Old Man Shot in the Mouth, Flip Flops Stayed On

Old Man Shot in the Mouth, Flip Flops Stayed On

Well, that’s a rare find. It must be the first time in history that we’ve seen a murder victim with both flip flops still on. It’s incredibly rare to find a victim with one flip flop still clinging on. But to see both of them on and both quite firmly seated in place – that’s even rarer than Holocaust survivors speaking the truth.

At around 6 am on Saturday June 15, 2013 an old man was shot death in Macaúba Street, Bairro Tancredo Neves, Teixeira de Freitas, state of Bahia, Brazil. 62 year old João Amaral Freitas was found about 10 meters from his vehicle with a gunshot wound in his mouth. A man living nearby overheard the gunfire, went to see what was happening and found the victim in the pool of blood.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Old Man Shot in the Mouth, Flip Flops Stayed On”

  1. A well treated pair of flip flops would never abandon their master, this old man must have truly loved those flip flops and gave them lot’s of affection and tender loving care.

    I don’t know about you but this old man and his loyal flip flops brought a tear to my eye, I do hope that this story get’s a Hollywood makeover and makes it to the Da silva screen.

      1. Or to go gay clubbing again… and to use a tin of beans properly…and who said that words dont hurt, if I knock you out with a dictonary.
        But sarcasm aside, people will never stop to be creative in shredding eachother.

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