Pederasty – 14 Month Old Child Sodomized Then Choked to Death

WARNING!!! Extremely offensive and upsetting content! Pederasty is what we would normally referred to as sexual relationship between a male child by a male adult. Depending on the age of the child, pederasty could also be referred to as homosexual pedophilia. In the case described here it definitely was pedophilia as victim was a 14 month old boy (yes, just a couple months over a year old) and the attacker was 30 year old. This is one absolutely awful case in which a 14 month old child was brutally sodomized and subsequently choked to death and left to rot in the field.

This case of Pederasty is documented in detail on line, including photos on a website of forensic investigators located on It appears as though it took place in Haryana state, in India on June 7, 2001. The parents of the 14 month old boy left their child outside of their house while they went inside to have sex. Their neighbor noticed the child outside sleeping and since parents were not present, his deviated sexual desires took over and he proceeded with abduction. The boy was sodomized and once the attacker was done with his rape, he choked the child to death.

You probably have as many questions on your mind as me – how could he sodomize a 14 month old child? The boy must have been really small and must have been screaming in pain. Some things I just can’t wrap my head around. You know those jailbait photos, right? The ones with 16 year old sluts dressing up and acting all skanky. Yeah… well, sex with such would also be considered a pedophilia in some jurisdictions, but sodomizing a 14 month old? WTF is that all about?

Once again these photos are a forensic evidence that’s available on line. I hope you all understand that I do not ever trick you with fake titles. If the title says that this post is about sexual abuse of a 14 month old child, then it’s going to be about a sexual abuse of a 14 month old child. This was done to a child by an actual human being, this is not some fantasy. We do not live in a fantasy world, this is reality that happens in our backyard. The pictures linked below are extremely upsetting. They depict the aftermath of rape and murder of a 14 month old child. It is strongly advisable that you do not click enclosed photos under any circumstances. Always consider moral and legal implication of your actions. Do not take this warning lightly! Images linked are not hosted on this server.

Thanks Breanna for correcting me. I’m having hard time typing “14 month old” it just overall doesn’t come naturally off my fingers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Pederasty – 14 Month Old Child Sodomized Then Choked to Death”

  1. most people think this shit dosn’t happend or belive that ignoring reality will stop the fact. distubing but true. this type of asshole male or female shooed be put to dead, but not a fast one a slow one. remember Ted Bundy he enjoy everithing until he knew he was going to die, only then he realice what he did then he cry like a little girl! but not for repentance. he want to kill but didn’t want to die!

  2. We all talk about “streetproofing” our children. Who let 14month old kids onto the street? What we need to do is Babysitter, aunt, uncle,neighbour, and sick ass parent prooff our kids. It’s usually the people we know and trust that commit such FUCKED UP SHIT. You need a licence for a car, but any fuckin shithead can have a kid. With the way that this world is going somethings got to change. There needs to be a round up of child molesters ond rapists, and send them all to the gaschamber, or whatever way would be the cheapest.

  3. In the Czech republic; sex-crimes\rapists-convicted get a scalpel to their scrotum.I read that.I’m being honest; I clicked-on this thinking the page would be calling me a piece of shit-or something.Even, I have some standards.
    Point there shouldn’t have been a pic.A picture of the gooch convicted, perhap!

  4. hmmm… well from a rational point of view it would only make sense that the person who did this was raped roughly with some object of equivalent size to his body (maybe a bit larger to take into account the age difference), then repeat. For every 18 months of rape he wins a component of a gun. His grand prize is getting shot, but not really, that was just a form of long term psychological torture designed to traumatize him mentally when the guards just lol at him instead of shooting him. Then back to the rape.

    ps. who leaves their 18 month old outside? I don’t leave my bike outside.

  5. i think it takes a truly sick and disgusting individual to be able to do this to such a young and innocent life. that poor child. 🙁
    and why would his stupid parents leave him outside on his own anyway?! if they wanted to have sex, at least bring him inside and out of danger first!! people like that don’t deserve children.

  6. Everyone must admit that sooner or later, the child was going to die. Because of such uncaring parents. And because this world is a fucking shit. Proof of this are some of the comments I’ve read on this post. How can anyone (like Voidlife) make jokes about it? If you aren’t a moron twelve-year-old kid, you are a fucking nutty guy. You are a disposable piece of crap.

  7. Wow thats pretty bad, but I would have expected more…. “damage” to be done. Aren’t 1 year olds really tiny people? I know people say kids are resilient but there has to be a physical breaking point, right?

  8. 1: You don’t leave your baby outside while you get your jollies off. We don’t live in Candy Land where there are cotton candy clouds & soda pop streams. Ppl need to pay attention to the dangers of the real world. 2: Whoever did this to that poor lil baby already killed him before he strangled him. That lil baby was not goin to survive that. 3 What this mofo needs is to have a firecracker inserted in his peehole. A M80 inserted in his azz & light them, after that throw some sulfuric acid on him then watch him melt.

    that PEDO doesnt diserve to live!!
    omg.. i’ve seen a lot of death and horror in my life..
    by eyes and by internet.. but this is the fucking most disguting shit i ever “seen”…
    well i hope its fake..

  10. I’m just glad Mark gave the heads up about some other site hosting these pics.
    LAST thing I want is My computer to be flagged/monitered for SEEKING OUT pics of raped and murdered 14 month-old BOYS (or girls)
    Yha, this is pretty much as close to the deep end (no pun intended) as I want to go, this is a BAD FUCKING SUBJECT

  11. I didn’t look,,I’m NOT GOING TO LOOK and I will tell myself this animal with the size 1 dick died a horrible death at the hands of another insane murderous queer, only with a size 12 dick! fuck this may be alot more difficult than I thought cause I can’t look at all of them for sure ,,,,FUCK! DIE DIE DIE SCUM

  12. Why are people so sickkkk!!!! They should all be put to slow death. Killing them with fire burning their body should do the trick. WAITTT …something better, cutting off their precious dickk, gish i would so love that. sick bastards

  13. If I was the owner of the prison on where that guy was being thrown in i would put him in a straight jacket and have him tied to a chair and let him starve with a fresh new plate of food in front of him and i would allow to have anyone that cared for the child to have their way with him and before that ill take him to bubba first and let him have his way with him first

  14. This makes me feel sick, there’s no amount of punishment that could make me feel like he paid enough for his crime. This was devastating on so many levels. The child is so innocent, little and helpless, never deserving of any harm. His parents should ALSO be punished, it’s because of their winning parenting that opened the door for this sicko to begin with… Just fucked up… Smfh. Prayers for this baby angel

  15. R.I.P. lil one, n as for the dickless sick fag qweer who hurt u, I hope they cut his huevos off, stuff them up his ass, pull them back out, put them in his mouth, cut off his head n stick that up his ass, while some how keeping him alive long enuf to suffer through it

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