pro Russia victims “insurgents”, while referring to actions of pro Maidan people who murdered them as “restoration of order”.

While Barack Kenyan Obama, at the obvious bidding of his string pullers threatened new, tougher sanctions against Russia, the pro Russian protesters in south Ukrainian city and the Black Sea port of Odessa were attacked by pro Maidan agents, forced under fire to retreat into a trade union building, which the Maidan agents set on fire.

At least 31 people died in the ensuing inferno – some burned to a crisp, others jumped out of windows on top floors to their deaths in a last bid to escape the merciless flames.

This blatant agenda to always picture the chosen side as holy warriors, regardless of how obvious their aggression against the opposition gets, is a slap in the face of fairness in reporting which you’d think “professional” journalists would treat as law. Must be horrifying for the victims to watch their country get sold into slavery, face oppression and aggression because you wouldn’t accept it without voicing your opposition to it and then get smeared by the media as “insurgent” who is to blame for the unrest.

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  1. I’m wondering why there was such a high death toll in the building. There were probably very poor fire safety precautions in place but I’m wondering if the deaths were largely caused by them having barricaded themselves in the building hampering escape.

    1. WM I’m wondering if they should have invested in smoke alarms, I’m wondering if the building codes Odessa call for smoke alarms? And I’m wondering when Mark Marek will return to claim his website back and return it to its former glory.

        1. the moderators and contributors are doing everything in their power to keep the site operational. they are bringing us fresh gore daily and yet i still see fucking complaints all the time.

          there is nothing wrong with the site itself, the problem is all of this nonsense. but, since only TWO people thought that “complete freedom for bullshit” might not be in the site’s best interest, we are now stuck with what everyone now complains about…my what a tangled web we weave.

          1. Dunno mate, I’m not complaining, I know there’s a lot of effort made by all involved, and I do appreciate the input and dedication to keep Best Fuckin Gore updated daily, his knows dead air space = death. I embrace change normally, maybe punk not dead, just gone to bed.

          2. @ Obli- I totally agree with you. Personally, I think that The reason more people didn’t vote for the option of more moderation was likely due to thinking such as, ” if I vote for more moderation; I am voting against free speech- something this site is an adamant supporter of…. ”
            Unfortunately, now we all end up having to deal with the nonsense that you speak of… But that’s life eh?

    1. LOL..ethnic Russians (Slavs) are only 40% of Russia. Russia is a country of mixed majority

      Putin is no different from the Zionist who control the West.
      he oppresses own people(slavs) while licking ass of the Jews.

  2. Every Ukrainian needs to turn on every Jew in that country. Get a good look at white people burned to a crisp. The Jews are responsible. Make them pay for this. If this doesn’t wake people up, then what will it take for the WHITE COWARDS to stand up for their race?

  3. Does anyone find it odd that there are still wooden doors intact, walls and other things that should of burnt? I mean if that one entire room is still intact that the guy walks by on his way out. Why didnt those people just go in that room. They must of been hit by something that ignited them quickly becuase the entire structure is intact. the fire should of consumed that whole building and those people would be nothing but ash. As with every story we are not being told everything.

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