Palestinian Man Searching Through Rubble for Family Shot by Israeli Sniper During Announced Ceasefire

Palestinian Man Searching Through Rubble for Family Shot by Israeli Sniper During Announced Ceasefire

A Palestinian man who was searching for his family through rubble that used to be the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City before sickly Israeli terror forces shelled it, was shot by one of the many Israeli snipers who moved into the devastated area to finish off anyone who’s still alive.

According to Joe Catron, an International Solidarity Movement activist in Gaza, the man hadn’t heard from his family but kept his hopes up thinking that maybe they survived the bombing, and went to look for them after Israel announced a brief ceasefire. He was a non combatant, a resident of Shujaiya who wanted nothing but to find his relatives.

Human rights activists who accompanied the man watched him being shot right before their eyes. As he lay in the rubble wounded, the sniper continued to fire until the man was dead. The ceasefire came as a response to the human rights activists requesting an opportunity to evacuate the injured and the dead from the wasteland that Israel turned Gaza into. This is what you get for trusting the Yahoodi to keep his promise.

Quoting Dr. Khalil Abu Foul of the Palestinian Red Crescent:

They said we would be able to evacuate the injured from the disaster zone, but they have been shelling ambulances…

An ambulance shown at the beginning of the video was one of the targeted by the Israeli terror commandos. Paramedic Faud Jaber was killed by the attack.

Dr. Mona el-Farra of the Red Crescent Society in Gaza told the International Solidarity Movement that:

The Israeli military is targeting medical facilities. 77% of medical facilities in Gaza have sustained damage, some of which have been completely destroyed.

It takes a special kind of sick to do something like that. An Israeli sick:

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          4. @mask. I agree. being a long time member or being older then others doesnt mean you are more wise. that has been proven over and over on this site. If someone sounds like a retard we have every right to speak our minds. I thought we had freedom of speech on this site. or is turning into a Jewish state?

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      2. !00% truth, right there. I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in God or the Devil. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is that the Jews DO believe, and they ARE ritually sacrificing goyim children by their thousands every year. This is why they have been expelled from more than a hundred countries that had initially welcomed them. Look up ‘blood libel’.

      1. It’s not about where the bullet came from. There’s no question….
        Fact of the matter is religion and government are the two worst things ever conceived by man.
        People who are strong headed and just good people don’t need bullshit like religion and government.
        Those are for the weak sheeple.

    1. You’re right about that.
      Here’s how it went down.

      Hamas announced Ceasefire to get civilians out of the way, Israel agreed,
      Hamas kept firing, using red cross ambulances and homes to hide, Israel fired back.

      Pfft not like the Hamas broke the ceasefire it announced… pfft. that would be absurd, it’s easier to blame it on the Yahoodis!

      1. Right. Yahood bombs an ambulance, Yahood shoots at unarmed people. We see the proof of it in the video. We see the unarmed man being shot to death though he never fired a shot, yet you want us to believe it’s the other way around. How do you live with yourself getting paid to spread lies?

          1. That is the beauty of video. It takes us there. This man was not hiding in an ambulance, or behind any walls. He was in broad daylight. Can you please explain exactly how this specific video went down. Don’t pan out propaganda or your opinion and relate it to this. please tell me how this was justified.

          2. @ The undead, You might live in the area Pal, but on the other side, behind the YAHOODI lines of course. Are you comfy in your big safe house, while others die a violent death ? I pity You, as you are very ignorant my Jew friend. You people are sad!

  1. That cut’s through all international lines and language barriers and without being able to understand what’s being said can still convey a true heart connection with anybody and everybody that has an ounce of compassion. Truly sad.

      1. Dumbass JIDF employee. We are watching a video of destruction caused by filthy Yahoodi, we see civilians killed by filthy Yahoodi, yet you want us to fall for your bullshit about the Hamas shooting? There are buried corpses under those destroyed houses your filth bombed. Did the corpses come back from the dead to shoot at the Yahoodi? Do you really think we’re that dumb to fall for your lies?

        1. Oh look at you, aren’t you a truth seeker?
          Cut the bullshit, you’re just another one who got swallowed into the palestinian propaganda.
          It’s easy to fall into that if you’re not very smart.

          I also see rockets flying over MY head nearly daily.
          They have the right to do that and we don’t have the right to defend ourselves?

          I’m not saying everything is done right by the Israeli government and I am against civilian casualties but Israel DID ask civilians to evacuate the area to minimize casualties. “but that’s not right I read on the site AKHBARELYAHOODIFILTHPORN.ALLAH That Israelis just fired at them!”

          No but I do think you’re dumb enough to fall into THEIR lies.

          1. They asked everyone to evacuate and if they didn’t comply then they would be treated as terrorists and killed lol and you think this is ok to do and that they had fair warning?

            Your people and scum, you are scum and your not welcome here spreading your jewish lies. You have no argument, no leg to stand on. You and your people are a disgrace to humanity and the sooner you are all wiped out the better.

          2. @The Judge
            on July 21, 2014 at 9:28 pm

            No disrespect, but anyone should be welcome here, but they need to bring facts to the table. Not propaganda trash. We all want the truth… No?

          3. @Havoc

            Non taken but I disagree. Someone who comes on here trying to defend the Jewish war train is NOT welcome. Propaganda is something I despise and whether it comes from a person who is brainwashed into believing it or from someone who is trying to infect someone else’s mind with it is never welcome in a place where the truth reigns supreme. Cockroaches get into the smallest places and if you don’t kill that one off then more will come. I don’t move on dealing with Jews! Sorry if you don’t like.

          4. @judge
            I agree, he is only bringing propaganda and evading the actual video at hand. I am in no way defending him/her. I am adamant about facts here. He keeps saying cease fire and that Hamas keeps shooting but from what the video shows all I see are Israeli troops shooting. Unless like I said it is Hamas shooting their own people. I wouldn’t put it past them, but in this case there is no further evidence to support such a claim.

            We may not hold the same beliefs but I do respect that you always back up your claims with facts.

        2. @The judge , Hello, I am new on this site and try to keep as well informed as I can about facts and truth so that I can form my own opinion. You speak of propaganda being something you dislike and I notice you are a veteran of this site ( because I have been observing), well how do I tell the difference from propaganda and truth, and still no be biases? I observed this site for a wake up call, I Read comments for a sense of reality. I have found that you, Obi, and Wicked mamma are insightful ( some times, jk) but I would like to know, how do you tell the difference?

          1. Follow what the founder of this website always encouraged each of us to do – verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut.

        1. @boozer.

          I know what he does have, and thats Iron Dome. Not called that for nothing, takes out incoming rockets and can even tell where they will land, hamas may fire rockets but they wont hit much. also funded in part by the U.S.

  2. Jews are a buch of shit talkers. They say all the politically correct things, but their actions are what you should watch. The actions don’t match the words. Here’s the Jewish mindset, “How can I get away with killing these people, taking all of their money and land, and come out smelling like a rose?”

        1. Sorry, no vids. Vacation was good though. I met a guy who used to work for the Cartels. He had a big ass scar on his belly where he had been shot three times. Started talking to me about how to make crystal meth and turn a kilo of cocaine into 4 kilos. I should have gotten a picture of him. I was entertained.

  3. Actually just to let you know, they announced a cease fire for 3 hours, Israel agreed, the Hamas kept shooting from the area, you expect Israel to just sit there and be like :
    “Oh well they’re shooting at us but that’s okay, they needed humanitarian aid so they have any right to fire at us while THEY ANNOUNCED THE CEASE FIRE”

    Also, Israel built a field hospital for the injured from the Palestinian side.

    I’d advise people to actually SEE what’s going on there and not read it online/watch some dumb news channel.

    1. I fail to see this guy shooting rockets at anyone.

      Sheeple may fall for your JIDF bullshit, but we don’t. You bomb ambulances, you shoot unarmed civilians. No amount of Hasbara propaganda can whitewash the obvious.

      1. There are casualties from both sides, I don’t know exactly the background story of what’s happening here but I’m sorry you’re the sheeple falling for videos or pictures that could easily be faked (I don’t know about this one tho).
        As I replied to the guys below, many of the pictures coming from the palestinians are actually propaganda pictures/videos, many are staged or from Syria.

        I’m not expecting anyone here to support Israel, but I am expecting people here to try and see what the truth really is, of course it’s easy seeing it from behind the monitor believing every video that’s posted on best gore.

        as I told many already, buy a ticket, visit Israel and go see what’s going on in the Gaza strip, go ahead and see the field hospital the Israelis have made for injured civilians.

        Oh another thing about the ambulances, I’d suggest you to visit one of their ambulances or one of the UN cars that are there, see that not everything is so “humane” in there.

        1. My favorite Isreali adventure is when the Isreali soldiers violated the cease fire with Lebanon a couple of years ago but the Lebonese knew what was coming and blew their back stabbing asses to smithereens!
          so now i am sure Hamas “violated” the cease fire too.
          Don’t forget the White Phosphorus scum bags!

        2. @TheUndead Please stick to the comments section on ABC, FOX, BBC and all your other Zio news websites because your bosses SHILLings are wasted here.

          Seriously how do scumbags like yourself sleep at night?

      1. No, you can’t.
        1st , you would be amazed how many pictures of dead palestinian children are actually Syrian children.
        You’d be amazed how many staged photos are there.
        Of course who would want to publish the videos of the Israeli soldier giving some food to a Palestinian children?

        You can’t see what’s really happening from a video, again, I live in the area, I actually see everything with my own eyes rather than a video that could be easily turned your way.

        1. @Undead: Give us videos showing support from your point of view. You say you live there. You have the chance to prove the “Other Side” of this ongoing war. I assume you have a phone and a computer to record and upload. If you have any evidence to support your argument,share with us some recording that’s non-government produced propoganda. We’ll know if it’s authentic. It must be real amateur footage of the suffering you claim your area is being burdened at this moment. You can do it.. Don’t give us any links to outside sources. Hand it to us directly on this site. Solely produced by you and not by anybody else. In the video, you must show your face and say your Undead. It may not change our overall perception of Israel, but if you can at least provide proof that you have to survive an incessant barrage of rockets, then we’ll give you some credence. We’re actually fair and balanced people. You just need to give us the evidence. Now get going son.

        2. Please stop painting pictures of other situations to defend this video. I agree with you that some children in pics may not be Palestanian children, we all know that very well here, and actually sift out duplicates and have found many videos tried to pass off more than once. We know Hamas does not fight fair. But I feel you are so defendant of Israel that you are not focused on this specific video. And it is upsetting that you are not able to admit that this unarmed man should not have been shot.

          I also have no proof that Hamas did not shoot their own civilian in the making of this video. But if it was Israel than you have to admit it is wrong!!!

          1. Good point, @ Tim, but the American Puppet Government kisses Jew ass, and pays for ALL their Shortcomings. And trust me there are many 🙁

        3. @undead/jew boy

          Do you stand atop the hills watching gunships blast homes and hospitals? Do you cheer as civilians, who even Israel admit are the predominant casualty count, are disintegrated by jew ordinance?

          Are you proud of your countrymen as they further beat an oppressed people, a people who have been displaced so your people could move in?

          Do you weep for the 2 dozen IDF personnel killed as they invaded another people’s jurisdiction? Soldiers who should have been home with their own families instead of waging war against someone else’s women and children.

          You, jew boy, are the product of a state built on lies, violence and oppression. I feel sorry for you.

  4. undead you are wasting your time here….we all know what Israel has done and is doing to the people of Palestine….we also know that history over time repeats itself…Israel will be the zionist Jews holocaust 2….it’s not if but when several dirty nuke bombs go off thru out Israel….my advice to you is to leave nazi Israel before it’s too late…You can’t kill, steal land, destroy homes and expect peace and security….better yet undead stay there so we can see yet another beheading in the future when millions of Arabs invades Israel…

  5. What’s wrong with all these people? Killing for the sakes of their God? Killing for religious beliefs? Killing for ownership of land? I’m not going to pick sides I’m not going to say who’s right and who’s wrong. Many people here have their opinions posted on here. Truth is we will never know? All we can do is sit back and watch as human beings are being killed and it truly is heartbreaking. Fuck all the sides. I hate the hate being spread amongst Everyone. Sorry this shit just gets depressing after a while. Excuse me while I go back and watch maggot sock guy again.

          1. Well, i just came back from my Surgeons this morning, and he told me that the broken bone will have to heal like this because it is crushed, and taking it out might cause more harm then good! He also told me that after a few months of physio, the pain should lesson. Let,s hope bro, cause this SUCKS the big one!

          2. @thedre That stuff needs time, I once had metal plates in my hand, It took 9 months with physio to be able to move my fingers & wrist without any pain. That sucked, but It’s a good as new now. Wish you the best my good friend! 😉

    1. Geeez I miss his fast wit and passion filled articles. I actually didn’t agree with some things he wrote but the way it was displayed and thought out was poetry topped of with brilliant gore.

      I hope he returns soon.

  6. Before we guys make any opinions about the conflict in Israel and Gaza. pls check these facts and figures: 1. Gaza was invaded by Israel in 1967 & ever since then Israel is illegally occupying the whole of Gaza strip. 2. Gaza is surrounded on three sides by Israel blocked all these three sides by Israeli army & navy & one side by Egypt where the Egyptian army along with Israeli & UN observers & monitors blocks the entry of any body from Gaza.So Gaza is literally huge prison where not even a bird can enter without Israel?s permission. 3. Gaza has no sea port or airport or even a train station. 4. Gaza residents cannot leave Gaza as they don?t even have passports. Plus there are Israeli checkpoints in every place. Also no one from any country can enter Gaza without Israel?s permission which is impossible to get , forget about ordinary man even the top politicians of powerful countries had been denied entry in Gaza by Israel. Gaza is a place which is totally cutoff from the rest of the world. 5. Each and every daily use commodities comes through these Israeli check points. Even the milk, wheat medicines all items come through these Israeli check points. Israel charge taxes on all the items witch goes through these check points. 6. Gaza is like a big jail. It is entire country under seize. Even inside Gaza Israel have several check posts at important junctions. The Israeli army harasses and humiliates Gaza citizens every day as the Gaza citizens cross these check posts. 7. The UN has urged Israel numerous times to remove this illegal seizure of Gaza but Israel never listen to UN . More then 50 resolutions have been passed by UN against Israel but with USA always on its side so Israel just doesn?t care. 8. The food and essentials are always in short supply in Gaza as Israel delays, discourages and harass its imports in Gaza. Shops don?t have enough rations, hospitals don?t have enough and essential medicines. Power is in short supply, petrol and gas is in shortage too. The inflation is highest in the world in Gaza as a result of it. The poverty is rising at the highest rate also. The Gaza children?s are among the worst malnutrition children now. 9. There are no specialized doctors or equipments to treat the serious injury or disease in any hospitals. Every now and then Israeli army bomb Gaza and the innocent civilians get hurt during bombing. These wounded civilians plead and beg in the check points to let them out for treatment but they kind Israeli army never let them. So the wounds which could have been treated become more severe and often the wounded becomes handicapped for the rest of their lives. 10. Once a thriving society and rich people now have become beggars & prisoners in their own country.Can you imagine the trauma the humiliation the harassment the pain in the hearts of these people who have been invaded and made prisoners and slaves in their own country? They have been struggling for their independence since almost 50 years now. With each passing day Israel is constructing new settlements for its Israeli citizens in their land. With each passing day their hope of independence, a hope to live a normal life like any other human is fading away. Every night they sleep in pain and every morning they wake up with sorrows. In the pretext of peace talks Israel actually is delaying their independence to capture more and more of their land everyday by constructing new Israeli homes and settlements. The Palestinians know this and they are watching it helplessly. Just like a goat watch the lion eats its children but can do nothing. They are shedding tears of blood. With Israeli soldiers harassing them , cursing them, abusing them mocking them, hurting them , killing them everyday in their very own land, all Palestinians can do is watch and cry. What suggestions do you have now? The western paid media is making & broadcasting news in such a manner that one should feel as if Gaza residence are the one who are occupy.

    1. Wow @Butterflych! That comment was so well thought out, so informative on your points and not once did you curse and shout ridiculous comments like “PAID SHILL!” Etc. I found myself immersed in everything you said and made me feel I want to look deeper into what you say. A lot of people on here can take a leaf out of your book if they really want their points put across instead of sounding like what they claim to hate, propagandists. Well done.

  7. HeyHey,First post,Somewhat long time stalker of the site.
    All i have to say about this is,though i really don’t give a fuck about 95% of the world, i can feel for this guy. Cannot even imagine what went through his mind having to go through events such as these that quickly.
    Sad to say,this is probably the only way he would have found his family..

      1. Pigs indeed bud. What a sad, disingenuous, corrupt, plastic piece of shit Kerry is. The guy is a total and utter embarrassment. With a person like that at the forefront of ” diplomatic ” negotiations, this bullshit will continue on and on. The man couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

          1. @ewestomper I made a comment above on @butterflych’s post about this kind of “JEW!” replays that are at epidemic levels on this site that takes away credibility for a lot of commentors.

          2. @bungle.
            Yes I read your comment. I was just asking the question regarding Kerry, as
            I have no idea about his background , but as I said, his surname would indicate Irish ancestry from his fathers side.

          3. His grandfather,
            Frederick A. “Fred” Kerry was a shoe businessman from the Austro-Hungarian empire. Fred was born as Fritz Kohn, before he and his wife took on the Kerry name and moved to the United States. Part Jew.

          4. @Ewestomper, apologies, that comment wasn’t aimed at you, rather than POZ. It is easy to label someone “part Jew” or whatever and then say they have no credibility but not everything is black and white. Take me for instance, I was born in Britain to two parents who were also born here. Now my dad’s side of the family who I am very close to were also all British. Now as for my mums side, her dad was also a Brit and her mum was French. They both gave my mum up for adoption when my mum was a toddler and she hasn’t seen them since. I consider myself British, I can’t speak French and only stepped foot in France once in my life. If you look at it on paper though and you go by POZ’s logic then I won’t have any credibility when it comes to issues regarding France. All I am saying is it’s easy to label someone but it’s not always so straight cut. 🙂

        1. Agreed @Bungle, no apology needed by the way.
          I think it is more than safe to say Jews are prominent in positions of power in the US especially. That doesn’t mean all those positions are filled by Jews though.

  8. This is the new israelic holocaust. A state with a nazi army and a big ” we are so helpless” lie. Israel want a new Bergen Belsen in Gaza, under her regime and with the help of America and her new german sister Angela. Oh fuck we `ve something to proof.

  9. How come you never see this on FOX News or any other American News Channel ah yes cause they want us to believe that Israel is the Victim and Palestine is all terrorist that there the ones who are attacking Israel. would have been Great if Hitler Finished his Final solution of the Jews cant stand those Jew Cock suckers.

  10. What’s with half the comments here? The majority on this web site sound like Muslim loving donkey fuckers. Yeah the Jews propaganda through the mainstream media is quite obvious but shit! Islam is a plaque on humanity like aids in a 70s gay bar.

  11. “Can you move? lah llaha llah allah! (theres no god but god)” LOOOL! x’D I cant help but to laugh at that part…

    But yeah, he was UNARMED… Once more, theres no point NOT taking arms against the oppressors…

    1. Is that a rhetorical question? Are you a governemnt psyops agent? Maybe it supports freedom of speach?

      They do seem anti Isreal which im not but i dont urinate my pants when I read offending asscii characters on my laptop screen.

      1. I see a little spot of yellow forming at the front of your pants after that post tbh.

        My question was a simple one. Why would this site promote Hamas propaganda? It’s known that Hamas is forcing people to stay in buildings that are about to be bombed and that Hamas has refused every Cease Fire offered to date.

        1. Best Gore promotes peace, truth and fairness. All of these are alien to the degenerate Yahoodi brain which only desires war, lies and oppression. No hasbara textbook or JIDF field manual teaches anything about the peace or truth for all you are bread to do is deceive, terrorize and destroy. The world is waking up to the truth of the Yahoodi. The ranks of the sheeple that still fall for your lies shrink by the day.

          1. Seems like you got a bit of hate mixed in with your talk of peace. Sounds like typical Hamas propaganda “There will be peace once Israel is dead.” I don’t buy it for a second.

            I do feel quiet sorry for the people of Palestine who have to suffer in this war though.

            My dislike for Hamas does not translate to hate for Arabs or Muslims. I don’t think you can say the same thing on your end.

      2. @Beachraider.
        Very true, everyone should be able to air their views, however fanatical. You have to educate yourself and find the truth, let people say what they like you’re not forced to believe it.

  12. So, many are calling this Holocaust 2.
    Now, the Holocaust could go two ways. Israel wins, or Muslims win.
    If Muslims win, then there will so be a Holocaust 3 in which you are included. Choose sides beotch!

  13. Thats definatly a lot of damage. Imagine if that was your neighbourhood. Would certainly set my plans back a few weeks.

    Maybe the sniper didnt know there was a ceasefire. Maybe he should have worn a hi-vis jacket?

        1. Fuckin jews. Ya know if an alien spacecraft were to show up tomorrow and the lead alien asks to speak to the head nigga in charge of planet earth, it would probably be some crusty rich old perverted kike that would get the job….. and I have no doubt that the sleazy jewbag would go forth to the alien leader and immediately start trying to manipulate the creature….. it’s all the jews know how to do and they have been very successful at it. At that point I hope the fucking aliens have enough sense to get back on their ship and blast this rock into dust. Lol

  14. This is so fake! I can’t believe any of you didn’t the the cuts.
    where did that guy appear from? he wasn’t there before.
    when the camera man turns left you can see a big mess and then a white frame. there is your cut. after that white frame the man is already on the ground. fell down so fast!
    also, he doesn’t act like one who just got shot, and you guys have seen many videos here of people getting shot.
    the camera man reaction to the man got shot is also not liable… would you first ask a man “can you move?” the second you see him got shot? the reaction was just to fast and weird… another prove of a video cut.
    Notice you also can see the second shot. the camera moves roughly also when the second shot allegedly fired. the man was again out of frame…

    Don’t believe anything you see on Pali-wood.

    1. Unfortunately, even that was a jewish construct. It never happened, all those “victims” you heard of died from typhus, a virus transmited by lice. The well known “gas” used to “kill” jews, Zyclon B, is no more than an insecticide used to kill the lice…

      …but well, i bet it could kill jews as well since they are also parasites… 😆

  15. Fuck Palestine . They ain’t no angels either. What next. The libs gonna start crying for Isis ? Ship all the bastards to Guantanamo . Tell our boys to pack up. When all our people are out,drop a few tactical nukes. Solve ” 2 problems”right there

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