People in Pickup Truck Shot Up in Response to Death of El Pirata de Culiacan

People in Pickup Truck Shot Up in Response to Death of El Pirata de Culiacan

In Jalisco, Mexico, a pickup truck was targeted by gunmen who riddled the hail out of it. At least two passengers were inside, and both were destroyed by the volley of bullets.

The shooting was allegedly carried out in response to the death of El Pirata de Culiacan (Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales) – a popular Mexican “narcoyoutuber” who has been killed after threatening in a video Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka El Mencho – the leader of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación).

Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación is a cartel with less than a decade of activity. But in just over four years, it went from being a cell in the service of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, to becoming the most powerful criminal organization with the greatest presence in Mexico.

Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación has been growing in the shadow of other, better known cartels, such as Los Zetas, Sinaloa or The Knights Templar. While the Mexican security forces focused on breaking the spine of the large cartels, the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación was taking over, like a reptile, the niches that their enemies abandoned.

Props to Best Gore member @wasabitexas for pics and video:

Of all the people recording the aftermath, our cameraman was the most shy to get close ups, but he was the only one holding the camera the right way:

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    1. The problem is, Mexicans don’t speak Spanish. They speak Hispanic which is a hybrid language, and the reason is because Mexicans are hybrids. Hispanic is a combination of Indian and French, Indian and Spanish, and other languages. Mexicans are hybrids, so they speak a hybrid language. Mexicans don’t under stand Spanish or Puerto Rican, Puerto Rican’s don’t understand Mexican or Spanish, and Spanish don’t understand Mexican or Puerto Rican.

        1. Thank you Joe. Talk about uneducated and the proper term for “hispanic/spanish” language is castellano. And no it’s not undereducated or retarded Mexicans because while people speak spanish differently any Mexican can understand what they are all saying. Lastly how do we know this is the reason for the shooting?

      1. I can actually speak Spanish (I’m of Colombian descent) and I can tell you this is a load of B.S.
        All educated Hispanics/Spaniards can understand each other. It only gets difficult to make out what people are saying when they’re very uneducated. The different accents don’t make that huge of a difference. It’s akin to saying a New Yorker wouldn’t be able to understand a Californian. Different American English accents, both are still English.

        1. People are either being facetious, sarcastic or outlandish on this site. We certainly can understand what’s being said, and when the occasion is extreme, we’re going to express ourselves in the most local, basic BestGore manner.

          You are speaking the truth. OK. Now, get out the way or I’ll elbow you in the teeth while I photograph Cousin Lou with the missing guts! 🙂

  1. Who were the people in the truck? Were they just passer-bys driving along or were they members of another rival cartel being targeted for violence?

    If they are the former, that is just unbelievably sad that they met an end like that.

    1. I think it was on Tuesday aparently this guys killed a guy called “El Pirata de Culiacan” who became famous by hanging out with members of the Sinaloa Cartel so he got killed because he talked shit about another cartel boss “El Mencho” who is the boss of El Cartel De Jalisco so this guys were killed in retaliation.

    2. Is this even real? There seems to be someone alive in the truck. In the video at the 1:15 mark you can plainly see someone move a rag or towel away from the inside of the driver’s window. I’m just wondering if someone in that country did this as a publicity stunt. The video doesn’t lie. There’s plainly someone else in the vehicle.

    1. I live about two hours away from where this happened and it´s normal to hear people talk like that in this part of town some guy almost at the end of the video tells them to leave because they might come back to make sure this guys are dead but they don´t give a fuck it´s normal to see that here is Jalisco.

  2. ” The Knights Templar”

    This is “cultural appropriation” like SJWankers say when white people “appropriate” non-white cultures.

    Retarded, pathetic, inferiority complex beaner scumbags, naming their degenerate criminal organization by European Christian knights.

  3. Ho…ly…. shit! Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a messy drive-by. Fucking annihilated them!! We should have a rating system for gore, cuz this is by far top of the line. At least they probably died quickly… Can you imagine, you have just enough time to shit yourself and maybe feel some pain from the first headshot; then as your soul departs you look back at your body like “Fuck…..”?

  4. Well here is what I can tell from the pictures. The weapon used was more than likely a .50 cal and it was mounted. If you look in the video you can see most of the holes are at the window level and above. You can tell by the holes it’s a large caliber. I do not think multiple guns were used. The damage to the heads and tearing of the flesh is exactly the sort of damage I got used to seeing in Iraq back in 2003-2004. Whoever was firing this .50 cal was surgical in its use and had that turret set up perfect to not aim below the window line. The reason for the tears in the skin on the arms is you don’t have to hit a person with a .50 cal to do damage. The round when it hits its terminal velocity tumbles and spins so fast that it pretty much casuses a vortex that can rip flesh from the bone with missing up to six inches away. This gore right here is fucking fap material for the mind.

  5. One more thing to add. The gun shots in the front of the vehicle are a smaller caliber. I’m thinking the initial shots were broadside and once the damage was done the people or person doing the shooting got out and lit up the windshield for shock and awe effect. But I am certain with out a doubt a .50 did most of the damage we see. I bet if you pulled those bodies out of the car the and could see other exit wounds they would be 4-6 inches wide.

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