Palestinian Man Murdered by Jewish Terrorists in Occupied Jerusalem

Wearing Face Mask, Jews Executed This Man

Palestinian Man Murdered by Jewish Terrorists in Occupied Jerusalem

In the Palestinian city of Jerusalem, occupying terrorists of the Jew kind murdered in cold blood a native man. The incident happened at the Bab Hutta gate, which leads to Al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City.

Members of the Red Crescent said Israeli police forbade them from helping the Palestinian, as he bled on the ground.

I don’t expect the Zionist media report on this. Their focus is on smearing the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, because as the only head of state, he defied the orders of the overlords to ruin his country’s economy by imposing lockdown, and by doing so he effectively exposed to the whole world what scam the whole COVID-19 plandemic is.

Props to Best Gore members @s7ayta and @redwister for the video:

Also agallery of pics:

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      1. Its happening right now in Portland, Oregon in fact. Zionist Jews have let their nigger and Antifa pets loose on the white population.

        Same in England. Dim-witted but bumptious white libtards and dumb violent boons funded by Soros and the like to act out against, terrorise and oppress the native population.

        Thanks to mass uncontrolled immigration the white English natives are already a minority in their own capital city, London.

        Its all following a similar path as well. The Jews erased the Palestinians as a people first by rewriting their history. They went from being natives of their land to being squatters with no real racial history and this allowed the Jews to undermine their entire existence and replace them in their own land and the same is happening in Europe too as they are also rewriting European history to make it appear that it was always racially diverse and multicultural in order to undermine the white Europeans as natives within their own lands and for the exact same reasons.

    1. Want to know how it will all go down? Research African history and the various great African empires that existed for centuries. The shit the American indoctrination system doesn’t teach you about. Read closely about how they all perished. Then look at the state of the entire continent of Africa now.

      White supremacy is another one of the jew’s biggest deceptions. Kikes don’t consider themselves White, they hate gentiles, and they own you. The White supremacist agenda was created to distract Whites from the real enemy and to divide and conquer. White or Black, the kikes are still making a fortune from our suffering.

  1. innocent Palestinian Man ( who had a knife and stabbed an armed soldier) Murdered by Jewish Terrorists (who didn’t want to die at the hand of extremist Muslim) in Occupied Jerusalem (which was invaded and captured from jew by Arabs after the rise of Islam).
    I have seen the video of the masked terrorist stabbing an Israeli soldier. it is on youtube and Facebook..

    1. The Jews can leave Palestine, since none of it belongs to them, and the land will return to the peace it had before the occupation, and the Jews will not have to worry about the original population fighting the occupation. Easy. Till then, a dead Jew is a good Jew.

          1. Eh, I see your posts…you make an anti-Semitic and anti-slavic statement in topics that aren’t even related to them. You’re probably some 15 yo boy with a meth addicted mother who slaps you around and sissifies you.

        1. OK, we know that a lot of shit happens over there, but let’s face it. There’s been a significant uptick in COVID-19 in Israel, and of course this action was taken to protect this well meaning fellow and lower the curve.

        2. Did you know the Atlantic goliath grouper has historically been referred to as the “jewfish”. It’s referred to the fish’s status as inferior leading it to be declared only suitable for Jews.

          I have a nice recipe for the jewfish if you want me to post it, ironically it involves using an oven.

          1. Oy Veh! Israel and UAE sign a peace accord with, oh no, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi lining up before November 3rd – lol – and an idiot brings a knife to a God fight.

            Oh, human being born across an artificial line, thou art fucked!

          2. @teekay2020 You have a lot of balls to publicly declare that you intend to destroy the lives of white people because you don’t like their opinions.

            You Jews are arrogant cunts. You’re gonna pay for aggressing on white’s asshole. You’ve picked a fight with whites. You’re going to get one.

        3. Read the home page and click the puppy, nobody will be censored here kike. If you don’t like what anyone here has to say then you are welcome to leave.

          “Freedom of expression is the most important human right as it’s the one right from which all other rights derive power. The importance to protect this fundamental human right has been recognized by national and international treaties, including First Amendment to the US Constitution, Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 4 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, and and Section 2 (b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

          International law holds that freedom of expression is protected in all forums, including online i.e. based within the World Wide Web.

          On July 5, 2012, the UN Human Rights Council passed a landmark resolution on the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet. This resolution was supported by 82 States.

          History demonstrates that censorship is mostly used by those who detest freedom and progress, simply to stop truths or ideas emerging. This is inexcusable.

          Harm to freedom of expression caused by censorship of content just because some may deem it blasphemous, obscene or morals-corrupting would be devastating and should be of utmost concern to all people of conscience.

          Supporters of censorship and human rights violations need to be exposed for petty tyrants that they are, and dealt with accordingly. And this is where Best Gore steps in as the website has played a pivotal role in exposing lies which were declared as official truths by the mainstream media, exposed countless cases of police brutality, governments sanctioned terrorism, war profiteering, fear mongering and other unsavory activities which enslave the people in injustice.”

          1. Ahoy, Me Hearties!, You threw that kike over board with the BG rules and rights good job Captain, Make the Jews walk the plank don’t let them talk with their bullshit lies, Now let’s continue sailing this ship we got a trip to make Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!

          2. This is where the cancer of cancel culture comes from. The attempt to stifle your free speech by taking away your ability to earn a living for yourself or your family. Companies that fire employees for being recorded or said to be doing things that are politically incorrect. The evil of corporatism is all rooted in international Judaism.

          1. We’re going to have to teach these Jewish assholes not to fuck with us. Any white person who they try to destroy, we go after whoever aggressed on them and destroy them. Anybody who aggresses on whites, we all go after them like a pack of wolves.

      1. I think either you are a moron or have learning difficulties. Read my comment and understand it too. (Understanding is compulsory).
        The archaeological record indicates that the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah emerged in the Early Iron Age (Iron Age I, 1200–1000 BCE) from the Canaanite city-state culture of the Late Bronze Age, at the same time and in the same circumstances as the neighboring states of Edom, Moab, Aram, and the Philistinian and Phoenician city-states.

        1. Those are not archaeological records. Those are Zionist projections. Delusions. And deliberate lies. The Jew knows that his time is up. He is against God and his children. When the archangels descend to take care for Lucifer and his offspring, the world will be cleansed and the children of God will know in peace once more.

        2. @danek

          The Philistines are obviously the modern day Palestinians that the Ancient Roman Empire supported and replaced the Jews with after the Bar Kokhba revolt. The problem however is proving that the Jews of today are the Jews of those times which is next to impossible given just how much breeding outwards has been done via the Jewish exodus over the last 2 thousand years.

          The Palestinians however can be traced back to their ancestors, the Philistines, directly due to having remained biologically pure for thousands of years.

          The next issue that exists is that territory and land partitions change back and forth constantly all over the planet the further you go back. If the modern day Jews can have their, supposed, ancient territory back why can’t every other race of people?. Annexed land would also become unchallengeable. How could you attack the Russians for annexing Crimea for example when Crimea can be historically shown to be Russian?. You couldn’t under your rules.

          To conclude. You are equally pissing in the wind and opening Pandora’s box at the exact same time with this one. It would also mean that you cannot support any mass migration of “others” towards and into Europe as well due to the exact same historical racial fixation and for the exact same reasons. Europe is historically white and “European” after all and one must take ones historical birth place back, per your own rules.

      2. The Jews already have a state anyway. They don’t need to be in Palestine. Ashkenazi Jews did not originate in Palestine.

        A Jewish state already exists, it’s called the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, and it’s in South East Russia. Why don’t they just all go there?

        Birobidzhan is a town and the administrative center of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia, located on the Trans-Siberian Railway, near the China-Russia border. As of the 2010 Census, its population is 75,413, and the official language is Yiddish.

  2. I always love how most liberals and moderates are like “no, it’s totally fine we kicked 200,000 people out of thier homes, moved them into open air prisons through decades of genocide, took away all self determination, took away human and civil rights. Then they call the freedom fighters of Hezbollah terrorists. I hate to tell you, but an occupied people’s CANNOT COMMIT TERRORISM. There’s is no such thing as a war crime for occupied people. Everything is fair game, we signed that into “international law” really international law is just another tool used by american capitalists and it’s privately owned militilary industrial complex to commit mass murder and genocide anytime a left wing government decides to take care of it’s people instead of americas or european billionaires.

    I mean, hell these people are so clueless you will be accused of antisemitism if you say “Palestinians have human respiratory systems”

    1. @DrDre – hey mate, I know what you mean! But eh, at least he got his priorities right and took his sweet time to get those hand restraints on first ! You never want a dead person with no blood left in their body springing back to life, overcoming you and strangling your neck while your 6 other gang members just stand around and let it happen……

  3. Religion.
    I hate it.
    I hate Judaism.
    But I hate Christianity more.
    But most of all, of the three main Abrahamic religions, I hate Islam.

    If I was compelled to adopt a religion on pain of death, of course I would not choose death.

    I’m not anyone’s fucking martyr.

    I would choose to be Jewish,

    for the following simple reasons:

    1. It is the oldest, and therefore the original (Abrahamic)
    2. But this reason is much more pertinent. Judaism is pragmatic unlike Christianity and absolutely the goddamn opposite of Islam with its rules and regulations over every little detail and aspect of your life.


    I would choose to be a pork-eating Jew.

    Thank you.

    Chris Bodragon

    [email protected]

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