Old Corpses of People Killed a While Ago Recovered from Wells Near Idlib, Syria

Old Corpses of People Killed a While Ago Recovered from Wells Near Idlib, Syria

As war in Syria rages on (or maybe I should call it “attempted coup”), and the death count rises with new people killed every day, there are people who had been killed a while ago, but their corpses still remain to be found.

This video shows old corpses of people murdered a while ago, which were allegedly recovered from wells near Idlib, in northwestern Syria. What exactly they mean by “wells” I do not know. The corpses appear well preserved, as if mummified, obviously because they were protected from humidity which would have caused fast decomposition of flesh, instead of slow drying of it. You can see on some of these corpses that they had their throats slashed.

The hardy man with mustache speaks to the camera and I swear that he mentions “America” several times. Obviously – he and the rest of Syrians know who trains, arms and funds the killers on the loose in their country. Although America too only plays its part. The real culprit is the apartheid state occupying the Palestine.

At the end of the video, crying children are asked questions which they answer. It’s all in Arabic so I don’t know what they are saying, but can anyone blame them if they grow up hating on the west for bringing this bullshit upon them, and continuing to finance it so it keeps going on for ever. And now it’s all aggravated even more with aerial bombardment by western planes.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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    1. The well in question seems to be the encloser in the stone wall visible at certain points in the video (most visibly at the 3:46 mark). It’s indicated by the stone archway cut in to the hillside. A natural “spring” may be the better term.

      The well may now be dry, as there seemingly isn’t a hint of water to be found.

      it seems the bodies were thrown in to this stone archway, and at about the 3:50 mark, a man can be seen walking towards the camera from this stoned archway. This leads me to believe this is where the bodies were found, because why would this man be looking around back there?

      Also, I am not suggesting that the children’s parts are staged or insincere, but I did notice at the 7:47 mark, the one boy turns to walk away, seemingly too distraught to speak. The adult to his right stops him and re-directs towards the camera to encourage him to cry some more in front of the camera.

      Two of the boys seem to be related: brothers, perhaps? Two of them are wearing identical shirts.

  1. Uggghh, I had to watch this while eating a steak and bean burrito. I couldn’t help thinking how the lot of them probably stank. These fuckers smell like shit when they’re breathing, but being dead for a while probably made such a bad smell that would’ve made me go out of my head

  2. I don’t think the man is saying America. I am working on a translation of his long speech. I heard mujaheddin at the beginning, but its tough understanding the pronunciation of the guy. He is upset, and the words change a little each time. No Arabic expert, but there has to be a way to translate this and really understand what happened, or at least what he is saying happened.

    1. Hello everyone! Long time lurker on bestgore! I probably watched every video on here but who cares. Any way i can roughly translate what they are saying. The first guy “this is my brother! We have been looking for him for 20 days!” I can barely understand his dialect but he seems to be blaming America. The person opening the bag “damn, they where killed very badly.” The kid scene: “do you know who died? Kid: yes it was my sister. Guy: how old was she? Kid: she was about 16. Guy: why was she killed? Kid: i dont know.” The rest of the video isnt really worth mentioning.

        1. Thank you for translating @manowar96! I would still be interested in hearing all of it translated…it may not be worth mentioning to you but I’m going crazy. I want to understand so badly. Was Yamal or Jamal one of the kids or someone who was killed? They say it a lot, and it sounds like a name. I know a lot of them hate us, just like a lot of us hate them. But I still have compassion…not just for the kids, but for the women and the men as well.
          Idk if we are to blame…I have a hard time being an RN, and single mama, and taking care of my older, severely disabled mom…so I don’t get to learn as much about global issues and current affairs as I would like. If anyone knows please sum it up for me, I would be so grateful! I wish we could just accept that we’re different, our views and fears and morals and religion will always be different, but not try to force our views and religion on others. I’m Catholic-I hope that people on here will just accept that and not say mean things, but not a “perfect” one. I believe that whether heterosexual or homosexual, God made us all and loves us the same; I don’t get to Church often, but don’t believe that I can only be worthy or worship my God in one building. I can talk to him anywhere, and he’ll listen and be there. When I was in college for the RN, BSN program, we also were required to take a theme, which is usually three classes that you choose out of like six selections they offer that are grouped together, but the RN program is so demanding, and by far the most difficult at the University I went to, second best in all of the US! 🙂 So we only had to take two out of three…so I chose religious studies, and it opened my eyes that to all of our religions, the stories in our bibles have INCREDIBLY similar stories, and I am in no way educated in this to debate at all, I barely remember the way the stories went, much less trying to tell them and which religion told which story, but I will never forget the similarity. I am obviously open to trying to understand, and feel like I’m not here to judge anyone…not my job. But I wish more of us felt this way. Do any of you guys feel that way? Do I sound stupid and naive? I just want to remain true to myself and not judge, be kind and helpful, and try not to hate. I want my son to be the same, so far at 15 he has remained so, and I hope that he stays open, kind, and compassionate. Hope to hear more on what they’re saying. Thanks again for translating and will come back to check if there will be more. 🙂 Have a great day everyone! 😀

          1. Basically everyone is at each other’s throats just for money. This whole war was funded trained by America and of course war is such multibillion dollar business

  3. Shit that’s sad seeing the kids. It looks like the men were just villagers and as Ate said, just taken off and murdered. Small communities where everyone knows each other feel it so strongly, no one comes out unaffected.

  4. Hi I will do my best to translate the part with the kids:

    cameraman: who is this killed person
    kid1(62onshirt): my sister
    cameraman: who killed her
    kid1:Jamal that son of a bitch (or his son not too clear)
    cameraman: how old is she?
    cameraman: how old is she?
    kid1:she is 8 uh 9 years old
    cameraman: and why did he kill her?
    kid1: i don’t know
    cameraman: when did he kill her?
    kid1: i swear i don’t know
    cameraman: may god help us. But listen where did you get out from
    kid1: *unintelligible*
    cameraman: where did you get the corpse out from?
    kid1: from the well (I am assuming jib means well here)
    cameraman: so he threw it in the well?
    cameraman: god help us. She is 8 years old.
    —–second scene
    cameraman: we came to help you
    kid2(bald kid): you came to kick us out… *unintelligible*
    cameraman2: *unintelligible*
    cameraman1: why are you crying?
    oneofthekids: jamal the dog.
    cameraman1: why you crying? why you crying? talk. come here why are you crying?
    kid2: they killed my mom and dad. *then he says some more people that i couldn’t make out*
    cameraman1: who killed them?
    kid2: Jamal
    cameraman1: Jamal?
    kid2: yeah and his son
    cameraman1: may god help us. Those are innocent kids. Jamal’s gang has killed their mom, dad, and their younger sister

    *kids talking over each other* kids one says something about his mom visiting a place.

    cameraman1: god will give us justice. He will avenge their death

    kid1: the son of bitch he had enough money and left. he had millions (talking about Jamal)

  5. The man in the beginning is saying the bodies have been there for 20 days and he repeats “from God we come from and to Him we return”. The kid is saying that the person killed was his 9 year old sister and that “Jamal” was the one that killed her. Kind of confusing video but sad nonetheless.

    1. No problem. Since you guys are interested I will translate the beginning too.
      opens up with nasheed(poem song whatever you want to call it)

      Man1: hey sir this is a migrant
      man2: him?
      man1: he’s a migrant and the other one is a migrant.
      man2: look he was slaughtered
      man1: slaughtered hey? slaughtered…

      nasheed again
      1:45 over the nasheed

      man?:This is the human being. look how helpless he is. open open. (asking them to uncover the corpse)

      nasheed still going

      the main person talking is “man”
      man: America wants that, america wants that. and jamal is know to want this too and hazem too. and everyone supporting america wants this too.(he repeats each line a couple of times)

      cameraman: and “haj” why are you here
      man: I have a brother here
      cameraman: you came to look for him
      man: I came here looking for a brother of mine x2 This is what america wants x3 may god be with those who believed may god be with those martydomes may allah help the parents of the martydomes. Thanks god anyways thanks god.
      cameraman: how long ago has *curse* Jamal kidnapped him for
      man: 20 days
      man: 20 days and then we got the news (by news i think he means the death of his brother). We are to Allah and to Allah we will come back. 3x This is what america wants and this is what Saudi Arabia wants and this is what the Arab countries want (by Arab countries he is talking about Americas dogs like Saudi Arabia, he then carries on saying this is what Saudi Arabia wants and this is what Qatar wants multiple times)
      *him crying*

      5:20 a women crying and shouting and then comes the kids scene which i have already translated.

    1. Hey relax there I don’t like your misinformation. They never mention Bashar al Assad. They are angry at “Jamal”, America, and America’s dogs like saudi arabia.

      Jamal is one of the leaders of the FSA of you go on Wikipedia and look for Syrian Martyrs’ Brigade you will find his name.

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