Old Man Stabbed in the Chest During an Argument

Old Man Stabbed in the Chest During an Argument

Details are a bit sketchy about this photo. It happened just hours ago – on the morning of Tuesday April 24, 2012 near Supermercado São José in the Seridó municipality in Paraíba, Brazil. 50 year old Francisco Pinto de Mendonca stabbed 61 year old Mendes Julio Moura in the chest following an argument. What sparked an argument isn’t very clear.

Júlio Mendes worked in the city as an assistant mechanic, his killer works as a motorcycle taxi. The latter was admitted to a hospital with a knife in his back and another one in the head. He was said to be conscious but in need of intensive care. I wish there was a photo of that too.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Yeah, check this……. I hate and I mean HATE it when able bodied people park in a disabled car space and I used to have something to say about when I saw it happening.

      You can already see where this is heading right…….. Anyway, I ‘mentioned’ to a maggot that there was an able bodied car space over there (and pointed) and within a microsecond ‘it’ flew into an uncontrollable rage and started getting in my face and slapping me around the head trying to spin me some shit about her mother being disabled…….. WTF.

      Then I decided to start blocking and walking away and then she said righto you F this and C that etc……. and then ‘it’ said stay right there because I’m going to get my bros’.

      I was outta there and will be reluctant to chime in again in future……….. Fuck’n retards.

  1. Man, this guy died with a knife to the chest, and the other guy, was later admitted in ICU with one knife in his head, and one in his back – Sounds like they were playing sink the blade into the Brazilian !! Where were they at a Deli, that all these knives were just laying around ? I guess items of murder are in no short supply in Brazil … Huh?

      1. there are f**ng penguins and seawolfs in the coast here, its not like in your tropical state, the cool thing is that yo can go anyday to the beach and its sunny, in tropical and sub-tropical BRAZIL beaches are much more caribbean-like, but its often clouded and rainy….

  2. the knife stood up classis like a hollywood movie 🙂

    @Mark recently crazy shit happened some 22 year old shot his 2 year old daughter and wife with because he had economy problems he killed himself aswell, Also a Police Officer shot his 1 year old daughter and newborn daughter because he had an argument/fight with his wife the coward shot himself afterwards.

    shit like this is rare around here you never hear lil girls getting shot often i feel helpless because those girls could have been my daughters or family

    anyway i was trying to get the pictures of the crime scene but seems only authorities get a hold of those i tried looking hard for the pictures or video and nothing came out maybe i didn’t look hard enough

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