Open Post – Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?

Open Post - Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?

Earlier today I noticed in the list of phrases people searched for to land on the page with photos and info on Aurora Movie Theater Shooter James Eagan Holmes a phrases asking “Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?” I thought it was an interesting question and knew that the only answers which answers it irrefutably would irk the gun fanatics. And that lead me to an idea.

Since as we figured out it would be technically difficult to properly implement the separation of hijacking discussions into dedicate posts, I thought that perhaps instead we could try an exact opposite – a post dedicated to an open discussion on a topic everyone feels very strongly about and that post would be barred from hijacking. In other words – let’s have a discussion in which we would only discuss the subject matter without bringing up the Naked Pic of the Day, messed up What People Searched For to Land Here phrases, arrangement of sexual liaisons between members, and similar topics.

Let’s give it a try this one time and if it doesn’t work, we will just pretend this post never existed and never speak of it again.

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  • No Name Calling – present your opinion, but not by calling those whose opinion differs assholes or anything of sorts. It is OK to imply that you find their opinions absurd if you can back it up with arguments which clarify why you think so, but do not use foul language against fellow commenters
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In the wake of today’s massacre at the Aurora Movie Theater, today’s Open Post topic is Gun Control. As I said earlier, I was inspired to start it after I noticed that a search engine referred a person to Best Gore after they put in “Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?” in the search bar. This is my personal view on gun control – if you feel like sharing yours, please do so by adding a comment. All comments which follow the simple rules outlined above and stick to presenting one’s point of view on this particular topic without resorting to profanity will be approved whether you share the same point of view as myself or exact opposite. Present your arguments as to why you see it that way or else you may make yourself look like you’re just talking shit about topic you have no clue about. The following is strictly my opinion:

Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?

There are a million and one ways to answer this simple question and they all, but one would be speculations. There is however one and one answer only which cannot be refuted as incorrect. Why was James Eagan Holmes shooting?

He was shooting because he had a gun.

An alternative question could be: Why did Aurora movie theater goers died?

They died because James Eagan Holmes had a gun.

Bottom line, it’s only and solely because James Eagan Holmes had a gun that he was shooting and that’s also the sole reason why people at the Aurora Movie Theater died. As I mentioned earlier, any of us could pull off a million and one speculations about how he was disturbed, how everybody has seen that coming but nobody did anything, or how nobody saw that coming, how nobody listened to the guy, how he was bullied in high school, how tension kept building up in him, how society failed him, how… there plain and simple are a million and one ridiculous try hard reasons to explain the shooting yet at the end of the day, they are just speculations used to brush away the only solid, irrefutable fact – he killed those people because he had a gun.

If James Eagan Holmes did not have a gun, he would not shoot anyone. If James Eagan Holmes did not have a gun, nobody in that movie theater would have died. If James Eagan Holmes did not have a gun, we would not be having this discussion at all. It is because he had a gun that he was able to commit this heinous crime.

It pays to notice that these “massacres” are not committed by career criminals. Nor are they committed by gang members or other low lifes. They are committed by normal people who may not have as little as stolen a chocolate bar from their schoolmate in their lives. They are committed by people with whom we talk in the workplace, with whom we talk when we go to the church, with whom we talk when we go to the gym. They are seemingly valuable members of the society, involved in the community, friendly with their neighbors, diligent in school, yet to everyone who knew them’s surprise, one day they pick up a gun and pop a bullet into a head of a 3 month old kid. Why do they go from a nice neighbor to a mass murderer in a matter of days? It’s obvious – because they have access to guns.

If James Eagan Holmes could not easily lay his hands on a gun, he would have eventually gotten over himself. If it was impossible for him to legally come by a gun without much sweat, he would have to go way out of his way to try to get one on the black market and could easily give up if it turned up being more hassle than it’s worth. But with it being no hassle at all, the no frustration involved gun ownership made this part of the flip taken care of so he could concentrate on planning the strike out. He would not have gotten to that stage if he was unable to easily come by a weapon and ammunition.

One of the typical responses by gun apologists is to bring up the fact that guns can be obtained on the black market. That is an absurd excuse because you don’t see non career criminals massacring a dozen in a single flip up in countries where guns are disallowed. It only happens in countries in which guns are widely available.

Similarly absurd argument is that if no member of general public has a gun, gangsters who obtain them illegally would have unlimited power over them. Truth is – whether you look at a country with gun control laws or without, each would have their own problems with criminals. Some part of the population will simply not go about an honest life no matter what. But criminals don’t kill dozens of random people in a single sitting. This simply only happens with formerly normal people able to obtain guns legally.

The single most absurd argument, in my mind is that gun fanatics carry guns for protection. I have never met a single gun fanatic who would find courage to admit that it’s their own insecurities which drive them to carry guns and “self protection” is simply a good excuse so I don’t think anyone will at this point, but let’s call a spade a spade. Do you really need a gun for “self protection” or do you in fact need it because you demonized your own shadow and think everyone out there is out to get you? Is it really about “self protection” when you need to show off your gun to feel respected or feared?

Once again – James Eagan Holmes was not a career criminal. I see the problem in the fact that widespread gun ownership results in average people turning to guns and killing the innocents because someone stepped on their big toe and did not apologize. If they did not have guns, they’d get over themselves, but because they have guns, they turn to shooting someone instead.

James Eagan Holmes’ acquaintances described him as a reserved, non violent type. Prior to the massacre, he was just your normal American who would bring up the second amendment and any of the other absurd excuses gun fanatics use (some I outlined above) when someone suggests gun control. That’s how it all starts – just your average American adamant to have his right to carry guns uninfringed upon. Just your average American declaring that he needs the guns for self protection.

It’s not the criminals who are a threat to sane, non violent individuals. It’s the gun fanatics cause they are the ones who target random people. And a random person could be anyone – it could be me, it could be you. They all begin by proclaiming the need to protect themselves and bringing up what their forefathers fought for so government could not wage war on them. And before you know it, another group of random people dies.

There was this case with a casino which was getting a very bad rep because patrons who stayed in the hotel above often jumped out of their windows after losing money gambling. By simply putting bars on the windows, the rates of suicides were dramatically reduced. That is what I’m talking about – people often find themselves in sticky situations and carry out horrible acts just because means is available. But take the means away, and they get over themselves. It’s a simple way to avoid needless tragedies. Aurora Movie Theater Massacre was a needless tragedy because means to kill people was easily available. If it wasn’t so easy for James Holmes to come by firearms, none of the movie goers would have died.

As for myself – I have never in my life owned a gun? Why? Because I don’t intend to kill anyone. Only people who have intentions to kill own guns. Why otherwise would they own them? It’s surely not a viable fashion accessory… Though wiggers among you may disagree.

Your turn… This is an Open Post. Everyone’s invited.


I’ve read all comments posted so far and have to say I still don’t see a leg gun apologists have to stand on.

I saw some “real life examples” of crimes which were prevented by a gun owner. I can’t help but ask – how many times does something like this happen a year? A dozen times? Maybe a couple dozen times? I’m pretty sure domestic accidents in which an accidental discharge kills a family members account for more deaths a year than lives which are saved by gun pwners. That alone already negates the argument and I haven’t even taken into an account actual abuse of guns. It’s like saying that it’s fine that guns killed 10,000 people this year, because they prevented 100 from getting killed.

And I still see people bringing up that utterly absurd 2nd amendment argument which gun apologists use to claim is needed to keep the government in line. Do you really think the government with their drones, unmanned vehicles, fighter jets, tanks and whole infrastructure to carry out large scale attacks against any enemy perceives a bunch of rednecks with guns a threat? Al Qaeda earns millions of dollars in opium trades, arms dealing, possibly white meat market and who knows what else. They have massive financial resources and have training camps for their militants who themselves are brainwashed fanatics willing to die for Snackbar. Yet they can’t win against the US government. Do you really think a bunch of Hoe Does with guns, who don’t know one another would stand any chance against a highly organized, trained and equipped force?

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406 thoughts on “Open Post – Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?”

  1. I am eagerly awaiting more information about why he did this. I mean he was PhD student and it looked like he had a decent road ahead of him. Only had a single ticket on his record. Then out of no where he drops his courses and goes on this rampage? Truly makes you wonder how someone could just *snap* like that.

    1. Precisely what makes me ponder the event! Is it wrong for me to be more angry at him wasting potential? Even if being put in the circumstance of not earning the PhD, you obviously had still done extremely well in school and have a good head on your shoulders, there are always other doors. That is what makes me the most angry. People get shot all of the time though.

    2. I believe there is more to this guy than what’s being revealed. He was a neurosurgeon who had access to FULL body armor than booby trapped his apartment as if he had military training. STRANGE! This inccident will now give law officials to really police everything in America.

      1. I agree with you. I keep reading all these posts about how he appeared to be a normal PhD student and then suddenly snapped. Nobody suddenly snaps out of nowhere and mysteriously gains the knowledge necessary to booby trap is apartment with military grade explosives. I think this guy was leading a double life and he was damn good at hiding it.

      2. There isn’t enough money to police more, they spend to much keeping killers alive in prison. Where I live they cut the police force in half, now the mexicans have starting robbing houses.

    3. I believe there is more to this guy than what’s being revealed. He was a neurosurgeon who had access to FULL body armor than booby trapped his apartment as if he had military training. STRANGE! This inccident will now give law officials a reason to really police everything in America.

    4. I own guns for hunting, target shooting and clay bird shooting and yes, protection. Just because I own guns does’nt mean I intend to kill anybody!!! That’s ridiculous! However,If an intruder is threatening the life of my family or myself or placing us in imminent danger, then yes, the mother fucking will die to save my or my familys ass. Thats his choice, not mine. Also, pertaining to Holmes?, its too early to know who this kid was or what he thought. He was not an average American kid. Average American kids dont do what he did for Christ sakes! He was a mental whacko. I have read several times now that he was one of those OWS demonstrators, not a tea party member that one so-called News organization reported(ABC)…

      1. True.

        I mentioned downstairs. That myself and my family have had access to guns our whole lives.

        But we have never killed anybody with them!

        Guns have a legitimate usage… As tools and as a method of having fun!

        And to people who say that Guns are only designed to kill people… So they MUST be banned.

        Why don’t you ban Motorbikes whilst you are at it?

        I mean. Their is no point to them anymore… They are unnecessarily dangerous. We have cars!

        Truth is. People are always going to kill each other en masse. But most people with legal access to guns… Will never even think of abusing the privilege of owning one by committing crime with them.

        1. Whilst we are banning things that have the potential to be abused…

          Let us ban Cigarettes… You can kill other people with second hand smoke they tell me.

          Let us ban Alcohol… People do silly things because of the drink.

          Why don’t we just BAN EVERYTHING.

          And cut off the arms and legs of every newborn to prevent them from hurting themselves or other people in the future.

          1. We must hold on to our freedoms, especially the gun right’s, as more and more Rights are striped away from us and more and more laws put on us the closer we become Iran, If the populace looses gun rights, whats to stop our government becoming a dictatorship.

          2. phatman, holding onto your rights is all well and good, until your rights strip others of theirs. It seems to me that exerting one’s right to own a gun all too often strips others of their right to life.

          3. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, gun or no gun, ever here the saying “guns don’t kill people, I do”, to me this is happening because of over population, the more people the more crazy’s, that is common sense to me, it’s just math that everyone should see, I’ve said many things about over population a lot in the last couple days, it seams people don’t care enough to help or take responsibility for this, when the population doubles so will these shooting and or killing spree’s, guns aren’t the problem, people are, and we have no one to blame butt ourselves, well not me, since I’ve decided to be responsible and NEVER have kids.

          4. Dude that’s it, I always knew there was a reason why I suck at spelling, not because I cant remember things due to head injuries, but is the pens fault, damn I feel smarter already.

          5. They’ve already taxed cigs into the ground, along with alcohol. They tried prohibition one time too. and when it comes to babies, there’s plenty of people out there that have killed their child half born, it’s called a late term abortion, just because they, at the last moment, didn’t want the responsibility. So your post isn’t too far off of what is reality already.

        1. The Government already is ! If Americans were to review the Executive Orders, they will see they mirror Hitlers Executive Orders. People better wake up and pay attention and learn about the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODES & the STRAWMAN and I also strongly advise you ALL to clear your debts and ask your delve, WHY are PRIVATE companies buying up debts people owe and know are not gonna pay. So what’s the REAL motivation ? Hint, read the 13th amendment.

      2. Why was James shooting? Becuz he could. If he couldn’t shoot a gun,could he have killed? Of course. Guns have to be manipulated to either do evil or good. Ridiculous to believe “protecting “the masses” by police state actions would work. But coming from a Canadian point of view who’s country people are used to nanny state treatment and not being allowed to live free,I can understand such sentiment. Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety DESERVE NEITHER LIBERTY NOR SAFTEY.” Benjamin Franklin

    5. I disagree people who own guns do not intend to kill anyone. Guns are there to protect you and your loved ones. “Because he had a gun” theory I do agree with to an extent but let’s say we take away all the guns in the world. He could have just as easily walked in with a machete or knife and start stabbing people. What if he was a good knife thrower? So we take away all the knives.. Good luck with cutting your steak. Point being people have been killing each other since the beginning of man an they didn’t have guns. Guns are just a more easier way to kill someone but if he truly wanted to kill off alot of people I doubt not having access to a gun would stop him. IF we a take away everything that can be considered deadly we would have nothing left.To the people who say “we need stricter gun laws” do you think someone who would walk into a theatre and open fire would care about your gun laws? You think the criminals who have guns already care?? No that is why they are called criminals.So while your at home with no gun praising the stricter gun laws someone could be coming in and holding your family hostage who doesn’t care about the same rules. Point being if you had a gun maybe you had a chance. And I myself do not own a gun.

    6. I live in the UK and a lot less people die because of guns. People still go on rampages but with shotguns and much more rarely derrick bird etc. Because obviously in the uk it’s illegal to own almost gun types. The question why was he shooting. To the people who say he could do the same with a knife I don’t agree. If he had a knife it would be much more difficult to kill people after the first two someone would take him out and the rest would have time to flee. There will always be murderous psychoes like anders breivik or terrorists trying to hijack planes the only way to stop this is to try and control guns and explosives.

      1. Anders Breivik is Sane and a bloody hero.

        We all go on about how our nations are rotting to the core. Yet it was he who had the vision and the bottle to do something about it.

        All is fair in love and war… And we ARE at WAR.

        1. Sorry, but Anders Breivik committed a terrible crime against his own people in the name of nationalism.

          There is some slight contradiction going on when you believe you can save Norway by killing Norweigians.

          I’m not humanitarian, and thinning of the population is never a bad thing, but if you want to claim its for your country then go kill some foreigners.

    7. Holmes is a deranged lunatic, pure and simple. No further analysis is really necessary. If he was worth a damn, he would’ve engaged the cops in a gunfight and gone out in a blaze of glory! Seems like he elected to surrender. He even warned the cops about the booby traps at his apartment.

  2. I believe that just as gun fanatics are a threat to people, car fanatics are as well, or even knife fanatics. I’m not saying that guns should be considered in either of those categories though of course. Guns are definitely more lethal than either of those things I mentioned. I am saying however, that these reminders (people getting mowed over) are an ugly representation of the potential that guns/weapons retain. This potential does not represent a people or persons though, that’s rather absurd. Anyone can attain a feeling of power over people with any number of given circumstances. You just can’t very well blame it on “Gun Fanatics”. I respect your opinion though, Mark. I really do because you present some very valid, even if trite points. I’m also NOT a gun fanatic myself, I have fired one shotgun in my entire lifespan. Have a good one Mark! I love the site!

    1. Cars and knives have a primary purpose. On a large scale of things, while both cars and knives can be abused, they first and foremost provide a lot of service to people. Guns on the other hand have one sole purpose – to kill. I understand that this is one of the predefined excuses gun apologists use, but as anything else gun apologists pull off, it really is absurd.

      1. What about bows and arrows, sling shots, spears, swords, all meant to kill. Now let’s say I’m poor(which I am) and I decided to hunt a gun is a tool I could use to kill as is all the other things I listed should they be made illegal? I hardly think so. I own three guns which may or may not be legal in either case I’m gonna get my gun. It all comes down to how you use it. This website is kinda faux news right now show something in which someone miss used something and try to demonize that said thing. Now their is a great video that just hit the news of two criminals robing a store at gun point a man with a ccw pulls his gun and shoots both criminals . That is what a gun is for. If guns were not made then this wouldn’t be an issue.But we can’t put on rose colored glasses and pretend that criminals wouldn’t have guns and lawfull civvies wouldn’t either if guns were illegal. Cause we all know the truth of this world. All in all it’s a part of day to day life people die and they have been doing so since way before guns so lets back off alittle.

        1. @Spank- Bow and arrows, spears, swords, cannot be concealed like a gun can be.
          Sling shots can be concealed but they are mostly for stunning yet capable of killing but when is the last time you heard someone bringing a sling shot to a massacre?

          People do not realize that we are perfectly capable of surviving without guns. It makes me nervous about making them illegal though, as I have stated it could risk bootlegging.

          So many people carry guns and rely on them for protection they fail to realize that there are a lot more crimes involving guns than there are protecting of ones self.

          1. Hand me an ak 47 with 32 bullets and a bow with 32 arrows and I’ll kill more with the bow reusable ammo and silent. I wish the world was perfect and everyone gave everyone oral sex as a hello but that’s not reality so we must go about living as best we can.

          2. The reason why that is, is because most people don’t carry a concealed weapons permit so they dont carry guns in public, where criminals always carry guns.

          3. if one is protecting ones self, the crime does not occur.

            Read your local police blotter unless you live in, a town of 100 people, you may not be aware of how close things are happening to you, until you investigate.

        2. Widely available guns are an easy way to kill. If a person was forced to go way out of their way to gain a way to kill, they may give up in the process. When something is proven more hassle than it’s worth, people often give up and move on. If James Holmes was forced to build his own bow and arrow, he would likely not carry the attack out. Non career criminals turn into mass murderers solely because easy way to kill is available.

          1. Sure,James wasn’t a guy that woke up one day and was like today I’m gonna go out get four guns smoke grenades full body armor gas mask and kill alotta people. He probably spent at least a year on this plan. Give me a year and a reason and ill get some shit done. What about that guy that turned a tractor into a tank and fucked a whole town up. Yah he could have bought a fucking gun but where theirs a will theirs a way.

          2. as i said before what you never have you wont miss… dont have incidents like this in ireland because are not readily available…yes you can buy them on the blackmarket but by the time you arrange a meeting,tell they guy what gun you want,wait for him to go get it for you and then arrange another meeting for the actual sale it could take up to 2 weeks…by that time the mood for a massacre may have passed

            plus buying stuff on the black market almost doubles or triples the price so many cannot afford to buy one in the first place

            why are you so afraid of NOT having guns?

            almost all the problems you guys have in america we have here…gangs,robberies,burgularies etc yet we still dont have the need for guns……even the police have no n eed for guns here

          3. Pam.

            I don’t mean to embarrass you. But you say that Gun crime in Ireland is not problematic.

            The truth of the matter is. Their are still Paramilitaries in Northern Ireland (that regularly operate South of the border)… That are still, heavily armed.

            God forbid you live in the Border areas… E.g. Armagh… Around the Crossmaglen area. Is still known as Bandit country. With a sizeable presence of British forces still required to maintain law and order.

            For a guy with an English accent… It is a no go area.

            But should I find myself living in Northern Ireland. I wouldn’t feel safe at all unless I had a firearm.

            True, these are exceptional circumstances (and the PSNI IS armed).

            I will admit that firearms aren’t particularly necessary elsewhere in these Islands we call home.

            But firearms have a good use. Other than being a ‘fashion’ accessory.

            For sport and for utility reasons.

            I used to work at a farm. Where we would regularly have to cull Rats and Foxes. Unless I wanted to do it with a sharp stick… You HAVE to do it with a gun.

            Anyway. Stricter gun laws don’t necessarily mean lower gun crime. In fact. Since the Firearms Act of 1997-1998 that banned all Handguns over .22 rim fire.

            Gun crime in the UK has DOUBLED.

          4. I agree that making the process of obtaining guns more difficult in order to deter your average joe that is in a bad mood, wants to get a gun, and wants to use that gun to shoot people, will drastically decrease occurrences like this. There are people out there however, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people make this connection considering what movie he did this in, that just want to watch the world burn. You can put all the obstacles you want in front of someone who wants to own a gun, but if that individual is determined enough he will get the means to kill. Let’s say that this individual, James Holmes, was sadistic on such a level that he led a seemingly normal life just so he could easily obtain guns when the time was “right”. Now even if this isn’t the case with James, there are people like this out there and there is little that we can do to stop them. If I had it my way there wouldn’t be any guns or other tools that allow people to commit crimes like this, but the fact of the matter is, this technology exists and even if you take it away you cannot take away the knowledge of people who know how to create guns. So the reason that the rest of us need guns is to protect ourselves from the small amount of people who are abusing the gun to begin with.

          5. Guns in America are here to STAY. IF Law abiding people don’t have guns, the criminal still will have guns. People who are not America and live in countries where their Government take away their gun will never ever understand.

            Banning guns will only create a black market for guns. And only criminal will have guns, meaning you need an even Bigger police state.

            Guns, water, food, life, and family. You try to take anyway from us Americans and a revolution is at hand.

            Me think… during the Revolution, when the races separate… It will never go back to a White 1950’s America. There are too many Niggers and Mexicans. The only thing we can do during the schism, is try to secure a piece of the pie for ourselves, probably in the Northwest.
            CAlifornia and teh south western state will probably fall to the Mexican as Azland… and the Black might have a ‘New AFrica’ in the south.
            Either way, we need guns to defend our self and our children. And you don’t what to mess with White people with Guns.

          6. Hawk.

            I wouldn’t throw away hope Sir. The likely thing is… If your Congress decide to perform the Coup de Grace on your constitution.

            The most likely thing that will happen would be the Military would rise in unison along with the people to remove the scum in D.C.

            Supporters of the Government will most likely be bleeding- heart Liberals and affiliated minorities, however, you would find an awful lot of Vietnamese, Cuban and Puerto Rican Americans are as anti-Government as the most hardened American.

            I can’t see a Greater Aztlan taking place. The US is simply still too powerful. It has a lot of fight left in it. Although I suspect the tables would have turned by 2050.

            I am unsure about an all-White America. I would say it would likely be an America closer to the ’50s… Possibly even with a milder, unspoken form of segregation.

          7. @trooper
            That has always been a very convincing piece of information for me. Violent crime rates DO go up when firearms are made illegal. Gun bans only take guns away from law abiding citizens. The statistics just prove that a ban will not erase the problem.

      2. I went to work but I placed my revolver on my couch,left the door ajar and left. Before I left, I instructed my gun to go out and kill as many people as possible .Coming home that night full of intrepidation I gingerly approached my gun (who hadn’t moved an inch all day)and inquired”well,where are the victims?” It didn’t even glance my way. You see,he needed me to choose the targets and caress the trigger,because without a person(who is the killer,not the gun)it’s nothing but a hunk of inanimated steel resting on a couch,going nowhere.

  3. Anyone can have a gun and everyone has a choice as to when,where, and why they pull the trigger. The choice remains in the individuals hand, just because the gun is also in the individuals hand does not mean that the gun made the choice or any other person for that matter. It is the individuals responsibility.

    I think James E. Holmes took the movie too far. He is probably a Batman fanatic, possibly comic book junkie who decided to live a ‘dream’ he had that related to the movie. After all he told authorities that he was the Joker. He may have wanted the movie to come to life, and so he carried that plan out.

    1. Side note- It is too late to make guns illegal. Guns should have been made illegal from the start, in my opinion. If we made guns illegal now, we risk a world of bootlegging. Just as alcohol.

      1. The founders of our country made it a point to allow us to own them. Our country was never meant to be ruled by opression. But as soon as a country’s citizens have been disarmed, oppression will go unchecked.
        Ive heard people say “a government should fear its people rather than the people fearing its government.”
        Not that the opression aspect has anything to do with the shooting. Just thought id throw it out there in response to making guns illegal and why it would potentially cause problems.

        1. @Kill- I don’t think it is a good idea, at this point, to make guns illegal.

          If guns were illegal at the beginning, maybe Columbine wouldn’t have happened, maybe I would still have my friend Ross in the Virginia tech shootings, and maybe James Holmes would stay at home and jerk off to Batman comics rather than shoot up a movie theater.

          If guns were made illegal in the beginning, at least one of those incidents would cease to be.

          1. @nicole
            That jerking off to comics reference definitely brightened my night. Hahaha.
            I guess what im saying is that people will do fucked up things to other people regardless of what their weapon of choice is. My friend was waiting for a train when 4 drunk guys decided to stomp his face into the tracks and murder him in cold blood for no reason.
            Or my other friend who was stabbed at random.
            This is just a fucked up place and i for one would like to be able to say that i am capable of defending those around me when a violent situation arises.

        2. the founders of your country also had slaves……and segregation…im not trying to be an asshole but what im saying is, those dudes were wrong on alot of things….do you not think they possibly were wrong on the whole gun issue?? Times have changed..just look at the countries with legalized gun ownership and those without..its clearly in the numbers….what more proof do you need?

          1. Every time a liberal wants to destroy the constitution he brings up “times have changed…” argument. Slaves?No. not everyone owned slaves. We fought a civil war to abolish slavery. People are STILL being enslaved today in other countries. The Founding fathers were VERY SMART MEN. They took what they learned from their countries of birth and in order to dodge the same oppressions and abuses that made the establishment of a new and better country nessasary,they applied these lessons to this country. One very important right is RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The people are to maintain this right in order that the govt dosent become oppressive. Times have changed? No. They havent. Men haven’t changed and neither has governments. LEAVE OUR CONSTITUTION BE.Its worked for over 200 years. You know nothing about our country.

        3. Here is what i can say as an american. Yes we have the right to arm ourselbes should the govt try to oppress us by force again. But really, the hand gun in your dresser drawer will hardly adiquately arm you against the us military with their hitech goodies and special training (not freadily available several hundred years ago.) More of concern to us regarding keeping oppression at bay should be the legal thins like our legal rights we let slide away. Like the right to not have our govt ran under religious princeples. The right to speedy trail and legal defence. The right to have rights even if someone else lables you a terrorist. Why are these less important than having a gun- even a big gun.

          1. This sounds like that the fact that impedes the government to become into a dictatorship is that people is armed.

          2. Because a little gun in the drawer (if not known), how big or how many becomes very daunting indeed. It’s what the govt. dosent know-that’s the power. That’s why registration of all guns is fought. As for your question about why when our rights are trampled no one cares. It is that very concern ,that having a gun (so the govt dosent ignore those rights) ensures the constitution is followed and the govt dosent take those rights away and oppress us. What would stop them if not a well maintained and armed militia?

      2. I guess I should also add. What we need at this point, since, in my opinion, it is too late to make guns illegal, we need stronger gun laws. It shouldn’t be so easy to purchase a gun. You shouldn’t be able to purchase guns at Wal*Mart. Only at a secure gun store should you be able to purchase a gun. Heck why not throw in psychological testing, contracts, as many fire hoops as it takes.

        1. There are background checks that a person is subject to when purchasing a handgun. And obviously minors cannot purchase a rifle.
          It would be against the constitution to deny people’s right to purchase firearms.
          Unless you are a convicted felon and are over the age of 21 they cannot deny your right for a carriers permit. I believe people who are mentally unstable or challenged are also exempt from carrying.

          1. @Killa- No, just no. It is so easy to go out there and purchase a gun it is unreal!

            The laws are not enforced for one, and shit fuckers continue to purchase guns without even having an ID sometimes!

          2. @nichole

            Sorry but it is not all that simple. I was denied a firearm once because of a simple address issue on my ID. NM has very lax gun laws, too.

            Walmart sells sporting goods, guns are sporting goods as a hunter. All or nothing. Also, ObamaIS trying to take guns and it won’t end pretty if he gets anotherterm.

      3. Even if guns are illegal like we have in Holland if you are not a member of a shooting club, there is still a huge illegal market for it.
        You can’t ban guns out completely.
        Because as soon as it is illegal, the criminals will provide them for anyone to grab one as long as you pay.
        And be honest, if you want a gun, you get a gun, legal or illegal.
        He was well prepared, this did not just happend, it was planned.

        In Holland we had Tristan who was trigger happy and shot a lot of people before committing suicide. He had all the legal papers to have a gun since he was a member of a shooting club…
        Does that mean we need to close the shooting clubs as well?

        Somewhere down the line I think James might have experimented with drugs, he was a medical student, and loads do experiment with drugs

        On the other hand, he could be a complete psycho that has a different reality than the average person. He was the Joker after all…

        1. @Miss Shadow- I wish guns were illegal in the beginning. Meaning I don’t think guns should have just been handed out to everyone.

          If they were illegal, we wouldn’t have had a taste of guns.

          Sorry If I am starting to seem incoherent. I have given my full beliefs, I stand by them.

          1. @nicole
            Guns were illegal in for a while. Then we realized we could not protect ourselves when the british govt started to get after us for not cooperating with the rules we did not believe were just.

    2. nicole you say its the persons choice to pull the trigger……..have you ever done something out of sheer temper that you regretted an hour later…i know i have

      so say in the heat of the moment you shoot someone because your gun is there…if the gun was taken out of the equation you would have to find some other method to resolve the problem

      1. @Razor- Yes, I agree with that. Maybe I am not explaining myself because no one seems to understand me. It could be the lack of sleep and racing thoughts shooting through my mind, no pun.

        When you have a gun in your hand, you have a choice to use that gun or not. No matter how angry a person is they STILL have a choice regardless if they choose to acknowledge the decision at hand.

        Unfortunately when you are angry and have a gun on your person. The gun gives SOME people a sense of power and MOST OF THE TIME it ends in bloodshed.

        Guns should be illegal, that is my point. But, you do have to take into consideration that if you pull guns away from all these people that feel like they have to rely on guns to get by in life, guns will be bootlegged. We may hear more about gun violence if that were to happen.

        Now, let me say a quick prayer that I have made sense of myself.

        OK. Hopefully that worked. Damnit I need fucking sleep!

        If I had a gun, I would definitely go to sleep and not have to worry about these fucking nightmare/terrors I so childishly have to put up with.

        I wouldn’t dare own a gun. I would never dare it for the fucking rotting planet!

        Fuck Cho
        Fuck Eric
        Fuck Dylan
        Fuck James Holmes

        And fuck whoever else

        1. My family has had access to guns for twenty years…

          Have we killed anybody?


          Have we ever gotten so angry we do something we regret?

          Yes, everybody has.

          Truth be told Pam. If you are angry with people for a conventional reason. Pulling a gun on them doesn’t really come into your mind.

          It is the REALLY emotionally unstable people that commit these crimes.

          They would use ANY method at their disposal to achieve mass death and destruction.

          So if we are going to ban guns…

          Let’s ban Knives. Forks. Hammers. Screwdrivers. Cars. Fertilizers. Sharp sticks. Whilst we are at it.

          1. difference being if someone pulls a knife,hammer etc on you,you have a much better chance of being able to defend yourself rather than if they pulled a gun on you

          2. @Troops, same, my father has been a gun owner for 40 yrs, he has a foul temper at times but he has NEVER pulled out a gun in anger as that would be the end of his licences. The police would cancel his licences and remove the guns – pronto! You cannot even use a gun as home protection in Australia as they have to be locked securely with ammo separate etc.

          3. Tiggy.

            It is the exact same here.

            I am sure your Dad loves to use his guns in sport… Just like mine.

            Some Goregians might remember I posted a HUGE piece on British and Irish Gun law… This was pre-Luka. So very few would remember.

            One of the points I made was that you had to store Ammunition in a separate lock box and room from the Guns.

            By the way. I never caught your name… If it is okay to ask.

            My name is Tom.

          4. @Trooper, my name is Judy, I know your name is Tom, but excuse me if I prefer to just use everyone’s BG names! I do not mind if you call me Judy, Jude or Tiger (I really like it when you call me Tiggy!)

    3. @ nikki I agree, I have been through training, own several guns and a CWL. However, I will not carry one for many reasons. There are a few individuals I know that are licensed that have made comments that lead me to believe they carry guns in hope that someone would try something so they can be justified in shooting someone. A modern cowboy mind state, so to speak. That is just a few out of about 100. Even people with all the training the government has to offer lose their minds once and a while, so this question of why and what to blame will remain ongoing and unanswered. The sheep will just flap their jaws about what caused this. whether it was a movie, childhood mistreatment, medicated or unmedicated, drugs, etc…. With no answer to these questions. Its all about choice. Possibly a series of choices, but these are the consequences, but we can’t remove the right of choice.

  4. I strongly encourage the right to bear arms. I live in the US and that’s one of the last liberties we still have.
    A question one might ask instead is what if someone else in that theater had a gun? At LEAST a few lives could have been saved.
    Criminals dont give a fuck about the law as it is. Hell, most of the gun related crimes commited are by people who arent supposed to own guns in the first place due to criminal records etc. So why would anyone think they’d abide by a gun bad? Hell no they wouldnt. Instead, law abiding citizens like myself and my family would be stripped of our right to preserve our peaceful lives by defending ourselves appropriately.
    Mark i love ya man. But i feel like the logic in your argument is a little odd. Mr holmes killed people not because he had a gun. But instead because he is a killer. Guns dont kill anyone unless theyre in the hands of a disturbed or careless person. The blame rests soley on mr holmes decision to take human life. If it wasnt in a movie theater with a gun, it would have been on the street with a knife. Or maybe he would have strangled a neighbor’s child with a shoestring.
    There’s countless posts on this site of viscious murders carried out with knives, rocks etc. Fuck, those ukranian maniacs committed multiple gruesome violent murders with household tools.

    1. You call it a liberty yet over and over it proves to be a liberty for random individuals to off a bunch of random individuals. I’d rather live without the liberty to get offed by a random individual, if you ask me.

      You Americans are the victims of no gun control. People who died in Aurora are the victims of no gun control. I’m surprised you go so out of your way to protect the right of random individual to go on a killing spree each time they feel like they didn’t get their way. It’s like saying that you want to protect the right of anyone who feels like they need to kill a bunch of people cause they feel momentarily pissed off.

      1. Well, that’s the thing. I definitely say keep the constitutional right. But, you are correct; the things we call gun control are completely ignored out of court and gun stores. There’s no enforcement. Like I said, my city’s local sports stadium hosts gun shows almost monthly where you can go buy all kinda guns, except full auto, flamethrowers, and mortars. All without a license. Highly illegal, but we don’t enforce the laws there, because some dumb hicks think public fucking safety is a violation of whatever right they feel like mentioning so the cops avoid a media shit storm by avoiding gun issues. Too much controversy.Politician are too afraid of losing support to take a stand against the shit, so the press eats it up to cause internet arguments on their sites and have stories to run to get more viewers, and the police get enough bad press as it is, we need to just get rid of news. Just fucking scrap it. Then elect some politicians with a solid pair of balls who can tell gun huggers honestly how much of a kink they put in the system, and get some fucking enforcement out there.

      2. People will ALWAYS obtain guns regardless of any law. I want to protect the right of anyone who wants to keep themselves and others safe when a nutcase decides to cause bodily harm to people. Thats all.
        Doing away with guns will not do away with violence as we’ve seen in so many cases.
        In brazil people continue to hack each other to pieces with machetes or morbidly smash another human’s brains in with a cinder block.
        Killing is not something we can put a lid on. But we can decide to prepare ourselves to take a stand against it if it ever comes looking for us.

        1. The same argument could be used in opposition – just about everybody in Brazil appears to have a gun yet they continue slaughtering one another like there’s no tomorrow. If your argument that “guns are for protection” had any merit whatsoever, then there wouldn’t be a single murder in Brazil.

          But my point is more about random people. Criminals are one thing and are a problem in every country. But what gun control lacking countries have on top of criminals are random people dealing with their temporary issues by killing random people. They are far higher a threat because they can make you a victim even if you stay out of trouble (which could prove effective in avoiding becoming a victim of criminals, but won’t prevent you from becoming a victim of gun owners).

          1. Arguments can be made for both cases. We arent going to see eye to eye on this.
            Im just throwing my opinion out there.
            Your argument is very convincing as is everyone else who has posted an opposing view. But we both already came to the table with our minds made up.
            Ill just have to agree to disagree.

          2. This is a fun Fact! The number one cause of police deaths is car accidents, not shootings, if I remember right shootings are around fifth on the list.

          3. @phatman
            That IS interesting! I didnt realize it was such a low number. Gun crimes arent even close to being the leading cause of death in the US if i remember correctly.

  5. Totally agree with Nicole, I believe he was living in a fantasy world and really thought he was part of the movie, I imagine this kid to sit at home all day and play batman video games and fantisise about defeating batman lol. The murders were calculating and planned so they are going to find it difficult to play the insane card, which I’m sure his defense will try..

  6. Also, might I add one more thing and then be gone. I promise. An average American is rather assuming. Although you’re right about us wanting to stay true to the amendments. While we’re more free than most nations, as individuals we all have our own bag of bullshit to carry around and having specific rights taken away, or generally fucked with, just isn’t any good for our morale as a country. I’m no patriotic person for sure, but when you change one thing, it changes everything. That is all. Thank you for this open discussion and good morning! This has been a great brain workout. 🙂 Much love from Fort Worth, Texas. Have your laugh at that.

  7. Yep, back to US gun laws, the fact is anyone can carry a gun, anyone can shoot a gun, you don’t have to be hero. But if you are carrying a gun there is always the possibility of using it. Some arsehole might come up to you in the street and start an argument for no reason, but normally your street sense tells you to ignore them. If you have a gun there is always that posibility that you will use it on them because your ‘pride’ has been hurt. Who really wants the ramifications of carrying out a murder when you could have ust walked away from the situation and forgoten all about it in half an hour.

      1. Sorry folks….this might seem a bit off the given topic….but at least it is not a rehash of the other comments…..although as someone that has had a front row seat on both sides of the “Gun Control” fence during the course of my life….I see merit in many of the arguments presented……both “Pro” & “Con”…….

        @ Nicole’s comment “Once people have a sense of power in the pants, they are more likely to use it” has me wondering if we also need to think about implementing “Demon Seed & Pussy” Control Laws ? Clearly, one could present a viable argument that both of them fall into the category of mass weapons of destruction in certain respects? My point being….where do we draw the line in attempting to control any object or behavior in this world that could be considered potentially dangerous?

        1. You are exactly right Marek.

          I have long since said that any old fool can create a WMD… By simply dropping their pants.

          I would agree with licenses for children… If I had faith in the government.

          I don’t.

          So until I have faith in a government of this country… Which unless it is headed by me… I will never have faith in them!


  8. He was a reserved, quiet guy, kind of a loner. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were kind of reserved,quiet types, misfits, insecure. Most untrained shooters follow these patterns. Society loves to pick on the people that don’t play the game. If you’re not tanning, lifting, watching Jersey Shore, you’d better be some redneck, a politician or businessman, or just “average”. Same for kids, but add hipster and emo//scene demographics. If you’re not clearly in one of those categories, you’ll be ostracized and persecuted all to hell. Usually, people move on, buy into a social category, or kill themselves. Some, however, realize it isn’t their fault but still feel anger and the need to blame someone. That’s when shootings happen. We’re not about to change our constitution, but seriously, an undercover reporter once went to a gun fair and bought all kinds of shotguns, pistols, rifles, and he was rarely even checked for an ID and didn’t have to register any of them. That makes guns damn near untraceable. Gun control needs to stop trying to crack down on gang related trade, as most shooters are too afraid of those types of people, can’t afford it, or get beat up by gangbangers, and we need to stop openly holding highly illegal gun trades in every semi-important city in the country. Also, don’t be a cock to people who didn’t do shit to you, but anyone over the age of 10 really shouldn’t need to hear that. Act your age; sad when a teen finds you fucking immature. Oh, and I think he hit the theater cuz the dark knight rises is a big budget movie. It’s pop culture. To most of these misfit shooter guys, pop culture is the god that all the people who persecute them follow. Also, this soon after opening night, you can bet it’d be full. Plenty of victims.

    1. But this is exactly my point gun fanatics choose to ignore – yes many people get singled out. You don’t conform, you get picked on. In societies where guns are not readily available, these people find other ways to cope. In places like the USA, they pick their easily available guns and kill random people. This is precisely the message I’m trying to deliver but for some reason gun fanatics respond to it with the same absurdities. It’s like someone wrote what gun fanatics should say each time gun control is brought up and they parrot it over and over like CD players on repeat.

      1. It happens everywhere. In the “right to possess” and “controlled” countries. About 6 months ago a guy let loose with some hand grenades and a high powered rifle in Holland, took out a couple of folks, they’re controlled. Just saying.

          1. Mark, I’m not a gun fanatic, but I believe that everyone has the right to protect them selves. We cannot defeat evil by disarming ourselves, killing spree’s like this happen every where, like that dude in Brittan who killed almost 80 people, wounded almost 200. Law biding people should have the right to have guns, me, as a felon I cannot have a fire arm, or vote, and that is fine by me, I’ve taken responsibility for my actions, maybe we should have it so if your not an avid voter you cant own any guns.

    2. I can relate to the quiet loner types, being one myself. I was teased often in school for stupid shit but when all the school shootings became more and more frequent, people quit fuckin with me. After that, they just asked me not to kill them haha. It’s not something I would ever do, never even crossed my mind really. But my point is that some people aren’t cut out for this kind of life. Some people would like for nothing more than to beam themselves to another planet, away from the everyday stress of work, bills, traffic jams, reality tv, relationships, bullshit politics, etc. etc. It’s these people that view our normal way of life as tedious, monotonous, boring, useless, wasteful, meaningless. They try to fit in, going to school and getting a good job, living the American dream. But to these people it means nothing. It means their lives will be empty till the day they die. It’s not a healthy pattern to follow, obviously. It creates a deep hatred for the structure our leaders created, and a need to bring it all down.

      This is of course just my opinion and we may never know why he did what he did, but when the number of people with depression and other mental disorders steadily rise and doctors and psychiatrists try to medicate instead of figuring out why so many people are upset, therein lies the problem. More and more people are realizing that this is not what they consider freedom. This in not how they want to live. I don’t agree with killing innocent people, he could’ve worked it out some other way. Most of us can handle the stresses of life and deal with it in our own way, without violence, but everyone has a breaking point. He just picked a fucked up way to vent. That’s my two cents, even if it’s only worth half a penny.

      1. Ive gotten halfway down this page and finally someone says something that resembles a conversation we should be having, gun or no gun………”magically” remove all guns in the US overnight and pretty good chance there would be another massacre within the year…unfortunately….its just the reality of the nation right now…..guns, long or hand, are tools designed for efficiently killing things, little or lots, for a variety of reasons…….had to put a stock dog, with a mortal injury, “down” the other day…..glad i had my gun with me…..last time i didn’t…..that didn’t go nearly as well.

  9. what if it was a knife? or a hammer? are we going to get rid of all those just because someone died from someone using it on them? no, of course not. If guns were outlawed, people would still find ways to kill, like with bombs or anything really.

    1. That’s it. You were all handed a paper with the same 5 responses and you parrot it over and over ad nauseum. That’s the only way to explain why anyone would possibly bring this up (after it was addressed above). This is one of the most absurd arguments gun apologists could make and it’s so weak I can’t go about addressing it twice.

        1. It is because it is true…

          The thing is. I have said this before. But guns are as much tools as they are items of enjoyment.

          The peace of mind a firearm gives a family is an awesome psychological weapon of its own.

          In the Isle of Man. Houses are mandated by law to advertise the fact that they have man trapped the house at night.

          The law is a mess. Benefitting nobody but the maniac…

          Who would sell a young student heavy weapons and significant amounts of ammunition?

          That is highly irresponsible.

          And it should have sent alarm bells ringing before he butchered a theatre full of people.

          It is the law that is at fault here… We cant punish legal (and sensible) gun owners by putting a blanket ban on firearms.

          1. All I hear is the same babble on both sides, as I said above, we must look at this as a human problem and not a weapons problem, to say the gun is the problem is to take away the responsibility from the hand that pulled the trigger.

      1. From the responses so far I’m drawing the conclusion that gun apologists don’t really know why they are gun apologists. They probably only do it because it’s a popular thing to do in their neck of the woods. Desperation to fit in, perhaps? That’s the only way to explain the use of the same excuses which are completely baseless, but even if brought up by different people, always sound the same.

          1. I think what it ultimately comes down to @Nicole is people needing to take responsibility for their actions (or lack there of).

            For example I lost a friend to a selfish drunken hit and run driver.
            The guy was quickly discovered by neighbors due to the damage to his car.
            (My friend was on a bicycle, this scum bag driver was going SO much over the speed limit my friends DNA was found in the back seat of this a-holes car).

            Although said scum bag was found with a receipt from a pub he had spent 6 hours in before plowing down my friend, he was only sentenced to 6 months as they couldn’t prove he was drunk at the time, since he was too big of a coward to stay at the scene of the crime.

            He never took responsibility for murdering my friend and is said to most likely re-offend by psychiatric professionals that interviewed him.

            People need to own up when they eff up.

            Nuff said.

          2. @Fiend- Yea, I think I said that people need to take responsibility but I must be incoherent apparently. I cannot comment any longer on this subject.

          3. I’m sure it’s not you @Nicole.
            I’m all over the place reading these comments.

            Probably the fact that we are “a couple of wild and crazy gals” is more the case 🙂

        1. He does have a point, though, killers will still kill. But if we makei a lot harder, think of the rates. There was a studytha showed stressed workers who contemplated suicide either did it right away, or got over it in days.I this guy couldn’t find enough bullets to stockpile, didn’thav immediate access to guns,h probably would’ve just moved on because of the hassle. Sure, there’s still bombs, but asidefro military or suicide bombings, they have a competitively low kill rate and a high chance of blowing up whilehe’makinthem, or before he has themi place. With melee weapons, you kill one or two people and the whilebuildin’s run off and called and the cops before you get to the third.An even this site has survivors of machete fightsan partial decapitations. All the shootings, however, have little to no survivability. Yes, we can have guns.Bu they’re practically fucking handed out here!Becaus of somesens of tradition? People may have been morsane back in the days of the constitution, but now, we have everythingo demand. Impatience. The internet causes all kind of social disorders and gives manyopportunitie for people to fuck you over. People in China can knowth vein pattern on your dong in five minutes. Modern life is too chaotic for highly accessible guns to be added to the stew of insane shit that couldmak people wanna kill.

        2. Mark, for Me, I have always enjoyed going out shooting to become a better and more skilled shot.
          I would not want to be faced with a situation (like finding some drug-addict douchbag in my house taking my things for example) and be unprepaired of what to do.
          Shooting practice prepairs my shooting abilities….Best Gore prepares my sense of urgency to get the camera and, with a steady hand, document the warm red all over the place aftermath of how I decided to handle the problem…….it’s not like talking words in many circumstances will get the job done….or, in other words, assholes don’t typically shoot THEMSELVES!

          1. Im right there with you. Ive been practicing target shooting since i was about 10 years old. Its a lot of fun. And i agree. If i were to have a wife and kids and someone broke into our house raped my wife, killed my kids. What would i have to say for myself? Yeah i let a scumbag kill and rape my family. I couldnt live with that.
            I have never pointed a gun at a human being though. People who use guns properly understand the seriousness of the consequences that can be at stake when a person is careless with a firearm.

        3. If my damn post ever makes it up, you’d see some much more practical thinking over all the finger pointing and no your wrong no your readon is bs that’s going on, on both sides. Personally I have very practical reasons.

        1. Yes, let’s just ignore the prospectso cutting food, making tools,carvin, cutting out leather/hide for clothing, harvesting cropso wool,an pretend knives are killing machines and nothing else. I’ve been usingmin wrong all this time, and so has damn near everyone else, ever, by this logic

          1. Yah guns only kill huh? Tell that to skeet shooters or professional target marksmen and huntingso people can survive.Yah guns are only for killing innocent people.

          2. Then tell me your point. I can kill with my hand take them. I can kill with my feet take them. I can kill with my head take it. I can kill with my mind take it.

        2. Oh, yes, target shooting certainly competes with reasons such as shaping tools that put mankind in clothes and cropso their land. Skeetshootin simulates shooting birds,withou having to round up pesky, unpredictable birds. The shit the original flint tools did had nothing to do with practiced skill with weaponry,i was essential to survival and technological advancement. I’m sure we’ll get alongfin if we lose target shooting. Also, hands, like knives, have actual useful purposes and are naturally occurring body parts. If you wanna get ridiculous, then how about we outlaw movies so a theater doesn’t get shot up again? It’s just as far fetched as your desperatedefens.

      1. Pam.

        If he wanted to kill many people. It doesn’t take a total genius to build a bomb.

        That can be done very easily. Using easily accessible equipment.

        Another thing what criminal gangs do… Is they convert blank firing guns into lethal weapons. Some even build their own guns.

  10. I believe he snaped from some form of schitzophrenia. I agree Mark, if he hadn’t had a firearm it would have proved to be more difficult. This event however was planned to an extent, he could of constructed explosives or moltov cocktails to carry out his actions. I enjoy out door sports, Skeet shooting, targets, and I own for that reason, not protection. It’s been studied that in a similar situations that happened, people wouldn’t have enough time to react/ respond to a threat, I agree with you on the carry/ protection point but not all owners or fans are fanatics as you described. At the end of the day everyone looks for reason and something to blame, the guy is to blame, it doesn’t matter why at this point. Food for thought….. Look back at the recent post of the Chinese guy that torched the bus full of people, he had three things going for his rampage: close quarters, gas can, and a lighter

    1. As there are criminals in every country, there also are people who are determined. Those are the types of people who will stop at nothing and there is little anyone can do. But what gun control would do is stop people who are only temporarily upset and would get over themselves if they didn’t have easy access to guns. Most of such people kill at random. They are just upset cause they didn’t get their way and feel they need to punish the world for it. So many heinous crimes are committed out of temporary rage it’s ridiculous. When you’re fuming, you’re often not yourself. If you have a gun while you’re fuming, someone could get hurt. If you don’t have a gun, you’ll get over yourself.

        1. @spank- Exactly! Few people, nowadays, have self control. I doubt Mark means that every living soul that fumes while carrying a gun will open fire.

          Chances are higher, though in my opinion.

          1. Self control and “common” sense…….why are these things going extinct EXACTLY when the F.V. population is still exploding?

            Anwser is…..F.V. is simply a fucking stupid design, demonstrated time and time and time and time again.

          2. The more people, the more crazy’s, the more shootings, which is fact, solution is,
            population control.
            We cannot sustain our population growth any more, why cant people understand this, in the old west there was less murders per person, not just because almost every one owned a gun, but because there were less people.

  11. Like most users or people are suggesting banning guns is not the option there’s other armed countries like Switzerland where you never hear about a massacre IMO they should encourage people to have guns & gun training schools pretty sure if there was more than 5-10 people armed in the theater at least one of them could have killed James in matter of seconds + lower casualties (Like a Mexican Stand-off)

    I’m not a gun fanatic but I love weapons so much I watch Action films whenever I can + buy FPS/Action video games if I could afford a gun I’d get one myself & even more “For Protection Purposes Only” you never know when you would need it.. another thing that surprises me was lack of security & no metal detector at the entrance in the theater since a lot of people gather including children.. I’ve went to a lot of movie theaters/malls there’s always security ready to shoot you or taze you if necessary..

    About the reason I don’t know guess he was a fan of Batman or the Joker? he wanted to make his dream true and so he succeed.. though there’s people saying the US Government was involved just to control the sheep & make or change gun laws among other reasons I got no idea.

    1. That is a very interesting idea you threw out there. I find conspiracy theories super intriguing and just the other night i heard jimmy kimmel making fun of a talkshow host for saying there was an odd connection between Romney’s company and the name of one of the batman characters. (Sorry thats super vague and silly sounding but im tired. Haha.) Anywho, its always odd when something is allowed to spread all over the news so quickly. As we’ve learned from this site, theres always something behind the scenes.

        1. @jesus…..a guy on facebook said something along this line to me yesterday…he said there should be matal detectors installed in cinemas and other public places where a lot of people populate…….my point was why the hell do you need metal detectors in schools and cinemas to begin with???? because the gun laws are ridiculous thats why……children should not have the as someone said earlier “the constitutional right” to carry guns in the first place……

          1. >Implying 18 year olds are children

            Most of the shootings are carried out by adults except a few school related ones like Columbine IMO places with large amount of crowds (specially when lil children are around + families) should have tight security to ensure the welfare of the people/citizens

          2. there has been countless countless movies made (based on true stories) about children (younger than 18) carrying guns to school…making metal detectors a neccessity in high schools over there…….what is to stop a 14 year old going into their home and taking their parents gun……if the parents didnt have a gun you would not have a 14 year old taking a gun to school……once again this is my feeling because we have never had them here…no metal detectors in schools,cinemas, anywhere….the only place with metal detectors is the airport

          3. I was raised around guns. If I got caught playing with them I got my ass beat. Parents are to blame when their child acquires a gun and goes out killing people.

    2. I’ve just been reading that on the web too, people talking about Holmes being on something akin to scopolamine and being a government patsy, it’s definitely a tough one to figure out at this point and probably won’t be. IF that is the case you can guarantee that whoever was behind it will make sure it is watertight and this guy will probably get a quick trial and quick execution, only time will tell.

  12. Listen guys, I’m just gettin’ here, didn’t read the post or the comments yet, but from the title of it I will give an opinion, #1 why did he do it ? cause he had issues/problems, #2 he went to church, he was catholic, they teach you god ( if, there is a “god”) he will forgive you as long as you say your thingys but bottom line is he had a lot of shit on his mind and weather or not somebody has shit on his mind you don’t take innocent people out for your personal problems, if that were the case we would all be killin’ each other, not cool ! I’m glad we don’t think like that, I did at one time but where would that get me/ us , I’ll tell ya, a big fuckin’ nowhere! I have no more to say about this except that I love all you guys, and girls nuff said. 🙂 🙁

  13. I don’t think people need guns. There is no purpose to it. The only purpose of a gun is to kill humans. What kind of idiot is going to let the public have them. Cops don’t need guns either. American cops should be like Bobbys, and then maybe have some backup weapons in their car. If you have a gun, you have criminal intent on your mind!
    This person in question here in the article is probably very depressed with world issues and is making his one shot to fame, one last big bang as they say. Pun-pun. I can’t really say it seems worth it to shoot up some people for 1 night, then spend the rest of your life behind bars.
    He should of waited a day and talked to his psycologist.

    1. You say Cops don’t need guns… Yet then you go onto how they should have “back up weapons”…

      Come on. Make up your mind. What side are you on?

      Have you ever worked on a farm?

      Do you know the amount of financial damage that Foxes and Rats cause to the crops?

      That directly impacts the price of food you eat.

      Not to mention the need for Weapons to equip militaries…


  14. With all the shit that The Fleshy Virus is guilty of doing, to itself and to one another on an hourly basis, let alone on a daily basis, is it no fucking wonder that some of us get so sick and fed up that at some point in time, if you walk on two legs, you are viewed as being simply part of the problem and are guilty enough of being a complete and total shit enough to warrant an indiscriminate death sentence.

    For Me, at least, I have so much distain for the human race as a whole that instances like this just make sense.
    Most of us have an inherent problem when it comes to viewing other people…..they somewhat look like we do as individuals, so there for, we inherently try to relate to them, empathies with them, and worst of all, excuse them because they are, in fact, “only human”.

    Now for Me, I view THE FLESHY VIRUS as EXACTLY that…..a never ending steamroller of man-made problems and a hopeless resolve to changing most any of it….hell, just trying to survive it is bad enough!
    I enjoy guns. I enjoy being able to hit what I’m aiming at, and most relevant to the subject at hand, I VALUE the fact that I can take a GUN and stop some stupid asshole who may want to do something tremendously stupid at my expense from a good distance, as to have to stab them in the throat at close quarters.


    Inside of a movie theater obviously this wasn’t responding to a threat, however, if some of these F.V. had been armed, what was stopping them from shooting BACK at the threat…..rather than simply being turned into one of the 14 corpses left to start to stink on the sticky carpet?

    I’m not big on paranoia, the concept that “bad things are going to happen to ME and it’s ME against YOU and EVERYBODY else”…..
    I AM consciousness about the true nature of The Fleshy Virus.
    It watches too much T.V. and is mostly on drugs of one kind or another….and, (almost) most of all….it is delusional.
    Just because I have issues, doesn’t mean that they are real.
    For an example.
    I’m broke, disparaged, lonely, frantic, scared, desperate and hungry……the person standing next to me is comfortable, content, well-nurished, relaxed, fulfilled and happy.
    These “states of being” are strictly due to the individual circumstances of the individual, and NOT of the “social” settings of the bigger picture.

    So who is right?
    Nobody…..all are wrapped up inside of a gigantic man-made, fictional reality that, at best we can do, is pack a side arm to try to protect ourselves from.

    Now, here’s MY personal take on things.
    I have just about killed off ALL of My internal, instinctual instincts to live and survive. How that has happened is as irrelevant to this comment, as it is a long story.
    But for Me, I picture everything as it is as close as I back it with reality (there is a bit of insight of my love affair with Best Gore)
    I don’t own any guns anymore. Would if I could afford them, and hope to again at some point, but I had to realize another benefit to being armed……the fuckers are worth money when You’re buck$-down.

    I picture my own death inside of My mind countless times a day…a 12 gauge pointed directly at my forehead….(the idea of successful death is total destruction of the brain, so why get shot anywhere else?) so the concept of a gunshot wound isn’t beyond my comprehension You might say.
    As far as protecting myself from another fleshy virus trying to take from me or harm me? I also picture (nearly) everyday (legally) killing people who are at the wrong place at the wrong time…like in my house at 2a.m. and I could unleash upon them with impunity.

    The REALITY of things is this…..and it’s simple.
    I’m pretty much fucked in the head, and guns provide others that aren’t as badly fucked in the head a sense of protection, a sense of security, and most importantly, a personal sense of “well at least I CAN defend myself against whatever may come my way”
    A gun can’t protect you from life, nor can the thing instill fear in car problems, financial woes, marital issues and the many OTHER overwhelming fictional man-made issues that go RIGHT ALONG with being a Fleshy Virus.

    So, the resolution….the ONLY resolution there is……don’t be a living Fleshy Virus any more.


    1. @Rotten Stench- Well, I can’t tell you how much I can relate to your comment.

      Stop being a Fleshy Virus is good advice. If everyone on earth had a gun, I’d imagine the F.V. cease to be.

      My opinion, guns have been introduced, they have been carried by shit holes for a long time, the only solid solution would have to be stronger gun laws instead of putting them on illegal cold turkey.

      1. As far as a practical approach to solving the “out of control fuck-tards who are allowed to have guns” issue at hand……not my problem.
        I really couldn’t care less, nor do I expect less from this walking comglomorate shit-rivet know as HUMANS.

        I want to simply encurrage more people to die.

    2. @Stench, I agree 100%. Murphy’s Law is a cornerstone to human existence. The more people there are in the world, the more problems we have. That’s just how it goes. A certain percentage of the population will be irreversible douchebags that make this world a living hell for everyone else. World peace is only possible when you take humans out of the equation.

  15. After the Australian Port Arthur massacre, the Oz government made all semi and Automatic weapons illegal. Gun licencing requires application and background checks. Plus registered guns must be stored in a gun safe with the bolt in a seperate security box.

    The American culture is so violent, i think the USA is its own worst enemy.

      1. Yeah, our forefathers adopted the second amendment for hunting and fear of a british invasion; millions of screaming, insecure, greasy man-children breaking things when some toddler kills them on modern warfare 3 is not quite the outcome they had planned for. Civilian gun ownership is obsolete. Food is easily available, if an armed attacker is already in your home, you have very little chance of getting your gun in time and little chance of hitting them after that, and there are thousands of non-gun hobbies. No point but recreation, murder, and a mostly false sense of security. Yet, we cling to guns as an “American thing”.

        1. Well i think the point is in Australia you may need an illegal handgun for two reasons, Your a meth addict or a criminal, but if your not fucking around in those circles the chances are you dont have to worry about getting shot up randomly at the movies or in school.

          Another question that has to be asked i think is, why are alot of these things committed by such young people? Modern society and our generation seem to be dealing with issues that leaders dont have an answer for. Society, Education, Religion?

          1. This isn’t about every one needs to own a gun, and you keep saying everyone CARRIES a gun, most people don’t carry guns, and most criminals do carry guns, and another thing, owning a gun and learning how to shoot is it an american past time, it has and and always will be part of american culture, anyone who doesn’t like american culture and america can get the hell out of our country, no one here is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to stay, everyone always hates us because we stick our nose in other countries affairs, and yet here you are, the word hypocrite comes to mind.

          2. @Phatman ive never said anything to make me out a hypocrite mate. If people dislike your country its because your born and raised the way you are, you cant help it so dont sweat it to much.

            Deal with your problems first then arm everyone because all this shit going on right now is a fucking embarrassment, i would be humiliated if this bullshit was accepted and ignored in my home.

          3. I wasn’t saying that for any one person and, It’s not accepted or ignored, I really hope you don’t think that Americans are that heartless. I was also telling americans and anyone else in this country they could leave, and I don’t really sweat things here, except the things the gov is planing, did you know that the gov is training to disarm america and they ordered 660 million military grade bullets, thats more bullets then people, and they have built 102 FEMA camps, which we’re told there for natural disasters, if so then why would they need to be razor wired and contain tens of thousands of coffins, and why would they need 102 camps with at least one in every state, Even our military are starting to speak out about this, our people should not be afraid of our gov. I would leave if I could, but I mad some bad choice’s and don’t have rights anymore cause I owe them money,

  16. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, don’t know about you guys but I’m a firm believer in this saying. The only time I’ll ever have a weapon on me is if I feel that someone is trying to cause harm to me or my family, or if I live in a very dangerous neighborhood with more gangsters than you can shake a stick at.(sigh) If only gun control laws were more efficient, if only they could weed out who’s fit to carry a weapon around in society and weed out those who aren’t fit to carry a weapon around more effectively. 🙁

      1. I guess you took that saying too literally, I didn’t mean to say it like that, I just meant to say that many people will still be killing each other whether they have access to weapons or not, they’ll still find other means to “off” each other whether by poisoning, stabbing, bludgeoning, etc.

        1. Look up roman warfare and infantry tactics, the roman’s knew and trained on how to kill people with three inch blades, it is a fact that we don’t always agree, it is fact people will fight oppression, and it is a fact people will always kill, this is proven through history, the only reason its worse now is the BILLIONS of people there are now, even if guns magically disapeered the problem would still be there, and at some point there will be to many people to feed and when they start to starve they’ll eat the closest thing, people, but lets fix our problems by doing the same thing we always do and blame on something man made, if I’m the only person to realize that people are man made, there is no hope for humanity until people can admit this.

          1. Yeah, you’re right pal, many people will continue to kill each other off regardless if they have access to weapons or not. And regarding the roman infantry tactics, these guys didn’t need a very large blade to cause damage, just give them a three-inch blade like you mentioned or something to that similar size and they’ll put it to good use. It doesn’t take a gun to kill someone, it only takes someone with determination and the will-power to do it.

  17. criminals will always get guns. they don’t care about laws and need guns to survive amongst other criminals and terrorize their victims. i want an even chance when and if they come for me. it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it when the time comes. without a gun you are a sitting duck waiting for a crazy to pop off somewhere. i live in the u.s.s.j…. united socialist state of jersey. it’s such a hassle to own and carry a gun here that i don’t own one and that makes me a sitting mouse when johnny 99 blows his top and decides to pop off. if i’m to be shot and killed i want to give the mofo a nice rat bite and take him with me. so i need a gun to counterbalance some nutjob out there. i am not a nutjob.

    1. @Mouse- I won’t argue with you because I need to wise up because you are older than me. lol 😉

      But seriously, if the other person didn’t have a gun, there wouldn’t be a need to have one yourself.

    2. The way i look at it is that the peaceful people like us shouldnt have to bring a knife to a knife fight. Its like Bitch if a motherfucker pulls out a blade and threatens to stab me if i dont hand over the cash, i shouldnt have to fight on his terms. I should be able to pull out a gun and hold the assailant until law enforcement arrives or defend myself with lethal force if necessary.
      Just because a criminal doesnt have a gun, doesnt mean i dont need one. Im not taking a beating for no reason. Im not taking a knife to the neck or back for no reason. Fuggg that.
      Your avatar disgusts me. But in a way that makes me giggle. Hahahaha.

  18. In 2008 in italy, a country that passed trough 3 indipendence and 2 world wars in the last 160 years, with strong immigration coming from africa and asia (i live in a city that has 16% non italian citizen) there were 317 (-70% since 1995) firearms killings (of wich 128 are mafia related deaths, with a ratio of 0.5 per 100k people), while the next year in the USA there were 31,347 deaths (10 per 100k people). As you can easily guess from this ( data wikipedia gives us, there’s a strict link between the % of population with firearms and the number of murderers.
    The U.S.A. gives his citizen the right be able to kill if they feel like they want to. I don’t really see what you have to defend from. Thiefs? That’s ridicolous! I’d really like to see an obese american with 35 weapons locked in a room rushing in the middle of the night to go and grab the firearms to kill a robber: chances are he won’t even hear him and he’ll have all his weapons stolen.
    You can say you like weapons and you want to own them because they make you feel safe, strong and cool, but at least admit that more weapons means more murderers, and if you even try to justify you are a stupid person or a liar…

    Sorry for my not very good english… 😀

    1. In Ireland, the number of rifles in civilian possession is reported to be 54,000

      In Ireland, the number of shotguns in civilian possession is reported to be 177,000

      There are reportedly 1,8421 handguns in civilian possession in Ireland

      Unlawfully held guns cannot be counted, but in Ireland there are estimated to be 150,000

      In Ireland, annual deaths resulting from firearms total 2009

      Reports suggest that the level of firearm and ammunition smuggling in Ireland is low

      In Ireland, civilians are not allowed to possess handguns, military-style weapons, semi-automatic and automatic firearms

  19. Oh blah blah blah guns are bad what else is new the fact that you know that their are tons of guns in people s hands and you can’t do anything g about its amazes me that not even that us enough to get you to get a gun to protect your selffrom other people with guns I know it sounds crazy almost as crazy as when people say you have to fight fire with fire…well how the fuck do you do that fight fire with fire fuck if I know back on topic I agree with you gun hatres out there…I hate the crimes that guns commitdo igate guns themselves? No the gun is an object its incapable of feelings or projecting them, a gun is nothing more than a tool, if I were to go on a killing spree with a hammer and crawl into peoples houses at night and bash their brains in with a hammer would people be blaming the hammer? No because it a tool that I choose to misuse, now their are a lot of guns out their in the world and a lot of people who choose to misuse them and here is where the problem lies…what do we do about it? Do we ban guns all together and “throw them to the bottom of the sea before some old fool comes and shoots either you or me” that last line was from a Lynyrd Skynyrd song called “Saturday night Special” which chronicles that gun loving band’s views on gun control, which you’ll see are no diffrent from those who hate guns, you see everyone’s objective on guns is the same love them or hate them we all wish they were never created, some even say guns are a plague on humankind, but I don’t think that I think its human that are the plague on themselves, you humans will find away to kill themselves no matter what in the dark ages they used swords and axes and other crude weaponry that killed more people than guns ever have since the beginning of guns, I’m sure guns will catch up quickly tho, the point I’m trying to make is if you feel like placing blame on a object for doing somthing it was intended to do all along you won’t ever get any where…do you see fat people going around blaming forks for their obesity? No cause they know better than that they know it won’t get them anywhere, people do this type of thing with other objects as well things like books, and movies and music, people say its that things fault that this happend, and I reality who are you really blaming? The author of that book? The director of that movie? The artist of that music? And when people get caught up in blaming objects they tend to forget who is really at fault for what has happend and that is the person who commits the crime the first place yes he had a gun yes he used it to kill people but another person with a gun could have and would have been the only way to put a stop to it. Blaming guns for these actions is as absurd as blaming the victims for deciding to go watch a movie if they hadn’t gone to the movies this never would have happend. If he didn’t have a gun this never would have happend…wrong it would of still happend in another theater in another city with a another madman, these type of things happen and they’re the worst thing that could happen and its always in these worst of times that people want an answer, so they try to place blame to get that answer which is understandable people are angry and they need something to blame to make themselves feel better about not knowing the answer to why, their is mo answer to why and some people can’t face that reality, we look at gore here all the time and see horrific real life occurrence beheadings, torture, murder, war, and we never ask why or place the blame on guns when the FSA is killing civilians do we say if only they never had guns no because we know that in the real world and in all reality that won’t happen we know that in the real world these thing happen, so why all the why’s and finger pointing when it happens to us? I think has more to to with people false hopes and illusion of safety here at home being shattered and destroyed for a the moment when thing like this happen, and that’s ok people should be shocked people should be appalled that these things happen, but pointing fingers or placing blame on things that have no control or say over that critical time and place does nothing for no one but satisfy a selfish need to fill that void of safety that has just been pulled out from under. Do I agree guns are dangerous yes I think they’re very dangerous do I agree with putting blame on them when things like this happen no, I belive in placing blame where it belongs and that is with the man who commited the crime not in placing blame on the gun that was used to do the crime, when a person goes to court for murder and that person uses a gun in the murder and they find that person guilty do they find the gun manufacture guilty as well? No because the courts know better than to place blame where its not due, the man who commited this crime in Aurora is dead and their is no one to hold a accountable for this horrific crime no one to answer the why’s that people are all asking themselves and no one to point fingers at securely, so if it make some feel better blaming objects so they can mourn properly or feel safer then by all meams, but me I will take this random tragedy for what it is a random tragedy and I will learn from it and continue to carry a gun to.protect my self from any other random tragedy that might occur

    1. Guns are tools made to kill people. Hammers aren’t. However if 31k people dies yearly because someone hammered them, yes, you should start blaming the hammers…
      Fun facts from real life: less guns around = less murderes!

    2. @Pale Rider- There are ten people. One of them has a gun because guns are legal. Another one gets a gun because the first guy has a gun. Then the third guy gets one because the other two have a gun, and so on until all ten people have guns. Then before you know if, there’s a mini shootout.

      If less people had guns, less people would die from gun violence.

      1. You seem to be missing my point…I know this because you offers up the same bullshit cliche answer everyone else to scared to answer gives “less guns less gun murders”? No fucking shit but how do you figure that? So with less gun does knife crime skyrocketing? Or does the world fall under a magical spell of peace and prosperity when guns are gone…wishful thinking…I’m asking real questions here not some magical fairy tail bullshit because It’s more complicated than that but if its simple math you guys like then i’ll try to add this shit up for yall easy so you can understand where I’m coming from…, no shit guns kill people no shit their easy to get a hold of in America tell me something I already don’t know, I’m not here to discuss that…we know this already my whole point is in this world that we are living in right now, this world full of crazy fucked up people who are armed with guns or can arm themselves easily what can be done to avoid being killed by those types of asshole and don’t say ban guns cause that hopeful shit in this country we live in today is like saying let’s get rid of all the nukes around the world…it ain’t guna much as we wish and hope it would it wont so how do you protect your self from this kinda threat? And are you wrong for wanting to protect yourself from this kinda threat? Those are the simple questions that I’m asking yet no one can answer truthfully cause you know what the answer is and if you rather just choose to lay down and die in that type of situation then by all means go for it its your right just as it is my right to choose to defend myself I don’t think I’m wrong for choosing that, just because one person does this type of thing doesn’t mean others will that type of mentality is narrow kindness at its finest, just answer this one thing truthfully nicole if you were locked in that theater with that gun man and their was no way out and he was going from person to person shooting them in the head what would you do? How would you protect yourself? Are you guna just wait till he comes to you and shoots you? Are you gunna run and have him shoot you in the back? Or are you guna be one of many wishing you had a gun to protect your self…answer truthfully

    3. As far as guns being the reason that this tragedy happen well its pretty obvious their is disputing that, a man armed with a gun killed those people, and its trueif that man didn’t have that gun then this probably wouldn’t have happend it might have been prolonged or it might have never happend, but guns would still be around no matter what…meaning some other random tragedy might hapen else where, and unfortunately in this crazy world we live in full of guns its only a matter of time before it happens again in fact random tragedys like this tend to happen right after another, so what do we about it? How do we prevent this thin happening again? Well I know a couple of way to prevent this type of thing from happening…I know I’ll never leave the safety of my home ever again…no one will ever go on a killing spree at my house, bug what if someone decides to break into my house and rob or rape my family those kinda tragedys are pretty random too and tend to happen more than massacres, what do I do then, should I buy expensive burglar bars and a security system I can’t afford just so I can stay locked up in my little old house took the day I die? No..hell no. I refuse to become a victim, instead i’ll choose my god given right to defend my life and the life of my family and if that means having to own a gun to protect my self from another man with a gun then so be it. We all know guns are dangerous some of us think they’re down right bad but that isn’t the point here today the point here today is a man in Aurora CO killed a bunch if people randomly with a gun and everyones asking themselves how could that have been prevented, as with most thing you prevent them by being prepared not by hoping, wishing, or praying for things that aren’t based in lifes realitys, if wishes were real then I’m sure gun control wouldn’t be a problems, because we could wish guns away but we can’t, so I am forced to depend on what some see as a flawed way of having to protect myself but in reality is the only way. I’m not pro gun or anti gun I’m just a realist. And if’s and but’s were candy and nuts then no one would need guns

      1. Fuck ya PaleRider, My dad who is a very religious man, has a concealed weapons permit, takes his gun every time he goes south toward Seattle, just to be safe, he prays all the time he will never need to protect himself or people around him, this I do know, is that if he was in that theater he would be dead now and many people would not have been hurt, I know my father, at the most, 2 sec. to locate target, 2 sec. to pull and aim, 1 sec to fire and for the bullet to paint the walls with brain matter, 2 months being a hero and the rest of his life asking for gods forgiveness.

        You cant punish a hole nation for the actions of a few, unless they’re muslim.

  20. Without wading through the comments so far posted (very busy at the moment), in case anyone hasn’t stumbled across it, there’s a likelihood this massacre was stage managed by the powers that be as a further stepping stone (it’s happened so many times before) to get the people conditioned to accepting disarmament of ordinary citizens. “Ordinary people with guns are irresponsible, and they prove it by abusing their right to own guns, so for all our good we are going to legislate to remove firearms from everyone and make it illegal to own any”. For more information about this latest massacre from this angle, go to, and also There’s apparently evidence already it was stage-managed.

    1. That’s the same thing I thought some things are fishy wouldn’t be surprised if everything was staged OF COURSE the sheep is always going to be blind & follow what the TV news say… but it’s interesting to know the real truth..

    2. This is exactly what they would want, the 2nd amendment was created so that the American people could be able to defend themselfs from a tyrant government the .2nd was created for the sole purpose of keeping the government inline, ask your self who would want the 2nd amendment gone more than anyone else forget gun haters…the government would…with guns gone the government has all the power and could do what ever they choose with no one to stand in there way

      1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, FEMA CAMPS.

        How about CIVIL WAR, I don’t think people will give up their rights and their guns so easily.

        “Over my cold dead fingers”

  21. absolutly, at the end of the day I don’t trust people with guns, most of us humans have and arsehole default setting, there are a lot of people I wouldn’t trust with a lawnmower. The thought of idiots walking around with guns is quite frankly shocking. If your too scared to go out without a gun then just don’t go out. But please, don’t bore the rest of us.

    1. That’s a thing – idiots with guns are a more realistic threat to an average person who stays out of trouble than criminals with guns. Criminals are more likely to reconsider meddling with people who don’t stick their noses into their business so as not to drive needless attention to themselves, unless there is something in it for them. Idiots with guns on the other hand – they don’t give a shit. You mind your own business, go to see a movie, go to school, go to a mall – just generally go about your life, keeping it low profile and then some idiot puts your lights out just cause he has a gun and something pissed him off.

      1. My only question do you atleast belive that people have the right to defend themselves from idiots carrying guns, I don’t thin its right that people are living their life and keeping a low profile and then some asshole pulls this kinda bullshit and murders them for no reason, I agree with you on that their are to many guns in the world and their are to easy to obtain and something should ne done about it even tho no one is doing anything about it but I also belive in not becoming a victim I don’t think I’m wrong for feeling that way its human nature to want to protect ones self am I paranoid about this type of thing happening to me no not really because I’ve taken steps to prepare for it and if god forbid this ever I was put in a situation like the people In that theater were I would do everything in my power to survive it even if that means killings the gunman so that I may live if that’s wrong then I don’t what to say cause I’m certainly not going to sit there and wait for him to kill me, I have a right to protect myself and I choose to use that right, just because he’s carrying a gun to kill and I’m carrying one to protect myself doesnt make me the same as the gunman

        1. I don’t know what criminals you are talking about, Mark.

          The ones I grew up around, see every day, and even ran with as a stupid ass teen growing up are NOT discriminate. They enter homes to burglarize ARMED. The do indiscriminate drive by shootings. In my neck of the woods, criminals are dangerous to Everyone, and the biggest danger to people.

  22. I think, I wanted to kill somebody. I would choose something more creative than a gun. Once you start using guns, you lose your creative abilities, which makes you look lazy.

    My last thought for the day. I am going to go look at dead and dying people now and ponder the meaning within this galaxy.

    To infinity and beyond!

    1. @Nicole

      there’s rumors about a video showing the actual shooting inside the theater if this is true find it and send it to Mark I know many of us would love to watch it 🙂

          1. @Jesus- I have typed everything I can think of in the search bar. Including the theaters surveillance cameras. My research is failing me. =C

          2. @Nicole

            don’t worry! maybe more videos will show up after days/weeks pass :mrgreen:

            HaHa gotta admit I didn’t record it because can’t play guitar for shit but I liked the song so much I’m sharing it with BestGore + Iike my name orange 😉

  23. My grandfather was a paranoid schizophrenic. He lined my mother and her siblings up on a wall and told them he was going to shoot them all. He had an enormous collection of weapons that he was easily able to obtain, without a license, even though he was a drunk, delusional lunatic.

    What pisses me the hell off is how fucking LAX our gun laws are in this country. My fucking 15 year old cousin has several hand guns and two rifles that were handed down to him. He doesn’t have a damned liscense. Nor do many other children I know who own weapons. Or should I say, their ‘parents own those weapons’.

    Fuck, I held a gun when I was 10. I live in hick-ville USA. My siblings and I all fired a weapon long before we knew the gravity of what they could do. We were killing animals with them too.

    The major problem with guns in this country is we are not taught to take that shit SERIOUSLY. We are taught from fuckin birth that it’s our god damned right to own a gun. I’m a fag and I can’t even get married but for fucks sake if I wanna cut off all my limbs and replace them with automatics, GO FOR IT.

    It is so easy. SO EASY to aim a weapon and just fire. So fucking easy. It takes so very little thought process. It’s a very impersonal way of killing something. Don’t compare that shit to a hammer or an axe. You have to put energy into using such weapons. Even with a CAR you have to feel those bodies thumping under you and see the splatter of blood. With a gun you can stand a good distance and do significant damage.

    I’m not asking for your precious second amendment to be withdrawn or anything close, but our gun laws are ridiculous.

    In high school I was severely depressed. Everyone in my family suffers from severe depression. There were many times I walked into the gun room and stared at the cabinet in thought. Thought of the desperation and despair I was feeling and just how easy it would be. That same year, a kid- not much older than me- blew his brains out at the local theater. I thought of it hundreds of times myself. At times it was almost unbearable knowing relief was so close.

    The fact is that it is a god damned reality in our country that children are able to EASILY get their hands on deadly weapons. Mentally unstable people are easily able to obtain them as well. And everyone in between.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love having a shot gun. I love being able to go out and shoot a deer in desperate times like this when it has been the difference between food and going hungry. A shot gun is really good in a place where there are tons of wild dogs coming up to kill your animals too.

    It just scares me how lax we are in this country. It scares me more that my father is a SEVERELY right winged nut-job who has said he’d go on a killing rampage if anyone ever tried to take his guns. And how much he screams about ‘obama gon take our gunsss’ even though we have some of the most horrific gun laws.

    OK rant over. TL;DR: We need stricter gun laws in the USA.

    1. Every one (especially kids) should be taught to respect guns, if they dont know, then the parents failed their kids, and when you talk of your grandfather, it’s totally unrealistic to compare with times today, cause he probably didn’t have meds, and schizophrenic’s were not very understood and there wasn’t very many specialists then.

  24. Like they say guns do not kill people, people kill people, they have a choice we all do , some dont give a shit and kill people …so i think its not the guns the problem , it the fucked up people in this world.

  25. typing out another, long, possibly opinionated jargon post here again, but its only mutual imo. as with what i was stating prior to this post and am now. im in favour of no kind of weapons, or laws for that matter. its quite obvious that guns are a pivotal factor in this violence, its somewhat patronizing that anyone would have to italicise that out for us, hypothesize a paradoxical issue, to resolve in humanity, a show of a phony sense of sympathy to the victims or of anyones concerns, if that is… that being said i would like to evade this debate of laws & protection and get to the assumed motivations, on why he did what he did. considering this post will be obsolete in the aspect of motives and in the time that he release or is found some form of a manifesto statement, it is in my position, kind of pointless… but il use the same logic arguement as before given your conditional statement with what i see you describing, (and if misinterpereted could change the very foundation of cognition) as, “angst”, +”guns” –> “angst” “killing”. i would like the take in this example the converse of this (“angst” “killing” –> “angst” + “guns”) tho it is very well arguable that they are all indeed truthfully implementally interchangeable if one plans on altering definitions, but i find it practical here. from there morph both angst and killing into something more, realistically comprehendable. angst now implies and intelligently elaborate world view, killing, despite simplistic undersatings, depicts the expression of their world view. as before take example ted kaczynski, in your eyes and conditional statement (aided and concluded…) the “angst” plus “guns” resolves to “angst” “killing”. what he sees and what im arguing, is that he instead sees (with regard to my logic) the converse of what you think. where his world view inspired killing is the resulting action of his world view and homemade bombs.

  26. Even if this asshole didn’t have a gun he would have killed. He would have bombed the movie house or other location many people would have been at. His boobie trapped apartment proves this. You don’t need a gun to kill, there are many other options. I believe the gun gave him a satifaction killing upfront, and satisfying a sick fantasy. Many of us have many guns, and we’re not going off on a rampage. It’s self control and morals. If the crowd there had been armed, his fate would have been met and the death toll would have been significantly lower. This could happen anywhere at anytime. Wish I knew a solution, but this will never be answered.

  27. I’m going to come back to this post in a bit, have to run out, but I have a question; Is the world becoming more and more violent, or are we just more aware of it because of social media? I’ve seen plenty of murders and school shootings living in the Montreal area, right back to the 14 women killed at the polytechnique school shootings back in the eighties. Most recently the Dawson shooting five years ago. I’m just wondering if the world is getting more violent or again, are we just more aware of it now?

    1. Definitely! The violence has always been there and now that we have social media, we are more aware of it. I don’t think video games or anything like that caused a persons mind to change from good to bad. That is one lie the media will try to bring about in an attempt to shut down the gaming community. For example, it was confirmed that this man played video games extensively after he dropped out of school. The media will now focus on the games he played, and how they could have impacted his decisions to shoot people. In order to find out why he went on a shooting spree, they will have to go back and investigate his life. Family problems, mental history. One cannot simply say, “I am tired of life” and go out to shoot people.
      People are nuts and we will just keep hearing about this, for the rest of our lives.

      1. Yes, we are more aware if violence because the social media.
        Yes, the HUMAN race is more violent.
        This all relates to another, more troubling problem, more people.
        The more people the more this kind of shit WILL happen!

  28. I own guns, 15 of them actually, I have handguns and am registered to carry them concealed. If I ever snapped I would probably grab a gun and use it. However, If I didn’t own guns and snapped I am sure I would find a way just as Jim Jones and his cool aid or (whatever his drink was) or the taliban with airplanes or bombs, Or the Timothy McVeigh who used the van with homemade bombs. If someone has snapped enough I am sure they will find a way. Crazy is crazy, regardless of the (weapon) of choice!

  29. This whole subject is absurd. I would like to see anti-gun folks in America post huge signs outside their homes that say “Gun free home” or “Gun free zone”. Let’s see what houses drug addicts start breaking into.

  30. If all armed robberies ended like this I’m sure these sub-humans would think twice. You alone have the choice to be a victim or not.

    Florida Man, 71, Shoots at Alleged Robbers at Internet Cafe

    Two Alleged Robbers Were Shot and Injured by a 71-year-old Central Florida Man

    Two would-be robbers were shot and injured by 71-year-old Samuel Williams who refused to stand by while the youths tried to rob an Internet caf?.
    7/18/12, 7:51 AM EDT
    Two teens were shot and injured by a 71-year-old central Florida man who refused to stand by while the young men allegedly tried to rob an Internet caf?.
    Samuel Williams was sitting in the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Fla., Friday night when two men, later identified as Davis G. Dawkins, 19, and Duwayne Henderson, also 19, allegedly stormed in brandishing a handgun and a baseball bat.

  31. It’s of interest to note that the media’s response to mass shootings follows the same pattern; initial outrage, followed by an in depth discussion concerning the suspect’s life, education, personal creed, and potential motive. The latter phase is typically the point where we began to see smiling mugshot photos of the suspect on the front page of magazines and internet news sites, along with a hastily prepared timeline of the events, and a slapdash analysis from the “experts”. One might say that this time tested reaction from the world stage is enough to tempt any ambitious young man who had failed to achieve his goals, but yet still wanted the attention and adoration that comes with accomplishing great things.

    In addition to a large amount of money, it takes 5 to 6 years of full time study to earn a PhD, and not even this guarantees that one will find work, or go on to complete research worthy of the world’s attention. However, it only takes one act of senseless violence to get your name in every household in America, something the most dedicated PhD candidate could only dream of experiencing. Through this system of reward, we have created a process through which absolute nobodies can become overnight celebrities, and psychopathic narcissists can finally get the attention they feel the world owes them.

    The tendency from both sides is to politicize the issue to make a case for or against gun regulations. One could say “If gun laws were more relaxed, he would not have been so sure that the theater occupants were unarmed, and this may have provoked a change of heart in the suspect”, or “if gun laws were more strict, he would not have been able to obtain a gun so easily, and this may have prevented him from acting”. Both arguments are valid, but neither apply here. This man wanted attention; he wanted the world to recognize his genius, despite the fact that he had failed to prove it. Had a gun not been available, he would have used a sword. Had a sword not been found, he would have used a stick. Had a stick not been laying around, he would have used a rock. Had no rocks been available, he would have used his bare hands. Instead of rewarding this young man with the attention he could not earn legitimately, he should have been banished into the world of the obscure. That fact that he wasn’t is a guarantee that this will happen again.

  32. I moved from Kansas to Tucson with my wife and 3 daughters recently. Becauase of a property crime when I was a young retard I can not legally own a firearm. Do you know how helpless I would be be if some young gangsta stuck a gun in her face. I think the world needs a little book of Eli sorta shit…

  33. I know I don’t post much on here but I’m here everyday, sometimes a few times a day. Just had to get that out there. 🙂 I’m from Tx (duh) and know many people with guns. Some have them legally, some don’t. And I’m glad to say I’ve never known one of these people to show it off or threaten anyone one with their weapons. They use them for hunting or to go out and shoot a few rounds when they have nothing better to do. It’s a good feeling, I have to admit! I love firing a gun. What I’m curious about is why people target the US for something like this as if we’re the only place where stuff like this happens. Is it because our media seems to ‘glorify’ it? i.e. labeling this tragedy the movie theater massacre. Is that really necessary?? I think not. They always have to milk it somehow. To me, that’s pretty awful. And I don’t think there should be so much coverage on these types of things. I believe that’s the driving force behind SOME of these people, mass murderers. They want to be remembered. Some could care less, I’m sure. And I don’t agree that they would just give up after seeing how difficult it would be to get their hands on a gun thru black market. Someone who’s willing to plan something like this out will, obviously, do it no matter what it takes. I get what some of yall are saying, too, tho. Easy access does result in senseless acts like this BUT I believe it would’ve happened in time, whether it be with a gun or something else. Someone with mental problems just doesn’t get over shit. They just grow more and more mental! I just hate the attacks on our country like we’re the only one with problems. I’ve heard of far worse crimes in other countries but I only find out thru the Internet, things I’ve never seen on TV. The world will never be rid of crazies, violence, weapons, hate. Just gotta embrace what we have and enjoy it while we can! 🙂

    1. @ bloodorder, I saw that video posted on a friends’ F/B page this week and thought that man was boss! All of the other people just sat there, he just got up and started shooting at those kids, haha, even chased them. At 71 years old, that man wasn’t putting up with bullshit, and I don’t know if he was aiming or not, but I could tell he knew how to use that gun. I was very impressed. I could never figure out why people don’t stand up against little meth headed thugs like that, especially when there are so many of them, and only 2 criminals. Thanks for posting the link too. 😉

  34. Damn it took me forever to read this discussion. Well there are so many different opinions here it actually made me stop and think. i’ve never really thought about countries where guns are illegal because ive lived in the us my whole life. but everyone does have good points here, even though they vary widely. Mark is right, if he didnt have the gun he wouldnt have shot all those people, but he could have easily found a different way to cause havoc. I also agree with trooper though, some people have access to guns but have never had the intention of using them to go spray a room full of people with bullets. i think it comes down to a simple fact. we as humans are the most dangerous and destructive animals on planet earth. throughout our entire existence, we have been fighting amongst ourselves and finding ways to kill each other quicker or more efficiently. if some guy is pissed at the world and wants to take it out on other people who have nothing to do with it, then they’re gonna find a way to take it out on people who have nothing to do with it. The fact that he had been planning it out for probably months or years in advance proves it. if he went through the trouble of planning it and stocking up on weapons or boobie trapping his place then that shows he was willing to carry out the attack regardless of if he had guns or not (bombs or some shit). So i dont know, I think some people go crazy and decide to do crazy shit guns or no guns. Peace from Tyler, TX

  35. I’m a fan of the joker, in fact i have an obsession with all serial type killers, i’m schizophrenic and almost always have the urge to kill someone i see on the street, but i don’t kill. Why? Not because i don’t have a gun, i can easily get my hands on my grandfathers shotgun and handgun, i don’t kill because I have control over myself, looking at gore also helps me control myself, i know one day i might turn and just massacre everyone i see, it wouldn’t matter what weapon i had, be it a gun, knife, bomb, fists i would still kill, i would even spend the time preparing the attack and getting hold of weapons in order to carry out my killing spree. In my opinion this guy killed because he could get hold of a gun easily, he couldn’t control himself. If he couldn’t get a gun easily he more than likely wouldn’t have carried out this massacre. Maybe he had mental issues, maybe he didn’t, either way he couldn’t control himself because he had easy access to weapons.

  36. I think this post may raise a fist or two in my direction, so I want to stress before anything else that I do not endorse or condone rape or torture of any kind. I do, however, endorse, murder, genocide, anything that can lower the human population effectively. Yes, Holmes shot those people because he had a gun. Had he not had firearms, it would have been an IED, or chlorine gas, or anything to turn a crowd into a meat pile. I think he killed BECAUSE he was of above-average intelligence. I can see it when I look at his mugshot. At that moment, he knows he tagged a lot of people, and for all he knows he killed them all. In his eyes, he did a good thing and is proud of himself. I think he fully understood that the only way to save everyone and everything humans want to save is to drastically lower the population count. Unfortunately, none of these mass murderers understand that they’ll never be able to make even a negligible dent, and all they’re doing is sowing tragedy. The problem is, humans have made humans to big a problem for humans to be able to properly fix. I believe I can say these things with some degree of accuracy(at least regarding the mindset of JEH) because I know the urge to commit widespread murder, if for nothing than to save the herds from themselves. I will never act on these urges, however, because I know that no matter how high a count I rack up, I will never be satisfied with the outcome. Until then, I’ll continue praying for Toba 2. I’d like to end by saying thanks, Best Gore, for creating a community where I feel I at least somewhat belong. ‘Tis a great service, and never unappreciated.

  37. I disagree with nearly everything you have said Mark and here is why. To understand James Holmes actions as despicable as they are you need to understand why he did it. At the end of the day guns are just a tool. He didn’t get a flash of anger and shoot a bunch of people, he bought 3 guns, got in his car drove to a movie theater went in and opened fire. It was premeditated attack, guns or no guns he would have picked up some other weapon, you can debate this and state ‘oh if it was harder to get a gun he would have abandoned the idea’ but I honestly believe unless you have been in the mind frame of these people your making inaccurate speculation. Michael Moore touched on this in bowling for columbine. There is an emotional or cultural failure of some sort causing this. I want to put into perspective a bit what I am talking about by telling you a story of a friend.

    I knew a guy in high school who told me once that he had often considered killing other people in a random attack of violence,I knew for sometime that something was broken or off about him, but we remained good friends none the less. I asked why he wanted to do it one day in one of his homicidal depressive talks and the best description was that he couldn’t feel happiness and ultimately hated others for having it or blamed the world for his inability to feel connected to people despite trying. He wasn’t ostracized, bullied(excessively we are all bullied at some point), he was smart, doing a double degree in chemistry yet was ready to end his life and take others with him. Guns are heavily regulated here to obtain one would be quite difficult for a nerdy white kid with no connections. Not that he showed any interest in using a gun he told how he devised to put explosives in bins and under cars, at the time I thought it was another rant and a, “oh yeah sure you can make da c-4”, “cool story bro”. He took me out into a field a few weeks later and showed me how he had made explosives off internet chemicals and blew up a stump he had several huge sacks full of the stuff, called it ANNMAL from memory. I was somewhat awstruck but the power and reality of it. I think I understood at this point that the problem lies with individual and not the tool. It is a sense of hopelessness and despair that brews a stew where the individual often feels there is no way out, they are worthless and they ultimately blame the world for their existence, and making them like this(don’t as me how to justify this I can’t do it just telling the story). He never carried out the attack despite literally having a finger on the trigger, why wouldn’t he do it when these other kids did? Wouldn’t be able to say guess he eventually came to the realization that there is more too life. Psychological it is a internal problem where guns are taken on as an effective easy tool to accomplish it. If they were banned perhaps he would have more time to reconsider but I am not so sure that would change anything, its usually an endless(years) struggle which leads somewhat to this destination of homicide and or suicide. If it isn’t a gun it’s a bomb, if it’s not a bomb it’s a canister charged with a nerve agent, or anthrax etc. Your putting a finite limit on an individual with nothing to lose and reoccurring intense depression, it’s not an impulse! Like all problems in the world it is human nature or a defect in the artificial intelligence that we are which causes it not a hunk of wood and metal.

    1. You’ve got it wrong @trufighter…

      It’s “behind every smart man there is a woman”.
      Not “behind every whack job”.

      As a woman I am insulted by what you have said here.
      I hope it was only a (poor) attempt at being funny.

        1. Yes my friend Christopheles, I understood what he meant.

          I too have had my heart broken (by both men and women).
          Doesn’t mean I have gone on any killing sprees.

          The sooner people take responsibility for their actions the better.

          1. OK, I misunderstood, but now I’m confused… why were you offended? From what I can see, the only one who could take offense to that post would be good Mr. Holmes himself, in that it would insinuate that his psyche was too fragile to handle a simple thing as a break-up. I’m probably missing something glaring, and if so, I do apologise, I’m just not seeing the insult.

          2. Sorry, thought that was obvious Chrisopheles…
            James couldn’t possibly be responsible for his actions – there had to be a woman behind it.

            Too bad I can’t cuss on this post cause I really want to at the moment.


          3. Ha Fiend, the Phat guy is here for ya 8D

            OK, you cant blame a woman, this is a generation thing, the baby bommers gen was awed by the WW2 gen, they were spoiled growing up, they had million of kids, but being spoiled they always wanted more and marriges did not last,so my generation grew up in broken homes raised by moms and no dads, so we’re mostly fucked up, But the men have reckonised the need for family, and women can destroy men cause they fought all there lives, and SNAP, “life has been nothing but shit, fuck you, fuck everyone”, it always takes two to make a child, and two to raise a child, So don’t blame a woman blame the parents.

        2. I too thought that initially but I also thought of myself too.My heart was broke,I bulled thru it like a man.I beat that and Lymphoma,I was homeless @17 to 20,37 now and still shitfaced and blunted and bounced back to the real shit.The problem is the usa banned those old school insane asylums like Eliose,Northville,Penthurst.No more shock treatment,no more beatings, no more harsh punishment,no more lobotomies:( awww:( Ya get it?

      1. Stand corrected and laughing @Razor….

        I think it was you that spewed out a whole bunch of ‘man’ jokes many posts back… I absolutely loved “Why is a guy so smart while he is having sex? Because he is plugged into a fucking genius.”

        Word girlfriend!

        1. “Why always that a guy discussed with a woman, he lost?
          Because if a guy discuss with a woman, he has to be a stupid.”

          Only to make this post related to the topic, I will enunciate Mark’s theorem:

          idiot + gun = massacre

          I will comment it later, but not now because I’m not in the mood to write looong as I will have to.

  38. There may be a lot of things wrong with our country, but I still think it’s the best place for me. If anyone has ever had a gun pulled on them the horrible feeling of helplessness and terror will never be forgot. That happened to me when I was 16 years old. Some jerk pulled a 45 automatic at myself and three cousins. That is still the biggest gun I have ever seen to date. The guy with the gun was angry at someone in our party, not me, and he pressed the barrel to his head. I don’t know how I was able control my bladder. Well thankfully the trigger wasn’t pulled and instead he just pistol whipped my cousin. The rest of us stood around as useful as tits on a bull. It’s interesting how people are real quick to criticize but offer no viable solution. Yeah, yeah, gun control, wah…wah…wah. It ain’t gonna happen. At least not until someone can figure out how to gun control the criminals, then law abiding citizens won’t feel the need to arm themselves. The police are hardly ever around when you need them, and even a minute can be an eternity. Not all of my friends own guns, but the ones that do are respectable businessmen and women. You could not even tell from looking at them that they are carrying. I understand people being outraged at the loss of life, I’m pretty angry myself, but the problem is much deeper than blaming an inanimate object. This is a very good topic for a coffee table discussion, but until you come up with a real solution, I feel like smoke is being blown up my ass.

          1. Ah @Razor…

            How I would love to meet you at a pub for several pints and a good chin wag ~ I think I would learn much.

  39. I’m all the way down here so I guess I’m eligible to spew out words that wont matter.
    The difference between U.S and other countries has to be the cultural influences. Since U.S is such a multicultural advocate, There will be endless trends, styles and ideologies along with today’s influences such as being the most popular, Being “independent”, Glamorizing violence, Money hungry, Paranoia fear mongering etc etc. With this blend of total Greed & ignorance people will be more violence driven.
    The government (I’m talking about U.S) should begin screening & examining those that want to purchase weapons. First they must show records, go through psychological examination, etc.
    To get rid of these black market weapons simply offer a buy back program, And finally make bullets EXPENSIVE, I’m talking about $200 dollars a clip, No one is going to waste 600 bucks to go on a killing spree, By the time they have saved up 300 they might start thinking about it and give up, Why? because the human mind is a pit of bipolar-esque thought fucktardation.
    Greed overcomes violence.

    1. If things are made illegal, only criminals will have them. Instead, give every adult a gun. After the chaff sort themselves out, we’ll be left with responsible armed individuals who know everyone else around them has an equalizer.

      1. I meant that if someone wanted to buy a gun legally they must pass several exams to prove that they are using the gun for protection only, I didn’t say anything about making them illegal.
        you have 2 types of murderers, Criminal, Psychopathic
        A criminal kills for money, gang related.
        Psychopathic kills due to fear mongering,anger,delusions etc, At least the criminals stay in certain areas, The psychopathic ones have no “specific location”
        I’m all for gun rights, You’ll never know when a dune monkey will attempt to akbar a public mall here.

        1. @ Baked, here in Canada, we have had school massacres with people who had illegally obtained weapons. We are not near proportionate to the US as far as population, I think it’s 34 million, as opposed to 340 million. My point is, I think people would still obtain their weapons with or without a license. I agree with you that there should be some standardized psychological test that one must take before being licensed accompanied with a criminal history check. But wouldn’t the wing nuts still get their hands on a gun? Illegally of course. Unless we get all the illegal weapons off the streets this will continue to happen.

        1. The only way I would waste a 50 dollar bullet on someone is if they are threatening my life.
          I wouldn’t go into a store and waste $200 worth of bullets just to steal a couple dollars, Hypothetically speaking.

          1. You would probably miss because you didn’t get enough target practice. Not to mention he will probably be moving and you will be hyper-ventilating and all jacked up on adrenaline.

          2. that’s why mental and physical examination is needed, Once you pass the screenings you can be given classes to steadily take control of a situation if your life is in danger.
            Some cartel group walks into a mall start shooting everywhere, You pull out a semi go nuts killing them and maybe a couple civilians (who needs em) then drag the main guy to the back and rape him to traumatize him and teach him a lesson in violence, Hypothetically speaking.

  40. I think it’s true that gun laws are too lax in the U.S, but I also believe that if the government outlaws guns, outlaws will be the only ones with guns. I live in Canada, and plan on getting a gun and/or hunting permit so I can get a shotgun or something for home defense. I’ve been hearing too often on the news of homes being broken into in the middle of the night, its occupants being tied up, held at gun point, held at knife point, beaten, shot, stabbed, etc.

    If firearms are banned, these maniacs will still have access to black-market weapons, and will have access to non for our own protection.

    Truth is, people like Holmes will always exist, and tragic events like this will always happen (it’s in our nature to be violent). I think the best we can do to survive, is to be aware of our surroundings, and know what to do if we are ever in a situation like that.

    The whole world can’t stop turning, and people can’t stop living because of a handful of psychos.

  41. The main reason Americans do not want any gun control is our fear of the U.S. government. Look at how fucked up it is now. Cops can pull you over for no reason, handcuff you “for the cops safety”, search your body and vehicle without probable cause etc… Having private citizens the right to bear arms keeps this beast in check.
    Just look at how the Nazi’s would disarm the private citizens first before enacting their laws against them. Disarm the public and have your way with the local population.
    As far as worrying some idiot with a gun is about to blow a gasket and kill me, I’ll take my chances any day. I would be more likely to get run over by some moron who can’t drive than get shot at by a wack job.

  42. The fact that the guy was seeming so ‘normal’ and bought the gun legally; there was nothing that even speculate that he might do something like this.

    Many of the BG member have openly said that they are quite, reserved, loney, don’t fit in, and other characteristics that also describe James Eagan Holmes. I don’t know how many of us SOB’s have a gun, but my point is, how can, we as a society ‘look out’ for people like him if there are so many of us around and people having characteristics similiar to him are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

    I am wondering if there should be a mini psychological test before anyone is allowed to purchase a gun, it won’t stop mass shooting events happening, but it may help lessen the amount of times it happens.

    In almost all the instances where people have done mass shootings, the characteristics mentioned about have come into play; without current legislation that effectively bans guns altogether, maybe the psych evaluation would be a good first step.

    I do not ever see a BG member doing something like this.

      1. I dont have any idea who are the people here and even tough ill probably never going to met anyone of bg because i live fucking far away from anyone but but I definitely would not hesitate to put my hands in acid by any of you, even if everyone thinks like
        @uli, for the simple fact that I can identify with many of the people here and that’s it -. –

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