Packing Heat – Brazilian Thieves Pick on Wrong Driver

Packing Heat - Brazilian Thieves Pick on Wrong Driver

Brazilian driver pulled into his garage, and even though the automatic gate behind him was almost fully closed, a pack of thieves squeezed through the narrow opening and attempted to threaten the driver with a firearm. But the driver himself was packing heat and without hesitation, before giving the thieves a chance to figure out what the heck was going on, greeted them with fire.

The thieves definitely picked on the wrong driver. He had the moment of surprise on his side, and used it to stand his ground, but what’s with his aim? How come each thief was able to get away?

Props to Best Gore member alexfuzzy for the video:

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          1. It’s extremely hard to hit a moving target and even harder under stress. Stopping power matters, in self defense i would always go for the .45 ACP it’s an optimal round, no matter where you hit the shock itself, to speak nothing of damage is enough.

          2. @rom haha you make head shots every time? Also, the full size xd holds 13 +1 and I carry an additional 13 round magazine. Hydrostatic shock works wonders and will put someone on the ground even if you simply hit their thumb. (A little exaggerated. But valid.)

          3. Well that’s just a matter of choice and training I gues. I also prefer the 9mm because it has less recoil and that makes it a lot easier to shoot in those stress situations.

        1. I have had zero recoil issues with my 45.
          If the gun is built well recoil won’t be much of an issue. I have friends who have been in military combat situations and they explained that they didn’t even feel recoil or hear their shots. I highly doubt a little extra recoil will out weigh the extra stopping power in a life or death scenario. As long as you’re familiar with your pistol it should be a non issue.

        1. Looking at a guy who likely pays others to make repairs to his home and car. That might explain the clean garage with no tools.
          The bad aim…anyone’s guess. @Bback could be right. He didn’t want to deal with stains left behind from a pesky dead guy in his garage bleeding on the floor.

          1. I think he did manage to get at least one shot in the first person, as he stepped back and held his chest,,, I wonder if he took himself to hospital and explained thta away,, or we will see him later on here, dead in a gutter somewhere,,

    1. I would have to say that after watching the video a few times, what seems to have happened is that he’s fired so many shots at the thief to open the door, is that he gave chase to finish him off then noticed the other thief and busted caps, probably thinking that other fucker was dead.
      it doesn’t help that those brazilians are so skinny and he was moving and doing the cha cha!!!

      1. People walk away from gunshots all the time. Idiots carry guns that aren’t loaded with man stopping rounds. So they just put a couple holes in the guy who continues to stab them to death before he bleeds out. Lesson of the day: don’t be a mafia wannabe Faggot who carries a .22 for self defense

  1. Looks like he hit him in the torso area twice…don’t see how he missed but when peoples adrenaline kicks in they can take a few hits and run quite a ways.

    1. Popped a coyote in the chest from front porch one time square in the heart region behind the front leg with a 30-30 (overkill I know but i wanted to see how accurate the old girl was) little guy must of ran 20 yards before he killed over, came to where I hit em and all that was there was a blood trail and a small chunk of meat. Don’t usually shoot living targets but a pack of the bastards ripped my little black pug right in half, found him in a field from the belly up, little guy followed me in the tractor everywhere so I figured I’ll take a pot shot at each one I get a chance to.

  2. I think the driver hit the twat in the torso…he really could not have missed it was virtually point blank but it must have been a small calliber pistol. Loved his instant “pour it on ’em” attitude. Bet the coward thief bleeds out in a toilet somewhere whilst wondering where his wretched miserable life went so wrong

  3. Reminds me of the die hard with a vengeance scene in the water tunnel were Bruce Willis walked up on the guys in the dump truck and shot ’em through the door lol “you boys seen a fat jolly man down here in a red suit? He’s got 8 reindeer and a big ol sleigh”

  4. Looks like the “Bad Guy” was able to shot 3 times,twice at the hero but our hero was able to overwhelm him with more volume of fire,quicker trigger control and better aim. The bad guy shot once into the floor its too bad he didn’t shot himself in the foot and incapacitated himself from running. There was nothing wrong with the hero’s aim he hit the targets torso several times. You never aim at the head when close up but imo he should had tried a head shot at the guy while running away instead of shooting at the other two. It almost looks like the guy didn’t want to kill anyone. He is not a killer but an average guy just trying to defend himself. As to why the bad guy didn’t go down like others previously mentioned it is probably because of adrenaline. Many times people who are shot are able to run away just to stomp over a few feet away and drop dead. The best way to counter this is to use a bigger caliber gun. If the hero was using a .45 caliber pistol instead of the more common 9mm or .380 which was probably what he was using the bad guy would not have been able to run away and more than likely not be able to shot back. The first shot or 2 from a ,45 would had send him flying to the wall and down to the ground.

    1. Larger caliber would have dropped him but in that small a space with concrete walls even hitting the target you run the risk of exit wound-> ricochet->accidental death from own gun….would have really messed up his day err night.

      1. They are cops, they can get away with a lot of stuff way more gruesome and cruel than that. Ordinary brazilian citizens, on the other hand, will get sued by murder for killing a thief, and then have to proof they are innocent on court.

        1. I don’t think so. and firing a gun at someone’s torso is aiming to kill…. you don’t need a headshot to kill someone. a bullet to the torso is a kill shot, just may not kill you instantly like a headshot.

  5. Gotta figure it was a pussy 9MM or smaller. There was, however, plenty of muzzle flash.

    My bet is the lead punk who took 2 in the chest did not make it very far – even with a 9MM

  6. Curious as to what the markings are on the drivers clothing. Is it just his outfit or was he some type of security or nighttime worker? I’d still think if he carries a gun w/ him he’d at least know how to shoot/aim. But maybe he just wanted to scare them off or not have a bloody mess as stated by others above. I wouldn’t want another’s blood on my hands either. Either way, props to him for defending himself and property.

  7. Maybe he didn’t try to shoot into them but shot around them on purpose because he didn’t want to be a murderer and have blood on his hands? Yeah I know its crazy given how blood thirsty everyone seems to be these days but some of us do have morals and don’t want to have to explain something like this when we meet our maker.

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