Operation Miranda Tapes of Torture by Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

Operation Miranda Tapes of Torture by Leonard Lake and Charles Ng

As part of Operation Miranda, inspired by The Collector – a book by John Fowles, serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped their female victims, whom they called the M Ladies to have the torment they were subjected to captured for later viewing. After the raid of their bunker in Wilseyville, California the police recovered the tapes the serial killers filmed. Content of the tapes was leaked and I’d like to present it to you.

Even though there is no doubt that female victims of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng went through hell while locked up in the bunker, the Operation Miranda tapes do not contain any of it. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng raped and tortured their female victims before murdering them and burning their corpses, but neither rape, nor torture made it on the tapes. All the tapes show is a little bit of what you could call psychological torture, but that’s about it. Other than a philosophy entry by Leonard Lake himself.

The victims in the tapes appear very relaxed. Brenda O’Connor is only curious about the whereabouts of her baby and Kathleen Allen looks like she couldn’t wait for some torture to start already. That could only mean one of two things – either the cops kept the juicy parts for themselves and refuse to share, or this is all that the serial killers filmed.

There are also rumors that actual torture and snuff tapes were made, but Leonard Lake sold them for a lot of money. This, if true would make a lot of sense since the killers did put the girls through systematic torture, rape and eventually killed them, so why not tape it and cash in on it? No such tape has allegedly been recovered so the rumor remains a rumor. I wonder if we ever find out for sure if somebody out there has a video of what really happened in Wilseyville, but doesn’t want to share cause it cost a lot of money to obtain.

Best of Operation Miranda is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. wheres the video, has it been taken down? fucks sake, still not seen this. I hear it’s not that bad anyway really… from what I seen it looked like a reinactment more than anything.. but I guess their calm nature is unsettling in it’s own right… someone that can remain calm in a high stakes situation is infinitely more dangerous than a raving lunatic. They just don’t see it coming when you manage to stay inside yourself till the defining moment.

      Cage your beast.


    1. Yes, I believe I saw that as well. Could it be she maybe liked it a little? Maybe she just thought she would be raped and not killed. Either way, I don’t think I could resist a man with that body, in those briefs. Too hottt.

    1. @future days…it’s funny you mentioned Bob & John: I just read a bio on findadeath.com about their situation. Crazy!! Until then i had heard, but never knew the gory details of the murder,crime scene, and video tapes. Really a messed up, but intresting case none the less:)

        1. Right?! That is actually the most interesting part of the whole story! Well, to me anyway:)

          “Monsters are real, ghost are too. They do not dwell in darkness, They live inside us. And sometimes, they win” stephen king

          1. Scotty crane, bob’s son actually,started a page called “thebobcraneexperience.com” which has actual video footage his father had taken, along with photos too. Also, a whole case run through…it is crazy. You should definatly check ot out.

  1. I think for them the sex was secondary, it was all about the psychological and physical control of women, I can only assume that their actual ability to attract and interact with women was not very good and so over the years they seen women as something that had to be forced into submission.

    This is why they only taped the submissive parts and not the sexual parts, the former being of much more importance than the latter. If they had taped the rape and sold the tapes you would think people of this level of planning would have made many copies in order to sell more and more, thus keeping their activities alive with profit.

    1. Therre are a ton of them in the US alone preying on the disenfranchised who are never reported missing.
      What useless fucks they are though, they feel dominant because there are two of them with one handcuffed female drugged out of her eyeballs to make her compliant. You know without a shadow of a doubt if a women said boo to them in the street they would shit themselves.

    1. I wonder what she was drugged with to be able to feel the heat off of a light bulb like that…and i agree that it would be funny if it was just you and a bunch of your friends having a couple of drinks and someone said that..but i couldnt imagine being those girls…im all about gore but psych torture…now thats how you really fuck someone up

  2. This is kind of sick. It’s not the tense emotional kidnapping or torture scene that they show in movies. It’s cold unfair hatred. Whereas my conscience would instantly force me to let these girls go, these sick fucks go out of their way to ruin lives and to be total assholes in the process. Side note I wish I had a girl I could slave myself out to, but preferably one I can still walk away alive from.

    1. Good observation. I wonder sometimes, were these guys working for the boy’s when they did this?

      Monarch or mk ultra program possibly? Could Dr. West or even Lt. Col Aquino be involved in such a program? . . . . .

      Hmmmm. Nah. They would never do bad things like that. Never mind.

    1. NO! Pretend to give in, start a blow job, the BITE his dick off ! Then fight like hell against the other M.F. Never give up. If you’re gonna die, you have to fight like a cornered badger. Esp if they killed your baby. Bite it !

  3. I’ve been gone for a minute, but am so happy to see this Lake and Ng piece. I’ve wanted to get a better glimpse in on these two, and the Gov’t isn’t budging much. I know the Lake, Ng video is light to what actually is, but am happy to at least get a bit of the truth. Keep it real.

  4. Even women could have put these goofy, useless fucks in their place. I hope some of ’em at least tried to escape or said something similar to “Keep me as your slave? How bout you fuck off and die!” They seem to just accept the fact that they will be indefinite pawns and that’s where they went wrong.

  5. I can watch anything and not be shocked but anything to do with the imprisonment or domination of a woman just kinda annoys/angers/upsets me. I cant even begin to imagine how scary it must be for these women being kidnapped, trapped, and abused like this. You can obviously see that reality is starting to hit home when she starts to feel like passing out. Just terrible, i think ill stick to my executions and murders :p

  6. He sounds like a wannabe psychologist to me. What’s he think- that people will watch his videos and award him for his scientific breakthroughs? If so, this man had sever issues. And the clips seem to choppy and nonlinear. There has to be more somewhere.

  7. Lake should of kept those sex slaves around for years, and make them have group sex. Maybe make Brenda eat out Kathy; have Kathy preform rim-jobs on Brenda. You know, be creative and mix it up a bit. Make them have tit fights and stuff.

  8. The actual torture tapes exist. I saw them described by a detective in a documentary about the killers. The tapes were in fact shown at the trials of the killers. The detective said the killers had groups of people captured at once, and made them watch each as of them were tortured. The detective said you could see the horror on the faces of the captives as they were made to watch (sometimes they were forced to watch friends, family members). He said many of the torture victims psychologically ‘regressed’ to childhood and could be heard screaming for their parents.

  9. The terrible thing is….most likely a man/woman….with significant man made trading sheep currency has got tapes of these sheep doing horrible deeds to other sheep that just wanted to live and be fruitful…so to say…just think how many multi-billion, millionaires,priests,preachers,satinists,atheists,muslims,and others are watching these type tapes made by these and others that are tortured and killed just for the psychotic orgasm…..sheep that are your political and religious leaders…not to mention your boss….be it a man or a woman…maybe even you (meaning you that is reading this)…gets wet…or hard from this…

  10. These two guys are horrible, but you should check out Charles Parker Ray. He made his own torture chamber– a small trailer he called, “The Toybox”. Since he was a mechanic, he even made his own sadistic torture tools, and strapped women to a gynecological exam chair with restraints. The cruel irony to me is, that the name of the city is Truth or Consequences (in New Mexico). No body or trace of evidence of one was found.

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