Old Man Beaten by Young Punk in Krakow, Poland – Dies of Heart Attack

Old Man Beaten by Young Punk in Krakow, Poland - Dies of Heart Attack

Broad daylight beating that resulted in death of a 69 year old man was caught on a CCTV camera in Krakow, Poland. According to the preliminary examination, the old man died of heart attack, but autopsy results which will be available later are expected to reveal that beating directly contributed to his death.

The beating took place in front of an apartment building on Teligi Street in Krakow. 29 year old Marcin W. was trying to force his way into the apartment building, apparently looking for a man who owed him Β£30. Marcin was reportedly getting on everyone’s nerves because he kept calling each apartment’s door intercoms, demanding that they open the door for him. Meanwhile, 69 year old Marian S. came from around the block having just walked his dog and told the punk to get the fuck away from their building.

Verbal exchange soon escalated into a fight in which Marcin W. overpowered Marian S. and beat him in the head until the old man fell unconscious. One guy passed by China style, giving the passed out man on the hedge a glance but otherwise not bothering to check if he was OK before somebody from the building came out and realized the old man was in trouble. Ambulance came relatively quickly but were unable to save his life.

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105 thoughts on “Old Man Beaten by Young Punk in Krakow, Poland – Dies of Heart Attack”

  1. Beatdown starts at the 6:30 mark. I guess all those Polish jokes I heard growing up weren’t an exxageration. A whole lot of Poles without a fucking clue running around like chickens with their heads cut off in this vid. Feel bad for the dog, the only living being in this vid with any common fucking sense.

        1. You’re really gonna go there? In a country notorious for humans not even looking out for fellow humans? The dog shouldn’t even have been in that position, the owner should of left it inside. That way you have two free hands to go after the crackhead with your bat, instead of one hand on the leash like a retard. Real men fight their own fucking battles, and don’t blame their dog if they lose.

          1. he lose that battle in the worst way but your right if i had a useless dog i would have left him inside to but i have never own a shitty dog even my mini yorkie would have try to help

        2. Oh yeah the dog is the troublemaker here yes, because you only buy such a dog for protection. If it was an full grown pitbull i can see why you would not understand it, but seriously?

      1. Not at all. On Polish news webpage we can read, that punk from video is free, because najpierw musi byc przeprowadzona sekcja zwlok, aby okreslic, z jakiej przyczyny umarl… czyz to nie idiotyczne?

    1. @amnyc I totally agree.. And Yup the dog is the smartest of them all.. It broke my heart after the dog was done doing his duty and he came back to his owner & was like I’m ready to go in now. But his owner was not moving poor doggie

  2. Damn seven straight shots to the face. At that point its like punching a punching bag. Old man fell like silva last saturday. Old man went down like a solider, you could tell in his younger days he would have been a problem for the thug.

  3. Death came a-knockin’, and that old timer answered…much to his misfortune… He obviously thought he could handle that whippersnapper. I can see why that asshole would be annoying to the residents, but that old guy should have just stayed inside. Sucks…

      1. He had a stick and a dog, not saying he in anyway deserved what happened but he shouldnt have tried to be a tough guy. I get the impression he was quite a snapcase in life and all that high strungedness eventually over tocked his ticker cuz that skinny dude didnt look that strong

  4. People in ex-commie countries seem to have a certain disconnect with humanity.
    My take on this is if the average Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese (et al) person doesn’t care to help a fellow human being they probably aren’t expecting help in a similar predicament, nor should they expect it.
    Given the “anti-whitey” attitude that has exploded in this country in the past decade, I have started making a conscious effort to not be helpful to members of the subhuman species, specifically negroes, jews all gookers except Koreans, slavs and Francophones; those fucking motherfucking fuckers…

      1. Lol pavement ape is probably a white dude just tryna troll you guys. Probably saw al the nigger haters and thought hmm drama yay! haha it is funny/ with me sometimes i feel like i hate blacks but then sometime i dont. i think its just the gangsta types i hate

          1. black gangbangers arent gangsters ,they are mediocre at best or should i say worst. look at real crime empires ,like the italian mafia ,the cartels ,the russian and chinese mafia which are massive yet nobody knows about ,those are real gangsters . if a gang from la wanted you dead you can jump town yet if any of the above mentioned wanted you dead they would track you all over the world . holding a gun and talking ghetto ish might look ‘gangster’ but the real mobs are the scary fellas

  5. That was sad. I kind of thought the dog would be more concerned for his master. I caught myself looking for him, every time he wandered out of frame. “Where’s the dog?” Old guy should have had a gun, or a Tibetan Mastiff for a pet, I guess. RIP

    1. It seems like the dog was searching for someone to help, to me. But the poor mutt watched too many re-runs of Lassie. You know, Lassies barks and all the humans were like,”What’s that Lassie? DaSilva got beat up, thrown out of a window and run over by a Commie?”… But unlike Lassie, every time this poor pooch approached a human and barked, they just told it to bugger off. Hope the dog learns a valuable lesson from this.

  6. Living in a block of flats myself, I know how annoying it can be to have drunks/druggies on my intercom demanding that I open the security door so they can see someone who’s not answering them.
    The old mans anger is understandable, but at 69yo your brawling ballroom days are over, best to phone the cops and put up with it for another hour till they arrive.

  7. still, we don’t see much from Poland, do we? a couple car wrecks and this murder most recent. brazil, Chicago and china has eight of these kinds of murders per day it seems, if not more. i’d still say any city in Poland is safer than any in America, but what the fuck do I know? this is inexcusable.

    1. Did you heard of this Polish professor, I think his name was Brunon K. and he teached chemistry at the university of Krakow, that wanted to blow the Polish parlament with 4 tons of hexogen up? He said that the Polish government is led by ” foreigners = jews?” and that he studied Breivik and learned from his mistakes. He even asked his wife, a biologist, which pathogene germs are suitable for a weapon. Crazy ass motherfucker.

      1. Nie terrorysta. Znalezli tylko kozla ofiarnego, kt?ry krytykowal rzad.
        same as always, same shit in America. Obama’s rating is down, so they killed Osama Bin Laden; they want to make stricter gun laws, so all of a sudden their are spree shootings, etc…

        1. Nigdy nie myslalem ze on byl wariatem, tylko ze ktos dal jemu odpowiednie narzedzia w odpowiednim momencie. ( przepraszaj m?j nieszczesliwy polski).
          Problem-Reaction-Solution, thats what I always remember when something happens out of the blue, smells too fishy and serves the current political agenda.
          Osama for instance died in October 2001 in Saudi Arabia because of a kidney failure. Even some CIA guys visited him in his last moments and Washington knew at any time where he was, since they created his career in the Soviet-Afghan war.
          James Holmes for my knowledge wasnt even capable to commit the shootings, you could clearly see how shitfaced he was on the next day in the court.
          He was replaced by a pro, that gunned down the people for him.
          We should be somehow glad, that the ZOG in Washington works so crumby (maybe they want us to know). I?m afraid of the day when suddenly a big attack happens and everybody swallows it. (although for my part, I wouldnt believe anything what “government” announces, would i?). Maybe confusion is a part of this strategy beside fear.

  8. I noticed that the old dude was sinking into the bush as time passed. I also noticed how all those people are afraid to get within 2 feet of the guy, do they think he’s radio active or poisonous maybe…sorry ass people

  9. Come on kledus! Come on! I toss this stick between the crack a yoo ass. You gone walk over but chew gone limp back. My dog gone getcha! … Old man stepped up and got fucked up. Should not have came out all HAM with a stick and dog like he was going to do something.

  10. I don’t get all these people hating on the dog. The dog’s fucking scared, you would be too going up against something 10x your size. Its not a pitbull or mastiff. What about all the braindead humans in the clip that didn’t do shit? Humans suck, dogs rule!

  11. it looked like to me that the old guy came out to shoo off the crackhead cos he was bothering the old lady with a cane then the crackhead went apeshit on his ass

    he certainly dropped like a dead weight…he must of had a massive heart attack

  12. it looked to me like the crackhead was probably not thinking about beating the old boy initially…but after the old lad comes a calling, with his annoying dog yapping and old man lands a couple of hits with the stick he’s come out to dance with.. the guy probably went into red mist mode and beat him. sadly for all concerned, this old lad was in noshape to be doing these things. if there were audio, I’d wager the young lad could be heard saying, ‘ get back in, you silly old cunt’..

  13. He should have an amstaff, rotweiller or better a doberman that would bite without any sign, always choose working dogs, if you choose a shepherd dog for house, you would not expect something different and another thing he was mistaken was to keep the leash, I dont think this dog would protect but a little chance if he was free of leash.

  14. felt bad for the dog , he was never going to bite anyone , not the breed . no way was the older guy going to win this fight either . you can see hes not a fighter . my dad has just turned 60 im pretty sure he would’ve battered him (the young piece of shit).

  15. Clearly the attacker was a menace so why did it take so long for one of the residents to call the police? Also once the poor man had been discovered and the attacker clearly having left the scene why would you not engage in first aid measures? I pains me to see everyone move so slowly. Kudos to the dog I hope he went to a good home. Such a sad situation. I hope the attacker was caught and given the fullest extent of the law. Shameful.

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