Off Duty Military Policeman Reacts to Robbery Attempt with Fire

Off Duty Military Policeman Reacts to Robbery Attempt with Fire

CCTV video from Brazil depicts an off duty military policeman reacting to a robbery attempt by opening fire at the assailants from his weapon, allegedly sending some of them out to the black bags. Several are shown running like chicken shits that they are.

It certainly seems like in Brazil, any ordinary every day situation can quickly turn into a nightmare, because the miscreants riding around in search of someone to rob seem omnipresent.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Off Duty Military Policeman Reacts to Robbery Attempt with Fire”

  1. Nice draw. The robbers obviously didn’t plan to encounter such swift resistance. Score one for the lack of hesitation to pull the trigger.

    And I like how the “police officer” has no issues with placing innocent civilians between him and the return fire from the would-be robbers. Stellar work in the field of life preservation.

    1. That little black car was like a Mexican clown car! So many full-sized men hopped out, that I thought soon a parade of clowns was gonna start hopping out. How on earth did they all fit inside that tiny sardine can?

  2. After watching several times, cop was leaving his place hence him locking the door behind him. Car already parked looks like a friend waiting for him. Action ensues. Buddy in the car did a great job blocking potential fire with his car although Dangerous. Also; looks like the cop had to refrain from killing every single one of them. Sitting ducks in the car only saw a few muzzle blasts.

  3. That cop had prior knowledge imho, he was clearly looking down the street and opened fire almost as the car came to a stop? How could he have known they were armed robbers in an instant and in very low light.

    Still a good result.

  4. Damn. Rear right dude get’s dropped right out of the gate. I think he just stood up into a high stray bullet before he even turned 1/2 the way to the left to see what was going on. What do you say to the guy in the black car? Sir I am a police officer. I am commandeering your body as a shield. Don’t move why I fix my jam?

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