Philippine Communist Guerrilla Force Leader Killed in Shootout

Barefoot Corpse with Rifle

Philippine Communist Guerrilla Force Leader Killed in Shootout

On Friday March 13, 2020, members of the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police carried out a joint operation in which Julius Soriano Giron, the top leader of the New People’s Army, the oldest communist guerrilla force in Asia, was shot down.

Julius Soriano Giron was wanted for rebellion, arson, and attempted murder. He was the head of the so-called National Military Commission of the illegal Communist Party of the Philippines and general president of the NPA (New People’s Army), the armed wing of that political organization.

Authorities raided the house in the city of Baguio, where Julius Soriano Giron and two companions were residing. All three were killed as they responded to the raid with firepower of their own.

An M16 rifle, several 45-caliber pistols, three hand grenades and ammunition for the long gun were found in the house.

The NPA, which was born in 1969 to combat the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship, has some 3,900 regular fighters, although it grew to 26,000 at its peak during the 1980s.

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111 thoughts on “Philippine Communist Guerrilla Force Leader Killed in Shootout”

  1. These freedom fighters are the ONLY true Maharlikan patriots in the archipelago. They are national heroes like Jose Rizal. The rest of the pig-nosed Chinese mestizos who dominate the nation like parasites and inflict the worst poverty on the indigenous natives in the so-called “Philippine” islands. A TRUE patriot will endeavor to kill these fat, bloated, grinning pork-eaters.

    The only way to bring the “little Philips” into the modern age is for a Khmer-style revolt where the entire class of Chinese are exterminated.

    The sex-tourists from the West who prey upon the young there should be ransomed and dismembered online. THE ONLY TRUE PINOY IS A HUK.

    Cowards and collaborators who fought against the Japanese who had just liberated them from the American colonials. Were they to succeed? Do you think the so-called “Philippines” would be poor as it is today. or rich like the rest of its neighbors? Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. only the Pinoy is still a hostage and victim, and this has been the case for over 5 centuries. Truly the Poor Man of Asia

    1. Communism is just as shitty as neo-liberal capitalism though because they both end in poverty and enslavement for the indigenous population. Its the old horseshoe theory whereby the extremes at both ends of the political spectrum end up resembling each other.

      The perfect way forward would be to have a society with a combination of both socialism and capitalism. One that protects against poverty and such but still allows for individuality, aspiration, personal growth and gain.

      In the white western first world you have these middle class libtard fuckwit types demanding an end to capitalism and fighting for the rebirth of communism whilst they simultaneously still buy all the latest Apple products and slurp down caffe lattes at Starbucks. Even in actual communist countries this is how the upper layers operate.

      “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

      -George Orwell, Animal Farm

      Rules for thee but not for me. Make no mistake then, had this New Peoples Army gained and taken control of the Philippines they would have become dictators and brought about poverty for the masses just like the opposition they oppose.

      1. just like Vietnam, eh? Those poor slaves under the communist yoke? You should grab a backpack and go there, fool. the Vietnamese are doing FAR better than the lowly pinoy, and not nearly so much poverty. go there and ask the people if they hate communism… The ones that did all came to the USA.

        1. I did. I asked and researched the Eastern Europeans who lived under such systems and that fed into my answer.

          (Yawn). Given your comment then I have no doubt that you are a middle class white fuckwit who believes they have all the answers to all the worlds problems.

          Keap fighten dat gud fight, Libtard. Wakanda beez all alibes an sheeeeeeeeit.

          You are fucking pathetic.

          1. Eastern Europe. i said go to the neighbor of the philippines, you gaping anus! the ones that EJECTED their colonial masters. look what they got now. Vietnam is now crawling with Western tourists and prospering.

            meanwhile. Here is what the FILIPINO gets for trying for the same thing:

          1. China is not a purely communist country anymore though. Its more like modern Russia nowadays. The tag just stays with them. They are definitely part capitalist now.

        2. mày đúng là súc sinh =)) mày biết gì về bọn cộng sản chết tiệt ?? tây balo sũa ngu như mày chắc đụ mẹ thế giới này đéo có tư bản giãy chết đâu nhỉ =))

          stfu idiot :))

          1. LOOK AT ME!! PAY ATTENTION! I can speak Vietnamese! ain’t I sump’n?
            I gots me a slant-eyed slut and a cot, and fresh beer! all for $200 a month! I’m in paradise! (swats away mosquito)..sorry? what? couldn’t hear ya mate, a bit noisy here with the babies screaming and the goddamn scooters everywhere. I was sayin’ I’m in a paradise, I gets to slurp greasy noodles and shit with a bucket! I’m special! them viets love me (well, I support a family–they should)… yep..its true love. Belch!. yeah mate, i lost muh hair, and she’s half muh age, but her flabby. scabby ass show is fine…

            I’m an expat! ( well, my family thinks I’m a loser who ran to that crowded, fecund zoo because I couldn’t make it in my own homeland with my own people.) yep!
            I’m sittin perty here in Viet City, like some pot-bellied white pig.. BUT i’M GETTING LAID!!

      2. We in the Western world had that Golden system ,@empty-soul. It was called Welfare Capitalism and it worked ,but our greedy rightist and stupid lefty govs in our nations got co-opted or sucked in to changing our nations toward neoliberal economics and globalism.

        I know you are aware of the above but just saying …for others who are too young to remember. Anyone less than thirty in Australia is too young to remember the good times. All they know is neoliberal globalist bullshit!

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          Yep. I remember the good times and then Tony, Zionist pet, Blair flushed mine down the toilet for good.

          The 90’s was the last time the UK had it good. Its been an absolute shit show ever since.

          Like you say though. The youngsters are too young to remember what it was like back in the 80’s and 90’s. All they have ever known is open boarders, mass migration and “diversity is a strength” propaganda.

          Its a weird feeling being a non-millennial. Most of us are still far away from being pensioners and yet the world has changed so much in our time we might as well be one. It really does feel like another life time and it wasn’t that long ago.

          1. Don’t stress @emptysoul – to me it seems Mr @deadvector frequently forgets what race he is, what country he is from and what style of life he would get his jollies from, should every circumstance in his life change and he ‘began living the dream’, whatever that may be, currently. For him, today’s dream would soon become tomorrow’s nightmare as his vascular dementia would return and he’d begin proclaiming his ‘grass is greener’ routine but in reverse all over again…….just fyi

          2. I hear ya.Im 52 in 2Days and The changes I’ve seen in the Last 20 yrs have been F’ing Unreal.
            I can only imagine What kind of world my great-grandchildren will be living in But looking at the way things are going now…It seems like it is well and Truly Fucked.

    2. This nonsense is about what one would expect from a madrasah educated fool.
      Btw: besides rampant corruption in the Philippines the major problem is brain drain. There are hundreds of colleges set up solely to educate for jobs in the west, mostly the US. It seems I’ve worked with more Filipinos in hospitals than Americans . When a taxi driver can make more than a Dr, do you blame them for coming here. An internal medicine physician’s average pay is about $7.00 to $9.00 hour, that’s less than minimum wage here.

      1. again, thanks for the useful information at minimum wage, you eager paperboy. The entire nation is supported by overseas remittances. you cretin, the pinoy works as a servant ALL over the world, you can find Flips in Iceland, Dubai, and Argentina. A NATION OF SERVANTS.

        its STILL a fucking colony. the USA NEEDS those cheap nurses. American nurses demand a lot more money. And so you saying “there are colleges training Pinays to work in USA” well what does THAT tell you, asshole? ITS A FUCKING COLONY. and the pinay is a COLONIAL.

        have you ever been there, you stuttering mongoloid? Been called “Sir” by the hotel ‘boy’ and the security guard that opens the door of the Jolliebees for you? Later you can get some “chicks”. and they speak English! ain’t that convenient?? wonder how they learned that shit? yeah, its a marvelous place. Some sweaty Chinese with a mercedes parked inside 12 ft walls topped with glass shards and barbed wire right next to squatter living in cardboard drinking gutter water, clamoring to watch your car while you go into the McDonalds, a place they have never been able to afford in their entire lives. and? that security guard that smiles and opens the door for his master? His other job is to bash those kids if they get too close to the glass watching you gobble that burger

        1. How can you form a coherent argument when it’s nothing but
          ad hominem attacks.
          It tells you much about the Philippines when it’s basically a country of servents surviving on money from abroad.
          I could give a rats ass about the Filipinos if they don’t have the courage to do something about their situation in a peaceful manner. The first thing I would do is stop blaming others especially the US for your problems. That’s what the niggers do here, and see where it’s got them. Every loser likes to play the victim.
          @hopingfornemesis yes the people needed the most, the talented, driven, go getters are leaving as soon as they have diploma in hand, leaving the violent, ignorant, lazy and shiftless criminal sort to overburden the rest of their society.
          The first thing they need to do besides stopping the blame game, is get rid of the rotting underbelly of crime and corruption that’s keeping them in a third world status as most of Asia thrives.

          1. oh, did lil Dil Doe get his feelings hurted? Odd, because one would think that a leering creep coming on this website to see a toddler’s head crushed into pulp with a cinder block wouldn’t be that sensitive to being called a poo-poo head. Jesus, dude! Man up!

        1. the pinay isn’t a doctor, she’s a nurse with a bedpan. and she supports an entire family back home by selling herself in one way or another. Servants, waiters, drivers, pimps, massage girls, strippers, maids, janitors, security guards, cooks, anything menial..NOT DOCTORS

          1. Same thing brother. We can have our own people do those jobs. With the move of manufacturing away from us to Asia ,the need for jobs for our own people is now even more.

            I am not saying foreigners are lazy or stupid ,I am simply saying we can’t help all and just need to help our country first. Even call -service jobs are now in the Philippines. I have nothing against the Philippines as you know. I love the place and the people as you know. I will even knew about Rizal before you mentioned him. I even knew about the Huk rebellion as well.

            It is a logic issue and not racist. I don’t want any foreigners here unless needed by the country, and that does not mean just because some greedy employer- group cries poor and “we need them”.

        2. I won’t begin to pick apart your ignorant inconsistencies. Mostly because you are an insufferable twit. I have 19 friends here on BG and I belong here. You can play with your boyfriends and make innane puns or recite doggerel like you are on a camp-out, while I offer inventive and adult perspectives and comments on the lurid gore-porn that we smirking voyeurs love. Now go watch Three’s company and masturbate, you obnoxious paperboy


      Okay, listen up you fucken cunts!

      If you are worried about getting Coroner, guess what?
      Grow up because there is nothing you can do about whether or not
      you get an ‘airborne pathogen’.
      And don’t go buying poo rolls. That won’t save your cowardly ass.
      There is only one thing to do, if the virus scares you:

      Look after, and boost your immune system, via:
      -good foods

      This way, you will stand the best chance of surviving if you do get it.

      I mean, this ‘cruise ship lockdown’ is absurd.

      The staff (who have the virus) have locked all the passengers (who don’t) in
      their cabins, yet the food & other items is all brought to them by infected staff who have coughed all over it.


      I do hope it kills a few ‘high profile’ idiots, just to speed up some medications.

      But … I think we all know this is no accident, it has been a deliverately created, and released bio-weapon to keep the population down, and keep ’em scared, so they can be more easily controlled by acts like the Patriot Act, taking all their rights and freedoms away.

      Notice how B. Gates has just left MS, to ‘spend more time on Global Health Issues’ ?

      It’s the oldest trick in the book: the dude who caused it, rushes in to ‘fix’ it thereby becoming the hero of the World, instead of the MicroSoft Villain of the World he has been for so fuckin’ long ..

      The truth is is was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that funded the creation of this, and all the other bio-weapons. The ‘charity’ thing is just
      a smokescreen for the real aim: World poplulation control via mass murder.

      Look how the British Royals had Diana killed, then Epstein at a convenient time when it would benefit them most to have these 2 ‘removed’.

      Stange World, strange time folks!

      Now go and pop a ‘cone’ for Jonny


      1. the damage done to the World Economy over this useless effort to stop the pathogen is going to cause a lot more havoc than the fucking flu. We should embrace it, everybody should just assume they will catch it and survive,. and stop this mindless attempt to start a World Depression. which, i assure going to end up in war.

        We have been lucky to have contained the war to southwest Asia, for the past 40 years. but shatter the world’s economy and that conflict is going to spread worldwide.

        Think Im nuts>? check out NATO member Turkey. That place is going to drag us into WW3

        1. Excellent point, Vector.
          This is a ‘multi-angled’ strategy that has been planned by Illuminati of USA/UK/Europe for probably 20 years. It is no accident, just as the creation in a lab of AIDS/HIV and later Ebola was no fuckin’ acccident.

          1. create bio-weapon
          2. release it, starting in high poor area/country (China, India, Indonesia..)
          3. wait for it to spread to the West
          4. destroy the economy in the West by ‘martial law lockdowns’
          5. restrict the flow of food medicine and essentials to ‘starve to the people to submission’
          6. start a new series of wars to profit the ‘elite’ and Illuminati by way of:

          -army contracts (food, clothes, medicine, equipment, consulting, steel, bullets, plastics, explosives, fuels, lubricants, maintenance, fabrications, installations etc ..)
          -oil reserves
          -nationalized banks turned over to Rothschild World Banks (like Iraq)
          -forcing Western & other countries to take even larger loans from Rothschild even though the people of the country can’t ever pay back even the ‘interest’ on the last loans (1 trillion was borrowed by Obama off Rothschild family, just to fuck up the American workers good and proper for the next 10.000 years, because they will never pay it back, no matter how high they are taxed!

          This all ought result in another Worldwide Depression, again putting the World’s money in the hands of the elite, not the working & poor people of the World.

          And once again, it is just a ‘bit easier’ for the elite to control the working people like ‘rats in a lab’ with no rights, no freedoms, they are
          so poor they can’t even have time to ‘think’ about what has happened to their former lives of freedom back in the 50s/60s/70s.

          It’s all turned to shit now, eh ?

          And .. they laugh all the way to the bank (once again) …

          1. And remember, Obama was the nigger that said:
            “I promise will not borrow one single dollar on behalf of the US people .. that would be bad financial management ..”

            Yeah, right

            That’s until Lord Rothschild told him he WOULD be borrowing 1 trillion to fuck up the USA, and he rolled over and got into bed with that old white ‘Mr Burns’, and got geriatric sperm pumped up his black chain smoking ass …

            Fuckin’ black lying cunt !

          2. Turning (white) working people into lab rats…the terms ‘yellow peril’ and ‘replacement agenda’ come to mind. This common cold virus is being used as a test run to see how high the (white) masses jump when told to. Non-party Nationalism is on the rise, and capitalism is on the nose. They can sense it I think.

        2. All true . Apparently scientists in Taiwan ,Japan and France have all said this was caused by the us because they are the only place with all strains of this coronavirus. The Frenchman said that this covid 19 does not occur in the wild and is part-snake corona,part bat- corona and part -glycoprotein from HIV virus. Ie it was synthesized. So the evidwnce is that the US has fucked up or has purposefully dropped it off onto countries who have been troublesome . Italy ,Iran and China! Remember ,Italy was bucking the EU and America by not wanting to take rapefugees in !

          At best ,it was given to China accidentally by the “Soldiers games” there in October 2019 just before a bioweapons lab was shut down in America . This coincided with a wave of people supposedly getting pneumonia from vaping in the Us . I even know one of these people !

          Smartmoney says the US did it and it has come back to bite them in the ass! Sadly ,some of us here may die from it.

    4. He had those homorails on his AR/M16 clone fuckwad carbine. That pretty much sealed the deal. I mean.. aside from his being a gook Filipino. Neither is good. You gotta have the right accessories on your AR and not be a gook. How hard is that to do? Apparently WAY too difficult for this asshat.

      1. hehe have you even SEEN a chinese in southeast Asia? they are as hated as the Jews. in fact, they ARE the jews of SeAsia. those baggy white shorts and greasy faces with glasses? Fat little spoiled brats for kids? and always shouting and hacking up snot? The Han Chinese chased out their minorities centuries ago and THESE Meo make up the populations of Thailand and Laos. Again, the Chinese are despised throughout the region, and often killed on sight in muslim nations like Malaysia and Indonesia every time there is a calamity. In Thailand there has been heavy intermarriage so the bigotry is less there, but anywhere else? Remember the Boat People that escaped Vietnam after the surrender? ALL CHINESE.

        If the police weren’t around i would have already taken some pot shots at a few squinters here where I live, because we have Yosemite-bound tourists.
        Should the situation get worse? you can expect to see dead chinese everywhere, butchered.

        sorry if a few Shinodas get mistaken for them. Chinese>? a superior breed? LOL. maybe if your intention is the insect world.

        1. Your comments might be better received around here if you weren’t a self proclaimed dog killer. That shit just doesn’t fly with most people. I’d like to see you try that shit with my dog. You would lose miserably.

          1. first off, if you don’t care about your dog enough to keep it on your property? you shouldn’t have the dog. A dog is a piece of property, sold in stores like cans of soup.
            If you abandon it, break the law and allow it to roam free, you have no right to be upset what happens to your property. Leave a can of soup out in public and you get upset it gets taken or thrown out?

            second, I know only too well about dog fetishers such as yourself. You are mentally ill people that like to sleep with dogs. fucking freaks! normal people don’t do that.

            thirdly, if I get rid of your mutt, I am fully prepared to deal with a sociopath such as yourself. I am always armed.. and should I EVER be confronted over an issue such as this? I will be the one in a rage. Not only do I despise dogs, I despise a twisted dog fetisher even more! You sick sociopaths feel that a domestic animal has more rights than a human being! God that pisses me off!

            I feel sorry for any freak that approaches me and makes a threat over what I did to some abandoned, unwanted dog sniffing and shitting and barking on my property. PLEASE make yourself available, and bring no witnesses! You want to die with that shitty, smelly thing; I will gladly oblige you….you freaks aren’t the ONLY sociopaths on this planet…

    5. Thailand, Rich? Give me a break. You are giving us too much credit here. The current “king” doing jack shit and exist only to leeching on taxes, The politicians are either busy preying on the rotten foundation that date back about a centuries ago or get rid of of the other party, The law and her enforcer are doing jackshit on keeping everyone in line and people seem to have even more itchier trigger finger than whenever the fuck when. Far as my concerned go, We are living on a borrowing time here until shit start to really hit the fan and either it propelled us upward or doom us back to the rise of communism again.

      So in a least, You can be sure that its not just your country that turning into shithole of late, The other are doing the same, It just at what degree we are at right now. And to be honest, Democracy in this region here are nothing but a wet dream.

      1. thailand has an entire industry just caring for the farang and it never seems to stop, now you have foolish expats retiring there, so Thailand IS rich compared to the Phils or Cambodia. Plus Thailand has a strong industrial base and does quite well in agriculture too. They don’t rely on fucking pineapples. The Philippines will suffer greatly during a World Depression. since all those flip workers will be sent home to starve with their families. flying over the nation, all you see is denuded mountains. the population surpassed Vietnams years ago and now is past 115 million souls, and is soon the 10th largest nation on Earth population-wise. Virtually NO resources there, fully polluted, and yet the people live off pork and squash and can’t even feed themselves. what a pure shithole. Communism and losing one quarter of their population like Cambodia did will be the only thing that could help/

      2. what the fuck do you mean “us”? you farang amuse me! Do you REALLY think you are a Thai because you live there? Why don’t you ask an actual Thai. you white monkeys are merely tolerated there, and that has ALWAYS been the case. Should the shekels stop flowing you will instantly see the TRUE feelings of the Thai people on the wretched exiles and loser farang that infest the place. Actually, the Thais are well enough off now to start getting rid of you parasites, the way the Japanese and Koreans did after they got rich enough to kick out the whoremongers and drunks there after the wars. NEVER feel complacent that you are safe in Thailand, We BOTH know that place is a confusing underworld and the farang is just a fat chicken being raised for its eggs.

          1. your idiocy and hubris:
            “Thailand, Rich? Give me a break. You are giving us too much credit here”… us? really>?

        1. I’ll take that as a compliment. Atleast being “Farang” around here better than nothing back at the state. Everyone treat me alright as long as I didn’t broke a few iron rules around there. Hell, far as I can tell, I have been recognize as a god damn person around here. Bet you never get a treatment like this aren’t you?

          1. i gave up on Thailand in 1983. you should have seen it in the 70’s. true, a few foreigners, but they were only at Patpong and Pattaya. Phuket had not yet been discovered, Chang Mai only beginning to be so, and the rest of the nation probably resembled Laos in the 90’s. I saw the Germans coming in the early 80’s and saw the writing on the wall. Thailand is now the most international place I know, but I feel the Thais are losing their national identity from this, much like the Philippines, which never really had one.

            On the contrary, I went full Monty and chose Indonesia, got fluent in the simple language at a university, became a card-carrying Muslim.. and thereby joined their world. Unlike Thailand, so many ethnicities in that vast nation allows even a farang to assimilate. there are also iron rules here of course. but? unlike Thailand ..and like Russia, Brazil, Iran, for example, Indonesia is its own world… It’s not international at all.

            I think Thailand has some major problems coming their way..and their politics reveal this. Plus you mentioned the new reluctant King. But I believe that a true revolt in the south is coming. Enough bombs in the tourist places could drastically change that place.

            I guess it depends a lot on the development of Myanmar, which is where I would have focused if I enjoyed Mainland SeAsia as much as you seem to do. Of course, it was a closed society (7 day visa) for most of my life, and inpenetrable. But Thailand? very tame these days. just another international tourist place, like bali or Ibiza. You don’t even need to master the language there! you can live like a Brit. Which might be good for some, but makes me think– why go there at all? Most of the expats there live and play with other expats, and the Thais merely collect rents, cook meals or fetch girls and beer.

            Its all very colonial.. and profitable. But the instant that changes? I think the true nature of the Thai people will be evident. Those famous smiles might just disappear.

            Choke dee, Sir. Indonesia has its drawbacks, but its certainly not a colony pandering to aged retirees. Indonesia has all that in Bali…. But Java is the true master of the archipelago. And, apparently, the mossies have a tendency to impose their will, and not really interested in hosting the antics of farang at the beach, despite the profits in doing so.

            plus? the food is not nearly as good. You have that advantage, Sir.

        2. Hey….That’s very insightful of you. Had to be honest here, I didn’t expected the conversation could end with me agreeing with you at the end, But yeah, Thai people are quite tame compared to their neighbor around in SEA region. People are pretty much “negotiable”. There are still some heirachy structure left around in this country. Monarch, Blueblood, Purple blood you name it, They are the reason Thai still………..well, Thai in nowaday. But the change will happen, it had to happen in some way if this country want to move forward. I just hope it won’t going all full potato like Pol pot and Khmer Dang, That would be a damn shame to see this country fallen into that stage.

          1. nah. thailand looks towards Japan for its role model.Not sure about the Burmese.
            The concept of Buddhist terrorism is kinda oxymoronic. A Pol Pot revolt could never happen in Thailand. there’s not nearly enough poverty disparity.

            The Philippines> oh yeah. If they could only get rid of their crab mentality, and realize that the Americans, when they left, gave the role of colonial masters to the mestizos and the Tagalog tribe south of manila….and this remains to this day.\

            the only thing that MIGHT happen is Thailand getting as expensive as Japan or Korea. THAT would push out lots of you farang living there on a shoestring, economic refugees from your native lands..

  2. they might seem like kids but? They fought the US in 1899 for three years and it took 5000 American lives to destroy the first free Maharlikan republic. And the consequent Moro War continues to this DAY? that means 120 YEARS of fighting the USA. Even the Taliban, the Vietnamese, and the Indigenous Americans can’t boast that fact.
    There are USA marines hunting guerrilla fighters in the Sulu Archipelago AS WE SPEAK..

    Although I hold most of these creatures in disgust, since the grinning apes gleefully copy American culture, gobble hot dogs and burgers and Chef Boy-R-Dee spaghetti and cheese whiz, proud that they can speak the language of their conqueror and mimic its religion? Yet there are still a few strident individuals who sacrifice their lives in the dream to free these people..the most downtrodden in all of Asia.


      1. thanks for the information, you smarmy cunt. Um, Spain happened to be Catholic, and Magellan “discovered” the “Philippines” about 7 years AFTER Spain had just WIPED OUT the last of the Moors which had rules Spain for centuries. Followed by the Inquisition..

        But thanks, for letting me know the origins of Christianity, you grinning wanker. I thought it came from Tierra del Fuego

        1. the Pentagon is the center of the military industrial complex, run by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, servants of our defense industries, and engage in perpetual warfare upon false enemies SOLELY to engender sales orders, using poverty-prone uneducated Americans as cannon fodder and mercenaries, waving a flag to do so in conjunction with Jew Hollywood and its constant war propaganda (Top Gun 2, Lone Survivor, etc) to fool all the peasants in Peoria that they are fighting for American Democracy..when there IS no such thing. the USA is nothing less than the Earth’s most dangerous military dictatorship

          1. Well…okay…yeah!

            Did the Evangelical Right stop contributing to their rise in military power? We must take a step back, and remember how they got there.

            Religion is a business in this country.

            …not a faith

          1. Hillary Clinton??? You sick fuck, you. I wonder what face she’d make if you stuck a half sucked popsicle up her cunt…

        1. well. true. the NPA is a relic. But there still are some maharlikans there brave enough to try and change the status of this pathetic slave nation, owned by the Catholic church and Chinese mongrels..placed in power by the withdrawing Americans…..and becoming their NEW colonial masters

          1. You should tone it down just a tad though. It’s maddening and makes me wanna sexually ravage you. Unless that’s what you were trying to do.

          2. I figured. You should take BiggerBoat up on his offer to let you hold his 9mm and record him and his female friend fucking. That might get you out of my system. But if I were you, I’d totally shoot ‘em both and cannibalise his friend.

  3. not true. that is US propaganda of course. Why don’t you google the Japanese occupation and see how different Japan administered the newly-liberated Phils. They accepted them as brothers.

    The problems started when the FREED colonials started using guerilla warfare against the Japanese. And these guerillas were the landholders who exploited their fellow men…which the Japanese promptly halted after liberation…..THESE skirmishes, in addition to helping the Americans surrounded at Corregidor.. which infuriated Japan, and really hampered Japan’s efforts to bring the nation into the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Japan had not counted on that, and then the brutalities began. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND STOP ACCEPTING WARTIME PROPAGANDA AS HISTORY.

    Again, the comfort women were mostly Korean, who WERE treated as vassals. But not the Philippines. and their women were NOT used as whores for the japanese…that privilege was only for the AMERICANS. and the AMERICANS used pinay comfort women all through the Vietnam War. They still do, in fact.

    Islam had penetrated the islands as far north as Manila Bay when the Spanish arrive 5 centuries ago… they were beaten down by spain and USA until a few islands south of mindanao and this remains to this day. You know SHITE about the true history of the Maharlikans. Don’t pretend otherwise you useless mindless dog

  4. WHY DON’T YOU FUCKERS go to Youtube and dial in Marawi City and SEE what the brave, commie-fighting, US trained Philippine Army did to their OWN PEOPLE in their own country?

    QUITE A SUCCESS! Ain’t gonna be no Vietnam in the land of the little Philips! The USA masters ensure that. Vietnam is free. Vietnam is prosperous.
    the so-called “philippines” (?) is a vassal state. reeks with poverty and disparity. You can buy someone’s daughter for $5K. Go there! SEE FOR YOURSELF

    1. who the fuck would buy a woman ?

      aint gonna buy something that go with others in the next week and forever.
      better just pay the tip and move on.

      can have a nice car for 5K$, and at least, got a nice ride out of it without worring it to go ride someone else XD

  5. gun placed by the killers on all the pictures.

    what a fucking montage tho… its really pathetic to see cops or whatever, placing items like this just to pretend that theses people where armed and dangerous where they clearly didnt looked dangerous.

    – one of the guy get killed while laying down on his bed, shoot through a wall
    – the second one is an old woman who get killed and pistol was added next to her
    – next one is an old dude we can see here, wearing relaxing normal outfit and a pistol was placed next to him.

    pathetic “mise en scene” of a simple murdering scene from cops/whatever.

    1. they are the ONLY truly free Maharlikans. anyone who refers to himself as a “little Philip” is a servile colonial slave. Only some pig-nosed cunt would be proud that he speaks the language of his conqueror or worships their God…

      the subjects of a Spanish king are the humiliation of Asia. What a backward, ignorant lot! Servants, waiters, maids, whores, massagers, drivers, cooks, nurses, janitors, pimps, call center cunts!. an entire nation of grinning colonial slaves, exported around the world!

      truly the poor man of Asia. and a fucking laughingstock

        1. you ignorant twat..the national language of the so-called “philippines” is tagalog, and it is a minority language of the Tagalog tribe in southern luzon. The majority of maharlikans speak cebuano, and don’t fully understand so-called ‘pilipino’.

          why do you insist on embarrassing yourself here by spouting off on every subject? Have you even BEEN to this archipelago? If so, what did you do and what did you learn? Other than REd Horse packs a wallop of a hangover and pinoy pussy is plucked clean and as foul as balut?

          shut your sniveling slot, you grinning endomorph

          1. Shut up you unstable fool and stop ranting.You are insufferable sometimes as you have the brains and memory of a goldfish and the temper of a rabid dog.

            I certainly have a big smile but I am closer to a mesomorph than an endomorph if you need to know. I sport the classic features.

            Of course I have been to the Philippines ,fool ,and yes I know about the languages as I believe it was you who taught me about Tagalog being a minority but “official ” language.

            So take your meds and learn to be civilised- so that I may speak to you again- lest your rambling be only heard and answered by the wind…


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