Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

Old Man Brutally Clubs Woman and Child on Head with Shovel

The video came with that stupid POW in the corner from source. I know it was cool when it appeared in a Superman movie decades ago, but it’s lame now. However, the video otherwise delivers.

It seems to be a CCTV footage from an unspecified country. What looks like an elderly man uses a shovel to brutally club a woman and a child. Another old man stands nearby and watches the carnage unfold, but does nothing to stop it. One may think he doesn’t interfere because he’s too old and frail, however upon closer look, he seems to be holding a knife in his hand. I think he was there along with the shovel guy to draw blood.

I don’t have any backinfo, but to me the blows look fatal. The child cried, but after two blows, got silenced. The last but one blow noticeably bashed her face in. I’m pretty sure the woman got her face mashed in as well. The old sack of shit was not holding back at all.

Quite infuriating. I wonder what possessed the old dude to go so ape shit on the youngsters.


Best Gore member @ricksanchezzzzzz provided backinfo:

The killed were a 6-year-old girl and her grandmother. The shovel man then committed suicide by drinking poison. The police have apprehended the knife man.

The incident happened in Baoding, not far from Beijing, China. According to the police, the girl’s father was a driver. He got involved in a car accident while driving his boss. The boss was seriously injured. So the boss’ father went to ask for compensation. It didn’t go well.

The man holdingthea shovel in the video is the boss’ father.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  1. That old man was raised by some female to be a snow flake pussy and this is the result when they don’t get their way. They look for a old ass woman and a baby to kill cause they can’t fuck anyone else up. This is one of those fuckers you tie to a seat and put sewing needles slowly in all his finger and toe nails and leave him in a field where nobody is around. Pisses me off that fucker took the pussy way out by drinking poison like the typical mangina.

  2. I know it happened at 10:00am on July 16, 2020 in China.
    The son of the killed drove someone else’s car to transport goods before three months. The car was damaged, but they had no money to pay for it, so the other party killed them. Now the two old men have been caught by Chinese police and will soon be shot.

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