Parking Lot Argument in Jackson, Mississippi Results in Man Fatally Shot

Parking Lot Argument in Jackson, Mississippi Results in Man Fatally Shot

Parking Lot Argument in Jackson, Mississippi Results in Man Fatally Shot

According to the backinfo I got, the incident in the video happened in the city of Jackson, Mississippi.

Presumably it’s related to the report from three days ago, according to which 26 year old Landius Holmes was harassing a woman, and 23 year old Marquis Bell decided to white-knight.

Whereas both men had firearms in their hands, after a moment of arguing on the parking lot at the Sinclair Crossing Apartments off of Bailey Avenue, Landius Holmes fired a few shots at Marquis Bell, causing him fatal wounds.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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            You know, I was about to make a point about how just because this is on a shock website that doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen and how the utilization of the wording “reality news” is just a front to make it seem like it’s anything other than just shock content. But since you’re such a jackass you didn’t bother putting in the work to actually attempt to understand my comment before making pathetic retorts, I don’t understand why I need to make any effort to have a reasonable conversation with you.

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