People of Libya Killed in Air Strikes

People of Libya Killed in Air Strikes

Oh the irony. UN resolution 1973 came into effect to allegedly protect the civilians. They look anything but protected in this video. Mainstream media speak about the “People of Libya” and how they are in need of help from the international community yet it’s the very People of Libya that got killed in the air strikes over the first day of aggression against this sovereign country.

Muammar Gaddafi definitely wasn’t the finest ruler in the world and it was time for him to move on, but many real people of Libya see him as a protector of their country. He never gave in to the industrialists who wanted to rob their country, never allowed Muslim extremists to take over the communities and never allowed the outsiders to steal their identity. The international community didn’t give a crap about what these real people of Libya thought and about the need to protect them from armed rebels who are destroying their lives and livelihoods. That simply doesn’t go with the agenda so this privilege was only granted to the rebels.

In a bid to oust Gaddafi and replace him with an ass kisser who will do as he’s told, massive air strikes against the real people of Libya were launched and this is the result. I could care less about Gaddafi or any Libyan. I’ve never been to Libya and have no connection – whether emotional or real life one – with the country. But I believe that the real people of Libya should decide which path their country takes and given that just about every report on crisis in Libya is based on sides taking, it’s only fair that there would be one that doesn’t take sides.

The aftermath video of the air strike against Libya showing military and civilian casualties is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “People of Libya Killed in Air Strikes”

  1. What a pile of shit this operation is. If we were so concerned about people’s safety, then where was the UN when millions were being killed in Darfur or the Congo? No nation has gone to war in modern history for anything other than money. Any other ‘reason’ is a lie.

  2. Who gives a flying fuck about some Muslim Africans?? All they’re good for is to be posted here on BestGore 🙂

    @BubbaZinetti: You’re as ignorant as can be. I’d suggest you read up on several conflicts (read wars) over the past 50 years; Start with Yugoslavia and the Falkland Island for kicks, then for light reading the Vietnam war.

      1. Yugoslavia was about money?? LMAO you ignorant little bitch. You’re dumber than a fucking doorknob – go play with your Libyan fucktards.

        Who gives a shit about the Vietnam war.. nothing but a bunch of druggie Americans fighting a very motivated enemy.. and got their ass kicked – well deserved evenly.

        1. “Druggie Americans” didn’t fight in Vietnam; government soldiers did. Many of them did not agree with orders. People that did not go to war were doing drugs because the war made them want to “get away”.

          1. Through my work at the VA, I’ve met thousands of old Vietnam vets, with a great deal of them stating they did drugs while in Vietnam. The majority also states that they couldn’t care less about the outcome of that war, as long as they won their battles. It’s amazing what drugs will do to a young man, fighting a war he doesn’t understand or doesn’t believe in, in a country he’s never heard of before.

        2. Power is money. Yugoslavia was a former communist country. Americans and other pushy countries wanted to have control over former Eastern Bloc to gain control over their money making business and banks. Once control over money and government is established, manipulating the entire nation is easy. You can’t be as foolish as to think otherwise. I’ve seen brainless morans (Get s Brain, Morans), but you give them a crown.

          1. Yugoslavia was mainly about religion, making the old various states like Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina fight an old bitter struggle, that had only been suppressed by the ruler Tito. It was a war about religion, heritage and old, old bitter blood fight.

            The UN is there (yes they still have a massive presence there) on a typical peace keeping mission.

            Claiming ex-Yugoslavia has a money making business big enough for anyone to go to war over, is like claiming the “liberation” of Grenada was a fair fight..

            CryBaby: Try not living up to your nick, it’s bad enough you’ve now proven to the World you’re as stupid and ignorant as BubbaZinetti.

  3. So many countries out there with leaders treating their people like shit and we pick on Libya. Why Libya, why not everybody else and why now, who not years ago? This bullshit “no fly zone” is an excuse for an air and naval war.

    On a brighter note – can anyone think of a war the Americans started which wouldn’t end up with them going belly up? They are great at starting but unable to finish. I suspect this one will see the same result.

  4. France was the first to kick this off, which was followed-up by US & UK Tomahawk missiles.
    As for Bahrain and the shit going on there, the US doesn’t want to get involved because they have a large base there AND the ruling party of one religion is more favorable than the ones in the streets dying.
    Its a bloody deadly game, a game of chess.

    1. I agree Spanker, just let them fix their problems. We eventually did, and I believe they eventually can too.

      But seriously, killing innocent civilians? That’ll solve this real quick…

      1. im gonna say, NO. given that that region (africa/middle east) is one of the oldest regions supporting, i use this term very lightly, “civilization” and is considered to be the potential region where humans got our start some hundreds of thousands of years ago, AND that region has still yet to be industrialized, running water is still a luxury, electricity is marginal at best, peoples health care is everything but non-existant, cities are falling apart because there is no coding or maintanence, it is my best guess that these back ass-ward areas will NEVER be anything more than fodder and im fine with that.

  5. Politics politics, I’m not here for them either Chancho..though as a NYer I’d slap the taste out ya mouth if I heard you say that in person…buuuuuut I’ll let that one slide as I said politics and fighting is not what I am here for….on a brighter note that one dude looked like Large Marge from Pee-Wees big adventure hahaha

  6. The US is very selective about the countries we choose to “liberate”. We’ll be glad to bomb Libya back to the stone age, but our buttboys who run Bahrain and Yemen can kill their citizenry with impunity.

    Speaking of Yemen, I understand that their protester-killing snipers there make it a policy to aim for the heads and necks of their victims, some as young as 12. Excellent potential for BG stardom.

  7. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the reason the UN backs the aggression against Libya is because someone who back the UN has an interest in fall of Gaddafi. Who that someone is and what exactly is their interest is not clear but it’s beyond any shadow of doubt that someone will profit if Gaddafi falls.

    Up to now, the UN has never cared about any genocide. Rhetorically they did, but never to a point to actually send warplanes. So what makes Libya different?

    And what gives the UN the right to authorize attacks on Libya just because a bunch of rag tag protesters want to overthrow the government? Doesn’t the government have the same right to fight for its power as the protesters have to overthrow it?

    Like I said in the beginning – somebody?s gonna profit if Gaddafi falls. Somebody powerful enough to get the UN to approve of the military aggression against a sovereign country and have media brainwash the public into believing the war is justified. Why otherwise would they not let the Libyans be heard, only the rag tag protesters?

  8. Wow, that head looks like it exploded inside.

    I just think this is a cycle. We pay taxes to governments, rude guys ask some oil to governments, governments buy weapons, weapons get money and gore, rude guys in a five-star resort takes the money, and we see the gore. If I were able to choose a cycle, I’d pick another one, without the money and the war, maybe. But still with gore, haha.

  9. Hey Mark, I’ve been a fan of bestgore for over a year now, I love coming here especially when major shit like this is put up on here, but pick a side man! On previous posts u criticize the Libyan government for mowing down innocent protesters and now that the U.N. has gone and helped the rebels you start bashing the rebels, I think the U.N. (and more importantly the U.S.) has their dick’s shoved too far into other country’s affairs but c’mon man you can’t criticise both of’m and even if the U.S. puts a leader who’s a yesman to the western world in power, at least they’re not an extremist who murders their own men.

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