One Drug Dealer, 50 Stab Wounds

One Drug Dealer, 50 Stab Wounds

Young man known as “Lepra” was found dead in the town of Conde, state of Paraiba, Brazil with nearly 50 stab wounds. According to the Military Police, the youth was stabbed several times in the back, chest and neck with a knife. He is believed to have been involved in drug trafficking in the Conde region and reportedly participated in several robberies in the locality.

Nothing like a good old Brazilian overkill. Any involvement with drugs, whether as a user or a dealer seems to come with exceptionally short life span in Brazil. Many thanks to drccoco for the pics and story:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “One Drug Dealer, 50 Stab Wounds”

  1. 50 reasons to NOT be a drug dealer. some people have a mind like a sieve, he has a body like one. I want to use him to strain my spagetti. I … oh hell, I tried but it’s an off night for me y’all. Long live Best Gore!!!

  2. I never understand how someone can stab someone so many times. I mean, after the fifth jab, my arms would get a bit tired. I saw something on YouTube where this guy stabbed this woman 78 times. If I were him, I would have needed a couple of breaks to stretch, get some water, use the restroom, etc.

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