Philly Homeless Man Beaten to Near Death by Family Mob Because of Lies of 10 Year Old

Philly Homeless Man Beaten to Near Death by Family Mob Because of Lies of 10 Year Old

A 10 year old Philadelphia child was about to get in big trouble with his mother for coming home late, so he made up a lie and blamed a homeless man for his lateness. The 51 year old homeless man does odd jobs around the Olney neighborhood in North Philadelphia. At times, he offers to pump customers’ gas at a gas station to earn some extra cash.

The 10 year old told his mother that he was at the Sunoco gas station at 5th Street near Tabor Road, where he tried to earn some cash by offering customers to pump their gas. The boy then claimed the homeless man started to argue with him over it, and eventually assaulted him.

The boy’s mother – Aleathea Gillard gathered her available family members and neighbors, and armed with a hammer, a can of Mace, and a wooden shard taken from a broken rocking chair, went to the gas station to square up with the bum.

A Honda Odyssey full of them pull up at the gas station and one by one got off, making their way toward the man. Sharina Joachim – one of the neighbors – attempted to sprayed him with the mace, but missed and hit a member of the mob instead. Another woman attacked the homeless man with a hammer, hitting him repeatedly. Others stomped and kicked him in the head, as he lay prone on the ground. Aleathea Gillard clubbed him with the rocking chair stick so hard, it splintered in her hands. The mob then boarded the van and left as quickly as they came.

Police took the victim to Einstein Medical Center, where he’s listed to be in “extremely critical condition“. He’s held in a medically induced coma – parts of his skull had to be removed due to brain swelling.

We have lots of videos of violence in Philadelphia on Best Gore, and they all seem to feature the sameethnic group.

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          3. So you’re going to just act like white people are native to America?! Seriously?! I’m black and was born in England but raised in America, I’ll be going back to where you’re going.

          4. Couldnt have said it better….Fucking savages….what 9 on 1 ?? Even the kids were out stomping and hitting….Wish I could go back in time and kill the slave traders who started this whole mess here in AMERICA…all because they were too lazy to pick their own cotton…fucked it all up for everybody ….What’s true is that whites make up 61% of the population while black are 18%…However, 84% of crime is Black related crime….

          5. Of course since child molestation, rape, and serial murder are not crimes to pink devils! These misplaced justice seekers seem to be taking part in an American pastime, beating on the innocent! Looks like they learned from the best. Oops I mean looks like they learned from the beast…

        1. Yes, doesn’t take much to encourage knee-grows to commit extreme brutality. Absolute savages.

          If you want a laugh, watch the savage in the orange top early on in the attack. He’s obviously the one that gets a good snort of mace up his oversized, chimp nostrils. See them put their hands to their face then do a comical little jive – something like an Irish jig. Those blacks sure can dance 🙂

      1. I think we’ve all lied as children and some still do as adults, but not to the point of almost getting some innocent person murdered. I guess you are one of those parents who think children are fine to do as they please, they are just children…that’s how we get adults who act like the adults in this video..they were never taught to behave or rules and look at how they turned out and now raised a child to follow suit. smh

      2. I dnt agree with killing the child lol but fuck, he needs major discipline with that fucking lie. You dnt lie and get someone beat so badly that they end up in critical condition. That’s bullshit. And him being a child does not make it better @TundrazZ

      1. Had to be a family of blacks that think the fucking world owes them something due to what their ancestors went thru. Grow up, all of you need to be in prision for what you did. And punish that lil kid for telling such a lie that almost got an innocent man killed. Ugh

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          1. There’s a huge difference between normal and respectful citizens in society, however these baboons totally prove the exception. When it comes to the Urban Scum this is everyday behavior and they see nothing wrong by acting in such fashion.

            How many countless times have we seen violence perpetrated by them against nonthreatening individuals because it’s hard grained in them to attack like that.

        1. So were going to act like the entire reason the world is the way it is today isn’t because of barbaric behavior by white people?! I’m no black activist, I’m just saying, I see these comments attacking black people as a whole as being barbaric savages when white people have participated and continue to participate in the SAME activities. Let’s leave race out of the discussion and focus on the actual wrong doing that we all, as humans, no matter what race we belong to, are capable of. Plus I don’t know of one race who hasn’t committed barbaric atrocities.

          1. They never will my naive friend. Better to troll them and make fun of the way their children love Black culture and make the ‘apes’ and ‘monkeys’ rich while yellow slowly becomes the new white!

  1. Awww… coon family activities… 😆 On the bright side, homeless rate is in constant decline.

    But yeah, kid arrives late to dinner?
    Blame a homeless person!
    Someone stole your cellphone and you dont know who did it?
    Blame a homeless person! (or a nigger)
    Your wife is cheating on someone?
    Blame a homeless person!
    You lose your job and your bills are pilling up?
    Blame a homeless person!
    You fail to have an erection to satisfy your companion?
    Blame a homeless person… 😆

  2. So a 10 year old child is out at a gas station trying to hustle money by pumping gas.

    And the mother sees nothing wrong with that.

    Despite the fact that its illegal for a 10 year old to pump gas, the mother sees nothing wrong with that.

    I certainly would not let a 10 year old put gas in my car, I dont let anyone pump gas in my car.

    This is the go to reaction for blacks when you critisise (disrespect ), their off spring,.

    And violence ensues,,,,,so………..who creates rascism………do you distrust blacks because they are black………or do you distrust them because time and time again you see videos etc like this.

    One of those reasons is not rascism……….

    1. @desmodronic,

      ?Who creates racism. Do you distrust blacks because they are black or do you distrust them because time and time again you see videos like this?.

      Most people have no problem with Indians and some of them have very dark skin, darker than some black people even, so it would seem that hatred towards blacks in general is more to do with associated behavioural patterns rather than actual skin colour itself.

      There is also the issue of racism, black people use that term a lot and aim it at the whites but in reality a lot black people are racist towards themselves.

      In my opinion black people for the most part hate themselves because a majority of them attach themselves to and depend on other races for self-fulfilment whilst constantly supporting their own decline via their own criminality and childish, criticism avoiding ways.

      I say ?attach themselves to? because a lot of black people, those of the Afrocentric variety, like to revise past history without any credible evidence to support the revision. An example being the notion that the ancient Egyptian ruling class were in fact black sub-Saharan Africans and that the Aztecs were also the same, this despite all the evidence in the world discrediting their claims.

      I say ?depend on? because a lot of black people refuse to support each other as a race and instead prefer to seek out other races to live among and procreate with and in doing so become dependant on non blacks for survival, even going so far as to scream racism and get violent when these other races don?t wish to live alongside them.

      Both of the above manifested behaviours point to one fact only, that the black people exhibiting these behaviours utterly despise themselves in the present and wish to either outbreed themselves for the future or rewrite the past as a means of boosting their unsteady, fragile sense of self in relation to the modern world, a world created without sub-Saharan intellectual input.

      In the above, the black person?s behaviour is analogous to those who suffer from depression and low self esteem in that they exclusively seek the acceptance of others as a means of generating self-fulfilment.

      The above end point not only allows us to see the manifested behaviour but also to understand the cause.

      If those black people exclusively seek the acceptance of others as a means of generating self-fulfilment it must stand that those black people cannot generate happiness and self-fulfilment from within their own racial profile which means that they hate themselves and wish to distance themselves from everything that makes them so in much the same way as those with a psychological affliction avoid the precursor of that affliction as a means of overcoming it.

      The afflicted then go about justifying their manifested, precursory avoiding behaviour by engaging in pseudo-reasoning.

      To give an example of the above, someone with an airplane related affliction might avoid the question of vehicle choice for long distance travel by stating ?It?s not that I dislike airplanes or anything, I just prefer boats? regardless of which one was the most suitable option.

      For the above discussed black people the question would become ?It?s not that I dislike dating or living amongst other black people or anything, I just prefer dating and living amongst non blacks?.

      When pressed on the above the black person will state ?are we not all free to love and/or live with who we want?, which in itself is another avoidance measure because freedom to choose and actual choice is not mutually inclusive and still involves psychological parameters.

      Some of them will also state that they find black people to be too aggressive, too lazy, too uneducated as a reason for not dating fellow blacks which is in itself a type of self racism because by attributing to the black race such negative values they also portray themselves as such which makes them hypocrites of the highest order to call non blacks racist when those non blacks make dating choices based upon that very same argument.

      Some of them will also state that white people think they can date whichever race of people they want to but hate the idea of the black person doing the same, hence racism. When then shown interracial dating statistics from various other races, including white races, which points to a massive difference in the levels of interracial dating between black people and every other race on the planet they will get angry and violent or storm off whilst screaming racism at the top of their voice.

      One major premise of this entire argument is that if you are born into a particular racial group and you are raised by a family of the same racial group and live in an area with other people of the same racial group you would normally wish to continue that racial heritage forward because to not do so would be to see that racial heritage end which is in itself a form of self hatred because you are destroying yourself in the hope of becoming something else.

      To offset this very basic truth those acting in self hatred will protect their extremely fragile egos with padded lies, cloaked in a fog of deception. They will engage in pseudo-reasoning and initiate avoidance measures to keep the deception going.

      The above pseudo-reasoning and initiated avoidance measures only further exasperates the problem which overtime creates even more self-hatred and similar manifested behaviour among the black communities culminating into more violent examples of manifested self-hatred such as violence, theft and rape against each other and against the people they blame for their affliction.

      Far too many black people justify their present condition as the evitable result of forced white rule, this despite the fact that many geographical locations in Africa were not colonised by white people and yet black people still act the same in these places too.

      They go on and on about white privilege being to blame for black failure and yet when Chinese immigrants excel in our societies they never say that it was because of yellow privilege or indeed brown privilege when the Indians succeed in our societies as well.

      They also talk about how they were slaves for a long time hence why they have never succeeded and that they have less rights which is incorrect because they get more rights and help than every other non indigenous race such as the Chinese, Mexican, Pilipino ect involving affirmative action and the like.

      Black people keep on giving reasons as to why they don?t succeed and yet never seem to create any plans to overcome those hurdles hence the excuses keep on perpetuating the lack of success.

      My conclusion, black people wonder why they are disliked by most of the worlds population when the answer is quite simple, people in general like other likeminded people, they like races of people who have shown strength of character, intelligence, self-pride, discipline and fortitude and the black race have not done this.

      The black race has become known for their extreme anti-social behaviour and this is all down to them, whether or not they believe that the ?evil white man? is to blame for it all is irreverent because it all comes down to what have they done to better themselves in the present and the answer to that is that they have not done very much at all.

      It’s all very childish and self perpetuating.

        1. I dunno if I agree with you empty soul but you made some very strong point but I don’t feel like most blacks are bad I’ve my best close dearest friend is black and was making a point that it’s just a number of ignorant people who give them a bad image and now even the respectable ones which I believe are a vast majority are treat just as poorly cuase people see things like this kinda same thing with Muslims we see a lot of videos on here that make raceses and religions look like monsters remember that’s just a number of them not all of them atleast how I feel

        1. With just five words used no actual meaning could be established other than the vague impression that there was a disapproval of something and thus both the object of discontentment and its belated reply forever remained hidden in the mist.

          The lesson in expression was that ?more? opened doors, allowing the answers to come into sight more quickly than if left to peek through the gaps and thus the story came to an end.

        1. Well written bullshat. Pretty lengthy too. Must have taken an extended break from the rape dungeon to pen that verbose malarkey. You must be a direct descent of the founding step-fathers! Sounds like something straight out of Mein-Kampf. Only part you got right was about the Chinese immigrants who are systematically taking over. And you guys are worried about Obammy…lol!

  3. Trouble with the niggers is, they cannot use there fists, but instead resort to weapons. In London it’s normally knives and guns, but the good thing is, they use these weapons on each other, for the most trivalist of reasons.

  4. Let?s see, if the cops had arrived while the betting was in progress and one of the thugs got injured or killed while being arrested people would be screaming police brutality.

    Come on somebody come to the defense of the repressed black people.

    Whoa hang on ? watch the first black pussy guy in the red shirt, he ran up to the homeless guy and got it back in the face. Either the homeless guy or one of black pussy thugs hit cut or stabbed him.
    Funny as hell watching him dancing a Jig back the van. I hope he?s all right.

  6. fuck this video pisses me off so bad, they should all be deported back to the jungle in Afrika, who the hell thinks this is acceptable. obviously it’s not just a bad apple, the entire family thinks it’s okay to murder a homeless man. fuk these people.

  7. Ok, lets say your kid goes to you and tells you that some hobo assaulted him, what would you do? would you belive your child? would you call the “police” (we all know how thats going to play out)? Or would you go deliver some street justice? Now remember this your own flesh and blood. Im pretty sure the kid was crying and whining to make it look real.

      1. So you dare everybody to call a black a nigger to their face and hint at a violent outcome if they were to do so.
        The only place you have even half way left an opinion on this article is here and I notice you don’t condemn but try to explain away their behavior.
        You guys may want to think about changing…. maybe trying something different unless of course your satisfied with the way things are now.
        It’s in your hands how people perceive you. You know as a man or the character that throws barrels at Mario.

          1. I dont judge people for their race or skin color, and i especially don’t condemn any one for the actions of some individuals i belive people deserve the benefit of a doubt. I respect thoes who respect me. i treat everyone i meet with respect until they disrespect me then i’ll talk back in a rude manner. everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as you don’t bother other.

          2. Kids tell tales so I’m not going to judge a 10 year old.
            Now if I actually came upon somebody abusing my child I think I would react as most people would and put a stop to it by any and all means possible. What I would not do is after having been told a story proceed to round up everybody I know and go looking to make things right. Whatever happened to walking up to somebody and asking what may or may not have happened instead of what took place here ? They didn’t ask this guy a thing. It’s not about the kid not yet. It’s about the adults like it usually is.

  8. This is why I live in an open carry state.
    You ever meet a shitty person and wonder where they learned to be that way ? Then a van full of their family members pull up.
    I bother no one, I respect people and their property, but I carry extra clips so I don’t give a fuck in the end if you show up in a bus.

    1. Rayf…. My state is also open as well as concealed carry; I?ve carried concealed for 6 years now. But I never understood the concept of open carry, if I were the bad guy or wanted to be a bad guy, I?d take out the guy I knew had a gun. Example the Boston bombers killed the cop in attempt the steal his gun

      1. Nothing says peace and tranquility like a pistol on your hip. Everybody can see it…no surprises and even the cops like to know when they approach somebody that at a glance they are carrying. Cops in S.D. deal with an armed public on a daily basis and wow having a gun doesn’t automatically make you a criminal in the cops eyes like it seems to in some parts of the country. Concealed is ok but at a glance I just prefer to know who in the room with me is carrying as well.
        Problem with Boston was one cop / man with a gun and yes they took him out but if everybody was carrying…maybe different or maybe a lot of bystanders shot as well ? Also the biggest reason I like open carry is I don’t have to fumble with clothing to get to it.

    2. You guys are so lucky! I sometimes wish I was born in the states, to carry a firearm legally is just….awesome.

      I’d like to know it’s there for either intruders or black people lol and if all else failed, I’d use it on myself, if I got cancer or something. Rather than slide into the grave a urine soaked mess,

  9. Yeah, I live in South Philly, and you are absolutely correct! Sadly, most of the crimes committed are from one particular ethnic race! Day in and day out, murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping etc. It’s not stop. If you watch our news channels at 5pm, that’s all you see, and its not because they are hated. It’s because they are the ones doing the crime. Of course there are other ethnic races that commit crime. However, the majority of the crimes are perpetrated. This city has turned to shit over the last 20 years. The “old” neighborhoods have become run down. Everywhere they go, it gets destroyed. Streets, businesses, homes, schools, graffiti everywhere. 15 family members living in a house. Out all day and all night, making noise, fighting, yelling. The street I grew up on looks like a fucking street from WWII, after Allied bombers dropped their loads. They are like fucking locusts that destroy farmers crops. They move in, 5 years later it’s a fucking disaster!!

    1. @patriotpride16t,

      The fact that there are no wealthy, developed black countries in the world and that no areas in the west with a predominantly black population are considered to be desirable socially nor financially should be evidence enough that black people are incapable of running things themselves.

      It?s like a real life version of Lord of the Flies, their childish, impulsive nature presents them from maintaining any semblance of order.

      The above makes us equally fucked when we consider just how many more African immigrants we get both in Europe and America every day all thanks to our open boarder policies.

      The sloth will always fall victim to environmental predators and we westerners certainly are sloths.

      1. Hypocrisy is striking here, two videos before this one where people were beheaded where cheered upon. Now the fate of this poor man is being used as to show a general tendency of an “ethnic group” or an “ethnic race”. Race has nothing to do with the ethnicity or the concept of “nation”. Suddenly the victim here is a “worthy” one because it backs your racist fallacies.

        This is an issue of social classes. It has nothing to do with genes or skin color. Here in Northern Ireland I can smell a british protestant, I can tell who he or she is just by looking at them. Am I racist? No. Nationalist? No.

        I just understand the complex social and economic milieu, I understand that behavioral patterns arise within the group you belong. And a lot of factors contribute to our mentality, one huge is social prestige. Again nothing to do with race.

        All of you Yanks, Huns and Brits now nothing of what it is to fight for your rights, because you’re privileged.Sadly for those that fight for their privileges and rights it creates a cultural pattern that can easily lead to crime and degeneration. This is a matter of “memes” as cultural units, not genes.

        1. The beheadings make me nauseous. I can’t watch them but I sometimes read the back story. It’s horrible. Being in the U.S I can’t keep straight who’s who & all that’s going on but I try.
          The cops murdering people & all that’s coming with it is closer to home. Things are getting tense and video is now everywhere. Maybe it’s just a difference of perception and priorities.

          1. this is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades, it’s just that everyone has a camera now.

            Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!
            ?In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ?were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them? and were ?hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.??

        2. LOL at all you social justice warriors who come here demanding we stop blaming race and blame it all on constructs like”social classes” and “social prestige”, hence the term “social justice warrior”.

          You’re just repeating slogans that have been said a million times before by other social justice warriors of your miserable ilk, like “it’s all the fault of economies and societies” and “your should check your privilege”, and quite frankly, it’s just so textbook predictable I’ve stopped paying attention long ago.

          You’ll probably be blaming bugged-eyed, three-legged aliens for the failure of blacks to compete economically and socially with other races, when in fact, the reasons they are so behind is because, as a NEAR-WHOLE, they display acts of such primitive savagery and violence towards everything at such great frequency, including to other blacks, and at a much higher frequency then acts of intelligence, charity and civility, that it is tearing the communities and nations they predominately dominate from within apart. And I capitalize “NEAR-WHOLE” because without a doubt you will say I am generalizing, and, oh no, we can’t have that now, can we?

          And, apparently, we are all “Yanks, Huns and Brits” to you (nice use of reverse racism, I might add). Why do you bother commenting here if we are deemed such inferior stock to you? Oh, that’s right, it’s because it’s less to less to do with explaining the issues facing blacks and more for fighting against the freedom of expression of others through shaming language, isn’t it?

          And seriously, “racist fallacies”? You’re really digging deep here to make a point, aren’t you?

          1. Are we speaking to me? I’ve lived in many towns where white was the minority & came out unscathed. I did however watch my brothers struggles for no other reason than his race. I’m not an intolerant person or a hateful person but racism goes both ways.
            The “white” people seem to be at fault for everything & thus deserving of what is dished out?
            That’s ignorant insanity.
            I’ve done nothing to anyone. My brother did nothing to anyone.
            Please use your aggression in more productive manners.

        3. @Rosebud It is basically that, the difference in perceptions, not just of oneself but ones group, class and so on. Howerver, there is no justification of violence. Regardless of how we perceive this, relatively unimportant act, we should condemn those involved not the whole “group” or even a race. Also there is no shame in being disgusted by videos here, their shock value can be enlightening.

          @G1 I’ve never stated that im “superior” to anyone. I was attacking hypocrisies and shallow arguments here. Instead of trying to convince you to abandon your prejudiced views I’ll just recommend a book by Jared Diamond “Guns, Germs and Steel”. It can prove anything most white supremacist are often stating about their own superiority to be totally wrong. If anything just give it a look, an enlightening read. There is also “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins, it shows the genetic importance of cooperation instead of isolation, also the more important role of “memes” or culture in human intercourse.

          Americans, Brits and Germans are not races, those are nations. And nations are never racially and ethnically pure, this is why some nationalist remarks make no sense. If supremacists want a strong nation, they can’t have it without other races, groups and above all classes.

          One more thing I’m a strong believer in freedom of expression, but that has nothing to do with faulty reasoning. I often talked with the worst of nationalists and racists and listened to their, often perverted but reasonable arguments.

          @Degata I live in a city where they had to build a bloody wall just so that we wouldn’t kill each other. So with all respect I know much better than most of you here how it is to live in a segregated community. What I realized is that we have fell into a capitalist trap, where the real enemy is in expensive suits, benefiting severely from all this “racial” and ethinc conflicts, just that in the end it’s always the rich (racially and ethnically diverse) who capitalize on the conflicts of the poor.

          1. Guns, Germs, and Steel is a political treatise, not science.

            The reason cultures are different is evolutionary differences that occurred with differences of climate and land. Jared Diamond explains Africa was behind Europe and Asia due it being a long continent instead of horizontal continent. The real reason Africa is behind Europe is if you live in a hot temperament climate where it is easier to get food and resources you never develop farming and very structured communities. If your hungry you just go over to the banana tree. Now if you live in Scotland and you only have a very few months to farm, you have to have structured families etc. Or you simply would not exist. that’s why African IQs are around 80 and European is 105.
            But By Diamond’s romantic notion
            that native New Guineans are “… on the average more
            intelligent, more alert, more expressive, and more interested in things and
            people around them than the average European! or American …”

            Jared Diamond is a jew so everything he says is a lie.

        4. Before you say that poverty causes crime, let me remind you of some more facts. In? 2010, West Virginia was the 3rd poorest US state. During that year, the murder rate in West Virginia was 3.3 per 100,000 people ? lower than the US average in that category and every other crime category. West Virginia was 93.2% white in 2010.
          Therefore, the assertion that poverty causes crime is demonstrably false. Demonizing the poor as criminals is shameful.

          There are more White people living in poverty in America than Black or Mestizo people and yet the majority of crime especially violent crimes, are still committed by Blacks and Mestizos.Your typical poor White community in America is quite safe to hang around, no worries about being shot or stabbed to death.
          But as for the typical Black or Mestizo neighborhood?not so much.
          west virginia is almost totally white and is, i believe the poorest state in U.S.A and it also has an extremely low crime rate

        5. The people who more promote the myth of “White Privilege” are those who claim to be white, (when it’s convenient for them), appear to the ignorant to be white, but actually are not. It’s used to rile up the OTHER non-whites to conduct a witch hunt on whites (Polar bear hunting, knockout “game”, etc.,) while a certain group are watching from their wealthy gated communities, enjoying the discord they have sewn.

          white privilege ?! Like black on white murder not being reported as a hate crime even the when they use racial slurs? Like all white countries being targeted for genocide? Yup, I?m just soaking up my white privilege. I can?t help the fact that mother nature was kinder to the white race, right now though we have a tough love relationship.

          The canard of “white privilege” is just another excuse for non-whites to scapegoat white people for their own failures. Privilege exists in all races and walks of life, and singling out white people as having some intrinsic “privilege” is being intellectually dishonest. Blacks have the NAACP, Mestizos have La Raza, and the Jews have the ADL, but the founders of western civilization have no major media outlet to collectivize under and promote our own interests. In fact, the only privilege whites have is to work hard to support non-whites with our tax dollars while third-world parasites flood into OUR lands.

          Jews are less than 2% of America’s population, yet they control Hollywood, the banking system, and all major media outlets. Perhaps we need a dialogue on “Jewish privilege”. Of course, doing so would have anyone labeled an “anti-Semite”.

          Since they fight so much for ‘egalitarism’ and claim that everyone has the same rights and freedom, then why should they care if whites are ‘privileged’ or not?

          We are taught that ‘race is a social construct’, yet they flip their crap when some whitey opens their mouth and states an opinion.

          No one should be judged on skin color and etnicity, unless you’re white.

          Blacks don’t get good jobs because of the way they speak, dress and the giant chips on their shoulders. It has nothing to do with Whites being privileged. We live in a society today that bends over backwards to accommodate blacks and ordinary White people are petrified of being called the R word.

          Blacks get stopped by police more than Whites because blacks commit the most crimes per-capita. This isn’t rocket science.

          Taxis don’t stop for blacks or come to black neighbourhoods because blacks have a genuine reputation for violence and uncivilized behaviour… especially when someone “dissrisspecks dem.” They also don’t like paying their fare.

        6. Whites are privileged to be unfairly discriminated against through affirmative action and diversity quotas? Whites are privileged to be victims of rape, home invasion, murder, ?the knockout game?, and other forms of unreported (or under-reported) violence and hatred from non-Whites in our lands? Whites are privileged to watch TV shows, commercials, and movies, which portray White characters as utterly evil or bumbling idiots, and which also advocate race-mixing as a most noble act? Whites are privileged to have our countries (and only our countries) flooded with hordes of every different race under the sun? Whites are privileged to fund the housing, healthcare, schooling, food stamps, and booming birthrates for the non-White and illegal immigrant populations in our lands? Whites are privileged to send our hard-earned wealth to Africa and non-white countries around the world, while our people at home without homes?

          Whites are so ?privileged? and ?well-represented? in our society that we aren?t even able to organize as White people, advocate for our interests, and have pride in ourselves without being called racists, bigots, Neo-nazis, white supremacists, haters, and a slew of other pejoratives intended to discredit us.

          Almost the entire Western media and political establishment takes anti-White positions. They will refer to ?undocumented migrants? instead of illegal immigrants now. Try sneaking into non-white countries telling the authorities that you?re an ?undocumented migrant?, and that you would like benefits for housing, medical, schooling, and food.
          They argue that we are privileged because Whites have historically done well for ourselves. We are not privileged; we are prodigious. We did not get to where we are because the world was handed to us on a platter. Our ancestors worked hard to make sure we have a future. We should not feel guilty for our achievements.

          And have you noticed that the mainstream media, which constantly pushes the anti-White agenda, is almost entirely controlled by jews? Click on the chart to the right to learn more about who seeks complete control of your mind. jews = red.
          While jews use genetic testing and border security to keep Israel ?pure?, they use their power and influence in White lands to continuously flood us with non-White immigrants.

    2. The shit is flowing west towards my city in central PA. Welfare and drug dependent niggers are taking over our once quiet railroad city and it’s becoming a slum. Crime rates are rising, we’ve never seen this much violent crime here and it’s obvious that the darkening of our city is to blame. Like you said @patriotpride16t, they’re all over the news not because they are hated but because they are the ones committing the crimes. They say they come here because they were told this area is safe and they like the peace and quiet but since they have flooded our area there is no peace and quiet anymore. I never thought twice about walking my dogs after I got home from work at midnight, this small city was quiet and has a lot of historical buildings that are beautiful even late at night. Now I feel on edge and always have my guard up when I stand in my fenced in yard with padlocked gates while I rush my dogs to do their business. They scream discrimination and pull the race card but what they don’t understand is it is their stereotypical violent and disruptive behavior that causes us to resent them moving here and ruining our town.

        1. Of course a black would attack someone for saying the word nigger to their face. Niggers are all a bunch of violent savage animals with no self control. They let a word control their emotions. Like a dog being told to fetch. How pathetic, huh?

        2. @rich_from_nc I don’t call black people niggers, I call niggers niggers and yes to their faces. I wouldn’t call a black person who is a productive member of society a nigger, just like I wouldn’t call a white person who is a productive member of society any of the many derogatory terms for them. I’m not “talking big behind my computer screen”, I’m talking how I do in every day life. My neighbors who have brought nothing but disturbance and destruction to my neighborhood since they moved in are niggers and I have told them so to their faces. I have also told them that if they don’t like being called that they shouldn’t behave in a stereotypical nigger way. You know what happened when I said that to them? The mother/grandmother agreed and told her family to stop acting like a bunch of goddamn niggers!

    3. I believe their Mantra used to be to forgive, to love their enemy.
      Truth of the matter is, as a race, until they learn to love themselves ( not in an egocentric way ), they will never ever move forward as a collective.
      They need to be able to look themselves in the mirror and be happy with the reflection.

      1. i called a guy a nigger in a packed bar once, it started a pretty good brawl. luckily there were more big white dudes than blacks… took a bottle to the head though and got a nice scar, i call it my nigger scar lol

  10. people should give good teachings to their kids n should put more efforts to make them a good humans rather than expecting them to be engineers,doctors or any succusful man or woman in the world! good morals are necessary more than anything else!

  11. people should give good teachings to their kids n should put more efforts to make them good humans rather than expecting them to be engineers,doctors or any succusful man or woman in the world! good morals are necessary more than anything else!

    1. @leonilikessakshi this is the exactly reason why i wanted to talk to you in other place through mail, this mentality consider your native land.
      but unfortunaly you cant teach child only give good example and great loving atmosphere like you do with lions

      1. yep your right @knoxvill though my point is parents should focus more on their children these days! and if you can control animals like lions by your love n skills you can control n change anyone with love n affection ! its all upto you’ upto your capacity n ability to teach..we are called humans above than all other creatures in the world lol nothing’s impossible 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s quite true, @RosebudHa. Some cultures are more violent that others. It is either they really are genetically prone to aggression or really believe in exacting revenge in very violent ways.

  12. What really makes me fucking sick is how the “Baboon worshiping”, anti-white hollyweird/advertising firm kikes and the MSM are terrified of exposing the true colors (no pun intended) of these animals…YET, have no problem perpetually depicting white people (esp men) as spineless buffoons…
    In short, BG fucking rules for posting the unbiased truth and let these apes assassinate their OWN character!

  13. I live just north of phithy and work there a couple times a week. There are some nice areas, mostly white areas, but other areas are so fucking disgusting and crime ridden because of the useless lazy crack head, 10 kid having hoes, and non working criminal niggers, that I can drive down broad street and actually see crimes being committed like its nothing. I fucking hate that hell hole. You see Temple univ, and the streets a full block all around campus are pristine to show the parents of students that it’s a safe, clean area. Go 2 or more blocks in ANY direction, and it’s boarded up crack houses, bums pissing on the sidewalks, and scum walking the streets. We need a drone to “accidentally” drop a bomb there. City of brotherly robbery

    1. Didn’t they do that back in 1985 ? The police dropped a bomb out of a police helicopter on a bunch of row houses occupied by “black radicals”.
      They don’t talk about that one too much….but it has been done before.
      Guess it’s like bug bombing a house in only one room unless you do the whole house / city your only treating not curing the problem.

  14. Forget about race. Niggers are a breed of human that do things like this regardless of their skin color. White, brown, yellow, and tan colored do this all the same. Humans collectively are one big cesspool of self-interested putrefaction.

    1. True to an extent.

      So long as a certain people let emotional drives and fears override their critical thinking, then yes, they will engage in displays of savagery similar to what is seen here regardless of skin color.

      However, the most peaceful societies tend to come to terms with their fears, and as a result you tend to see more debate regarding prisoner’s rights, less laws coming into effect for “safety reasons”, and a tendacy to resolve crimes with fair trials rather then with karma retribution in the form of mob lynchings. They do this because they understand no ounce of safety is really worth that much if you can’t live free. It also helps keep the crime rates down, for whatever reason.

      And as everyone always observes, these countries tend to always be predominately white or East Asian. While that doesn’t mean people of those races are immune to going into emotionally-charged tirades, one who looks at the big picture can certainly begin to see a pattern going on here.

      1. Have you ever considered to widening this “pattern” by acknowleding a historal context? I wonder what your assumptions would be when during Middle Ages the progressive whites were rolling in pig shit while the backward Arabs were ahead of us in every possible way. Mayan civilization was a remarkable feat, as well as Inkan.

        It’s far more convincing that the superiority of the Eurasian countries came from the centralization of power, not within some moral introspection and the evolution of societies in being more “free” or just. We had to organize to produce systems that can invent the tools of war. We basically conquered others, capitalism gave it’s important impetus here.

        Therefore the most advanced societies come to terms with their history, their crimes and their class society. This is why the Nordic model of economy took a much different turn compared to the American one.

        1. WHAT the hell are you talking about? you know nothing, proved nothing, you all what you have is your opinion.

          Ancient rome and Sumerian, Persian, Egyptian and Indus Valley civilization started off as a white civilization, it prospered. When it became more multiracial and race mixing started it stagnated and collapsed. . Civilization can survive defeats in battle and natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution. Apparently we haven?t learned from our ancestors mistakes. We are the persecuted race, always retreating and always repeating the mistake of miscegenation. White people settled South America thousands of years before the Spanish. The Amerindians worshiped them as Gods, but they started slaughtering them, forcing them to retreat. Hernan Cortes returned and destroyed them. But they too made the mistake of miscegenation, creating the mongrel Mestizo race. We are repeating all the mistakes our ancestors made. Will nature punish us for the last time by extinction or will this obscure history of the white race make us want to say enough is enough?

          all I said is based on historical and scientific reports. all people mentioned by me were racially white / European and disappeared because of assimilation.
          GENETIC analyzes performed in this people shown
          that they are descended from white people who lived in the Middle East & South Asia for thousands of years!

    2. Too true death of the dead. Humans full stop are just cunts. I suppose blacks don’t really help themselves but then like you said niggers are a breed of human lol. I suppose some people are racist cuz rather than just hate on all humans it’s easier to just find the darkest and blame them for everything lol.

  15. thing is people aren’t hating blacks because of the colour of their skin or their appearance but their actions. and it is the same with the police, they are judged on their actions not who it is directed against. if you don’t want to be like the uncivilized people you judge you can’t do the same thing, and shoot a suspect to death for no good reason.

    although I do not believe all races are equal and it really seems like blacks are at the bottom i still don’t support racism as in hate or violence directed towards black or anyone else. the reason is that no one choses their race. black people did not chose to be born black.

  16. There’s a difference. There’s Black, White, Asian and Hispanic people…and then their are niggers. Niggers give you attitude when it is not warranted, niggers think you owe them something, niggers are all about me me and me and niggers are assholes. Niggers are never there when you need em and the first to complain when something doesn’t go their way. That’s why I hate em. They act like fucking animals instead of people. Niggers, white trash, spics, illegals, fucking chinks that think that way, fuck em all. A dredge on society.

    1. Good to know. Here’s the article:2 charged after homeless man attacked at gas station

      The Associated Press

      2 women charged, others sought, after homeless man assaulted at north Philadelphia gas station

      PHILADELPHIA (AP) ? Authorities say two women have been arrested and other suspects are being sought following an attack at a north Philadelphia gas station that critically injured a homeless man.

      Police say the beating happened after a boy reported getting into a dispute with the man Tuesday at the Olney station as both were trying to pump gas for customers for spare change.

      Authorities released surveillance video showing a half-dozen people jumping out of a minivan and attacking the 51-year-old man with a hammer, mace and a piece of wood, and punching and kicking him.

      Thirty-four-year-old Aleathea Gillard and 24-year-old Shareena Joachim are charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and other counts.

      Gillard’s attorney didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment; the Defender Association of Philadelphia, representing Joachim, couldn’t be reached Saturday.

  17. The victim most likely had his skull placed in a surgically created pocket or flap in his stomach. The cranial piece remains there until the inflammation of the brain subsides enough that the pressure on the whole skull is non-lethal. Then the bone is reattached.
    From the sound of it he will be lucky to have any quality of life if he survives. Given his financial status at the time of his injury it probably won’t be the best of rehabilitation centers he goes to. Assisted living is extremely costly. Perhaps he will make a full recovery though. It happens.

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