Off Duty Cop Shoots Dead Would Be Carjacker in Recife, Brazil

Off Duty Cop Shoots Dead Would Be Carjacker in Recife, Brazil

Off Duty Cop Shoots Dead Would Be Carjacker in Recife, Brazil

An armed would-be carjacker attempted to steal a car from the driver whom he didn’t know was an off duty cop. The cop quickly responded to the carjacking with his gun and shot the criminal dead.

The incident happened in the Várzea neighborhood of Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil in the morning of October 22, 2019 at around 08:50 am local time, according to CCTV watermarks.

The suspect was identified as Marcos Laureano da Silva Filho, aged 20. Beside the body, the Police recovered a 38-caliber revolver used in the assault.

Imagine living in Brazil, where you have to be on your toes 24/7. At any moment, in any ordinary situation, someone suddenly seeks to put a gun in your face trying to rob you or worse. If you live in Brazil and are not armed 24/7 with a reliable gun which you know how to use efficiently and quickly, you are a dead man walking.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video and backinfo:

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124 thoughts on “Off Duty Cop Shoots Dead Would Be Carjacker in Recife, Brazil”

    1. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
      It Seems To Be Working Fine Now Brother. 🙂
      But Yesterday Morning I Was Getting A 522 Message from them for about an hour, or so!

      And Holy-Fuck Mark,,, **A Da-Silva?** It’s Been Years Since A Heard- O-Those Cunts,Lol.
      Are you sure his name was nor forest 😉

      1. That was a good one clownface! I hope we get to see pictures of the 39 dead niggas they found in the back of a truck in Ireland. Apparently the cops were off duty on that one too. Now that’s what I call dead nigga storage!

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      2. LOL true dat, they don’t want to work and also they don’t wanna get fucking killed, imagine wearing a uniform in that shithole, any cunt can shoot you from anywhere and then steal your gun xD

    1. You are correct. I’m moving to south america where i can be the foreigner and not watch my country being ruined by foreigners. also i have fucked many argentinian women and they like me fucking them because i pay more

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    1. It sucks, but in the USA the officer would be dragged through the mud of the unjust legal system.
      If white vs non-white, he’d be crucified. At least, the media would make sure of that.
      ‘Oh my God, but in the back?’ Screw him!

      1. Steve your absolutely right.. I see to much here of cops just doing there jobs and the niggers end up getting themselves killed trying to rob people or just be a nuisance on society. And when shit goes down the country goes after the cops claiming “there just kids they never meant to hurt no one”.. while at the time they were literally robbing someone at gun point… not to say there isn’t the cops out there that get a stiffy when they have a chance to fuck someone’s life up haha

        1. Me thinks people like Bernie Sanders (no relation to the Colonel), see that as a form of street level socialism. If you got shit- you need to share… in his mind.
          Nothing belongs to you… as Obama stated, ‘you didn’t build that.’ I’m still trying to wrap my head around that f*cking statement.
          But anyway, with a gun in his hand, all bets are off. I’d do the same- and deal with the consequences later. (Thank goodness for that video)!
          It’s been said here too often:
          ‘Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6’.

        1. I could totally see that. When I was backpacking through Europe I could see how fucking brainwashed and “leftist” everyone is there. It’s nice to visit but living there I feel I would be conflicted. I showed a few people there some pics of my Arsenal back home and they looked at me like I just strangled there dog. I will give credit to the folks out in Ukraine they don’t give a fuck they will fuck anyone up that crosses them. Can’t speak for everyone but that’s my 2cents. Guess the world as a whole is just turning into a bunch of queers.

        1. My 2 cents are based on the posting up top, and on THAT scenario only. The dude sticks a gun in a cops face, well who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy here?
          And most of what we all ‘see’ on the news is based on decisions made at the top levels of agenda-driven media.
          I think the progressives ultimate goal is to create a regional UN police force- with no ties to local communities. But that’s another topic for another day.
          BTW Everyone despises bad cops.

          1. you are saying if this happened in USA the cop would be dragged through the mud, I’m calling that bullshit. Fact is nothing would be done to the cop zero media attention. Hell even if the car thief had no gun, not much more than a little bad publicity. Cops have it easy. Most cop killings get you months if not years paid vacation. We don’t pay firefighters extra for starting fires. Guess I’ve just never seen an example of a cop being dragged through the mud that didn’t deserve it

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            You can’t get more wilful groupthink than a Flat Earther.


      1. I don’t understand what the fuck you’re talking about, but any Mexican is a cunt in my book. If i were the cop I wouldn’t even shoot him. He should’ve picked up a rock and bashed that fucking retards skull and watch his brains fall out #fuck3rdworlders.

  1. He died in the dirt of the alley way ! His mother said he had no chance, no chance! Heart breaker by The Rolling Stones .
    In other news Marcos won’t be car jacking anyone else for the foreseeable future! lol thievery has it ups and downs nigger.

  2. As the Lord our God Himself is my witness, upon the conclusion of my current business, I shall return to this place, and visit upon you an apocalypse of such terror and destruction that you will rue, RUE, the very fact of your miserable birth!!

  3. I think he got it in the heart, or aorta, which dropped him pretty quick. He may have also got one in the low back, but doubt that killed him.
    He suddenly dropped like a stone after bleeding out.
    Have you ever gone deer hunting (or for whatever critters you have down under. I remember awhile back you told me you were jerking off kangaroos or some such nonsense, that doesn’t count) and shot one in the chest, head on?


    1. Haha. No. I have never been hunting but would like to one day. My father grew up on a farm and they all had guns but came to the city. So I grew up with no hunting etc. Then the law changed so no guns allowed ,at least for city- dwellers.

      I would love to see a man jerk off a kangaroo. Their legs and nails can gut a man with one strike!

      Have you seen footage of American soldiers boxing with kangaroos here in Australia during WWII? Should be on the internet. Give it a look.
      I actually thought of the aorta but saw the wound in the kidney area and no blood on The ground from a possible stomach wound. So I suppose it entered the back and blood spilled into the abdominal cavity ,ha?

      Good call. Makes sense.

  4. In my sanctuary city of Philadelphia you get 20 years at least for shooting someone in the back regardless of what he has done. Then the dead man’s family gets millions of dollars and the shooter and his family are ruined.

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