People in Horlivka Ripped to Pieces as Poroshenko Boys Indiscriminately Shell Civilian Areas

People in Horlivka Ripped to Pieces as Poroshenko Boys Indiscriminately Shell Civilian Areas

While photo above is not from the video, it is from the same attack on the city of Horlivka by the army of war criminals lead by the chief war criminal Petro Poroshenko the Jew. The size of the crater tells you all about the level of destruction the indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas causes.

The Kiev government seems to make it their point that they will specifically target civilians for elimination. I don’t get how the establishment apologists, aka the sheeple, still not get it. People of Donetsk or the nearby regions don’t go to Lviv or Kiev to kill random people there. The people your media labels as “terrorists” do not attack anyone. They simply defend themselves because they are being attacked. The real terrorists are the Poroshenko government and his pawns that do the dirty work.

Ukraine suffered immensely under the terror rule of Jewish Bolsheviks who assassinated the Tzar and took control of Russia during the October Revolution of 1917. Millions of Ukrainians were exterminated, as were Russians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Pollacks, and other peoples. The area has barely ended the terror rule of Bolshevik Jews, who between 1917 and 1991 massacred as many as 135 Million Slavic people, and now they let them overthrow the government again, allowing them to plunge the country back into the dark ages they kept it in for decades.

As we can see from the events that have been unfolding since Jewess Victoria Nuland sponsored the coup, history repeats itself again. Jews have once again used violence to put themselves in control, and are once again using violence to massacre innocent people in the area. It’s a rewind of 1917 all over again.

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        1. Arafat, Abbas, Fatah, Hamas they all work hand in hand with Mossad/Israel, they’re controlled opposition. They fire 4 rockets at Israel and in return they get Gaza leveled to the ground and 2100+ dead. Great deal don’t you think ? Too bad the palestinians don’t see that their own “leaders” are advancing their genocide.

    1. @chosen I know terrible isn’t it ? If the Jewish are not dreaming up stories of mass extermination to fleece currency and warp the Goyim they’re busy causing one ! Doesn’t leave much time for the Talmud or beard porn does it my friend. Are jews fascinated with mass extermination ? It’s just wherever you find them in this modern technical age there’s always some sort of genocide or huge problem involving lots of death happening. Being creators and inventors do you think people of the Jewish faith will come up with a solution to hault the numerous problems jews are having on the world stage right now ? A solution to halt the huge surge of Anti-Semitism that is rising throughout the whole world right now maybe ? It must be frightening being a Jew knowing the past and knowing most of the world has found hatred towards you and wants your people dead. I actually admire your courage for challenging such views and also your Appetizer comment. That was actually quite funny. Hope all’s good in the Bronx

  1. This is why as a race, whites need to stick together and work together in all things. If we all just act independently and have no white identity, our brothers and sisters will be overcome by other races who stick together. Forget liberal tolerance bullshit. It’s gonna get white people killed. Always support your fellow whites. White nationalism is what we need.

          1. I wasn’t putting “Jews” on a pedestal @ewestomper.
            I just wanted to see how thin-skinned @Chosen really was… and he confirmed it.
            The only thing that is “superior” about this Jew is his ignorance.
            Just saying…

          1. The so called jews of today, are not superior too any other race! To bad that Israel has Obama by his fuckin’ ball’s. It’s like the American govt is scared of those war mongering. Does Israel have anything on America that I’m not aware of?

          2. Wilard…The lobby group for Israel in DC known as AIPAC has 50 other pacts that funds both parties to get their bought whores elected…anyone running for congress must submit in writing why they support Israel…

            If that wasn’t enough the politicians are deadly afraid of the Jewish owned mass media to even think about criticizing Israel…

          1. I guess the world will never know the truth that it was the Jews that declared economic war on Germany in 1933 after Hitler took away the issuance of currency from the Jews… JFK was killed 5 months after his executive order to have the US Treasure issue currency instead of the private Federal Reserve bank…JFK signed his own death warrant with that executive order
            to weaken the Federal Reserve…

            The War of 1812 with England was over Rothschild not getting their Nation Bank charter renewed..

            King George didn’t go to war with the colonies until they started issuing their own currency…

          1. And Kat Graham, Lisa Bonet and Rain Pryor. Anyway chosen I doubt that you’re really jewish but how do you feel about Israel sterilizing and throwing away the donated blood of Beta Israel ?

    1. ?whats the big deal about races? adaptability has nothing to do with races?

      It can be argued that it does. Native Africans for example have not successfully adapted to the first world, on the whole they struggle to fit in and contribute academically but their physical attributes allow some of them to succeed at sport which keeps them in media focus and thus gives the impression of widespread group success despite reality being otherwise.

      Also, some races don?t adapt. They invade, multiply and take control which is why some cities consist of only one race despite that particular race maybe only forming a small percentage of the actual racial demographics for that country.

      Asians such as the Chinese, ect, are the counter point because they tend not do so well in sport but excel academically instead which makes them strong proponents for shared economic portfolio.

      Therefore, as you can see, there is an argument to be made regarding racial adaptability.

      Onto the next point,

      ?exterminate the whimps no matter if they are white, yellow, jew, black, brown. just filter the world into a better place?.

      The world as we know it was created by the wimps. Wimps invented the telephone, tv, computer, antibiotics so on and so forth and so if we exterminate the wimps we exterminate civilisation itself.

      Military might of a country does not automatically make that country strong in the same way as non militarised countries are not automatically weak. Japan for example had no military presence between 1945 and 2014 and yet greatly excelled during that period.

      My conclusion, humanity is difference in and of itself.

      1. Truth is the wimps invented nuclear bombs as well, they invent all the high tech weaponry if it came to a war between wimps and meatheads the wimps would win. The wimps are smarter, they will always win, yea they might get stuffed in a locker at high school but they go on to rule the world, meatheads are just their grunts.

        1. The truth is spoken, mama and empty. You both make valid points, the way I see it.

          Much as I agree, as I always do, on empty’s comment, I think the Chinese try and excel in everything, such as in sports, research, commerce, military force and so on. Though I think their strongest point is in commerce/economics. πŸ™‚ Unless, of course, I have my facts wrong.

          And mama, I agree about the wimps as well. Strength has its physical and mental attributes but, I think the mental aspect of it is underrated.

          1. @Kay,

            It?s definitely a mentality issue, whereas there are lazy Chinese people the vast majority of them work hard and strive for success.

            It?s important to realise that during the 1950?s and before the Chinese people were looked down on by pretty much everyone.

            China was a poor, underdeveloped country and it?s people were mocked by Hollywood movies all the time who portrayed them as wearing straw hats and with an overemphasis on the slanty eyes and buck teeth.

            However, just look at the Chinese now. Not only are they accepted globally but they are looked upon with respect and they achieved all this by working hard to develop and sculpt their own country and economy and not by abandoning their country and moving en masse to Europe.

            China should be used as a guidebook for all Asian countries who wish to succeed whilst attaining pride as a race of people.

            The above is also why native Africans are looked down upon by lots of people because instead of working hard to develop and sculpt their own country and economy they chose to blame the white man for everything whilst moving en masse to white countries and demanding to be given privilege and advantage just because of their racial background.

            Yes, Africa had slavery and segregation but then so did China during it?s occupied years. The Japanese had nukes dropped on them causing large scale destruction and within thirty years had not only restored themselves but also much improved themselves as well.

            My conclusion, different races of people have different mentalities and this can and does influence their societies which influences their behaviour and character which further influences their societies so on and so forth, cause and effect.

            To create change we must first start with ourselves.

          2. I still think they have slanty eyes and buck teeth. Lol. πŸ˜€ You’re really right about that @Empty, looking back at China’s history, I really think that they have success in them. They once are a great civilization and well, they are an economic superpower too nowadays. Japan too.

            And yeah, you’re right about change. Countries like China, Japan and South Korea should be set as examples for the rest of the Asian nations.

          1. sorry! i wanted to tell weak, not whimp, i just thought it was close in meaning. but all of us are just the same, we are a bunch of guts and social prejudices, the body has adapted according the environment, for example, africans as you mention, have thick noses to inhale more air and be able to scape from wild animals, but that doesnt mean they can not do some maths haha, even the whites die in their own environment, take a look at Napoleon in Russia, the singer from Windir died from hypothermia…some races invade? yes of course they do! but in my opinion, those who are invaded, deserve to be invaded.

    1. Because those are projectiles fired from shell cases, HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) shells fired from artillery or just HE (High Explosive) from mortars. So in a simplified way, a shell is a self-propelled projectile, and a bomb is not. Bombs cannot be directed, with the sole objective to destroy whatever it hits while shells are more tactical and with less impact radius from bombs.

        1. As for I.E.D,s, they mean Improvised, Explosive, Devises. What they do, is they take, either a conventional bomb, or even a large propane canister, and ( Jimmy it ). Then they bury it a couple of inches under the street,cover it with gravel, attach a timer, or cell phone signal to a blasting cap, and when a Humvee, or other military vehicle drives over it,,, KA-BOOM, & lights-out for all. A very low-tech, but effective way of cheaply blowing up shit!

  2. Boy, I guess the Middle East is not enough anymore! Come on guys and (gals) Eastern Europe has always been a hotbed for violence and extremist ideas. At times it’s been torn apart by violent and devastating wars and regional conflicts. Remember the nineties and what happened then. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives or got wounded and millions were displaced.

    For over 15 years the big boys up there, managed to put a cap on those old national, territorial and ethnics strifes to let the newborn EU get a desirable foundation to serve their own financial and political needs.

    Now it’s time again. Blood is very difficult to wash away specially if it is the blood of the innocents. Eastern Europe again. Give us all a break for fuck sake.

    Watch for South America as It’s the next one.

  3. On one side you have jewish Poroshenko-Waltzman + all the jewish “ukrainian” oligarchs and on the other side you have jewish Putin-Shalomov-Epstein + all the jewish “russian” oligarchs. In the middle are mostly slavic ukrainians who are dying for nothing. Rotschild’s 2 sides charade war-business as usual. Even though the majority of jews in the world are slaves of this system just like we goyim are, they are being programmed by the masters since birth to hate us goyim and they get treated a lot better than we do. The majority of the masters are jewish(secular or satanic) by birth but there are some goyim in there too. It’s really a class war on a farm where some animals are more equal than others.

  4. I thank Best Gores founder Mark for creating this site! Too often our governments, media heads of state minimize the utter brutality of what’s really going on in this insane time we’re living in! All of the hate, evil, torturous monsters that walk among us. I look to BG for the, albeit disturbing, truth because mainstream media thinks that we can’t handle it.
    This is real and no spin to misguide us, it’s raw and heartbreaking. When you see women and young children blown to unrecognizable pieces of flesh. What ever God you pray to or what ever your religion is we need to pull our resources and do something to eradicate these devil and satanic goons.
    Thanks BG’

          1. why are you so concerned with what is said here? How do we hurt anything?

            The members here can come to let lose on things that they cannot normally talk about. They can anonymously speak about issues important to them which in the outside world could result in fines, loss of job, imprisonment or cause them to be murdered. do you not agree? for many of us, this is the only place we have true freedom of expression.

            you have the entire rest of the internet, the entire mass media and the entirety of politically correct first world nations to suck your dick. why can’t we just have one place to ourselves?

        1. If it’s founded on “freedom of fucking expression,” why do so many of my comments get delayed or not posted at all? I just expressed a perfectly legitimate opinion and I have to watch myself? Freedom, huh?

          1. @CHOSEN, here is the in depth explanation to your “issues”
            Please read and understand.


            Read under the sub heading
            “@CHOSEN, here is the in depth explanation to your “issues”
            Please read and understand.


            Read under the sub heading
            “@CHOSEN, here is the in depth explanation to your “issues”
            Please read and understand.


            Read under the sub heading
            “Freedom of speech misconception”

          1. if i came into your house as a guest and called your wife a whore, would you take kindly to that? i imagine not. so why would i let you come into our “house” and insult him? Especially considering that he has no voice with which to defend himself now.

          2. What about all the Jews, blacks, hispanics, etc who get trashed on here every day? Do they all have the option of defending themselves?

          3. Only a few. Not the millions of others out there who get trashed because of their race or religion. This site is entertaining, but let’s be real about the hate that’s perpetuated here.

          4. My skin is perfectly thick. I’ve been called a “kike” here more than ever in my life and I’m not exactly hiding in the corner.

          5. The problem is, you told me to watch myself for expressing an opinion. So either we have free reign of expression here or we don’t.

  5. Same old excuses for Zio-controlled NATO to sink its claws deeper into the Baltics and Eastern Europe in general and show Russians some teeth in their own backyard. Two days ago NATO ministers approved building six new command and control and training bases in Eastern Europe.

    These tactics are getting too old, too obvious and too boring.

  6. The Maidan coup was Jewish by nature, American Jews along with Ukrainian Jews overthrew the Ukrainian democratic government, then began murdering citizens.

    For crying out loud, the top officials in the current Ukrainian government are Jews.

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