Organs Ripped Out from Abdominal Cavity of Live Man by Narcos in Mexico

Organs Ripped Out from Abdominal Cavity of Live Man by Narcos in Mexico

Mexican Narcos are once again stepping it up. They may not make themselves heard as often as their Brazilian brethren do these days, but when they do, they give the Brazilians run for their money.

In this video, the Narcos rip out organ(s) from the abdominal cavity of a live and conscious man. They opened a hole in his abdomen, shoved their hands inside and disemboweled him by pulling out whatever they grabbed. I’m not sure which visceras got ripped out exactly, but the agony they caused must have been out of this world regardless of what got ripped out.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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169 thoughts on “Organs Ripped Out from Abdominal Cavity of Live Man by Narcos in Mexico”

  1. The human race has descended about as far as it can go, or maybe we were just always like this, can’t wait for this nuclear war which is about to happen, it’s all we deserve

          1. Holy fucking shit rotflmao….they fucking slapped him afterward…I’m fucking dying laughing….they showed him what they nasty of!!!! That was seriously fucked up tho…hopefully I don’t get to see that happen to me….

      1. bolshevik jewish revolution was equally if not more horrid in barbarity…I hope all who do these things suffer in hell for eternity and IM pretty sure they will…..remember that fuckers

          1. Unfortunately, you’re badly wrong.
            Hell is real physical place seen by some really awesome elders like this one who was in hell and heaven and he saw Mother of God and angels, as well as demons in monastery. They openly showed to him(allowed by God to happened as ultimate test for great ventures who dedicated their life to Almighty):

      2. I agree. Atrocities like this have been going on way before any of us were even extracted from the womb. The motive for the madness is of one’s own disposition. There will always be bloodshed.

    1. It has descended a lot. Back in the middle ages, they developed intricate machines to torture people in the worst ways possible, and now it seems we are going backwards! Cmon, if we are literally researching how to 3d print organs, why can’t we find non-primitive ways to torture people!

    1. The liver is allot bigger and a different look and shape from what he appeared to pull out. Maybe it was a piece of it, IDK but whatever it was, it had to hurt like hell. Narcos don’t play. These people are the epitome of evil. I would fight like hell and have to be killed right there on the spot before I let them kidnap me. Rather take a few bullets than allow them to torture me.

          1. Uh, no, guy, I wouldn’t let them take me alive, period. I aint no tough guy super hero. But unless I was somehow incapacitated beforehand, they would have to kill me right there on the spot period. Maybe it’s human nature for YOU to fold and let some animals give you the bizness like that but I aint the one. I’ve been in plenty of fucked up next level type situations, but I realize my mortality. Regardless, like I said, unless I am incapacitated, they have to kill me RIGHT THERE.

          2. And you god damn right I would fight. You don’t know me so don’t speak for me as to what I would and wouldn’t do. All you know is what YOU would do. I bet you’d let these idiots fuck you up the ass as well right? Pffffft fuck outta here with that shit. Yeah, I do say I would fight, and to the fucking death.

          1. @john-singleton-mosby

            I’ve reached the point with you now that when I see your posts I’m just going to pass them by, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who thinks like this. If the site had an ignore feature I’d definitely use it for you. You’re like a damned cuckoo-clock repeating the same thing every 15 minutes.

            Sorry, I truly don’t mean to be offensive to you. If I were able to, I would have sent you this message in a PM but, as far as I know, the site doesn’t offer that facility.

      1. IP Config: I don’t think you know how these kidnappings work in Mexico. Imagine that you just finished high-school, still live with your parents. You’re sleeping in your room. Some noise wakes you up. Door to your room opens, there’s your mother with worried look. She’s immediately pushed aside by a huge policeman with automatic weapon, followed by four more policemen in riot gear. You look out of the window, there are multiple police trucks, ten more guys in full riot gear. They confirm your identity, then tell you to go with them. And you go. Because what the fuck would you do? Try to fight police? Then they put you in police vehicle and drive you away. Your parents immediately go to the nearest police station to find out what’s going on, but the police have no clue, they send them to try another station. The same thing happens at the next police station. And the next. And the next. The parents slowly realize, that it wasn’t police AT ALL. Or maybe it was, paid by cartels and they deny it. All in all – their son is taken, never to be seen or heard from again. Was it a kidnapping? Who knows. But that’s how it happens. True story btw. The people go calmly, because to the last moment they believe it’s some kind of police misunderstanding. They are calm. They did nothing wrong. They will explain that it’s all a big misunderstanding when they arrive at the station. Only they’re not going to police station. Cartels operate this way for a long time, and there’s usually no way to recognize the difference between real and fake police for a civilian. What’s even worse – the police and certain elements of army are often on cartel payroll and do the dirty work for them. Remember the case few years ago, when the 50 students disappeared? Or the body dumping farm? Police heavily involved, working with cartels, transferring detainees to the cartels or guarding their body dumps. The level of corruption is crazy there. In the meantime, you’re being forced to “confess” that you were working for a rival cartel, then being tortured and killed in some insane fucking way. When exactly would you fight? Would you try to kick the policemen in riot gear? Punch him to the face? There’s five guys in the room with you. Ten more outside. What are your chances? They won’t kill you, they will kick your ass, and punish you for resisting later. You’re in handcuffs pretty much from the beginning. That’s what i always say to myself. NEVER let yourself get into a situation like that. Trouble is – there’s no rhyme or reason to it. There just might be a day when cartel needs to produce certain bodycount and you’re in the neighbourhood. The story i described in the beginning happened to a son of a local small-time bussinessman. That’s the worst thing that might happen to a man – you’re willing to fight, you’re capable of fighting, but it doesn’t make any difference. You might be good, or even great, but you just can’t fight everyone.

          1. @sloth12

            Steak and liver pie? Nah, you know steak and kidney is where it’s at. However, liver and onions with bacon? Mmmmmmm…….shit, now I’m hungry. Damn you, polluted 😀

          2. @illegalsmile55

            I remember those days when we shared the space with the dinosaurs; we even had dinosaur lanes on our roads. There was an nice old dinosaur that used to live in the field next to our house. It couldn’t see very well but that was common amongst that particular breed of dinosaur. It was called a Dyathinkhesaurus. It had a little dog living with it too called a Dyathinkhesaurus Rex. 😀

            I’ll get my coat

    2. He’s reaching into the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.
      The liver is in the upper right quadrant.
      The kidneys are retro peritoneal, so it’s not one of those either.
      Most likely the stomach, spleen, or even part of a lung (based on how far in his abdomen he is reaching).

        1. I would go to a small ranch that didn’t even have paved roads back when visiting Mexico.
          Looked like something out of Resident Evil 4.
          Now even that place has a narco presence. Nothing big though, just some narcos whore in charge thanks to her sugar daddy.
          But still…

    1. @illegalsmile55

      I could probably have made quite good use of that in twenty years time. Ive been a very moderate swigger all these years but I was thinking of moving on to a mostly Champagne and Prosecco diet in a few years time. It would be handy to have a spare in the freezer for a rainy day.

      1. polluted I like the idea of having a category for Brazil, because in the category Latin war you have all the videos of mexico, colombia, venezuela … but forgot that Brazil is also part of latin america

  2. The Chinese love eating the large intestines of pigs, including the anus (it’s nice and crunchy when deep fried), and it’s supposed to be the best part, but I would not touch a human intestine with a 10 foot pole. Those crazy killers may not know they might be grabbing something that is in the process of being turned into excreta (polite way of saying s**t) and certainly will contains lots of bacteria and who knows what.

  3. Still has some way to go to top the sad fuck who had both hands chopped off – both eyes gouged out – skin ripped off face… arms tied in front of his body as they SLOWLY sliced into his throat…. by Mexican drug cartel.
    I can’t find the link in Miscopy

    1. They come and go at will. Crappy enforcement. Deported one day, and back that same evening. Border Patrol and Immigration/Customs Departments are a joke and corrupt. The wall is an expensive proposition, that won’t work either. Don’t have any answers for you, but the solution is only partially at the border. Enforcement of penalties on employers and restriction of services won’t be used. Politicians are well politicians. The problem is not just “liberal”, the whole system is broke.

    1. Once you see their eyes you will be exposed to the monster inside them. You can distinguish the difference between a surgeon dissecting a body compared to these murderous gremlins method of ripping out organs with no gloves or antibacterial soap.

  4. I almost skipped this one.first was the one in brazil where they sliced opened his stomach now this.imagine if they started doing what they did hundreds of years ago if you search youtube and look for torture devices..fuk like the pear of anguish or stuff during the spanish inqustion and they filmed it it would be too much for me at least.

    1. BlackBarbii No, the problem is this video makes people hungry so they don’t think racist, i often work in a mortuary and halfway through the autopsies there are neat piles of liver, kidneys and other organs, just like in the butchers, you’re hot and sweet

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