People of Libya Are Taking Their Country Back from NATO Rats

People of Libya Are Taking Their Country Back from NATO Rats

Remember last year when every single sheep in the world was like “uff, uhh, Arab Spring… errr Libya… people want democracy… blah blah I’m dumb as all fuck…“? Remember Hillary the Obtuse and every single Jew media talking about “desperate struggle of oppressed Libyans for democracy”? Remember UN giving thumbs up to support the genocide and NATO carrying the slaughter out? LOOOL, where are these sheep now? Where is Hillary the Obtuse and her fucking democracy in Libya the alleged last obstacle to which was Colonel Muammar Gaddafi?

Libyan rebels aka NATO rats were no freedom fighters. They were hired mercenaries paid to kill for money. Genocide in Libya has never been about democracy. NATO rats couldn’t give two rats asses about democracy. Paychecks kept coming, so they kept killing. And now they don’t know what exactly to do cause sponsors now send checks to support filth in Syria (who like NATO rats in Libya, could care less about democracy but it’s the best excuse to keep the sheep bleeping in their favor).

War criminals from UN and NATO assisted the rats with genocide in Libya, but they did not defeat the Libyans. The real freedom fighters, the real people of Libya are now taking their country back from the rats and are showing them equal mercy the rats showed them when Kenyan and his fellow murderers supported them. Good on you, Libya. Take your country back. Never bend over to a Zionist or Saudi cock. And show your friends in Syria that even if they suffer a temporary defeat, at the end the victory will be theirs for the rats fight for money, whereas you fight for your country and for your future.

Props to Best Gore member kremator for the video. It shows the aftermath of the tribesmen from the bin Walid tribe Rafla having taken on a few of those NATO rats in Tripoli:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. What was wrong with that, I thought it was pretty good until the fucking ‘singing’ started, in fact as I was listening I was thinking ‘I hope no fucker starts wailing on this’ and then it happened – still, it’s a lot better than the usual shit we have become accustomed to on these arabic vids.

    1. This was the third time mosquitoes forced me away. Each time I returned better equipped but their numbers are so vast, I’m gonna need something major to make it there. I never would have thought that of all things, it’ll be the mother of all mosquito nests in the universe that I’ll find on my “where the fuck am I” backcountry escapes. Mosquito nets, leather clothing, half a bottle of 40% deet solution per session, 4 non stop running mosquito zappers, two dozen sticky fly traps and a dozen of concurrently burning citronella candles had no effect. Not even after spending 4 days of doing nothing but killing mosquitoes, exterminating tens of thousands of them per day did I once felt like I was getting an upper hand. I ended up having to wear winter parka in this scorching heat to somewhat protect myself as nothing else could shield my skin off from direct bites. Still I got hundreds new bites each day. I ran away for the same reason I did before – for fear that I’d get an allergic reaction to sole number of bites I received. It’s been a losing battle and it frustrates the crap out of me. It’s no fun having to take jumbo leaps while taking a leak and still get bitten on the nards. Don’t even get me started on having to take a shit… There were lots of tasty blueberries around, but to pick up a blueberry requires half a second of stoppage from shaking yourself like you’re being electrocuted and in that little time frame, even with 4 layers of winter clothes on, they find a spot to bite you on.

      1. ok that fuckin sucks mark, you go out really deep in the backwoods of our beautiful country, only to be molested, not by gorgeous yeti dolls, but a retarded swarm of crazy flying pricks. fuck of all fucks, can,t a man escape to the wilderness anymore to relax anymore ! hey mark i seen a documentary awhile back showing these african tribes covering themselves in mud in order to avoid getting attacked by those pesty critters. you might even attract a bunch of yeti pussy that way,i know you would scare the shit out of any bear looking around for a snack at the very least …look on the bright side in about a month the cool northern air will sweep in and make these excursions much more enjoyable.

      2. Bugger, those mosquitos. I think i’d go try and find a place of higher altitude or with more wind. That can help, but i don’t know what the Alberta mozzies are like. i tried to look it up, but didn’t find much . Yet now i know there are 74 kinds of mosquitos in Canada.

        1. Anybody has any ideas if there is an altitude above which there are no more mosquitoes?

          The place where I went is so full of them, you can’t take a breath without sucking in a few dozen of them. It can be that their season is very short (it will be winter next month) so they are the most aggressive I have ever seen and I had spent 3 years in tropical rainforests. The amount of energy I had to waste battling them off was ridiculous and never once did I feel like their numbers are declining so I can take a piss without getting new 50 bites in the process.

          1. Mark, there’s plenty of spaces here in upstate ny, couple a masquitas but not many, long trek for you but worth it. Interested in N.Y. Upstate?..get in touch.

          2. Maybe you should look into Colorado. Denver is of course the Mile High city. Maybe try Vail. I used to live there, and don’t recall much squito activity in them there mountains.

          3. I just did a bit of research and checked a.o. some Canadian hiking/outdoor sites. Several hikers say that going above the snowline worked well for them in avoiding mosquitoes. On, some names of places hikers found OK ( i quote) : Nordegg, Siffleur Falls, Elk/Thurston trail, Spectrum Lake,Vancouver Island, Radium Hot Springs (not north.). A canoo site recommended the north coast. For the rest high, dry rocky areas are recommended and places with still water to be avoided. Buggiest regions of Canada according to Newswire (hikers report different though): 1. Alberta, 2.Ontario, 3.Quebec, 4.Prairies, 5 BC, 6.Maritimes.
            Nowhere i found mention of the presence of Yeti women. I guess that’s a well kept secret, or, perhaps the Yeti ladies don’t show themselves to just any thick hiker only to chosen ones. I don’t know.

        2. So it looks like Canada is the most mosquito infested country in the world – something I would not have guessed but after travelling half way around the world, can certainly affirm to. There is a town in Manitoba called Komarno which translates as “Mosquito City” in Ukrainian because of so many mosquitoes.

          Canadian mosquitoes also appear to be the most vicious in the world. According to a study conducted in the Canadian tundra, an exposure of arms, legs and torso got an average person on average 9,000 bites per minute. Nine fucking thousand per fucking minute! This was pretty much what I was experiencing in the wild.

          Another study also conducted in the mosquito infested Canada showed that an unprotected person in the Canadian tundra would lose 50% of their blood to mosquito bites in 2 hours. After 1,2 million bites you’d be sucked dry which can happen within a matter of hours in this country.

          I wish I was kidding, but if I stayed another day I’d have been sucked dry.

          1. yea ok, thats fuckin retarded mark, here in ontario they can get pretty bad , but not anywhere as bad as what your describing, brutal man… thanks for the info, never would have known..

          2. Glad you’re back, but sorry for having to come back prematurely. I guess where you’re located in this country differs from Quebec. I just use deep woods, but they do say not to shower while camping, use cologne, or any deodorant. I’ve also heard that using skin so soft prevents them from biting. Avoid places where there is a lot of water, or sitting water. Other than that, I’ve lived with them for a lifetime, with minimal bites. I hate mosquitos and flies..welcome back though.

          3. Now i know a new method of torturing someone to death: exposing them to Canadian mosquitoes.

            I think i’d find it hard to live in a climate where the winters are so long and then when it’s finally summer, you get bitten like crazy by the bugs.

            It must have been hellish to be out there with your tent being pestered by these critters for days.
            I do hope you will soon find a basecamp spot where you can at last get some well-deserved peace and quiet. And have a good liaison with a Yeti lady.

          4. When in BRs military high school we were taken regularily for exercises to the infamous RIVER TIGRE delta (something like a scaled down version of the southern US bayou-mississippi area) and falling asleep one hour with your combat uniformed leg out of the tent meaned that you would wake up with your leg literally deformed by mosquito bites. The autumn-winter dawn-night temperatures were in the range of 0-12 degrees celsius (52-32 farenheit) so they pretty much didnt gave a shit about cold, in fact they seemed to be bigger and badder in winter.
            Based on my experience, i would say that they grow bigger and badder in densely wooded and damp places (with abundant rain and/or rivers, streams or lakes) regardless of temperature (excluding, perhaps, near polar temps of northern canada)

          5. Never knew Canada sucked so bad Mark!

            You can scratch Vancouver Island off that list (saying this as I scratch my skeeter bites).

      3. I sympathise with you Mark… I weren’t out in the Canadian Boonies… But I was out on the piss last night and had my night thoroughly ruined by a hoard of Mosquito wankers.

        I am not only nursing a nasty hangover and a million Mozzie bites… But a severe case of blue balls as well.

        Poor me.

  1. i don’t get why people care so much about the dried up asshole of the world “the middle east” it seem’s like were just playing right into the government’s hand’s either way. Global domination and world government here we come.

  2. Great stuff man. Love the commentary. But maybe a term such as “rabid Zionist” would be better than the all-encompassing term “Jew” since not all Jews are necessarily political and would support all this globalist crap & war machine profiteering. Anyways, keep rocking!

  3. these libians (or at least some of them) have been trying to “get their country back” for the last 200 years, looks like they suck at it (from the turks, then from the italians, then from a king, then from Ghaddafi…).
    Anyway, with a “country” formed by hundreds of akbarin’ tribes, they will probably never manage to agree on basic things like what the fuck their country is, and who the fuck is the common enemy from whose hands they should “take their country back”, a good portion of the tribes now are probably siding with the NATO, as some others did with Ghadaffi, the king, the italians…and many of them do not give a fuck about an abstract “country” outside from their own tribes……so they are probably in for another 200 years of struggle and akbarin’.

  4. I would relieve them of all their belongings head to toe. Its not like they will need any of that from now on. Hes gotta go out , like he came into this world. BUTT ASS NAKED! plus i would look better in that shirt.

    1. It sounded pridefully evil…
      Like a group of brainwashed zombie muslims in the streets eating peoples palm trees & garden gnomes.
      Even the manatee mail boxes, But homedepot only sell the ones with the overalls one
      They don’t have the cute fireman one anymore… oh well..

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