Pederasty – 14 Month Old Child Sodomized Then Choked to Death

WARNING!!! Extremely offensive and upsetting content! Pederasty is what we would normally referred to as sexual relationship between a male child by a male adult. Depending on the age of the child, pederasty could also be referred to as homosexual pedophilia. In the case described here it definitely was pedophilia as victim was a 14 month old boy (yes, just a couple months over a year old) and the attacker was 30 year old. This is one absolutely awful case in which a 14 month old child was brutally sodomized and subsequently choked to death and left to rot in the field.

This case of Pederasty is documented in detail on line, including photos on a website of forensic investigators located on It appears as though it took place in Haryana state, in India on June 7, 2001. The parents of the 14 month old boy left their child outside of their house while they went inside to have sex. Their neighbor noticed the child outside sleeping and since parents were not present, his deviated sexual desires took over and he proceeded with abduction. The boy was sodomized and once the attacker was done with his rape, he choked the child to death.

You probably have as many questions on your mind as me – how could he sodomize a 14 month old child? The boy must have been really small and must have been screaming in pain. Some things I just can’t wrap my head around. You know those jailbait photos, right? The ones with 16 year old sluts dressing up and acting all skanky. Yeah… well, sex with such would also be considered a pedophilia in some jurisdictions, but sodomizing a 14 month old? WTF is that all about?

Once again these photos are a forensic evidence that’s available on line. I hope you all understand that I do not ever trick you with fake titles. If the title says that this post is about sexual abuse of a 14 month old child, then it’s going to be about a sexual abuse of a 14 month old child. This was done to a child by an actual human being, this is not some fantasy. We do not live in a fantasy world, this is reality that happens in our backyard. The pictures linked below are extremely upsetting. They depict the aftermath of rape and murder of a 14 month old child. It is strongly advisable that you do not click enclosed photos under any circumstances. Always consider moral and legal implication of your actions. Do not take this warning lightly! Images linked are not hosted on this server.

Thanks Breanna for correcting me. I’m having hard time typing “14 month old” it just overall doesn’t come naturally off my fingers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Pederasty – 14 Month Old Child Sodomized Then Choked to Death”

  1. This is just so insane. Really insane. How could someone stick his pizzle into a child’s rectum?

    Someone’s giving Jeffrey Dahmer a run for his money

  2. Stalin, are you a retard to not understand the difference between grrr and great? Why they offer internet access in special schools I do not understand.

    1. yeah no shit DEVON you sick fucking bastard- I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a child rapist himself for LOL-ing about a tiny toddler getting impaled by a grown man’s penis. Poor baby, I hope that he died quickly and didn’t have to suffer too long. As for the guy that did it… if there is a God- may that man come back as a tiny helpless child who is raped by a grown man so that he knows what he inflicted upon his victim. Karma baby-killer!

      1. karma comes in many diffrent shapes and forms and i dont agree to him being a toddler too because that could mean that that the toddler that got raped could have been a rapist in his before life witch i think that there should be nomore hurt babies and nomore rapists and i think that bubba is going to be karma for the sick fucking pig and im glad that babies dont have a memory because that would be very painfull

  3. What a fucking son of a bitch… it’s one thing, to see someones beheading, but this is more than disgusting. these fucking child rapists will burn in hell!

  4. funny how the warning comes once you scroll down the screen a little bit to read the script on the page, just after you saw the closeup of the baby. One of the more disturbing things on this website byfar, especially if you have children.

  5. I don’t know whether you see different text from me, but the very first word in the text that I can see is WARNING! Front page of the site is one big text of warnings, the header that’s the very top of the site has warnings. If you made it all the way down to get to a warning, than you have obviously chosen to disregard all previous warnings.

  6. I almost threw up when I saw this. Sickening. Pisses me the fucking hell off! The fucker who did this needs to get beat to death in prison. He probably will. Child killers are NOT popular in prison.

  7. they need to fuck the guy who did this with a power pole then maybe he wud know wot this poor baby went thru. I dont think jail wud do anything for that guy he a sick fuck who dosn’t even deserve the pleasure of death i say take him bak in time to one of Hitlers camps n slowly starve him to death,

  8. You know, I just realized that when I look at these photos, I often put myself in the place of the person in the pic. Like the other photo of the guy still alive under the bus wheels. I try to imagine what some of these photos would feel like if they happened to me. I suppose it’s my way of trying to understand. Afterall, I am nobody special. Any of the photos on this site could easily be pics of me…or anybody.

    But with this photo, I can’t even remember being that age, much less wrap my head around what it would be like to be assaulted in such a horrible way.

    I tend not to react emotionally to the kind of person that perpetrates this kind of attack. To me, they are mentally ill. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just a person with a mental illness. I feel bad for both the victim and perpetrator.

    Very sad. And thank you for posting this. As disturbing as it is, it informs me as well.

    1. I kinda understand. And now feel bad for my comments above about hurting the guy:/ still just when u see crap like this u want someone to pay for it. If that person does have a mental illness they need to just put him down

  9. Please excuse me, but it should be a global internet law that if you’re a fucking retard, you shouldn’t be posting comments on any website. It should be illegal so retards don’t bring their filth on websites like Best Gore. And then there are retards like Bradley – dude, you are on a wrong website. If you were trying to type in the address bar, then that’s a hell of a typo you made. Either way, you should try cause that’s more like the type of website for you. There are enough warnings for retards like you all over this site and if you choose to ignore them and allow your curiosity to get you exposed to pics on here, then it’s your own fault. If you don’t have anything on topic to add to discussion, then fuck the hell off. Retards like that should not be allowed on here. Sooner or later something that’s on here IS going to offend you. Since there are warnings letting you know this is going to happen yet you choose to view images anyway, it proves you are faggy retard and should be banned from viewing this website.

  10. @Paul, I do NOT feel bad for the perpetrator. I don’t care HOW fucked you are, this is NOT okay and I may feel sorry for what they had gone through until this point but NEVER for what they’ve done.

  11. The sick bastard who did this, ought to be put to death, in fact any mother fucker who would do this shouldn’t be living at all…I just don’t understand

  12. Who ever the fuck done that deserves to be burnt like the spanish guy. That’s Beyond Criminal, I’m not religious but that’s what I would call a Hell worthy sin..

  13. My little brother is about to turn a year old this month. This baby was just two months older than my little brother. I can’t even imagine someone doing that to a kid my brother’s age. They are literally just babies. He crawls and thinks it’s funny when I sneeze and wears a diaper. How could someone do that to an infant?

  14. Are you serious? Because if so, you are one disgusting person! To even say something like this in joking is wrong. This was a CHILD you sick fucker!

    1. Ah yes. the bitter fued between somebody lacking a sick sense of humor, and somebody who doesn’t know when to just not say words that are stupid
      (shock-value-based statements like that are simply a demonstration of a stupid little person)

  15. @Voidlife: I will pray for your soul because you need it. To even say something like that about a baby, I.. I am at a lost for words. Please get yourself some help.

  16. fuckin sick, person who did should be…fucked up until he is everything but brain dead, imagine being able to think completly fine but when you try and speak it comes out wack, thats what should happen to the lame kunt+ i would like to force feed him horse urine for the hell of it, fuckin faggot probaly got sick of his dads asshole..
    as for the gay kunts here crying, fuck off and die no1 here gives a shit what u think if it should b here or not, jus fuck off and consider suicide and a viable option

  17. what da hell is goin on in this world? his only 14months. why dun ya f*ck da lion!!! damm! i hope once the f*cker guy goes to hell, he will raped by the satan on his ass brutaly till his ass leave a big hole that can fit his head on!!!

  18. Alright, first of all, I’ve gotta say this is pretty horrible and don’t understand why anyone could do to it. Poor kid, stupid parents…

    But I got a question, I actually clicked those pictures before I read what you wrote about opening them…sooooo, am I going to get arrested or something? lol Why do you warn so much not to open them?

  19. What bothers me alot was that the parents left the child outside alone, I know parents like having sex but why not just put him in his bedroom? Sure the kid might have heard the parents but he was only 14 months, I doubt he would even remember the next week.

      1. You people at same time were both hilarious and self righteous dumb fucks. And then at the end, get it, of the reply section it shows a woman getting fucked in the ass. Even more hilarious.

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