Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

The video came with that stupid POW in the corner from source. I know it was cool when it appeared in a Superman movie decades ago, but it’s lame now. However, the video otherwise delivers.

It seems to be a CCTV footage from an unspecified country. What looks like an elderly man uses a shovel to brutally club a woman and a child. Another old man stands nearby and watches the carnage unfold, but does nothing to stop it. One may think he doesn’t interfere because he’s too old and frail, however upon closer look, he seems to be holding a knife in his hand. I think he was there along with the shovel guy to draw blood.

I don’t have any backinfo, but to me the blows look fatal. The child cried, but after two blows, got silenced. The last but one blow noticeably bashed her face in. I’m pretty sure the woman got her face mashed in as well. The old sack of shit was not holding back at all.

Quite infuriating. I wonder what possessed the old dude to go so ape shit on the youngsters.


Best Gore member @ricksanchezzzzzz provided backinfo:

The killed were a 6-year-old girl and her grandmother. The shovel man then committed suicide by drinking poison. The police have apprehended the knife man.

The incident happened in Baoding, not far from Beijing, China. According to the police, the girl’s father was a driver. He got involved in a car accident while driving his boss. The boss was seriously injured. So the boss’ father went to ask for compensation. It didn’t go well.

The man holdingthea shovel in the video is the boss’ father.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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      1. I heard authorities are Breaking Ground on the investigation as we speak. From what I know so far, there’s a Huge Hole in his story about his claiming self defense. From there, authorities were able to Plant Enough Dirt Against Him, to put him away for years.

        Personally, I knew his story Wouldn’t Hold Water, when your Roots are in another country.

    1. It happened in China. Wang is Ma’s hired driver. Once they had a car accident ,they were all hurt but Ma was worse.Ma’s family laid the blame on Wang and sought his compensation. But Wang’s family refused to pay.So Ma’s father and grandfather came to Wang’s house ,happened to meet his mother and daughter.Ma’s father hit them with a spade . He then poisoned himself with pesticide .Eventually ,the old women died and the little girl was badly injured.

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  1. I hope that poison was slow and painful. Maybe something off the garage shelf like insecticide or turpentine, something to induce severe nausea , projectile vomiting, diarrhea, bone breaking spasm and pain…..

  2. I Like that 70’s touch on the top left corner of the video, as it reminds me of Batman & Robin when they use to fight Especially with The Joker,, lol. BANG!!,, POW!!,, WHAM!! Ah,, The Good Old Days 🙂

    1. Ha! 🙂

      How I remember those days dre…

      My parents gave me a Robin outfit for Christmas one year. I wore it for about a week, until my balls hurt so much, they had to take it back.

      Come to find out, the pants belonged to Cat Woman.

          1. Hi dear 🙂

            Yeah i thought lets drop in and see how BG and @illegalsmile55 is doing…
            I am thriving during these strange times 😀 Job is going very nice, and still losing weight ( about 40 Kg in 1 year 😀 )

            So yeah im not complaining 🙂

            And how are you?

  3. Fucking horrendous. That’s the kind of mother fucker you make a slit in his asshole and then pull his guts out from it. On another note, these Karen type females better god damn stop confronting strangers. Their weak bodies can not back up their mouths and to make it worse, they start confrontations when they have little children, like this. Shut your mouths and keep walking. This is no longer a world where you can run your mouth, unless you are capable and willing to be violent.

  4. I mean I am not really suprised to be honest as beating women and children and feeling no empathy what so ever is just something normal in the shithole china, the title of this video shound instead be “old communist-ape kills two younger communist-apes”

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  6. So who is the bald skinny lanky dude with the knife in hand? Is he just a stand-in or the village idiot given something to hold? Do something man ! Do something!

    No wonder the Chinese gov shoots many of these cunts. The level of stupidity is unsurpassed in these villages. How these guys had a civilization I will never understand ..oh.. yes I do.. There were a few smart ones at the top and hundreds of millions of serfs who were just smart enough to dig!!!

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  7. What a stupid old cunt. He should just have stayed at home and read a book or something.
    Still, I’m glad he had the decency to take himself off the face of this world too. Good job, old fart.

  8. As heartless as it looked it was actually quite humane…
    Actually I hate to say this but that was very impressive, this man knows wtf he’s doing.
    Idk why I find this video so fucking funny, specially when the child got smacked the fuck up.

  9. Dude some countries are just getting the batman ’66 episodes.
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  10. I found this on the internet…although the article kept timing out as it was from China…
    2 days ago – 3-year-old girl and her grandma beaten with shovel in horrific … out of Hebei province has left the Chinese internet completely horrified. … the city of Baoding shows a shirtless man beating an elderly woman on the … The elderly woman died from the gruesome beating while the 3-year-old girl is in the ICU.

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