Orphan Used as Child Soldier by Fake Syrian Army

Orphan Used as Child Soldier by Fake Syrian Army

This is when I remind you again to take a good look at the boy in the video. Take a good look because before you know it, he’ll live in your neighbourhood courtesy to your Zionists Occupied Government. He will be taken in as political refugee because “he’s being unlawfully prosecuted by a dictatorship“. This is how all of the jihadists currently living in Sweden, Holland, France, the UK and other countries occupied by the ZOG got there.

Foreign mercenaries recruited to wage proxy war on Syria and commit genocide on innocent civilians there have no morals so for them to brainwash vulnerable children into falling for their bullshit is not an issue. Many children became orphans thanks to their doing which makes them easier targets. Now these child soldiers consider killing others something as ordinary as taking a poop every day. Just how much respect do you think they will have for YOUR children after they’ve been welcome to your country by your ZOG?

We hear it all the time that wherever these Muslim immigrants who received political asylum in the western countries settle, the area becomes a no go zone. We also hear more and more voices bashing on president Bashar al Assad coming from western countries, claiming that that they know he’s a bad guy because they had been oppressed by him in the past. No fucking shit you were oppressed – we see what your comrades are doing to Syria. Do you think president is gonna sit and watch you destroy his country? We know who you are and we know how you got to live in Europe. We also know who the new wave of Muslim immigrants are. We see them in videos like the one below. That’s why I don’t trust a single word you say and never trust any of you living next to me.

Bonus video of a child killed due to FSA aggression in Syria:

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Thank you for eleven years of Best Motherfucking Gore.

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    1. Yuri Orlov(Nicolas Cage) has say that in… Lord of War πŸ™‚

      For all that, this small snackbarist is just the puppet for them. He will grow in a strong bastard, but seriously i dont think that he will survive till 16yo, he dies probable from a lung cancer πŸ™‚
      Ahh, making kids doing this will make me hate them much more

      1. @Stalker actually if was the back guy from lord of war ^_^ I love that movie especially the beginning how the bullet is made till the bullet being shot into the head of the kid it’s wicked πŸ˜€

  1. I personally do not trust any Muslim because, for the most part, they cannot act outside of their own religious/cultural framework, this means that what ever behaviour they portray to the non Muslims it is only an illusion and their true self’s and therefore their actions are dictated by their own Muslim framework, which is a confused mess of a religion itself.

    However I am fair in my judgments and understand that the above also applies to the Jews as well and most other religions if truth be told.

    However the Muslims get a special mention because they fuck up every country they live in, including their own, the Jews get the second special mention because they prefer to just fuck up everybody’s else’s countries rather than their own, their own stolen country I might add .

    The moral of the story, never trust those who have their heads stuck up their own ass for only shit will flow from their mouths.

  2. Hold on a second…a few days away from bestgore and I come back to find little kid soldiers? Wow! Them mercenaries really are a heartless bunch of cunts! It puts ones general perceptions about wanting death to all who Akbar into a little grey area, before I wanted nothing more than for these faggots to be simultaneously blown the fuck up…but knowing they’re signing up orphans, which have probably been created by the very hand that’s now “training” them, makes me think, we’ll, just coz your a fucking retard that has no regard for life, why are you dragging a innocent soul into your party? As I said, heartless cunts! The boys mind has already been forever scarred by your hand, and now your happy to paint the rest of his, horrible, memories for him…(sigh)…

    By the way Mark, sorry I wasn’t around to praise the 5 year anniversary, so I’ll do it now, big high five mate! I’m air throwing one right now and will continue to do so for the next five hours, hoping you throw one too, then it’s like we are actually high fiving…..just without the contact…….keep it up, you have the title of the most eye opening person on the net!

  3. It would be my pleasure to shoot that little Muslim motherfucker in the face. He said his name is Ahmed, he is only 8, his mother died…. he said something about his dad but i couldn’t make it out and then he spit on the floor…not a good sign.

  4. This kid is born to kill! …and born to die very quickly. Always pleasure to see a kid handling an AK-Forty-fucking-Seven and smoking a cigarette like a boss.

    If he’s lucky, he’ll probably live a week from now on or he might blow himself up the next day with a grenade and then we will find his shattered body in here, who knows πŸ™‚

  5. I have read that the extremists work the Iman dominated religious schools to get ignorant & gullible recruits, especially for missions that will invariably get the person killed. However, this particular vid is over the top.

    However, this particular vid is over the top. It looks to be purely a propaganda video by an Assad friendly (controlled?) Internet video producer.

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